Nas Shares His Thoughts On The Common, White House Controversy

Rapper Nas compares those who criticized Common's appearance at the White House last week to old, ignorant grandparents.

We can now add Queens rapper Nas to the growing list of public figures giving their two cents on the Common, White House controversy that was sparked last week.

During an interview with Sway of MTV News, Nas explained that those criticizing Common’s appearance at the White House are merely victims of an older, sometimes ignorant way of thinking.

“Their time has passed and they’re trying to hold onto a time. It’s actually embarrassing. People who feel like Common shouldn’t be performing are just really old in their thinking,” Nas explained to MTV. “It’s like your grandparents have a microphone, and not even smart grandparents—just ignorant grandparents. Because a smart grandparent knows there’s change. They’ve been around for a while…Things change. So a smart grandparent is gonna say ‘Okay, I get it.’”

Nas shared a similar experience to that of Common’s when his lyrics were demonized by a group of families prior to his performance at Virginia Tech in 2007.

“There’s a new America. There’s a real good America that’s here and they don’t want it to happen because it means that they are gone…It’s just done. It scares the hell out of them,” said Nas. “They feel like an endangered species in their way of thinking.”

Common drew a tremendous amount of criticism from FOX News last week when the rapper appeared at a poetry event at the White House. 

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  • heat is a moron

    who obviously has never heard a nas album in his lifetime and probably heard illmatic once and got mad because it went over his head.

  • Joe Garcia-Arbelo

    @Heat357..ur a douche bag

  • Heat357

    Nas is an idiot and sucks at rap... take over by jay was better than ether.. "That's a 1 hot album every 10 year average"... Ok I'll give him props for his basic compound syllable rhymes and uneducated ignorant attempts at politics. But his music is flat out garbage its outdated as fuck..

    • comachonvargas

      Heat357... another CORNBALL LAME jay stan in loser denial about Jay getting absolutely annihilated by GODSON... 1 hot album every 10 years? Illmatic = Greatest hip hop album of all time IWW = Top 25 rap albums of all time... 3X platinum and better than any album J ever made I AM... 2x platinum better than Jay's Vol 1/Vol 3/BP2/BP3/Kingdom Come Lames like you take whatever J says and presume it to be true. J called RD classic and you cockgobblers bought it when you know Aint no nigga/friend or foe were lackluster. J then says takeover was 100 times better than ether and what happens? J must have been right... you don't remember J crying on Hot97? remember J trying to box Nas? remember his vacation? remember his retirement? How come J hasnt directly dissed another rapper since ether? Thats right its because J won... EPIC FAIL Nas = GOAT... best catalog in history, most creative, most credible, takes the most risks, best lyricist, greatest subject matter versatility J = Not even top 10; Black Album, BP, RD only albums worth mentioning everything else is overrated; BP3 and Kingdom Come are both significantly worse than Nastradamus. Not to mention Jays biting and disloyalty persist to this day despite lames like you claiming that ether is nothing but name-calling ONE

  • Anonymous

    that racist prick bill o'reilly or whatever needs to shoot himself in the fucking head the dickhead...john stewart already made him look like a dickhead. Word up to Nas, hes 100% on the money!!!

  • Dan CiTi

    Nas lays down the knowledge as usual.

  • Anonymous

    I guaranteed you that white boys shoot police in routine traffic stops for violating their constitutional rights more than any other group of people in the U.S.!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In those times police used water hoses & attack dogs to break up legal civil rights marches. Police aided the KKK in covering up and getting away with many murders of civil rights leaders and blacks in general. So who was really right and wrong and who was really on the side of justice for blacks back then???? Not the laws put in place by politicians, or the police who enforced those bigot laws!!!!! COINTELPRO said that Dr. King was America's (white America's) public enemy #1 threat to life as we know it AND PUT A BIG OSAMA TARGET ON Dr.King's BACK WHICH EVENTUALLY GOT HIM KILLED!!!!! They also illegally wiretapped & arrest Dr, King. The militant movement came after the peace movement was shot dead in Memphis Tennessee!!!!

  • Jose Vasquez

    Damn, everything is so fucking controversial in America. When I run for President, you're gonna see me lose because I took a shit and pissed at the same time.

  • Enrique Dinho

    Not a big deal. I just enter this because I saw Nas name. He is the best rapper ever

  • Swing and a.....

    Shout out to NaS but i thought the controversy was over Com's Assata song WHICH has absolutely nothing to due with Common going to the White House and seemingly nothing to due with this NaS comment. but i didt see NaS's whole interview so i may be wrong.....

  • pienman

    indeed give ur thoughts on that situatuon NAS homie... cuz that jones with common was definitely crazy! its was for "literacy" poetry to "up lift" the children

  • Quan

    Man Esco Forgot about me its cool...

  • Bwhizz


  • Anonymous

    Tell them just a few years America won't even be the economic power of the world. I think the whole country is doomed because of these types

  • jay b


  • Bad Kid

    Lol damn nas ignorant grandparents just need to ....DIE!

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