Ty Nitty Takes Offense At Being Included In Prodigy's Autobiography

After Prodigy wrote about Ty Nitty being shot by N.O.R.E., the former Mobb Deep affiliate takes exception saying, "I thought you were my brother."

Among the many stories included in Prodigy’s autobiography, My Infamous Life, is an account of a scuffle between N.O.R.E. and one-time Mobb Deep affiliate Ty Nitty. One major point of contention in the book has been P’s account of a confrontation between Mobb Deep, Infamous Mobb and Capone-N-Noreaga.

According to Prodigy, there was already some unsettled beef between Mobb Deep and CNN. This situation only worsened when fellow Queensbridge native Tragedy Khadafi allegedly had sex with one of Havoc’s girlfriends. The book goes on to state that the two crews were booked at the same Queens venue, and things later came to a head. CNN member N.O.R.E. was allegedly jumped. As the following excerpt recounts, N.O.R.E. Prodigy says Nitty was shot during a retaliatory attack by CNN.

“N.O.R.E.’s people started unloading their gun on us. As their bullets started to explode, Gambino got frustrated with my broken gun and threw it at them. Ha! ‘Shoot him!’ N.O.R.E. pointed at Nitty, who was in between my truck and Havoc’s truck. ‘Right there!’ Whoever had the gun shot Nitty in his back as he was trying to jump into my back seat. Plus the shooter dumped the entire forty-two-shot clip at us and not one of the shots hit our two trucks. I was shocked. The only target they hit was the person they were after.”

Nitty, who now no longer has ties with Mobb Deep, was interviewed by Vinny Thunn and was visibly offended by P’s account of the story.

“My thing to you is this, Prodigy…this is a real situation my nigga,” Nitty explained. “Me and N.O.R.E. really had something in the streets for real. Everybody knows that wasn’t even me and son’s shit though. For you to go on the radio and say you and N.O.R.E. spoke. Y’all put aside y’all differences? Where do I stand at? I still have that slug in me.”

Nitty also took exception to Prodigy’s account, and he called the Mobb Deep emcee out for not talking to him first and glorifying the violent incident.


  • Blank

    Thun telling the truth True Story

  • ScholarWenis

    Someone justs needs to start pickin' all these niggaz off, bap-bap-pab-pab-bap-ping

  • Anonymous

    Yop these thug rap cats are a joke...on one hand you scream bout keep it real, but then when a cats tells it like it is he's snitchin??? Then in the video you put ya brother story out, Kieth Murray biz etc. but that's cool?? You cats confused....this shit is public record and when you write an autobiography you write bout what happened to you and around you. Nitty stop being a bitch...P you know how ya boys are so next time come rap to these sensitive thugs before you writ..avoid alot.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm...you cats these days have a new definition of what snitchin is obviously ...how is this snitchin if dude (Nitty) himself already talked about it on DVD, nobody going to jail behind any of it and P's telling his own story. Yeah, I guess he could have holla at dude about it before writin it but this is far from snitchin in my book. No disrespect but I'd be interested in hear what yall cats definition of snitchin is???

  • Jose Vasquez

    Damn, Prodigy snitching like a motherfucker on here and calling N.O.R.E. a snitch... HAHAHAHA. Rap Snitch Knishes...

  • max

    After seeing this video and the others I was totally off the nitty band wagon. I think nitty's just doing this because he knows that p has many enemies, so he wants to team up with those guys. at the beginning of the infamous mobb dvd nitty talks about getting shot right outside his building, watch it on youtube. so what if one of his friends talk about a battle he was once in. going public and making videos just makes nitty look like he's intentionally handling the situation wrong. he should have talked to p in private about this, but didn't. nitty is really looking like a snake. the rest of the group should have nothing to do with him anymore. i wonder if this so called love and loyalty will work out for him, them cats could flip on him just as he did p.

  • Anonymous

    GOT THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

  • 41st side truth

    man, my question is when is Nitty gonna speak on Lake callin him out for snitchin' and "getting QB doors kicked in" on Snitch Niggas O.G. version feat Mega...P dropped a book, it was a cool read, yea he shulda holla'ed at dudes before he did it but he didnt, so it is what it is, he may pay for that...tahts the hood 4 ya.

  • rose cartel

    funny thing is.... Nitty is bringin it to that extra attention by doin it tru cam pointing out P. he usin the situation to sell too

  • TGM

    People used to say rap was getting like wrestling...difference is, grown men are taking this shit seriously and its all much gayer than wrestling...so bored of hearing about this wack book and the shine its giving rappers everyone forgot about for a reason

  • rose cartel

    I think there is no rocket science intelligence needed to understand that even if the whole hood knows about certain things, people still have the right to be wanted left out or name changed in the book. Maybe they do'nt ask 4 this attention. I cannot even mention callin out a snitch in public thats almost like snitchin yourself

  • murdock

    Oh and tech nice bullets are 9mm sooo you dont even know what u got shot with


    damn cuzz crippin in new york

  • murdock

    This is funny why is he mad if its real??You got shot and say you salute Nore who is the one that shot at you but your mad at P for telling about it?Get outta here

  • Anonymous

    black people are such drama queens

  • Anonymous

    Self explanatory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucZDC0qFYXY

  • Junkie

    WTH is up with these back fat dudes taking their damn shirt off. Like Charles Barkley said about Andrew Bynum "If you ain't cut up keep your damn shirt on".

  • Caesar

    anyway...Yall talk here like it is your problem.Hip Hop is a music. A MUSIC,and yall peeps are talking like this whole issue is your problem,Jose you're right,i dont think somebody would know about Ty nitty at all if p didnt put him on the map.Nitty you talk like a wise man,but look,you just posted on the internet a video where you are speaking to P. I didnt see P there if you know what i mean.

  • jose

    ty nitty aint nice. aint shit without mobb deep.. nigga put u on the map... he can talk about whatever he want. shiit happened..aint nobody going to jail over this..s lol wak nigga tryina get shine.

    • Anonymous

      How about wise dude setting the record straight. You the wack dude for writing that bullshit. If they put him on or not it doesnt matter the truth is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    GET HOOKED ON THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

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  • wouzi


    • Anonymous

      Wow...you cats these days have a new definition of what snitchin is obviously ...how is this snitchin if dude (Nitty) himself already talked about it on DVD, nobody going to jail behind any of it and P's telling his own story. Yeah, I guess he could have holla at dude about it before writin it but this is far from snitchin in my book. No disrespect but I'd be interested in hear what yall cats definition of snitchin is???

    • Anonymous

      Thats all this situation is. P snitchin to make an extra buck.

  • That's Right!


    • Anonymous

      Wow...you cats these days have a new definition of what snitchin is obviously ...how is this snitchin if dude (Nitty) himself already talked about it on DVD, nobody going to jail behind any of it and P's telling his own story. Yeah, I guess he could have holla at dude about it before writin it but this is far from snitchin in my book. No disrespect but I'd be interested in hear what yall cats definition of snitchin is???

  • Anonymous

    Yo P is is a fuckin snitch man.

    • murdock

      Yall are too much man Nitty is telling more then P did lol.This is just retarded to be mad at all these years later.Go get Nore then if your so mad.

  • Anonymous

    I'll never know why these niggas going to media outlets with this shit. You should talk this out personally, this just shows what type of a character P is. Going at all his old friends for controversy and book sales? Bad move, they should concentrate on music to put QB back on the forefront.

  • LMAO

    yo flamboyant boy,do you tell fantasy or real stories that can incriminate dudes you respect for a girl? let me tell you that thats what they call a snitch! does not mather if its to a cop , a girl or your gay friend. I am sorry that I am the one to tell you. wake the fuck up

  • gnigga/pleeze

    shit i wouldnt be cool wit prodigy either if i took a bullet ridin for him, then he just makes amends with the dude who shot me. hell no. i might have to read this book

  • reality check

    P is known for being a two face in the hood, he been punched a 100 times and why did'nt he mention that? Or better why does'nt one of the QB cats write about that? We just acceps it as one dude telling a story about how it went down. Or the time there was beef with Big Noyd and P was nowhere to be found.... Noyd yelling his name through QB hood like a warrior.

    • Cooper Cooper-Jones

      Maybe 'real' (really fucking dumb) QB 'gangsters' can't write a book because... They can't even fucking read? Exactly what has 'Ty Nitty' done with his life? How does he earn a living? Is he still living on NYCHA property or elsewhere? Internet know-it-alls don't know SHIT.

    • Mumia

      ring ring , prodigy? come out and play

  • That's Right!

    SNITCHING AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNITCHING AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNITCHING AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! News Flash! This just in! Nore Charged with Attempted Murder


    Yo mr.Flamboyant the difference between me and you ? I was LOL when I wrote my sarcasm and you was .... crying when you wrote your defence letter 4 P-wee?

  • ebaggs03

    fucks up with flamboyant. that nigga aint got shit better to do. niggas spend their free time dick riding and justifying other nigga's actions. damn homey. somebody talk to him.

  • Ill at Will

    fuck this stupid shit. Soulja Boy ,Gucci and Waka are the g.o.a.t.

    • MalcolmLittle

      THIS nigga here...nah you know what, I ain't even gonna go in on this youngin cuz he makes it more than clear his ass just hit puberty a couple Wednesdays ago...I'ma just pretend I ain't even read that bullshit OR comment to it, it's all just a figment of my imagination... ((lookin at fam with the Shaq Face))

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Eh... let's get some of the unbiased thoughts out here regarding these comments, Nitty's take, and P writing the book in the first. 1. Big Face Italy: I don't know if that is you in this video with the Italy Polo (nice shirt by the way...no homo) mainly cause I didn't bother to watch it. But, you sir, are obviously biased. I can respect Nitty's take on the matter because personally, he might not wanted his personal business aired out as such, which is indeed his right. However.... It's not like the ish is untrue and it's not like it's not known in the hood which y'all resided and/or repped. So why do you choose to continue to say "Nitty's the bigger man" and all of this nondescript ish is beyond me. Stop it. That's not cool. The parties involved as well as the streets all knew this to be true. It's an unfortunate incident. But it doesn't make him "bigger" than someone else (no homo); it's makes Prodigy's statements true and also shows what goes on in any hood; yours, mines, whoever's - Beefs happen between cats that grew up with each other and know one another personally. 2. Nitty - Sorry you got shot. Never a cool thing. Once again didn't watch the article. But it's an obvious issue that you have for you to seperate yourself from cats you've grown up and come up with all your life. It happens for a myriad of reasons, none of which I'm going to guess and assume...but judging off of how things are and how people develop at different stages of life, I can very well guess. Still, sorry for you getting shot. However, this is known by the streets you reside and the people involved. So once again, what's the problem that you have ultimately? It's not as if P was lying. 3. Prodigy - More power to you for writing the book and speaking on how things in your hood affected your life. It's quite interesting and shows how much reality is in your songs and material, as with others from QBC. I always loved Queens artists because they reminded me of my neighborhood: the braggadocio mentality, the toughness, the brazenness, the attitude, etc. I haven't read the book yet and I would love to do so. However... At the very least, it should have been consulted or better yet a kite been sent to the ones who would be mentioned in the book if their real names were to be used and the accounts of such or just switch the style up and substitute names and times and whatever else. I appreciate the truthfulness and it makes an interesting read or in my case, an interesting topic and confirmation of different things you hear from different people you encounter that stay in the same area or are familiar with the individuals involved. But to say that you are snitching is quite foolish and gay....which brings me to my final point. 4. Accusers of P snitching - Stop it. Shut the f up. Take a bungee jump 10 feet with a 12 foot cord. Niggas scream snitch and don't know what a snitch is. How can you snitch when this book is basically a hood talk book? Most of you cats pop off stories in which you heard about, was second handedly involved, or saw just to impress a lil broad to make it seem like you're thorough, boost your own status or ego, or to speak about your environment. Are y'all snitching as well? You'd be like "no that's not snitchin'" but you're accusing him of doing the same. Vegetable lasagna head ass niggas. Onion head bastards. Go suck an egg. How can information which is known in their streets by everyone and is hood legend of sorts by labeled snitching? it's not like he told the police this and reported it as crimes. It's not like he got on the stand and testified all of this infomation (shout out to Pone...LOL! And yeah I came across a board where a cat spoke such of him about 3 or 4 years ago that said Pone was a snitch...and P even said it a few years ago on HNIC 2 courtesy of Veteran's Memorial 2. Pone's name was scratched out! Go listen to the song, loaf of bread head niggas!). He's telling it from his view and how it affected him and how he saw it. Which in reality everyone knows this ish to be true. Now if he told all accounts to be favorable to his light, I don't know. But all this other ish is quite tiresome and childish. Grow the f up and be cool... Sorry about all of this. I need to write for this website truthfully.

    • mal617

      thats the truth

    • rose cartel

      Yo Italy she totally aimed at you by callin ur name dude. indeed angry emotional , you must have said some thruth otherwise she would not have been so emotional. Calm down everybody its gay to hate. Its all opinion in here.

    • Kudo's

      You didnt watch the article but you NEED TO WRITE 4 THIS WEBSITE TRUTHFULLY? HA!!


      LMAO wow you're smart... you got me all figured out. So emotional that you wrote a full page with arguments. All good dude. And yes that is me in the video wich you did'nt watch but you're willing to give you're opinion on LOL. I wear this name since the shook ones era. But no its not me in the video LMAO. But guessing that you must be P's girl ..calm down girl nobody is going to bungee. Real men can talk face to face and not puttin people at risk 4 your own fame. You obviously do'nt know nothing about respect. LOL okey I admit ... I always wear shirt's with my name on it

  • mr.mendoza

    LOL tell one tell all. now everybody knows that if something happens and prodigy is there it could eventually end up in a book.


    Buy now!!!!! Go get it !!! Its Henry Hill all over again!! My infamous snitch life. Followed by the sequal 'Wait there are more people to tell on'...this time not only the real names will be mentioned but also cell numbers and adresses. And the final book of the trioligy will be 'Lets keep it 100% I've been bitch slaped a thousand times and there was nothing I could to make them stop' by A.Johnson

  • Anonymous

    somebody really wants to sell a book!

  • J.E. Poppen

    Ty Nitty, My Nigga!!! Spend as much time in a ** LIBRARY ** as you did getting stupid fucking tattoos, you woudn't still be in the GET-TOE complaining like a retard. Q: What does Ty Nitty do for a living in 2011?

    • Black Alien

      That Nore shot somebody is in my regular playlist..P is a snitch ..Come on Albert..


      What Nitty does in 2011 ? Well being realer then P makes it a good year I guess LMAO. Get the fuck outta here. I am banging NORE shot somebody and it makes P look like a clown its hilarious

  • Anonymous

    yea prodigy juyst lost all respect with me, out of a click of 6 of us, i am literally the only one left, i could write a book on our lives, cash in!, but our lives were so real i cant even say names, niggas knew us, and that was it. even if u write a book talkin bout niggas life, thats equivalent to 50 cent's song about queens. shoulda stayed in jail. p.s. always liked infamous mobb better enyways, stories sounded more real

    • Christopher English

      Real talk.. you should consider writing THAT book. Changing the names of course. Street books are selling crazy. One based on REAL shit.. you could make some paper. Hit me if you're serious.

  • Sensaye252

    Just a suggestion...pull your fuckin' pants up and be grown men, you're both almost 40 years old. These niggas are super criminals one minute and getting their little feelings hurt the next minute. I love Mobb Deep, but there comes a time when you have to leave the thug shit for the kids. If you're 30-something years old, and rich, and still can't leave the streets alone, then you get what you get, whether it be a slug or a prison bid.


    I got love for Mobb Deep but this guy sounds realer then a book... Omerta--never tell on those you did crime with. Prodigy should have used other names to protect those who picked up after such "incidents". Its almost starting to be a sammy the bull story. I hate that this shit happened but this makes Nitty bigger and P very small

  • nibs

    did a gangster rapper just say dont gloryify the violence?

  • Anonymous

    forget all the negative shit.. i just want good mobb deep music and a collab wit banks would be nice!!

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