Nas Says Time For "Lost Tapes 2" Has Passed

It seems as though God's Son has given up on ever getting "Lost Tapes 2" out.

Nas fans anxiously awaiting Lost Tapes 2 may be disappointed, as it appears that the compilation sequel will not see the light of day.

"When I released Lost Tapes, it was on Sony," explained Nas to MTV News. "Being at Sony for so long, I was used to things going easy. Kinda easy. At Def Jam, I just got there, I'm still in my ways at Sony. I'm like, 'yeah, this record'll come out this time, a few months later I'ma drop this.' But we just started working together, so they're like, 'We can do this, but wait, maybe we should do it like this,' and I wasn't used to that. And then there was no communication at all, and I wasn't used to that."

Nas continued the comparison between labels. "With Sony, I wasn't used to a lot of communication, it was just, we understood what we were doing...Def Jam, it was more, 'Let's sit down, let's have tea and talk this over.' I wasn't so used to that, and I saw kinda things falling behind. It kinda messed up my flow, I thought. The timing for that is gone."

"Now, it's all about the new record," explained Nasty Nas, who added that he wasn't entirely satisfied with his last album, Untitled. "I could pick a song, or two, or three, that I coulda did without. And there were songs that I left off that I shoulda put on. We all go through that."

Watch the interview below:


  • Clarence Rogers

    Now that's just some bullshit...

  • Dylann17

    Take your time Nas. Your real fans have your back. ESCO!!

  • Anonymous

    Nas ignores his fans once again.

  • Anonymous


  • chirs

    why??? is it cuz he can't find them??? lol

  • ASEE

    Nas what the fuck man? Release Lost Tapes 2 as a mixtape then. We want that shit. We also need those discarded tracks from the Nigger album that you say should have been on there. Give your fans some love. You wanna be like these new cats, well look how often they're releasing music for free online. Shit, look at Game even. He drops mixtapes worth of album quality material all the time and still sells major units when his albums drop.

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Dang man...I agree with on of the Anonymous' down there, Nas should release Lost Tapes 2 as a mixtape. I speak for a lot of ppl when I say I was TRULY expecting Lost Tapes 2. I still bump the first one

  • Quan

    Aye nas elzhi did illmatic better than your first try??? i'm glad i never fucked with you on my shit!!!

    • Shabazz

      It was good and I like it, a dope project for the whack state hip hop is in today, but nothing compared to the original illmatic. People tend to overrate it, I bet 90% of them got into hip hop 2007 or so.

    • Nucca

      no he didnt u stupid faggot

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure you could just release it as a offical mixtape instead of shelfing it, the streets still need feeding in 2011

  • DJ L.E.S

    @ Nas....if your were being a real nigga and released that Nigga Quan's album instaed of listenig to those garbage azz niggaz from QB.HORRSE (JUNGLE) woundt need label help..ill/will records would be doing good and you would not have to sukk on anybody's dick at def jam...remember being a suckka going to murder inc..lmao...what comes around goes around...shiesty ass niggaz playing niggaz and then fuck them over noW that shyt is coming back to ur azz....DROP QUAN'S SHYT IN 2011..IN THE MEANTIME CATCH QUAN ON YOUTUBE..UNDERGROUNDS SECRET RAP KING...

  • Tragedy Khadafi

    All ya niggas know that i am the greatest to come outta queensbridge. Thug Matrix 3 coming soon, i won't scrap that shit like nas.

  • Nature

    Yea Son nas used to be the homie me and Az was just talking about son.

  • Anonymous

    niggers will be niggers

  • optimus rhyme

    someone in Nas' circle needs to stop being so damn loyal and leak the Salaam, LES, c'mon guys, help us out. Jokes aside, the joints will come out eventually. It might be a long wait though. He just needs to drop his last album on def jam and get the fcuk out there.


    FUCK DEF JAM !! Lost tapes 1 is a classic. For any body shitting on Nas? just stick to your top 5..... that will be probably something like this: 5. Britney Spears 4. Vanilla Ice (his old stuff) LOL 3. Mc Hammer 2. Katy Perry 1. Afroman

  • Big Sam

    i love this site cos it feeds my hungry mind about hiphop news and more....just feeling the vibe!!!!

  • Jay-z

    Damn, nigga. If you could put together a decent 16 i might've put this sorry ass album out. But you haven't been nice on a mic since illmatic. Nas you know nigga if you need some money so you can retire and still be able to pay for your 1 bedroom apartment with the roaches and shit i got you. Or I can hook you up with a job as a waiter at my 40/40 club. Get at me broke nigga

    • Anonymous

      @comachovargas I agree with everything you said, but he's a very smart business man almost rattle snake like. The kid is totally washed up!!

    • comachonvargas

      @ JAY-Z Hov aint even top 10 no more after dropping Kingdom Come and BP3... Hov owes so much credit to others for his career its pathetic... and he of course denies that very fact... J got his flow from Nas and been on his tip since RD? Course he has. Kanye/Just Blaze/Timbo made Blueprint/Black Album iller than J himself? Absolutely. J jacks countless lines from other MCs [including Nas] and claims to be better than them? Without a doubt. HOVITO was practically BALLING on Hot97 after ether, he had to go on a vacay to live down the shame, he then 'retired', came back and dropped 2 of the worst albums of his UNBELIEVABLY OVERRATED career, and he has not dissed another rapper directly since esco dropped that NAPALM BOMB Face it J is washed up beyond belief... shit this is coming from a former huge fan... You heard Young Forever? Monster? Any track on Kingdom Come? Hate? Nas = GOAT... unreleased tracks like Rise and Fall/Gangsta tears/I already know/Good morning shit on Jay's best work anyday ONE

    • Nasty Nas again

      Shit my spelling skills are wakk as fukk shouldve staid in school for longer life hard 4 a chip tooth QB nucca like me i dont understand all that business shit. I guess my teachers was right

    • Nas

      Shut the fuck up, you camel lookin ass nigga. You ain't have a classic album, reasonable doubt sucks my dick the whole way through, lots of fillers on that shit, you got 3 tight tracks. Dead presidents II, black republican and success. My sample smashes your whole verses on dead presidents II and on the other ones I rapped circles around you. You scared as shit, you know that Coles debut will shit on your whole discography, he surpassed your weak ass camel flow by far and with ease. Go suck Ye's dick in the studio, shitty ass nigga, don't get at me for a rhyme again, Prodigy exposed you, I destroyed u on H to the omo and Ether, 2Pac fucked you up, too. I'm righting Ether Pt. 2 right now, but crying won't help you. You know that money ain't my thing, all I need is one mic. I know you scared to smile cause they called you ugly. Everybody knows that you came in with my style. btw, 40/40 is shitty as fuck, don't invite me ever again.



  • Anonymous

    Nas = GOAT, his unreleased catalog shits on niggas official albums, you could fill up 5 great albums with that. Too many labels fucked up his albums, I Am... would be a straight up classic if it was released in it's true form. I can't wait for the new album, HHID is underrated as fuck and Untitled and especially Distant Realtives were great. GTFO with that Elzhi shit, a nigga who aint able tp get attention without Nas dick in his mouth. This nigga got nothin to talk about.

    • Nore

      look on youtube nas freestyle on rap city and tell me who needs to step their rap game up!!

    • Ganjarelli

      I was with you on most of that except 2 points - I personally gotta give the GOAT title to my man 2pac (I'm West Coast so...), and to opine that your comment about Elzhi makes you sound mentally retarded sir. That Elmatic shit was a great tribute to a classic album.

  • L-Boogie

    Def Jam sucks! Yo Nas needs to go independent and control his art. He has a big enough fan base anyway so fuck Def Jam. Untitled is dope and Distant Relatives is an underrated classic!

  • kennyken

    in the voice of florida evans from goodtimes, "damn, damn, damn!" well, hopefully nas will come with the heat on the new album. i mean beats, lyrics, everything...don't be afraid to discuss shit that may not be afrocentric and shit. nas feels like he always has to go afrocentric and shit. man be you and be the best you on this one. afrocentricity, enjoying life, questioning life, all those topics are good.

  • Cormega

    Yo Nas, son you aint got it no more i saw that rap city freestyle you was fuckin up bad son Q.B. don't rock like that like larry holmes now son oh and by the way that Detroit Nigga Elzhi made you look bad son dropping that elmatic and killing you on your own shit son.

    • D

      The firm cover says it all.

    • Nas

      Hahahha, someone with a speech impediment can't be a good rapper. You mad at my shine, u mad that I chose AZ for the feature on Illmatic, I destroyed u on every track we got, listen to that Affirmative Action shit, son, I destroyed you on Destroyed & Rebuild, your career was over after that, Def Jam dropped you cause your rhymes was whack. Greedy ass nigga, I'm your idol.

  • joe5286

    I'm glad he's focusing all of his energies on his new record. He's right about Untitled. I'm willing to bet the next one will be a banger. Lost Tapes 2 will get released some day in the future; the songs aren't disappearing from his vault.

  • Jungle

    He Heard Elmatic And had to scrap that shit....truth be told

    • Cage

      That might've been the dumbest shit i read so far... Elmatic is the truth, im bumpin it daily but im sure Nas feels like a proud parent... Elz = Nas' son when it comes to this hip hop shit

  • naseef

    I'm a big fan of Nas... Its my favorite rapper come on!!

  • ShowTime NY

    Word. I understand that shit. I been fiddling with my album sequence for months. Not only Do I have to wanna listen to whole thing.. But I have to be able to listen consecutive days in a row without changing my mind for me to be good. Songs have been taking off and put & Put back on the album numerous times. At least he got some one to mix that shit. That shit is a blessing. The avg listener doesnt understand that shit. Ofcourse Talent >>> Super Mixing. But Bad Mixing can Fuck Up a song or limit its poetential. If I cant get the mix right I want use the song..Cause All I would hear is the mistakes.

  • j8ailey

    It would be incredible if Nas would just get back in the studio with Premier, Large Pro, Pete Rock etc and put out a 10-12 track masterpiece.

  • wu tang forever

    nas is da man!

  • Iliyan

    What was the reason he moved to Def Jam? Just don't know...

    • Anonymous

      Jay is the one who is on Nas' dick since he first appeared on the scence. Don't deny it, I still laugh my ass of at the fact that Nas turned down the video offer from Jay.

    • Anonymous

      People are saying he wanted success, but the album he put out before joining def jam, streets disciple went platinum. So he was doing alright before hand. I;m guessing it was just a financial decision and maybe to permanently end the beef with Jay as people say. And calling Nas wack.... please...

    • truth4real

      Because he was trying to bandwagon jump on Jay z dick because hova was the president at def jam at the time when nas signed. Nas was thirsty for success but it did not work out because it dont matter where Nas signs nas is still wack.

    • TruthSpeaka

      Publicity, squashing beef with JayZ shoulda sold records. Untitled was pretty good I thought, like he said could have kept a record or two off it, but I bet DefJam thought it was aweful, atleast commercially, and wont do that again so he is FUCKED. They aint puttin a Nas album that we want out. If he stays and DefJam actually approves his work again, itll prob be on some gay Lupe Fiasco Lasers shit. I mean come on, HipHopDX dick rides him and even they gave his last cd a 1.5 Stars

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Agree with his thoughts on Untitled. Some great tracks, but a few from the nigger tape should have been exchanged for a few that ended up on Untitled. On Lost Tapes 2, with the internet and so many unreleased songs coming out on unofficial mixtapes and so on, I wonder how much of it actually would have been stuff we have never heard.

  • damn

    well who didn't see this comin. hopefully whatever he releases next is dope.

    • wolfman

      Yeah, ain't Gods Son fault though. He did put out the online letter to Def Jam (if that was legit). He's been pushing for it. Sucks when your a major hip-hop artist, and can't get your shit out in retail. Oh well.. Bootleggers will hit it at some point.

  • Cage

    This is bad news.... Dam Nas, hopefully that project sees the light of day before old age and dementia hits us..

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