Tech N9ne Shares His Secret To Success

The Strange Music rapper explains how he connects with fans.

Tech N9ne has built a solid movement over the past decade by relentlessly touring and consistently putting out quality music. The Kansas City, Missouri native explains that the secret to his success isn't just staying on the grind - it's about taking his life experiences and channeling them into his music.

"Writing what I know, what I know better than anybody – myself," he told Montreality while on tour in Montreal, Canada. "I write my life. A whole lot of people relate to it. I just stay true to that shit. I went where my fans were, touring. That’s why I’m here for the first time in Montreal, to let the fans know I’m here and I’ll be back."

As an added bonus, Tech shared that he spent his first major paycheck on a Mercedes-Benz, and recalled some of his previous jobs. "I used to be a dishwasher," he continued. "I used to be a marshall at a golf course. I used to be a cook at a place called Steak and Take. We cooked steaks and shit. I used to work in the kitchen at Fish Captain."

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  • Bador Al-Qurashi

    Tech N9ne is the Best Rapper Alive!

  • Anonymous

    Now its chamillionaires turn to do what techs done

  • beez

    Tech N9ne! yeah best rapper hands down. yes, the music he will have with T-Pain and Wayne might be disappointing, but he'll always rip the mic. Always do you Tech

  • The Professor

    I tell you mor kermit go to myspace listen to Meechi but remeber he's a rapper street rapper like the real deal.No high end studio shit he's straight spit the best underground rapper judge yourself he's all ryme dude. And tweet you wrong for putting that kick Quik ass in Colorado lmao I know it's true and Quick went to jail ass kicked one nigkht lmao

  • ladyteet

    Funny stuff I thought Meechi Dogg retired or in jail or some shit. Last time I saw Meechi Dogg was at a Mac Mall Big Syke concert. But I heard some of his newer stuff on myspace. Now Meechi is the best underground rapper ever. To those who don't know hes the same dude who kick Quik ass in Denver back in the day. That caused Quik to write "just like compton" were he diss Colorado. Oh yeah if you dont know you do now he never went big like those other guys dont know why but I'm surprised to hear Tech and Meechi that shit would be off the hook.

    • kermit

      I want to no more ladytweet. Souds intersting.I never knew that I use to bump just like compton by Quik and Party In The Project by Meechi Dogg yeah Meechi wins hands down but I just now got the real story thanks tell me more. :)


    True but Meechi Dogg runs Colorado.That would be a classic Meechi Dogg and Tech 9. That's whats up.

  • blackparalegal

    Tech is the Shit Colorado we got love for this nigga.

  • sincerejk

    i would fall out laughing if i was golfing and tech rolled up, face painted and all, and told me i needed to pick up the pace

  • deziboy5150

    ya tech myt b weird @ times but this nigga can spit n rip a crowd like no otha. kinda upset he has a song wit t pain doe. oh well.

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