Guilty Simpson Reflects On Friendship With J. Dilla

The Random Axe member recalls the fallen beatsmith's studio ethic and how he first introduced him to Black Milk.

Listeners might know of Guilty Simpson from his upcoming release with super group Random Axe, but he was making music with J. Dilla long before the project. The Detroit, Michigan native recalled how the late musician would get busy in the studio and introduced him to Random Axe partner-in-rhyme Black Milk.

"He was just the best, the best motherfucker I’ve ever been around. He’s very technical, still in love with the studio, still in love with the process of creating. It was amazing," Simpson told "He was Dilla, he already had his name and people, on a whole broad scale of the industry, recognized what he had to share. People knew about what he was doing.

While some have claimed that Black Milk's production style is too similar to that of Dilla, Simpson explained that Dilla was the one who introduced him to Milk, deading any notion that he was suspicious of Milk's artistry.

"I wouldn’t even know Black Milk without Dilla. Dilla told me about Black Milk and B.I. runners over at Barak [Records], and that was how we initially met," he continued. "I doubt very seriously that he would refer me to a clone."

Simpson's latest project with Sean Price and Black Milk, Random Axe's eponymous debut, releases June 14th.

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  • Myan McConico

    i'd rather hear people who actually knew dilla talk about him than the thousands of underground fans who type "f--- lil wayne" in topics about him. i like that "baby" song they got together (even tho i'm sure it was made in the same mindset as gangstarr when they made mass appeal). a gang of people who complain what hip hop can't do probably haven't heard of GS. for those people, i direct you to "clap ya hands", produced by dilla.

  • Anonymous

    Ode to the Ghetto was one of my favorite street joints ever. Both dilla and milk contributed and both of their beats knocked in their own way so I really don't think milk is a clone. Milk flips drums differently if you ask me.

  • AhipHopmaster

    i like blackmilk ..but he is a clone.

    • TheGhost

      Clone? I think thats a bit strong of a statement. There is plenty of diversity between the two. I wont argue that he is heavily influenced but clone would take it too far. If that was the case then it wouldnt be out of bounds to call Dilla a "Pete Rock" clone, or Big K.R.I.T. a "Pimp C" clone, or B.o.B. a "3 Stacks" clone or even the earlier(Better)Eminem a "Kool G. Rap" clone?.....

  • Bowsjki

    Guilty is one of my favorite mc's. I like the fact that he's always humble, always just about the music. You know Dilla passed at a pivotal time in Guilty's career, and yet I'm glad that Dilla's death didn't break Guilty's stride. Guilty's style kinda reminds me of the OLD Beans (1st 2 albums Beans) with his descriptive lyrics, and flows as if he's talking to you rather than rapping. Hip Hop DX/Steve Horowitz lets get it together with the proper information/spellings in your article, It's B.R Gunna not (B.I. runners over at Barak [Records]. I almost didn't know who you were talking about.....

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