J. Cole Responds to Rumors of Jay-Z Being Angry

In a recent interview, J. Cole responds to the rumors that Jay-Z is mad at him.

J. Cole recently caught up with Hot 93.7's On-Air Idiot Show following a performance at Central Connecticut State University. During the interview, the Roc Nation signee responded to rumors that Jay-Z is upset with him for taking as long as he has to release his debut album. Cole said that while he finds it funny that the rumor actually exists, it's absolutely false.

"Y'all believe that?" he joked. "That's not true. That's so not true. It was a cool rumor, I guess. It didn't really get too big, but I've seen. It's just funny to see how rumors work, like, they don't even have sources. But it's the furtherest thing from the truth."

J. Cole also discussed how signing with Jay has affected his work ethic. He said that while some artists may feel secure about joining forces with such an established artist, Cole says that it has only pushed him to work even harder on his debut project. 

"My attitude has actually been the opposite [of many of my peers]," he said. "Even though I've with Jay[-Z]...from the minute I signed, I didn't feel like, 'Oh, I'm on now, I'm good. I'm with Jay.' If anything, I've felt at a disadvantage because that's a big shadow to live under...When you've got the type of goals that I've got and you want to be where I am, you've got to understand, there's going to be a long journey and no man can get you there. I just realized, Jay-Z's not going to be the one to get me there. It's gotta be me, it's got to come from me."

The full interview can be seen below.


  • Anonymous

    GET HOOKED ON THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

  • Cyber

    Is it me, or does this dude never speak in complete sentences? That was a hard read above. Please get this kid into PR classes soon.

  • Keezie

    People are mad at him for doing what Drake didn't. He's taking his time to give people the album they want instead of rushed work. He's putting in a lot of work for the talent he has. A lot of dudes get signed drop an album & fall off the face of the earth or get signed and oversaturate the game until no one cares to hear them. He has done neither without being caught up in the media without doing something stupid. Respect the man for it. One of the most mature artists to sign to a major.

  • Moses the Wise 1

    Why is that every good rapper under Jay always has a problem getting their album out? J Cole will mess around and be the next Joe Budden. Everybody knows he's ill but Jay seems like he doesn't want anybody to shine but him.

    • ???

      You obviously didn't pay much attention to what Cole said in the interview. And stop blaming Jay for shit. Cole is getting his money and his shine regardless of the status of his album.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Anonymous

    Jay's afraid that someone could release better music than him and would be considered a better rapper.

  • god-Meta

    Cole is taking his sweet time with this album

  • god-Meta

    Check out these other NC artists http://www.nchiphopconnect.com

  • Josiah Perez

    Jays biggest success to date is Kanye, no question. You know how long Jay knew kanye and had him waitin in the wing before kanye blew? Do your homework. Cole will get his, he will blow up. There are definatley doubts about Jay Electronica blowing up but no doubts that Jay Z, Kanye, and Cole will be running things in hip hop very soon.

    • Gerard

      @Eduardo are you! for getting at the end of College Dropout

    • Eduardo Traconis

      are you forgetting about the song called "big brother" it wasnt dame it was Jay-z

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Dame was the only one that really saw Kanye as a performer/producer. Jay-z just pulled the snake move and stole Kanye when Dame/Jayz split cause he knew how much money he could make off of Kanye.

    • box cutta

      Jay had nothing to do with Kanye blowing up as a rapper. In fact, Jay was the one encouraging Kanye to stick to producing. Dame was the one pushing Kanye to become an artist and knew he could rap well.



  • Jay-z

    Man this nigga J. Cole hasn't been doin what he supposed to on the mic. Thats why his shit ain't out yet. And for you little nigga's to even mention my name in the same sentence as this nigga is crazy.


      YOU TELL EM JAY! I GOTCHA BACK FROM NOW UNTIL INFINITY! P.s. - My key to the crib aint working bro? Can you open the door up for me? BLEEK


    have a feeling j.cole will never blow up because jay z doesnt want him to be better than him,thus he will make him go pop and choose songs that are not j.cole at all,i think cole will leave rocnation soon just watch they hiding something things aint all peachy at that place

  • Anonymous

    Man I don't want no mixtape I want an album cmon son, well i iant one to rush a nigga but. He's mentor jayz has had many half assed albums even jayz's mentor kane had two soft albums. I hope this nigga doesn't continue that tradition.

    • jcolefandetroit

      why not if he drop a good mixtape like the previous 2 i wouldn't be mad at all usually the mixtapes sound better then the album cuz when you make the album the label gonna tell u 5 songs for the radio that they want on the record

  • O

    what is this a domestic partnership? Major NO HOMO on this whole article, especially the headline. They should do an album together called "Makeup Sex". Then maybe Beyonce can put out a single called "Desperate Housewife"

  • Anonymous

    I think Jay-z just signed up all the J's (J. Cole, Jay Electronica) so he could keep em on the shelf and never let another J shine more than hisself. Jay-z is probably one of the most self centered people on Earth.

  • HipHopGuru

    Listen to J.Cole music before you open your mouth or write some dumb shit on here. He doesnt care if yall love him or hate him, buy his music or download it, all he wants is to be remembered as the Fayetteville rapper that made you think about life different. The Warm Up, The Come Up, and Friday Night Lights..Go Listen! In my ipod he reigns right now. My Fav. Song: Song For The Ville...Preach!

  • Anonymous

    The best that NEVER did it...yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucZDC0qFYXY

  • F**kduketape&gaddic

    1st of all duktape from allhiphop.com and gaddic a bitch thats all i really gotta say lil b bitch mob rapping ass niggas

  • ReEL Talk

    this dude is a tax write off. my $$$ says he never gets a release date. draek dun put out 2 albums if u include the "mixtape" and is working on another. big sean has a hot single and is about to come out. whats good with Cole tho? first of all, he has NO single. does he have songs that real hip hop heads like us like? of course. but he not signed to nas or kanye. he is signed to the nigga who cares MOST about commercial success, jay-z. taking so long means that much more time to re-build buzz.


      im a fan i just speak the truth cause jay z is not my fav rapper cole dont have the buzz that a new artist need all dude got is one or two R&B features if his album drop this year he want do wiz #

    • jcolefandetroit

      fuk drake the faggot .........jcole will murk that jew camel homo any day,u teeny pop ass nikka

    • JUST

      fuck some people are stupid. Cole is a real lyricist who works hard and strives to be great. Fucking retards. Who Dat was a wicked single as well. Go back to your shit thug rap hip hop for fuck sake.


      nobody on rocnation got a buzz they quick to say cory,drake is with the wrong label but how dare they say that about j.cole/jay z

    • Alex Hayford

      Actually, "Who Dat?" was his single. Didn't do so good either.

    • well this nigga

      nigga could release mixtapes to keep the hype goin if he cares about his fans and music. hopefully jay elec comes drops somethin soon

  • Anonymous

    j.cole fans really have me rolling my eyes w/ all their forced accolades

  • Cheddar Bob

    OK listen, J.Cole is alright. (period). All you new school ball suckers need to pull up your slacks and realize what's good in the hood before you jump on the band wagon and braggin that your favorite rapper is on the radar like osama bin laden.

    • Ben Grimm

      To be fair the old school had rappers like flava flav and 2 live crew, so not all was good. But If you do an overall head count, the quality of rapping may have been better than what we get today. If J. Cole were rapping in the 90's he would have had to have had more than a buzz, he would have released his albumn. If he wasnt going to release an albumn soon, he wouldnt be in the public talking about how Its coming out(It would just drop), but well hes not in the 90's and he can consider hemself fortunate to be signed and making stable income. I just wonder If people are smart to hype an above average skilled rapper. Hes not average, but he isnt great.

    • ItsTheTruth

      J Cole is "alright"? That's a pretty awful description my nigga. There's a big gap between 'alright' and 'great' and you'd be foolish to think that cole wasn't closer to the 'great' end of the scale. Old school paved the way for the new school but that doesn't mean some new school cats aren't doing it better than the ones before them. A lot of washed up old school rappers. IMO J Cole is too underrated right now to have a band wagon to even jump on, unlike drake who appeals much more to a mainstream audience then cole. Go listen to his 'warm up' tape if you already haven't heard 'friday night lights' or hopefully you at least catch on after he drops his debut

  • Jay-Z

    Haha, J Cole think Im mad cause he on my label, well...If he kane then Im able, to open yall top drawers take errything out and press pause to the applause...I dont need these new rappers, what they make in a week I make while getting my nose dappered. You new money while hov is old, HOV IS OLD? Who the fuck is you, I been rhyming since I was 2. And to all you other dumbfucks thinking Jay went soft, eat a cream patty and wash my balls off! OH! its ya boy young Hov! Signing new fags just to let they ass......pause. Jay-Z

  • ItsTheTruth

    Nobody fuckin wit J Cole and Slaughterhouse. Future of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      The slaughterhouse was the biggest joke of all time. The only group that can pull off long songs with no hooks/mcs straight spitting throughout is Wu-Tang....And NWA back in their days. Every song on their last album got real stale about half way thru the second verse everytime.

    • Anonymous

      eeee, dunno about slaughter house my man. J. Cole is tapping into the commercial aspect so he might blow.

  • donny

    too bad he's a light year away from Jay Z in every way

  • Up North

    I don't mind the wait. Better that than a rushed project. I am glad to hear him say what he said about being under Jay. So many cats try to act like Jay is supposed to do the work for them. Cole knows he's got great expectations and is taking his time to see it done.

  • Anonymous

    charles woodson lookin ass

  • queen james

    this nigga is the future of hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I feel sorry for you thinking that

  • MikeCode

    Rumor....I'm mad at J.Cole for taking too long with making his album and hyping himself up, his response, he doesn't give a fuck...I wonder if that will make it on hiphopdx because apparently there's no real news out there.

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