Snoop Dogg Wants To Launch Hip Hop Version Of "X-Factor"

The Doggfather wants to release his take on an X-Factor-type show.

Snoop Dogg has announced that he is interested in producing a Hip Hop style take on the popular show "X-Factor."

According to, Snoop believes that such a show ought to be marketed "straight directed to the hood … at people with no money, just talent".

"I'm looking for a deal from a network to find America's hottest hood artists," explained the Long Beach native.

This would be the latest in the rapper's myriad of business ventures, which include "Snoopermarkets," alcoholic energy drinks and "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle."

In related news, Snoop and fellow weed-lover Wiz Khalifa were barred from shooting a video at Manhattan Beach High School.



  • Alex Zubarev

    Snoop Dogg is bored.

  • Podge Dwyer

    instead of having the 4 age categories it could be split into east,west,mid-west and south.. could work if it had real experts and not jermaine dupree and people like that as judges

  • atlienz333

    it will be great....holla at me

  • DatNikkuhSimonCowell

    This will either be fucking amazing or fucking terrible. PERFECT JUDGES (IMO): Chino XL (LYRICS LYRICS LYRICS), Lupe Fiasco (Message), Joe Budden (Emotion, Passion), Tonedeff (FLOW), Slug (Execution, "Realness" Factor), Ice Cube (Aggression, Dopeness). At least 3 of those judges would be perfect because they could definitely judge the stuff I put in parentheses. Snoop can be the host lol. No but forreal he'd make a dope host.

    • Anonymous

      Its a good thing yoou people wouldn't be choosing. It should be snoop dogg (seeming as its his show and can give feed on gangster rap) KRS ONE (For that native hiphop taste) And Missy Eliot (Cause you need a female and for that odd music taste)

    • SimonC

      Em has too much shit to do, Dr. Dre is a PRODUCER and 50 hasn't been able to rap well in fucking years. But maybe Lloyd Banks though. And Shane Nicki Minaj can be the token bitch cuz u know-DAT ASS. Slug and Tonedeff are both white and shit when is Ice Cube NOT disagreeable? lol.

    • Shane

      That's a lot of judges. You'll need a token bitch, preferably with nice tits. You'll need a white dude and you'll need a disagreeable black dude. Any suggestions for these 3 people?

    • Anonymous

      fuck that, dr dre, eminem & 50 should be the judges. let snoop be the host

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