Cuban Link Recalls Beef Between Jay-Z & Big Pun

The former Terror Squad member also reflects on how his beef with Fat Joe ended up creating tension with DJ Khaled.

Cuban Link spent a good portion of his career as a member of Terror Squad with Fat Joe and Big Pun. No longer affiliated with TS, the Cuban performer recently recalled a heated situation between Jay-Z and Pun, explaining that tensions arose after Hov failed to perform at an event commissioned by their associates. 

“Actually, the Roc-A-Fella shit, it was a little brawl. It was some business negotiations that went sour,” he told ThisIs50 Radio. “Jay-Z was supposed to perform for 15 G’s or something like that, and it was like some street niggas that we knew that hired him. He didn’t go and perform. He just showed up.” 

The two camps met at a label to settle the discrepancy, but Hov brought along some children to make sure that no shots rang out. “All I remember was Jay-Z doing the Matrix in the room by the couch, and Pun chasing him,” he said. “Joe talking shit. The pressure was definitely put on. I love Jay.”

He also reflected on recent beef with TS associate DJ Khaled in Miami. While promoting his album, the former Fat Joe associate ran into the radio titan and producer Dre of Cool & Dre, asking Khaled to give his new music some love on the local station.

“I’m over here chilling, I see Khaled coming out with Dre, with the tall dude. Cool & Dre. They both pass me and they say ‘What’s up Cube?’ and I go ‘What’s up dude? What’s going on?’ I ain’t really know, I didn’t put a face together at the time. But I see him with a TS chain, and I say ‘What’s up homie?’ and he said, ‘Yo, my nigga, be careful what you say sometimes.’ Dre said that.”

Link claims he chased Khaled around his car and lost his temper after Khaled wouldn’t give him a look. “In my rearview, I see Khaled trying to sneak into the van and pack up. I told my man that I was with at the time, I said go check this nigga. I said, ‘My album’s coming out, I need you to play my shit. I need that Miami look.’ ‘I can’t my nigga! I can’t because the Don won’t let me,’” he continued. “I said ‘The Don?’ That’s when I crushed up my teeth and said, ‘Shut the fuck up you little pussy ass nigga. The fuck you talkin’ about, the Don?’”


  • Anonymous

    cuban is one stupid ass person talking all this stupid shit saying ya i told dre play my shit even if YOU STUPID ASS FOOL dre played your songs on the radio it don't mean people will like and than will go out and by your album that probably ain't good anyway just dumb and stop saying nigga your not black i don't care if you say your cuban i grew up with black people in the ghetto or it's slang no hell it's not it's a racial word what if me being a black man call you a spic

  • Anonymous

    How you a don when your last album sold 10,000 in the first week my nigga? GTFOH

  • Essex

    Did this dude just say Pun chased Jay-Z??????? On what zero gravity planet?

  • Knuckz

    Cuban Linx is lying!! There is no way that he can roll up on Khaled in Miami.

    • Cage

      ^^ Wow i didnt know khaled had groupies... Im pretty sure it was a while back, before khaled blew up.... Secondly, khaled is PUSS... you should know that "The don, though... the don!!!""

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how some people are taking shots at Cuban Link when Fat Joe is the one who the shots need to be directed at. If I recall Pun wanted everybody in the crew to eat but Joe only wanted to use Pun. If that is not the case then why did Remy Ma do a diss track towards Joe awhile back. Im not saying that Link was a great rapper or anything but I understand why he may have some bitterness in regards to certain situations. As far as the Jay-z thing with Pun funny as it sounds I believe it.

    • Afi Keita James

      Because he just like fat hoe use people and just throw them away, even members of own crew, both of them sickened me.



  • Gunn starr

    “I’m over here chilling, I see Khaled coming out with Dre, with the tall dude. Cool & Dre. They both pass me and they say ‘What’s up Cube?’ and I go ‘What’s up dude? What’s going on?’ I ain’t really know, I didn’t put a face together at the time. But I see him with a TS chain, and I say ‘What’s up homie?’ and he said, ‘Yo, my nigga, be careful what you say sometimes.’ Dre said that.” am british-is the above lost in translation?-so what happened?



    • Afi Keita James

      Except that terror squad wasn't even a rap group back then, I Remember in the internet article back in 1998 that it was a graffti crew.

  • Tyler

    This is a really poorly written article.. I say ‘What’s up homie?’ and he said, ‘Yo, my nigga, be careful what you say sometimes.’ Dre said that.” Ok then what happened?

    • rose cartel

      cuban answered ... (crying like a bitch) "but what have I ever done to Joe?" second .... if u are that gangsta like you say (CL), you do'nt chase anybody. You get em!! he be on some 6 years old schoolyard shit.

  • skins

    whats the name of the 50 cent track at the end of the video?

  • Anonymous


  • Hi-Cee420

    Why is it that the first thing that these has-been rappers do is throw Jay-Z's name out there to try and get some press. Crazy. Hov's not even the top dog anymore and dudes still trying to dim the light. I feel like that shit hasn't been spoken on in all this time so there's no need to put it out now.

    • ultraULTRA

      its because dudes can feel that jay will be on top again sooner or later, plus jay and kanye about to drop the joint album, so niggaz know he gonna be all over the charts AGAIN..even though jay aint dropping nothing right now, he still relevant

  • Anonymous

    gay z brung kids wat type of nigga

  • Afi Keita James

    Now that fat joe & jay-z have ended their beef.

  • Afi Keita James

    Is this the same termite who compared mysonne to notorious b.i.g, fuck him, he deserves absolutely no sympathy from me, good thing joe slashed his face, the only thing cuban link cared about is the late big pun, that's the only thing he ever loved. good thing joe dumped cuban for rene level martinez.

    • Afi Keita James

      Except both 5-0 aka 50 and cuban jackass are NEOCONS.


      funny that Cuban link still is that spoilled brath who does anything for attention. Anything that was worth listening to from Cuban was ghost written by Pun. Just do the history check...his lyrics then and his lyrics now. 50 almost fucked with Bang bang click but even he realized he would only get a click full of crying complaining bitches. And the loyalty is obvious are they still together? Lord Tariq and Mysonne are real dudes though.

  • Eyes

    LOL! He's droppin a new album? I guess his 3 twitter follwers care. Hahahahaha Joe Crack runs NY! Obviously

    • Cage

      ^^^ That shit didnt happen in New York OR Miami... that went down in puerto Rico,peep the link of the old interview shortly after it went down.. I believe this cat..

    • Eyes

      How the fuck can Joey Crack ban djs from playing cuban link or fif in NY if he wasnt running shiy!??

    • Big Log

      Joe crack run ny, come on son, whatever you on get off that, pluse that nigga joe is a punk, that nigga should always take care of pun wife and kids man, Big pun put Joe on the map and drop his ass right off as soon as he died, that nigga still spending Big Pun money. acting like he self made, Yo cuban go get that,

    • Anonymous

      He's Fat Joe, he doesn't even run a treadmill.

    • NOT

      the only thing fat joe runs is a treadmill

  • Anonymous

    cuban actually had skills. and i've heard that big pun story from too many scources for it not to be true

  • B.Dot

    Is it me or am I the only one struggling picturing Pun chasing Jay around the room..


    Cuba is a tell it how it is dude.. fuck Joe

  • Cage

    Both those interviews were hilarious.... lol dam khaled... dam Hov... dam pumper, a one eyed fat bitch?? smh

  • smart

    i hear u nothing but pussy in the game. underground is where its cornball bubblegum shit

  • assass

    fuck fuck cuban fuck TS fuck sellout Joe

  • enough bitchess

    4 real i luv the music but I hate these bitches.

  • Anonymous

    is everyone doing this shit now?? "I rememebr when pun, big jay and naz fuked in a room and dogpiled on me" Enough of the rambling gay shit and make ur music. If u got hard feelings throw it on a track, make the music HARD and the fans will love it.

  • sicklemoon

    cuban link really acts like scarface since he has the scar. fuc that shit its TS baby

    • Afi Keita James

      Cuban has been a tony montana type nigga ever since his days in terror squad, too bad those years died with pun.

  • Rocco

    Ugh. Stop. SNITCHING. This what got your face samauri'd up, kid.


    Joe pulls strings like BB king on guitar/ he the tru fist of da north star LOL

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