Cali Swag District's M-Bone Murder Reportedly Motivated By Jealousy

UPDATE: Details surrounding the sudden death of the 22-year-old have come to light.

M-Bone, member of West Coast trio Cali Swag District, was unexpectedly murdered in a drive-by shooting last night. According to fellow group member Smoove, the 22-year-old, whose real name is Montae Talbert, died from gunshot wounds in their native Inglewood, California.

“Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone,” tweeted Smoove. reports that the incident was a random act of violence. M-Bone was outside of a liquor store at 11:32 P.M. last night when the gunman drove by and fired shots at the rapper. Police don't suspect that the shooting was premeditated.

The group is best known for their platinum-certified hit “Teach Me How to Dougie.” CSD is currently prepping the release of their upcoming debut The Kickback. will keep you updated...

Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mboneless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

[May 16]

UPDATE: According to, M-Bone's murder was motivated by jealousy. His girlfriend claims that a man living in their apartment complex who was jealous of his success in the music industry. The man reportedly made threats of violence towards M-Bone and engaged in Twitter wars with him.

As previously reported, the gunman fired at M-Bone while he stood near his girlfriend's car parked outside of a liquor store. After firing a first round, the shooter drove a short distance and made a U-turn to see if he had hit his target. No arrests have been made.

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  • whatthedeuce

    Yet another SENSELESS killing of an innocent, young person. This is such bullshit. RIP M-Bone.

  • chris

    Just realized, theres no point in saying anything here cause the people who say horrible things on these forums dont really believe this their just trying to make a ruckus, or they do believe it but they wouldnt say it in person.



  • chris

    Anyone who doesnt care about someone dying just because they dont like their art or dont know them is despicable. This kind of stuff happens because people are so selfish that they dont even think about how many lives they affect with their actions. Anytime someone dies im never happy, even with osama. Not sayin i wish he was alive, but im not celebrating him getting killed. This young man didnt even do anything to hurt anyone and hes getting hate? Thats just disgusting, its a sign of people becoming desensitized to death because we hear about it so much.

  • hellrazor

    whatever. i frankly dont give a shit about this dude or any of these lame motherfuckers with their bullshit material.

    • lilmama

      hater material

    • hellrazor

      @anonymous, you got too much fuckin time on your hands. dont make me fuckin laugh. @moses, chris and giovanni, i'll respect your opinion.

    • chris

      Kids staying strapped is what leads to this stuff. Not cool, stupid stuff guns arent a symbol of success but of dysfunction and malice.

    • Giovanni Funes

      I Do not like they music they made, But that doesnt mean that this is sad and he did NOT deserve to die..He was only 22 poor guy had his whole life ahead of him..Its sad people still kill people..this shit needs to stop

    • Anonymous

      WHATTTTTTT???? Can't stand niggahs like u. Imma dougie on your ASS Bi*ch. Holla at me niggah. Holla at me. I STAY STRAPPED. Holla at me big homie. D-Town connect. Bonekilla i c u. I c u homie. I run this sh*t... like a marathon b*tches. U know it. Can't fight it. Its what i do. Imma get this bread. And butter it and cheese to b*itch. I STAY STRAPPED!!!!!!!!!!

    • Moses the Wise 1

      My brother, you not caring about his music is a big difference between not caring about his life. When did someone not making a classic album forfeit their right to live?

  • Moses the Wise 1

    When did something become ok just because it's done often? Stealing, adultery, fornication, killing is done often but doesn't isn't it still wrong? I'm not preaching cause I've fornicated no doubt but this dude lost his life because some dude didn't like his success? I don't normally say this but that is hating at it's top level. I hate your success so I'm going to kill you. What kind of world do we live in? A person can't even get on these days. I think some quotes from rappers who I can't give proper credit for goes some thing like rather be judged by 12 than carried by six or Camron saying I'd rather be in jail than have them tell you bout me. I understand that now.

  • Jesus

    now please do respect him cuz he died. cuz noone did when he was alive. fuckin Biggie tupac shit. i hope he dont teach them how to dougie. teach me how to get shot outside a liquor store.. haaa on the remix they'll have coon ass niggers from Boyz in the hood

  • Pat

    Now tell me - what the fuck is this man? Niggaz doin brothers in worse than the Klan Can't even stand, in front of your buildin and chill without yieldin, twelve-year-old children that kill blood spillin, thugs be illin, unnecessary slugs fillin the sky, usually drillin the one that wasn't willin to die, yes sir in the Killing Field I got my, life preserver And I'll do my time for murder, these niggaz got the nerve to question me - bout the colors that I got on? Now see that red dot on your knot Bout to get your whole crew shot on A Soldier of Fortune, I'm the wrong nigga to plot on Took him out on the spot before he even got on my hitlist -- peep this I cock back, you bow down Bust round, bloody the ground, retaliation sounds like this

    • Pat

      Anonymous, your rap made me think that you are more retarded than I already thought.

    • Anonymous

      Ok. Im going in. My flow that turn tables Like a waiter. Bi*ches i does that. Then i sweep niggahs. Call me mr broom. OH. Oh Gucci on my wrist. Luis on my belt I flow so tight. B*tchess!!!! 1 bar of pure flame!!!!! I burn niggahs wit ma flow!!! I STAY STRAPPED HOMIE!!!!!!

    • Pat

      Are you saying this rap is bad?

    • Jesus

      speakin of "cock back" i want mine back. pull it out your mouth and try to rap cuz your rapping Paradox'


    watch your mouth fake ass Slob internet wannabe

  • Truth Is

    Hater on DX: Man people die everyday get over it! 2 weeks later Hater's father: Son your mother died. Hater on DX: :'( omg what!!! Hater's father: Get over it people die everyday Fuck these people who are talking shit about a dead people or saying who cares people die. You'd want the same respect if someone close to you died. If you confided in a friend and they told you to suck it up cause people die everyday then you'd be hurt. People act sooo much different behind a fuckin keyboard

    • Pat

      Its different when a family member dies you fucking moron. When a complete stranger dies that has done shit for my life why would i mourn him?

  • made men

    The lost member of Bone Thugs & Harmony.

  • Ron the Don

    Thank God because CSD sucked balls


    A young life taken for a Nigga Moment.

  • Come on

    This is sad and disgusting wether you liked their music or not he did not deserve to die when I met this dudes at rapcity in canada a few months ago they were nice and very greatful for what they had. anyone who makes a joke about this is just as low as the loser who shot him, 22 yrs old wow grow up ppl this has to stop.

  • Ruffdraft

    No one better snitch on the guy who killed him. Im sure even M-Bone himself would tell you that.

  • Lima

    Half of these losers on here talking bout they didn't like dude's music are the same ones doing the dougie when the song comes on in the club. Get real. RIP to this young man. This is a very sad story.

    • Jace

      You got life fucked up, I dont dance in clubs just drink and grind on the wife. Wouldnt dougie even if i knew how. still Rip m-bone or whatever your name was

    • Come on

      I with you I co-sign 100% ppl who laugh at this disgust me its not funny this kid had a family, When they came down to party on rapcity it was one of the most fun and crowd interactive shows we had sad very sad.

  • Essex

    Ok, so now we learn it was his girls ex boyfreind! WOW!

  • Notorious PhD

    Yooooooooooo.......this kind shit is normal in LA,you know what im saying..?? I mean people die why the fuck should i be sad like he's my school principal and shit !!! Good thing to is...i'mma live long than that motherfucker..hahahahahaha !!

    • Anonymous

      nigah what??? cant beleive that shet spewing out ur mouth niggah....i stay strapped, I STAY STRAPPED!!!!!

  • Essex

    His girl said it was a jealous dude that lived in her building. Nigga straight hating. Very uncool. And it was over twitter, which is very wack.

  • Anonymous

    If u ever notice it's always some underachieveing ass nigga hating.these negative ass niggas don't never get tired.I don't have to like a nigga or his music but I damn sure don't wanna hear about someone to this brother I pray that him and every body we lost is in a better place

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ faggot slick talkin geek

    • TdotFrog

      Electrical/Computer Engineerin (BASc) University of Toronto - class of 2014. And I say FUCK the man. Ppl of low IQ shouldn't procreate anyways, hopefully he didn't. And given the fact that his sole purpose on this planet was to brainwash future generations of young black men, I only wish I was amonst the men that finished the design of the handgun that took his life.

  • TdotFrog

    Another idiot falls victim to vanity. Guys like Immortal Technique can go to Afghanistan and not get kidnapped, assualted, etc. But of course guys like M-Bone(whatever kind of name that is) end up dead, real easy. Hmm, I wonder why? What do you think this says about the man's character?

    • Jesus

      stfu faggot ass Canadian. your only the 2nd gayest country on the planet. the first is France who owns you. now go eat a snail and stfu. and i dont even like M-gone or whatever

    • Jose Vasquez

      The brother speaks some truth. We keep doing this stupid shit over and over. Jealous is one of the main killers in the African American community today. We got people saying, Ah... he doesn't sound black, he goes to private school, nigga ain't black. What kinda shit is that?

    • TdotFrog

      Sorry, I've reached the point of no return. I used to be sympathetic to the cause, but now I see exactly why white people hold such fear of African Americans. The idiocy, utter idiocy that is repeated over, and over and over again, cannot be condoned or respected. If you aren't at that point in your life yet, then give it a few years, if your African American give it a few decades. I am fortunate to received such wisdom earlier than most. The truth hurts, deal with it.

    • Meh

      Do you think about the shit that's on your mind before you type it? Consideration can go a long way...

  • Jace

    Didnt care for homeboys music but that dont mean i wanted him dead like waka or gucci mane, and this another case of hate and jealousy starting for a fuckin social network. Keep ya personal life off that shit or you might be next. Fuck Bill O'Rielly

  • Anonymous

    I kind of figured that a crab-nigga was behind this senseless bullshit. NIGGAS ALWAYS HATE TO SEE A BLACKMAN COME UP, ITS TRULY SAD. R.I.P. M-BONE AND MAY GOD BLESS HIS ENTIRE FAMILY

  • deziboy5150

    DAMN! n i jus read an article this nigga n his krew did in urban ink!

  • Anonymous

    It's crazy how the rappers doing party/positive music get killed a lot and rappers like necro still live.

    • Bell Biv Devoe

      LOL "I love necro and brotha lynch and rappers like that because I hate party music". 9 times outta 10...both y'all niggas can't dance. You ol 1994, I love to listen to underground rappers who try to rhyme with words like antidisestablishmentarianism ass niggas, Y'all probably tried to do the bankhead bounce to a Katy Perry track.

    • IDK

      true shit. i mean, i listen to a whole lot of music with negative topics, such as Necro and Brotha Lynch Hung, and im really not a big fan of all of that party music playing in the radio, but i still agree what u said. it's really crazy and ironic that positive/party rappers get killed instead of rappers talking about murder

  • Killalex

    Maybe people will now stop bumping that bullshit dougie song.

    • Anonymous

      i can't beleive what u jus said bi*ch. What niggah??? What?? I was eatin my cheerioes when i read this sh*t....spat that shit out bi*ch. I stay strapped I stay strapped. Imma catch u on da rebound.I STAY STRAPPED B*TCHES!!!!

    • Killalex

      Lol u mad? Get the sand out of coochie and shut the fuck up you down syndrome child. It ain't the first time a young black male was popped and it ain't the last time.

    • Anonymous

      Have some fuckin respect you shit bag. The issue here is not the damn song, the issue is another young black male is dead over some bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO BE SHOT!!!!!! YOU WASTE OF SKIN MUTHAFUCKA!!!!! YA MOTHER SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION!!!!!

  • Tyler

    RIP too young to die.

  • teknishen

    Some of these comments are disturbing. RIP M-Bone. No one deserves to die like this nor be robbed of life. What it should do is teach you to cherish every monent of life that you have. No, he wasnt apart of some world renowned hip hop group, nor was he an incredible lyricist, but he made music that people danced to. Furthermore, what these comments do is FURTHER prove how unapreciative the youth of today are of the life that they are given. But i wont throw back insults, but rather pray that when everyone hear passes on, that people will remember them for the good deeds that they have done.

  • Anonymous

    judging from the comments this generation is worthless. there'll never be another martin Malcolm or tupac. someone dies and people actually hav the nerve to question why we show respect for a young man who was actually trying to do something w/ his life instead of trolling on the rap sites all day

    • latest

      ^^^^ any advise frog?

    • TdotFrog

      Ya, I used to be like you. Ignorance really is bliss. The music he directly made shapes the minds of young black males. He makes money from this, more money than a scientist working to cure cancer, and you think I should give a F about him or his kind. I love how ignorant Black folks or anyone of lower socio-economic conditions UNDERVALUES the direct consequences of neural stimulations such as music, particularly, retarded trash music like the dougie. In 50 years when you are in your 70's neuroscience will be so advanced that we will have tangible proof that things like, "teach me how to dougie" has an overwhelmly negative effect on your brain waves, and perspectives. It will be akin to us knowing now without a shadow of a doubt that second hand smoke kills. Did the guy murder someone? No. He's done much worse. He has helped enslave future generations of young black men, who will buy into temporary vanity and fall into the same trap, over and over again. A guy like you will never understand it seems, ironically all other races and people of upper socio-economic conditions, do not make these mistakes....

    • JUST

      TDOT wow. Reading what you said was next to impossible. I could barely finish it. You are really a complete and utter douchebag. Maybe this kid is unable to get the fucking education that you and a lot of other people in this world are. How the fuck do you know what his circumstances. And who the fuck are you to sit there and say Science and Engineering and all of this shit and whatever the fuck bullshit you are doing in school is so fucking important: like your god's fucking gift. Get a hold of yourself you dumb piece of shit. He is 22, he did not rape a kid, he did not kill someone who didnt deserve it, he did not do anything like that. Therefore he does NOT deserve to fucking die. It is PAINFULLY obvious from your comment that REGARDLESS of whatever the fuck you are doing in school you will do absolutely NOTHING with your life because you are too fucking blind to see truth. Seriously buddy, good fucking luck. I fucking HATE that song but it doesn't matter. It is pathetic and the fact that I KNOW you are around the same age as me makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

    • TdotFrog

      Ya, if you think making a ghetto trash song that motivates school age kids to learn how to be "fly", and dance better to attract the ladies, is considered "doing something with his life", than YOU ARE the WORTHLESS generation. Unlike that loser some of us, "trolling rap sites..etc." are studying engineering and science in University, you know shit that ACTUALLY matters. Fuck that loser, no R.I.P. for another mindfucked slave, jocking and jiving for his master. Enslaving future generations of young blacks to choose vanity over education, REAL education, not no business crap. Why should I give a F about some tatted up loser who would have been broke in 5 years anyways. I will easily have more assets than him in 10 years and I am younger than him AND unlike him and losers like yourself, I am trying to actually CONTRIBUTE something important to society.

  • Zack Moore

    Well.... wasn't this just random. Not a loss in terms of future music and whatnot, but definitely sucks the dude's dead at 22. Oh well.

  • Anonymous


  • Damn Man

    Damnit... now who the fuck is gonna teach me how to dougie?

  • lynwoodcalifornia

    damn he got 2 to the head . did he get into a argument ? or was wearing red ?

  • dac

    you make "teach me how to dougie" and this what happens

  • Ryan Huerta

    Stop the violence.. even if it benefits your ears.

  • Anonymous

    triple beams AREN'T.... rather than have a couple 'deep' tracks on CSD's [new] album (though venting is allowed),...

  • Anonymous

    we know that CSD doesn't produce tracks like Black Star, but as a person, dude was hella young, as old as me, and it sucks to be robbed from life. triple beams are the best means to weigh your options. there are a lot of people living like the ones who shot dude up, and you have to ask yourself why is this lifestyle continuing. rather than have a couple 'deep' tracks on CSD's album, i wanna see them push for change in 'hip hop' society. hip hop artists come from the 'streets', but does it take the streets to make hip hop? the rap i know has breakin', dj-ing, mc-ing, fashion and social change as its tenants, not hanging out at liquor stores selling caps of madness to the neigborhood. this situation is more a revelation of the definite ignorance that plagues the 'streets', as well as a time to mourn for a young life lost. do i know the nigga? no. do i bump their shit outside of the club? fuck no; but i do see this as a sign that people need to quit going for quick cash, having teenage pregnancies, and respect other world views before we call ourselves adults.

    • Anonymous is a bitch

      Not all hip hop artist come from the streets. They rap about being in gangs but how can they be doing gang activity but rap at the same time. Do you see eminem talking about gang activity, FUCK NO.

  • drae

    Honestly, I gave more shit about Osama's death than this nigga. Who gives a fuck?

    • lol!!!!

      Damn that's cold....I don't even have the balls to say that but...if he had lived, would he have made a worth while single to listen to? I already know your answer my nigga. But RIP to that youngin, nobody deserves to leave early in life.

  • hd

    Who gives a fuck? Lil B the Based God is still living.

  • Ming City

    Ok this dude was an artist in the Hip Hop community who contributed to a hit record of 2010. Whether you appreciated his music or not it shouldn't negate the respect you should show for his passing. I'm sure half of you with negative comments on here have danced (or tried to dance) to the record he was on so for that reason just say RIP and move on with your life. People die everyday, this is a given. But his passing is not only relevant to the hip hop community but to ALL BLACK PEOPLE in urban communities. Whether he's a nobody or a high level government official, show some respect.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Who the fuck is this guy? Why should I give a shit?

    • Pat

      anonymous how about i kick your ass

    • Pat

      Anonymous if I knew where you lived I would kick your ass. That nigger M-Bone deserved to die. He was making terrible fucking music and the rap game is better now. My mother would never degrade herself by fucking a black guy. This nigger was definetly talking shit and got what he deserved.

    • Anonymous

      What 'He sho did" is trying to allude to the fact Pat that if this African American was still alive he would have preformed sexual Intercourse with your mother and Kenneth Thomas's mother ,Thus thinking you would care he is now deceased as he will no longer get that chance.

    • Pat

      what the fuck does that mean

    • he sho did

      he fuck both of yall nikkaz moms raw thats who dat nikka is and das why u should give a fuck

    • Pat

      exactly my point

  • Pat

    People die everyday but why is everyone upset about this guy, it's not like he was the President. This man was a mediocre singer but people are mourning him more than every other person that dies everyday. If someone voices their opinion of how they feel about him don't get offended by it and make a big deal about it.

    • Pat

      Kaos how am I a stupid shit? Anonymous why would you mourn that fucking peace of shit that killed 3000 innocent Americans. The death of M-Bone is not a tragedy to me. I did not listen to his music because it was awful. A tragedy was the death of Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie and Big L etc.. Anonymous you are also a fucking retard. The Bush's did not cause Osama to attack us. Osama wants to get rid of all non believers. So to blame this on bush is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. I hope that someone ends up capping you for that comment.

    • kaos

      Pat's a stupid shit. Really, whenever I hear someone's dead I feel for their family. Don't bring Osama into this, that is an extreme and separate case that can't be compared AT ALL to death of M-Bone and the thousands of other tragedies that happen every day. No matter what side you're on with Osama, you can't say his manner of life and death were normal.

    • Anonymous

      A Pat is right and P.S. i did mourn the death of Osama Bin Laden... cause u stupid fucks these days get excited over killing a man who has done tons of good for his country... how about we kill all the Bush's... sense they started alot of this shit and call it even

    • Pat

      Wait Andy did you mourn the death of Osama Bin Laden?

    • Pat

      I am actually not lonely at all, and my point was why would you mourn this guy but not the thousands of others that die. Pretty easy to understand unless you are retarded. Also it is MY opinion and definetly a lot of others.

    • da 1

      pat is fuckin lonely fkn faggot

    • Andy

      When news of a person's death is put out, people obviously pay their respects to that person. Whether famous or not, when there is news of, say, a murder or something being reported on the internet, comments are always filled with R.I.P's and whatnot. The thousands of deaths that occur everyday obviously don't ALL get reported. And also, when you achieve a degree of fame, OBVIOUSLY, your death is going to be reported. It's fine that YOU don't feel anything for his death. I suspect a lot of people do not. But the fact that you are detracting from people who wish to pay their respects to this guy is pretty ridiculous. You say that we shouldn't mourn the death of someone we don't know, yet you question why we don't mourn for the thousands who die per day. Your logic is interesting to say the least.

    • Pat

      first of all go fuck yourself. Why do I have to show respect to the dead. Should I respect Bin Laden since he is dead? What about Sadam? Don't tell me who to respect. What has this black piece of shit done for me? Nothing so why should I respect him. My elders did teach me to show respect but I did not know who he was and his death does not effect me or you. Also how am I lonely? None of you know who he is so you should not be mourning him. Thanks and fuckufacebitch go eat a dick and fucking die.

    • fuckUfacebitch

      hey pat nobody asked u to mourn no one but u dont have to be a fucking asshole and say some stupid shit just cuz u lonely and hungry for a response,didn't ur elders teach u to respect the dead if you didnt give a fuck u shouldn't have clicked on the page in the first place,just say RIP or fuck off

    • Pat

      How am I being disrespectful. You are mourning a person you do not even know. Why are you not mourning many other people that died around the world

    • number

      Yes it is true that you dont need to care about this person, BUT you (or other ppl) should not disrespect him when he is dead

    • Rick the Flick

      Anonymous he does not need to go to hell for making a point. Thousands of people die everyday but everyone is making a big deal about this guy.

    • Pat

      Why am I going to hell?

    • Anonymous

      dude go to hell. someone just died. show some respect.

  • BGG

    to those that wrote awful and insensitive remarks in regards to this man's passing I'm sorry your life is so miserable you have to post hate towards others but just know that karma is a bitch and if it dont catch you it'll catch somebody you love

  • Anonymous

    too many trolls on DX im going to 2dopeboyz

  • Anonymous

    people on the internet really open your eyes to how fucked up the world is. thats why i only fuck w/ family. you people are monsters. RIP.

    • kaos

      I agree with you, at least there's some people on this site with respect. I mean the internet's obviously allowed humans to do amazing things, but its also allowed the fucked up demographic to gather in one place and be stupid fucking trolls.

    • Pat

      you fuck your family

    • AfghanKush

      Yup,fucked up ain't it? Just be glad you don't have to know these douchebags in real life

  • Big D

    Fuck that bum ass nigga I guess he aint gonna be dougin anymore eat a dick............. DIPSET

    • Pat

      Anonymous your too big of a pussy to use your name on this site. If I saw you I would fucking kick your ass.

    • sTepHaniE


    • anonymous

      PAT shut the fuck up faggot I wish I could see you face so i could hunt you down

    • Pat

      Learn how to spell before you try to make a point.

    • Tallimi Morgan

      what your momma and daddy didnt whoop your ass enough to knock some sense in your head, carma is a bitch at times so whatch what you say son and have some respect for the dead you hatin ass muthafucka, if i was next to you when you typed that bullshit you would've took my phade on sight you fuckin bitch.

  • Cory

    You just goot be carful nowadays. "NIGGAS" hate to see people shine and will do such things. There is nothing wrong with hanging out late at night, you jus gotta watch yours. This remind me kinda of when Tyga cousin merked him for his chain. The dude got on youtube and said "Gimme a record contract and I will give ur chain back, LA dont give a fuck abou the coconut and lime shit". So let this be a lesson. " NIGGAS ARE OUT TO GET RAPPERS". SHOUTS TO M-BONE, FAMILY & FRIENDS.

  • stro

    I don't think that death is anything to joke about & my sincere condolences go out to his family, but when people hang out in bars & in front of liquor stores, it's never surprising when something bad happens. People gotta be smarter. Honestly what good can come from being in front of a liquor store at any time & for any reason??

  • Anonymous

    Learn respect people. What if that was your son or your daughter getting killed over stupid shit. Thugs or gangsters need to grow up. Violence won't solve nothing. RIP

  • clickclack

    dude made shit music, but another brother dead. shits fucked man, RIP

  • Anonymous

    some of yall are serious sh!theads, this should not happen to anybody



  • dn

    What a fucking downer to come to hiphopdx and see shit like this. RIP M-bone.

  • Dumpology

    Man was just trying to make a living. Y'all would do the same. No need to hate on him. RIP.

  • Logic

    R.I.P may justice be swift for your killer.

  • skeenz

    this dude on twitter earlier said "DOUGIE OR DIE TRYING" LMAOO

  • Doubl Negative

    I'd never heard of dude before, but rest in peace to the Brother anyway. We need more solidarity in our communities, like the Jews and Asians have.

  • Anonymous

    somebody finally got so pissed they decided to start killing wack, retarded rappers. not how i was hoping it would happen, just stop supporting and buying their shit and diss them not kill them. RIP. p.s. while you're at it though just get lil b. no one will care as much.

    • Blunts

      First dude didnt get the response he wanted, haha.

    • rydersix10

      you all are such hypocrites getting at anonymous over what he wrote. Ya'll are probably the same ones that be on here talking all that gangsta gangsta nonsense. hyping these hip hop beefs up and shit. Now that someone actually got murked everyone wants to be all sympathetic..

    • Anonymous

      does anyone know how to spell anymore or make a complete sentence for that matter. ya'll need to proofread before you post. and i'm not smart. you're obviously not reading the comment. my uncle had his fucking face blown off. you know why? cause he was drunk and being retarded and with people he shouldn't have been with. so don't tell me about if it was your relative. i've been through what they are going through. this kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time. this shit happens to people that no one knows all the time. just because he was a rapper everyone should care more? um no. a life is a life. so ya'll shut the fuck up.

    • Big Log

      @Anonymous, you are not too smart its not about knowing someone, i guess you take joy in knowing someone got killed stupid, yo, man! you need to shout up, if you dont have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all, i am wondering if that was your brother, sister, mother or father would you say what you saying now and feel they way you feel about someone getting Killed, my guess is you are just a 10 year old kid with time your hand, get off the internet and go and do some school work

    • Anonymous

      @master pee you are the definition of a retard. nowhere in that comment do i sound like i'm being tough (learn how to spell dip shit). i didnt say "yeah thats what that fagget gets, damn someone got to his wack ass before me, i wouldn't of killed him i would have just beat the shit out of him, i'll beat your ass too". nope didn't say any of that. damn you are stupid. i was making lite of a tragic situation fellas don't get so mad. i don't wish death upon no one. ya'll didn't even know him. geez calm down.

    • Master Pee

      @Anonymous you are the definition of an internet tuff guy. I hope people are less ignorant when someone you know passes.

    • Jess Devitt

      was he a talented rapper? no. not at all. did he deserve to get gunned down at 22? no. did his family deserve the heartache this will cause? no. dude was a human being man, not everything is so trivial as rap skills. grow the fuck up.

    • Big Log

      Yo, aint nothing funny there my, someone just lost their life, a mother just lost a son, a family is asking why, nothing to joke about.

    • jeff87333

      shit ain't funny man...when it's over it's over...a human life ain't nothin to joke by

  • nolia.slim

    Black folks always loosing their lives over some foolishness. This is a sad situation......Crabs in a bucket.

  • Omar Osgood

    I wasn't a big fan, but i gotta pay my respects..R.I.P M-Bone. "I see brothers in packs dying, mothers in black crying"-Pac


    just look at the comments below this site geting wacker n wacker we all know that person below is not white just some lamm ass regular to this site

  • weezyfbaby

    so das why the arrested dawg

  • ALK

    He wasnt a good rapper...but hes still human and this will effect alot of people around him...just want to say I`m white but I dont believe how many people get sucked in when somebody makes a racist remark which is clearly said to bring there comment attention.

  • Anonymous

    thats what happens to shitty rappers.

    • theduckaouttahere

      what the fuck are you doing here?

    • Ricardo Gonzalez

      thats soo wrong but hilarious... rip to the fallen... but really why is dx covering this guy they never supported him in when he was alive FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS

  • Good riddance

    One more nigger dead. Hopefully they all wipe eachother out. It's a white mans world. Be happy we let you out of your cages

    • Anonymous

      its just a trollll

    • @goodriddance is an idiot

      you are a fucking idiot @goodridance... if everyone originated from africa, then everyone is technically a "black person" fucking moron. people like you are the reason we live in a world of racism that we do today

    • Anonymous

      u a serious hater....this world was made for everybody to live in peace together

    • jeff87333

      you really find it necessary to be that insensitive to human life? at the end of the day...we all bleed red...and when you're layin on ya death bed i hope you remember what you said...maybe u won't have a chance...maybe u'll get murdered by a white serial killer...u know...jus another crazy white person dead...they all r on medications and shit ne ways...(im jus makin a point) wat u say...ur just another ignorant person afraid of what they know nothing about...all u r is a walking stereotype...jus like the next...and exactly like the last...ur nobody...

    • Alex Bell

      what a fucking idiot. shut the hell up man and get the fuck off this site.

    • Anonymous


    • Ricardo Gonzalez

      im still trying to figure out why your on a hiphop site to begin with?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Troll alert.

    • Christopher English

      Why even waste time responding to a COWARD through a message board?

    • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

      Your a poor excuse of human life, grow the hell up! Senseless killing like this is ridiculous. RIP to dude, condolences to his family and the rest of CSD

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry you feel that way, I hope you find a way to get rid of the Hate in your heart.

  • ehj.

    "man, killin's some wack shit"

  • ANON-

    outside of liquor store at 11:32pm... COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LIQUOR STORE? WHATCHU DRINKIN LIQUOR FOR? COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GLOOM BUT WHEN'D U PICK A BROOM UP LISTENIN TO PAC, AINT GON' MAKE IT STOP A REBEL IN YA THOUGHTS AINT GON' MAKE IT HALT IF U DONT BECOME A ACTOR ULL NEVA BE A FACTOR! like my pops always told me, dont put urself in a bad spot where shit is more likely to go down.

  • YaBoi Believes Saint

    yu know wat im so fukken sik of inglewood niggaz them niggaz over there need to calm down for i come back and take my city back punk ass niggaz dat was my bro!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tired of hearing shit like this. Why the fuck would you kill someone for no fucking reason? To prove how tough you are? To prove how loyal you are. You're a fucking JOKE. Taking someone's life is bad enough. Taking someone's life because of nothing is fucking cowardly.

    • Pat

      Anonymous is a pussy

    • dmize-one

      @raje- these idiots here think as long as its some arab from the other side of the world that shit dont matter.. but one rapper gets killed and "violence isnt the answer"(IT REALLY ISNT).. but what about the OVER one MILLION civilians the US military has killed in iraq/afghanistan... our military is genociding a whole race of people but, oops its ok.. its part of the "war on terror"

    • raje

      Wow, now killing isn't ok? Bin Laden? Iraq? Pakistan? Collateral Damage??

    • Anonymous

      There's no excuse for killing, especially if a 22 year old dies over such a silly and senseless act of violence.

    • Cage

      ^^ Edit that: If someone is threatening YOUR life or the life of your family & children = real shit. Then, killing would be ok to me.

    • Anonymous

      Over some real shit? i don't care how real you think something is...Killing is not OK

    • Anonymous

      how do you know what the story was? it could have been over some real shit

  • Onaje Jordan

    Don't like their music but i hate to see another brother die, so young over bull. Another black family mourning. Come on Black People

    • Joe Schmoe

      Anonymous you are the most racist nigger I have seen on this site.

    • Aalon

      Any normal person would interpret this as how it was intended to be interpreted. Way to waste your time typing up a pointless rational for "whitedevil's" comment.

    • Anonymous

      black and asian people are usually pro-themselves out of love for their own culture. where as white people being pro-usuall just means their anti-black. thats why white devil interpreted that message as hateful... its in his nature disguise his hatred w/ love for his own. blacks and asians will interpret that comment simply as self awareness. they're not pro-black to spite other races w/ hate... its just genuine love

    • Nana

      Did he say that? Dick.

    • whitedevil

      you nrather see another white man die instead or are you neutral about the that?:)

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Ay Rip to this nigga, Dougie was dat piff, but if you check the front page Dis nigga got shot, and at DA SAME TIME Cassidy suspected fo murda??? aint nobody seein da connection? Cass popped off at dese niggas for radio play... SMH i use to respek Cass 2

    • Cage

      That lil dude been postin that bullshit left and right... And who the fuck uses "supaswag"? That shit gay as hell.. Dead that gossiping, thats for lil hoes.

    • Hugh Smith

      Cassidy is suspected for two murders in Philly not Cali you need to really be up on your news before you say some shit like that

  • crazy

    Only 22? I don't even know who this guy was, but R.I.P.....damn shame.

  • kennyken's not going to stop just becuase of's just the way the hood operates...very fucked up that our hoods will always be like this. we are the ones who live there, and look what we do.

  • Big Log

    RIP, another brother gone too soon man, most likly over some BS, but i read the comment of smoove and got to ask why shit got to hit home or shit have to happen to someone close too us before we change our life drastically,.. think about it.

  • Anonymous

    If I died and my homies were gonna twit about it I would only hope that they could use propper english and grammar. RIP to this dude.

    • Crystal E. McClendon

      Apparently typing in correct English is over-rated. Ma ba ta boo...uh what, oh he died. R.I.P. though. Its always sad to hear that another brother died in the streets. Stop the violence!

    • Jennifer

      I agree about the grammer. Sad story though.

  • RA

    May the Ancestors welcome hime through the transition. SMH We gota stop this yall! Too many brothers in hip-hop, and just too many brothers in general die because of some BS.

  • Anonymous

    Dang. R.I.P. We need to stop all the violence.

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