Former Peer Doubts The Authenticity Of Earl Sweatshirt's "New Yorker" Statement

UPDATE #2: Tyler Craven, who attended the same school as Earl, explains why he doubts the authenticity of his statement.

A large part of the success of OFWGKTA has been the mystery surrounding Earl Sweatshirt spawned by the “Free Earl” slogan. The Odd Future member has been conspicuous by his absence, often mentioned in Tyler, the Creator’s rhymes. An attempt by to locate Earl was angrily shot down by Tyler, although the teen emcee is indeed in Samoa.

A lengthy 8,000 word article by Kelefa Sanneh in the May issue of The New Yorker produces the first words from both Earl and his mother on the matter of him not being around for the current ascension of Odd Future. Sanneh uncovers that Earl is the son of renowned South African poet and political activist Keorapetse Kgositsile. It is also revealed that Earl was not included in Odd Future’s recent Sony deal. MellowHype’s song “Chordaroy” will also be absent from the Fat Possum reissue of BlackAndWhite because the label doesn’t have rights to use Earl’s vocals.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the interview is that Earl wants fans to put a stop to the “Free Earl” slogan that has become so popular.

“I have trouble wrapping my head around things like OF being on the Coachella ticket or there being a more-than-substantial international fan base because you can’t really experience things like that to the fullest extent vicariously, no matter how hard you try,” Earl wrote.

Earl also co-signed his mother’s statement that he wasn’t jettisoned off to Samoa against his will. She said she “was worried about the uncertain effects of sudden stardom” and that the “Free Earl” slogan paints her as a villain.

“Now with the ‘Free Earl’ chants come a barely indirect ‘Fuck Earl’s Mom,’ and in the blink of an eye my worry changes from ‘will there still be this hype when I get back’ to ‘Oh shit I just inspired a widespread movement of people who are dedicated to the downfall of my mom,’” Earl added. He couldn’t give an exact date when he would again be stateside. Of course, Earl also said that even if he did know when he would be back, he probably wouldn’t tell a journalist.

A preview of “Where’s Earl?” is available at The New Yorker’s official site. The full version is only available via the magazine’s paid digital service or via iPad.

[May 16]

UPDATE: After Earl's statement appeared in The New Yorker, Odd Future representative Heathcliff Berru is questioning its authenticity. He explained that there was no way of knowing if the statement came directly from Earl, and that his mother could have made the statement on his behalf.

"With them on tour [Odd Future] don't want to talk about it," he told "But it makes me wonder if that was Earl speaking or his mother speaking on his behalf. [New Yorker scribe] Kelefa [Sanneh] never technically had direct communication with Earl. All I know is that doesn't sound like Earl. My only thought is for his safe return."

[May 18]

UPDATE #2: gives an update on the New Yorker piece, speaking with a student named Tyler Craven who attended the same school where Earl currently matriculates. The publication states that Craven said that "Earl probably did write what was published, but that it was heavily influenced by therapists at the academy who need to see positive behavior if he wants to graduate." Read the full story here.



  • Anonymous jbird says "hip hop's got an odd future" now listen to his music before i disappear

  • Capo 'pB' Johnson

    All these negative bashing on Atheism is pure comedy. I've been an Atheist since 2003, and though we didn't get much attention then, we're definently getting it now. The more you down talk what Atheism is or what we even choose to believe in, you pretty much promote what we're doing. Kindof like how all those White members of the KKK reversed Congress's actions into publicizing KKK slander in the newspaper. You only spread what you either don't understand or want to eliminate. So lets get back to reviewing on Earl, as oppose to what he believes in. :)

  • the G.O.D

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  • Mu

    Earl is extremely talented as a lyricist and as bad as I need new music from him, I can understand why a mother would want her son to mature a lil bit more before jumping head first into this bullshit industry. Fame at a young age can fuck people up (see Lindsay Lohan, Todd Bridges, and Lil' Wayne, lol)

  • Anonymous

    attended the same school where Earl currently matriculates ^^ the fuck does that even mean? never heard that word

    • Anonymous

      /\ I pray no news site ever caters to your idea. Society should never have to dumb everything down for the idiots that inhabit it. You should aim to smarten your stupid ass up so you can keep up.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Sensaye252

    These lil' punk ass kids are just part of the new crop of rap artists that basically inherit rap career through rich parents. It's like at age 15 these niggas are like "Hey Mom and Dad, I wanna be a rapper!". That's why rappers nowadays come out of nowhere and it's like "Who are these niggas? and why does everyone like 'em so much?". And nobody really knows who they are or why they like 'em. They get handed rap careers at their sweet sixteen birthday parties by thier parents who are always some affluent international diplomats or some shit. Yo, Wikipedia the new breed of rappers. It's always the same story. Even cats like Kanye and Lupe, if you look up their history it's not exactly rags to riches. It's more like riches to ridiculous riches.

    • dj vulcan

      why does it have to be rags to riches??? cant it just be about music?? and lemme tell you..most of the rappers you think are real street dudes really arent! its an image that alot of people buy into! its business. forget about what peoples parents are doin! its not even important

    • Anonymous

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    • Lupe Espinoza

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    • Anonymous

      So who do you think controls what we listen to, the media,and who finances most of every thing in this world so therefore has the power and a heavy influence on the earth no matter what it is your listening to Jewhop my friend!

  • Anonymous

    Earl fucking owns bones, that is undeniable. I get the Tyler hate, he's an emo faggot, ICP wannabe etc. But Earl just goes fucking hard 'Pan the cameras back to me and pamela's amateur threesome with hannah montana's manager, miley feedin me sandwiches for my stamina and mrs claus is in laughin in the back cause my back's cramping up" Come on! How can you hate on a kid that spits like that?!? In conclusion, hate on OF all you want but if you're hating on Earl then you are a fucking moron. Also there definitely seems to be some hate on here coming from OF's atheist lyrics/stance, 666, upside down crosses and like. Obvs the satanist shit is a joke but if you actually hate the group because they ain't praising God then you are a faggot. God is literally for faggots.

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  • D.Samuel Adams

    fuck these niggas the worshipp the devil wats wit the cross upside down huh?

  • chris

    Earl is ill i like him more than tyler personally. I havent heard the others though, i think tyler is just a little annoying

    • Spibbs

      Agreed. He comes off to me as almost tryig to be intentionally annoying. Like the twitter pic with him with a mouthful of food. It's like, "grow up, motherfucker".

  • H. Jones

    LOL! There's a lot of 'hate' going on for OF. Have y'all even listened to anyone else besides Tyler? Odd Future is pretty diverse. There's Frank Ocean, MellowHype, Mike G, The Jet Age of Tomorrow, etc. None of which sound like Tyler. These dudes are ridiculously talented. You should be happy there's something else out there besides the same BS you hear everyday. A lot of y'all are sleepin'. These kids spit circles around most of these rappers out.

  • Anonymous

    they're just all pissed cause the kid dipped on them because he realized how stupid they and their music was.


    Someone already stated but its true. why is there such hype about odd future. This is black suburban garage band music. The shit that tyler rhymes about is the same shit that bizarre has been donig since like 97. along with that shock factor that gravediggaz and flatlinerz did in 1994...Lets say it all in together now...No Idea's Original!! So stop the bullshit.

    • Mu

      I don't think the hype surrounding OF is because they're necessarily breaking hip-hop barriers (which I think they are to some degree). The hype is because they are TALENTED. How many people accuse these fake ass hood/gangsta rappers of being unoriginal cuz they rap about guns, drugs, and fucking bitches (all recycled topics)?

    • Anonymous

      Waka is the one who does it well.

    • Lee

      Just because he rapped about the same stuff, doesnt make bizarre even half as good, tbf Bizarre is weak. Royce & Waka Flocka rap about the same shit but one does it well, one just does it.

  • ak2s

    This is really news...? How many times a day does this site post about this stupid ass group. How about some real news on real artist? Time to look for a new site.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga look like he spilled milk and is about to cry in that picture.

    • fa real

      bruh no bullshit i thought the same thang haha, this nigga strtd crying in some video on youtube.

  • Yep

    50 Tyson is their best member. Hands down!

  • slapyobitchass

    I question these niggas talents. Tyler the Creator is a bitch ass faggot that gives LA a bad name.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know, I don't think that The New Yorker, one of the world's most respected journalistic enterprises would compromise their integrity by printing falsified information in a profile of an underground Hip-Hop group...

    • Anonymous

      I don't think they're arguing that what was printed is not what was sent to them, just that it was insincere on Earl (or whoever wrote it)'s part.

  • Seriously

    I personally think that he just got a thorough talking to by the elders. He comes from a family with a distinct respectable background, and at times, parents or the elders are like "look where you come from. Is this what you want to tarnish with this look?" I mean, dude is still young. I've had crazy friends who were shipped out here and there and came back with a whole different attitude. Whatever the case, I respect his decision. I don't know his mom, or his relationship with her. But I do know I would be PISSED if someone disrespected mine. Go ahead Earl. And if your words are sincere as you make them out to be, then I wish you success...It would be another thing if he was just being manipulated....

  • papabearATL

    I just came from the OFWGKTA youtube page, I understand their popularity even less than I understand Lil B's popularity... They are pretty decent skateboarders that rap about drugs, rape and various other off the wall topics and apparently dislike Steve Harvey? Their skateboarding is much better than their music, it's like a bunch of kids making parody music in their garage. I just don't see the allure... HHDX post so much shit about them, I had to see for myself. Please don't post anymore stories about these guys, at all, ever again, nothing they do is new or news, thank you.

    • Lee

      I totally respect what your saying but for me, Tyler's & Earl are both great emcees, baring in mind earl dropped his mixtape at 16 and Tyler at 18, the intricacy of some of their writing is way ahead of their years. If you dissect the lines from Yonkers alone and notice how many hidden punches & metaphors it contains, adding the fact he produced the beat (which was dope as fuck), that song alone stands testament to Tylers ability. As for Lil B, he's built his buzz on doing stupid shit, which in hip hop terms isn't worth a second of anyones time but for entertainment factor i'd sit and watch him over say a Jay/ Nas interview anyday. The same goes for Tyler. Lil B, Tyler & all the other OF dudes all have a lot of potential, none have dropped anything historic yet but all im saying is give them time before you label them as garbage.

    • papabearATL

      I actually took time, went to listen to their music and watch their videos. Old enough to have seen the Bones Brigade in person and had a few Vision Skatewear T's, and was one of the only brotha's in the hood rocking Airwalks way before skateboard P made it popular. I say that to say this, I went in with an open mind and nothing they did was awe inspiring, jaw dropping or even good enough to say they a'ight. Hell, they don't even have a ringtone worthy song. They aren't good but, this is the Soulja Boy generation, the content of your character or music doesn't matter anymore. Just say swag a lot and say off the wall shit in grimey voice, it's very... artistic or is it autistic? When the Lil B buzz started I looked him up, too. The world is ending is prolly his most 'thoughtful' song, but it's still garbage, and wonton soup? really, c'mon son! You can cosign shit like that?

    • Lee

      Let me guess your a fan of 'real hip hop' Just because you can name a bunch of old ass hip hop groups (which you most likely wikipedia'd) that are no longer relevant doesn't mean you know shit. Old dudes like you are the most ignorant, as soon as you realize a rapper isn't quite as good as nas or andre you dismiss them. Everyone brings something to the table, thats why people listen to the likes of Wiz etc. Tyler's a dope lyricist, so is Earl. And Lil B's dope because he can rap with the best of them (check I am the hood) and at the same time makes retarded music which you can enjoy for other reasons.

    • Anonymous

      Lee got pwned.

    • papabearATL

      I know enough about hip hop to know that Esham, the collective NATAS, ICP, D12 already did what they are doing, except have way better production. They aren't great skateboarders, just better at that than making music, so do your homework lil bwoi, these clowns lack talent and are the essence of apathy and ignorance in YOUR generation! SWAAAAGGGGGG!!!! Lame Ass Lee!

    • Lee

      so you know zero about skateboarding AND hip hop... stfu

  • Ayyye

    The whole point of him going away is for him to finish growing up. Everyone else in OF is at least 2-3 years older and graduated from high school and much more developed...Earl and his family wanted him to be able to do that the best way possible and finish school and shit. Fair enough, the kid deserves, no matter how talented he is(he is born to rap for sure), to have a goddamn childhood. Then he can comeback and rip the game a new one or two.

  • Anonymous

    Why do all the members of Odd Future have weird looking faces. This guy has fucking giant lips. Bigger than Jay-Z.

  • Anonymous

    thebes a genuine ass dude.i hope this makes all those bitches on the odd future forums posting up thebes moms phone number feel like pieces of shit.give him and his mom some fucking privacy.

  • Anonymous


  • mcmastermind

    He's a smart dude. Only person in Wolf Gang or whatever I listen to. He's a dope MC.



  • O0

    If you are confused.... His parents are basically African royalty or what not. Like they used to role with Mandela and shit. His dad is a famous African poet, and is well respected in Academic circles all over the United States. His Mom is also an academic and a writer. Earl is making sure all his "fans" realize that he doesn't hate his family and that he thinks its dangerous for them to have the wrong idea. He obviously values his privacy, probably for the same reasons that make him the artist everyone loves so much. Dude is probably extremely pissed off and like any good musician, is not going to feel right until he takes all this shit out on a microphone over a pro tools session. Church.

  • Anonymous

    im fuckin confused. this didnt make since. probably cause i dont know who the fuck this dude is.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Just Wow!

  • Eyes

    Really? Rap is just getting wierder by the day..

  • yaboyla

    he look like Jay Z's son. hahaha

  • Wow

    Parents looking out for the best interest in their child...What is this world coming to?

    • Anonymous

      He will get to live his dream. He seem to enjoy rapping and performing in front of people. This opportunity only come rarely.

    • Anonymous

      Last time I checked only a handful of rappers have made careers out of hip hop. The other 30 million mcs out there did not. Music will always be there so its definitely wise for him to get his head straight now before he moves forward....Like others said, he comes from a well respected family so I doubt he wont have anything to fall back on if music doesnt work.

    • Lima

      anom, your best interest should be to get an education. smh

    • anom

      His best interest is to break from the chains and pursue his career. FUCK SAMOA

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