Rapper Ace Hood Cites Canibus As One Of His Influences Growing Up

Ace Hood says he's always been a huge fan of rapper Canibus, speaks on versatility as a Southern artist.

Florida-born rapper Ace Hood made quite the revelation during in an interview with Good Fella Media when he revealed that Queens rapper Canibus was one of his influences growing up. The rapper even went on to explain that he took a few notes from the rapper's flow.

“I was huge on Canibus. He was crazy with the flow and that’s part of things I got man and just took it,” said Ace during the interview. “Lyrical massacre, man he’s a beast. I was there when him and LL was beefin’. I was tuned in to that era you feel me? I know some things man.”

According to Ace, his interest in Canibus and other New York artists helped him with both perfecting his craft and becoming a more versatile artist.

“I used to grow up listening to a lot of New York artists as well. Just so I could get that type of feel of the game and that type of craft. My biggest thing is versatility,” he revealed. “And I feel like that’s the biggest thing from a Southern artist you can be. [Meaning] that the game is changing up so at the end of the day in order to be a successful artist from the South you have to do best of both worlds if you want to have respect in the Northern parts of the world.”

In his interview, the "Hustle Hard" spitter also spoke on Lil Wayne and how working with such an artist has been a huge highlight for him.

“That had to be one of the biggest highlights in my career to be able to work with a guy such as Lil Wayne,” Ace Hood explained. “And it was crazy how the situation just approached itself. Wayne was just a huge fan of the record which took me by storm…I grew up listening to Lights Out, Tha Block Is Hot, all of that. I’ve been a fan as long as this man been rapping. His craft is genuinely just great.”

Ace Hood will be releasing his Body Bag mixtape on May 21, 2011.

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  • k.g.

    article and interview don't match up. 1. picture is mad old, ace look different now. 2. "cites canibus as influence" tries to play him out as a weed smoker, thumbs down to being impartial hiphopdx. 3. i see why ace hood's personality and music make you look down on him, he's the future but you're only getting old(er)

  • eyensteyn

    " Queens rapper Canibus"???? Canibus aint from queens he's from jersey!! And to the one post... Em mentioned canibus on numerous tracks already... Ya'll need to do ur homework!!!!!! Article author included

  • Rey

    I'm not an Ace fan but I admit that he is not a bad rapper. He is not a great lyricist but he is decent. To say Ace is bad etc guys hate on him. You have to be honest I like royce but I admit Canibus is good. I hate Jay-Z but I admit that is one of the greatest. But I don't like Gucci Mane and this is a real bad rapper. Ace is versatile I think he could stand front of a good lyricist but a guy like gucci or wacka flocka doesn't. He is just correct not a crack but correct.

  • Anonymous

    ace hood is utter wackness

  • Giftedears

    From J. Cole, Blue now Ace Hood mentioning Canibus finally the 90's raised kids giving the lyrical legend his due!

  • scotty_mofo

    you bitches be crazy. ace kill everything he on. damn just coz he aint old school dont mean he wack. you dicks need to stfu and suck a dick if you dont like his shit. everything you hear from him is hot.

  • justicegangsterofhiphop

    ace hood is wack canibus is a good rapper that doesnt make good albums

  • Anonymous

    no doubt, lotta artists mentioning Canibus as an influence these days

  • Gumbukumbu

    well lets hope Canibus will not come after poor boy for mentioning his name, nowadays saying canibus is looking for a trouble, even the Eminem the greatest chicken noodels seller is afraid to mention the name canibus lol

  • gnigga/pleeze

    not to be cynical but why is this news just cuz its a big surprise?

  • khordkutta

    Not a fan of dudes, but the Hustle video is NIIIICE

  • eazystr33t

    Ace keep doing ya thang mane, u nice wit it.

  • Cold World

    Damn. No wonder dude is wack. It all makes sense now. Thanks, Ace!!!

    • liftthat

      oh shitt, basically what GVG said. Very few if any rappers can compete with Bis. his punchlines, metaphors, multi syllables are top notch. people just repeat what they hear, mindless idiots....

    • Gthang

      Haha you'se a funny nigga for real!

    • gvg

      Man fuck you...Canibus is a legend if you diss him you don't deserve to listen to hip hop...im sure your a Joey and Royce dickrider..smh..damn you motherfuckers need to show respect when it's due

  • Anonymous


  • Travis harris

    Whats up Ace is the place at your local hardware store, Just a little humor anyway I seen you on 106 and oark it u wayne ross was slamming, Aay I having mad problems trying to get someone to get my boy 20Bandz a pabst taste test u can check out our amateur video on youtube its 20 bandz like a remix Yall down their kicking live and I wish someone would just check it out I know yall got your own click, but I guarantee he got hits to make you sick I just sent his cd to vegas to my sister joy macgee lashawn on the radio station 101 fm i think not sure but if you wiould take the time when your not busy and check it out it would b greatly appreciated Holla peace!

  • nibs

    Trash. This guy's career is one fluke after the other. How did he think he was nice enough to keep rapping? How did he get a deal? How did he get to work with all those mainstream artists? I don't even like canibus but I'm well aware that ace hood is not even close to being on the same level. Not ever. Ace Hood isn't on Yung Joc's level. I would rather listen to Asher Roth than this asshole

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