Violator Management's Chris Lighty Launches Demo Submission Site

The man behind 50 Cent and Diddy launches a new website for aspiring artists to share their demos.

Violator Management's Chris Lighty has had a long career behind the scenes of the Hip Hop industry, managing mega-star artists like Diddy and 50 Cent. Now, the Bronx native is taking his expertise to the Internet with a new music demo submission website.

According to a recent article by the New York Daily News, Lighty and co-founder Michael Dizon recently launched The site that allows up-and-coming artists to upload their music and have it heard by Lighty and his staff made up of A&Rs and other industry heavyweights.

Each song will cost a fee of $10 to upload, and the site will make the best songs available for the public to hear. Lighty says that the website was inspired by the successes of YouTube and television program "American Idol," as well as the proliferation of free music downloads.

"We are in the Internet age," said Lighty. "There are so many creative people out there. We are not reaching everybody. Just listen to the radio. It's the same 15 artists all day everyday...We won't Simon Cowell you out. We will give you feedback. If we like it or dislike it."


  • brekbred

    please take the time to listen to my music,i am very dedicated and have been persuing this dream for a long time. I have a ablum.mixtape out called the bitterness that's getting rave reviews.i would love to send you the ablum through email so youl can take the time and see the level I am on.imtrained to go and ready to compete wirh the big boys.if giving a shot I deffinetly can make money for the company as well as email is get back with me if you have can also google brekbred or brekbred the bitterness to listen to the ablum.i would love to get some feed back from a legeng in the industry like you.if you can help in contact number is from Richmond,virginia.thjere is also blogs and press written about me.if you have the time .just put brekbred in your search engine.thanks for your time sure.

  • EB

    ing to US to rule... wow some rappers are scared now. , , this is EB free beat.

  • Anonymous

    When you hear people say a suckers born everyday you never believe that sucker could be you...But now Chris Lighty has given you an oppurtunity to see if you are a sucker. Anybody that pays somebody to listen to their music is definitely a sucker.

  • TMC


  • jeff87333

    this is the dude that was at the beginning of the remake of the hail mary song...."this is chris lighty fuck you irv gotti"...

  • wtf?

    $10 a song?! ed lover voice "cmon son get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!" i can upload songs for free all day on youtube, facebook, myspace, twitter,... "what a country"

  • god

    don't be so fucking stupid. why give anybody money to listen to your music. the industry is in a tailspin and changing daily. you pay them 10 dollars, they get you signed to a 360 deal and take more of your money for creating your music. don't be so fucking stupid. there is nothing those assholes can do for you. they can't even help the artist already signed to them, look at the charts.

  • Dame

    At the end of the day, everything you do when it comes to music/entertainment is business. You want a managing company who manage platinum music artists & brand the hell out of them which takes there finaces & lifestyles to a whole new level, then you have to pay, of course. Time is money in the world of music and his time is worth every bit of my $10 Because I'm comfident in who I am as a music artist and believe in my music that much to take $10 dollars out of my wallet and invest it in my self. How often can you walk up to your friends and say, I submitted my demo to Chris Lighty, Diddy & 50 Cent's manager? It was never for me, until I came across his website and invested in myself. If you going to cry about money when it comes to someone who is great at what he does when it comes to branding his clients for greatness, then just sit on the bench and watch the risk takers Leave there mark as you just cheer us on from where we left you. Peace and blessings, Dame

    • Brandon

      This is a total scam. I used to want to be in the industry but with big artist bareley making it Who would want to put themselves in a stressful situation. Ever industry nigga has said in at least one song or interview that it aint what it seems..Don't be dumb and pay for your demo to be heard by these clowns..If you are SMART.. he never said anything about signing someone He only said they will listen and give FEEDBACK..people do dumb shit when they are desprete and they know it...BUt i know a few people still gone be dumb and submit...He also said he may up the price of submissions or lower depends on how many fools use the site..Its all about the money they dont give a fu@k about your music..

    • Chance

      Lool Tribeca is 100% correct. Why would you buy harakiri when you can do It for free. The problem dame, is that the music industry has people like you conditioned into believing their lies. You really think your special? Theres about a thousand others like you that think so aswell. Theres another thousand wack rappers and and singers. In this current musical climate, out of the thousand wack artists you will find one that that has been generating just enough controversy on youtube, to be able to sign them. If you truly believe in your work you'd avoid nonsense like this.

    • Tribeca

      Yeah that's what the industry dude wants you to think. I do watch the risk takers leave their mark, on sidewalks when they jump from the top of buildings after they realize they've been hoodwinked by a jacked up dying industry.

  • ShowTime NY

    Thats a smart business move. Something I would think of.. As for their sincerity of tryna find talent..who knows. If I put myself out there more : shows etc. I'll make it regardless but I dont know about that fame shit.. Is that what I want. I def want ppl to hear my music. I want to revolutionize the game on a business tip.. It's a new a day all u need is a master plan and talent. Im making beats now..they gone have to see me one way or another..Its my hands tho.. Nobody gives u anything u gotta take it.

  • WOw

    Another bottom feeding way from them to get their dollars

  • Please take my money

    Lighty saw how much Cool & Dre were making off suckers at and wanted in. This the new hustle because these industry cats know how desperate people are. I do applaud diversifying because the music industry income is drying up around like bologna in the sun.

  • khordkutta

    Good points gentlemen, Its a shame I know this but R.Black, thats the "Friday" chick right?

  • Stuntmoney

    dey still go have wack niggas sending songs fa 10 but 10 dollas to upload a track dese niggas tryna make a quick buck man

  • khordkutta

    @ 1st I was like, "$10 for you to listen?!?!? WTF?!?!" But I guess it will cut down on them receiving a bunch of nonsense. If youre confident in your art, whats $10

    • Green Arrow

      To be fair who is more likely to come out with the money upfront the wack dudes or the talented ones? Talented guys are always looking at was around payments, the wack artists have more money than they can manage. Thats how the music industry got Rebecca Black. She(her parents) paid up the 4000 and blew quicker than alot of unknown pop musicians putting in their groundwork.

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