Blu To Re-Release "J e s u s" To Retail On August 30th, Digital July 26th

UPDATE #2: With vinyl and CD a month away still, Blu will release the project formally via digital formats tomorrow (July 26).

Blu has unexpectedly released his latest offering J e s u s, putting up the project for a $10 download via Bandcamp. The 11-track project is entirely devoid of guest appearances, but features production from an all-star roster including Alchemist, Madlib, Hezekiah, Knxwledge, Nathan, 9th Wonder and his beatsmith alias Godlee Barnes.

The Los Angeles, California native most recently put out his unreleased debut Her Favorite Colo(u)r. Before putting out the LP, he spoke on how he likes to approach new albums. "Every project I approach, I don’t want it to sound like anything else," he said. “I feel like I’m going to be producing a lot longer than I’ll be rapping."

Blu also plans on releasing his third solo studio album NoYork! later this year.

[May 17]

UPDATE: Blu plans to re-release a mastered version of his previously internet-only album J e s u s. The offering will hit stores on August 30th and will be available in CD and vinyl formats. Additionally, J e s u s is the official debut under Blu’s alter ego “B,” and will be released through New World Color. Pre-order the CD here and the LP here.

[July 5]

UPDATE #2: Blu confirmed that a digital version of J e s u s will be released digitally tomorrow (July 26). The album will be formally released by Brooklyn's Nature Sounds Records, and coming on August 30 in vinyl and CD formats. Blu confirmed that his production collaborator Mainframe was who initially put the album to Bandcamp earlier this year.

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  • beezlebud

    i love Blu n Below the Heavens is pretty much flawless but no way am I buyin this joint, only track I liked was Doo Wop the rest was ehhh bring on NO YORK...n add a Black Thought feature to NO YORK why your at it Blu @beezlebud on twitter follow for exclusive freestyles

  • Its Um

    I probably would do the same if I was an artist that signed to a major, release a couple of EPs before my mayor label debut album comes out.

  • SmokeThis

    yeah ill be downloading this illegally and burning it and passing copies out for free, thats bullshit i was one of the ones who supported him on the project and then he does this? dope ass music, but dumb ass dude

  • Yo

    It's mixed really dirty but it's great to listen to. Don't buy it until it comes out mastered, I dunno why he tried to sell it dirty.

  • Nikka

    Ill admit im a big Blu fan but this nigga really dont care about anything u dig? He drops shit unexpectantly and then fades to the background. This nigga just dont care i wish he could be more caring to his fans or some shit but anyways that nigga Blu is dope as fuck. Feel sorry for who ever copped 10 dollars for the shitty one should have been free IMO but Blu dont care niggas

  • LightUpATree

    @Kolllo GTFO u faggot ur opinion dont matter when u say the Exile was the one that made Below the Heavens great. Blu and Exile made that shit great Blu was flawless now go listen to some pussy shit like Big sean or some shit

  • Nigga

    nigga release The Godlee Barnes Lp u even said it will be rereleased on twitter just over two months ago. That is what the true fans want Anyways this just means NoYork will be coming out maybe early next year WTF

  • KingKraunic

    well you know what this means... he cant get NoYork put out so hes mastering this one up so he can retail this and market it as somethin new to hold us over till Noyork comes out which probably wont be till fuckin next year now what bullshit

  • Kolllo

    this guy blu is loved by like 120 smelly ass underground rejects. below the heavens was pretty nice, for the production. exile made that album. blu has went on to drop album after album of boring flows, weak beats, and terrible mixing and mastering. this album sounds like it was recorded in a trash can, and blu is not that dope of a rapper. what makes him so dope? his weak voice? his "everyman" raps that been done better by 100's of rappers? is it the cheap sound quality? dude sucks. talib kweli LIGHT, off beat and annoying, thinks hes better than he is. OH, and FUCK nature sounds. worst label out. some of the best rappers around are signed to nature sounds, yet they can only drop 2 albums a year, and it's never the albums EVERYONE wants. where's ghost and doom? idiots.

    • zach

      if you think he sucks, why comment. Why even read it. You just sound bitter

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I always thought about him, might his whackness that gets people attracted to him, I don't know. Exile's beats made this project good, but the whole album wasn't THAT greatm, the out of print thing (which is over now) made it better in people's imaginations, so they thought this album was somewhat special.

    • Mike Meraz

      ..and yeah I guess that one sounds like that beat was made in the trash can..but that part of the reason it sounds soo dope lol

    • Mike Meraz

      Beats that were made in the trash can?? Um Yeah, well I would say they sound like they were made in a basement so your not far off...but that's why they sound so dope, they don't sound like anything else, and his poetry? he's a dope ass lyricist who talks about real shyt, art soN..Blu and J.Cole are dope emcees but when it comes to producing, I think they're even doper! In my opinion. BLU - UNTITLED(LOVEDU)2 my favorite Blu song, that shyt is tooOoo dope man..

  • Anonymous

    Nature Sounds should concentrate on getting that Doom & Ghostface album out.

    • Doubl Negative

      Gotta concur with both dudes above me regardin' that Doom/Ghost ish. I really loved China Town Wars and Angelz, and the Doom produced shit on More Fish was dope too. Greatest unreleased hip-hop LP.

  • Anonymous

    Whack, Blu is the personification of mediocre. Dropped one good album with Below The Heavens, but the credit for this one belongs to Exile, he makes a whack rapper sound good.

  • Fuckery

    wow seriously? i paid 10 bucks for the shitty quality and then your gonna re release the master version? wow blus a great rapper but fuck that im downloading everything ILLEGALLY from this dude and ill just keep supporting TDE

  • ayson

    i believe it's je s u s absolute banger. to all those getting it in 21mb free DL. dumbass. classics on there.

  • Jesus

    i am honored this cool ass rapper i like named his album after me. i am however dissapointed he didnt release it in hard copy. but hey im honored to be mentioned. and later ima buy it and give it a listen



    • jack johnson

      agreed, this recording quality is terrible i've recorded better sound out of my bedroom, how can he charge people money for this, the beats and everything are dope but the recording sound is just so bad

  • Asgard

    You should listen the albums before you copy paste the info. Je s u s have two collaborations: Planet Asia and Killa Ben on d o o w h o p +.

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Wow, good lookin out DX never would've heard of this drop, well not recently

  • wolfman

    Good catch DX. Just for clarication, Bandcamp has it listed as J E S U S. But, it's just Jesus LP.

  • Nigga

    Shit is tight Jesus is da best track produced by Madlib Blu > NIgga Blu dont care

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