Odd Future Signing Almost Causes A Riot In Boston

Tyler, The Creator and co. egged on fans during an autograph signing for his new album "Goblin," putting a policeman in the hospital.

OFWGKTA leader Tyler, The Creator almost incited a riot yesterday while signing copies of his sophomore album Goblin. According to sources, the 20-year-old front man was posted up at the Newbury Comics on Newbury Street, firing up the crowd and forcing local authorities to swarm the scene.

Tyler and Odd Future members incited the fans by hyping them up on top of the establishment’s building. As attendees became “unruly,” Boston Police ended up arresting at least one person and an officer was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Fans inevitably dispersed and Odd Future continued on to perform at the Paradise Rock Club. 

Odd Future has recently had several run-ins with the police. Last month, police in Los Angeles pinched resident crooner Frank Ocean for unknown reasons, while Tyler was detained earlier this week in L.A. for disturbing the peace.

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  • Paul Vanneste

    yeah, they may be acting stupid but they're just having fun. have you guys forgotten what it's like to be 19?

  • Anonymous

    hes a 19 year old who makes his own fucking beats, NO samples and writes his own lyrics. all you guys are doing is just hating. face it.

    • sylfeh

      "Tyler sucks, because he won't be my boyfriend!" See what I mean? Pretty easy, right?

    • heflys

      Don't worry, son. Most of the user comments in here are written by the same nigga. Unfortunately, HHDX hasn't learned to screen comments.

  • McCody

    I've listened to Goblin, Bastard and Radical in full ive really tried to like these guys... i will admit i do like maybe a hand full of there songs but that may even be pushing it. Ive listened to a few of their interviews and i respect that they have that i dont give a fuck attitude about stuff but musically and lyrically i dont really like these guys. not hating just saying not my blend of rap or whatever you may want to consider the music they make

  • LJbigbang

    I've not listened to one song of theirs. :S

  • Danny

    HHDX is a bunch of Odd Future dick-riders. OF is the devil

  • dr phill!!!

    is OFWGKTA that popular already??? sheesh... these niggas blew up!

  • Anonymous

    like my butthole tyler the creator and jerk me off please i love your smooth black cock

  • Anonymous

    i wish one of em woulda fell of the fuckin building

  • AJS

    People should really be rioting about how shitty Odd Future is. Weak ass music would make me riot.

  • jimmy

    gunna be at the show in tdot tomorow fuckin hyped

  • Anonymous

    GOT THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

  • Rome Diggz

    HAHA i fuckin love these dudes, they aint afraid to be who they are! yall just hate cuz it aint your cookie cutter/ band wagon/ LAMESTREAM bullshit lol

    • heflys20

      Awww....Where you at Arrow man? I got some Betty Boop stickers for ya! I hear she's your favorite character to have on your band-aids after receiving your annual vaccine shot.

    • heflys

      Yeah, she probably would, since you'd likely be dying from aids in the infirmary after having had a train of niggas pierce you with their "arrows." And, sorry to disappoint, but she hates your name, since she has to keep calling it every time you come in to give a urine sample.

    • Green Arrow

      If I were gay, your mum would be the first one to know troll. She loves my name, cause I never miss.

    • heflys

      A pleb called "Green Arrow" is telling me to be man. And why are you watching me masturbate? You gay or something, nigga?

    • Green Arrow

      Hey troll, you want me to care about you? what are your music preferences then? Be a man for once in your God forsaken life and stop masturbating over black golem peforming a minstrel show in boston.

    • heflys

      Says the nigga who thinks anyone gives a shit about their musical preferences.

    • Green Arrow

      Someone needs to chillout and take their meds.

    • heflys

      Like someone gives a fuck that you guys listened to old school rap. Do you want a medal of honor for that shit?

    • Green Arrow

      @Louie: Its not about old or new. Its just simply the fact that Its wack and It being mislabeled as Hip Hop. I am in my early twenties and grew up with loads of different types of music, so to then go on a rant about how Its the old people complaining is a pathetic excuse to make up for the fact thats Its garbage. This guys here are no better than lil b, soulja and wacka.

    • louie

      muthafucker u want music from an era when rappers had something to say? why dont u listen to all ur old native tongues,nas, and blackstarr albums. tired of all these old dudes crying about todays hip-hop, and the lack of meaning. geriatric fuck.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Typical stan comment, not likin these wack ass niggas don't automatically mean we like that equally wack mainstream gar-bahge. FYI, some of the commenters on here come across as cats like me who came up in an era of Hip-Hop where you actually had to be SAYIN somethin to even get a pass in the Hip-Hop community...but see I doubt you'd know a thing about that. Wack music for wack people though I suppose...smh... "If I don't like it, I don't like it; that don't mean that I'm hatin" -- PackFM (NOT a "cookie cutter/band wagon/LAMESTREAM" rapper. Clowns like these are exactly why Pack named his last joint I Fuckin Hate Rappers. LOL)

  • heflys

    LOL. It's funny watching niggas go out of their way to hate on these dudes.

  • Tom-Ric

    This is one of the reasons why I am a self hating black man. Its because Monkeys like this GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING

  • ColourMeBlue

    I've seen the interviews and listened to the music for these guys and I'm not a fan. These guys are rappers for suburban kids.Suburban kids always try to find new ways to be different to stand out? nah, to be opposite of everyone else .It's a hunger for attention.

  • comptonsmostwanted


  • Gary Rue

    GARBAGE these clowns have been on here 3 or 4 times this week , they are complete turds !

  • Pimp c

    Tyler, you dick in the booty azz nikka

  • Rico Johnson

    Dammit why the fuck didnt jumo off the fucking building? Do the fuckin world a favor.

  • Lol

    Fucking monkeys running and jumping around on a roof. Fall down and break your neck, fucking clowns

  • Anonymous

    acid da savage and odd future ep??

  • DL Dub

    That video showed off nothing but a bunch of sheep easily amused by this dude pacing from building to building. This.... this is stupidity at it's finest. That's all that's needed to incite a riot? Well shit lemme do that, I'ma go out there and hang my ballsack out while hopping roof top to rooftop to start armageddon.

    • ntwisp

      but you arent idiot who raps about not liking jesus, killing himself and all the other garbage, so your move probably wouldnt have the same effect... the funniest thing is when i see people who are older than him that idolize him haha... how lame you must be

  • Anonymous

    FUCK YOU nokia astound you peice of shit...ill never by that fucking annoying shit

  • Johnny Massacre

    Some of the comments here are so idiotic, it shows why hip hop is so shit today, because it's built for retards like you who need everything spelled out for them. That's why rappers have to tell you everything before and after they rap otherwise you'll get confused. And some of these comments are so homophobic and racist -- hip hop is now a global phenomenon. You can't stop groups like Odd Future doing something different and pushing the genre in new directions.

    • bread

      Massacre: Youre gonna pull that homophobia card on OF haters? Are you fucking delusional? OF are the most homophobic, racist, sexist, bitches in the game! Heres a true OF fans comment for you from the first page. I hope its not too graphic for you. These are the fans that these fools youre calling a "global phenomenon" are bringing into the world. Thanks, dick head. "Fuck you hatin ass niggas! Imma slice all yall throats, shove a dildo up the wounds, slurp that shit like a popsicle, invite my niggas in wolf gang for a big fuckin fag ass butt orgy in yall blood entrails, video tape that shit, then go back home and jerk mah shit off to it while a crackhead pulls a vietnamese person's brain through they nose next to me. Imma rape yall moms too, thas how I do." Fucking pathetic. I hope you all die.

    • Booksnpens

      Jakob Crim: I live in the South, and I have good taste in music, along with ALL of my friends and family who also live in the South. Get new friends. Music lives in the South. The south created Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz. Dont forget. Massacre: They arent pushing shit. You sound like a marilyn manson fan in the 90s. Its not new, its a joke, and youre falling. Everyone who hates it, gets it. Its not hard. Its transparent. Its so simple. Just hate everything, act like an anarchist, get angry and say a bunch of homophobic and sexist shit on wax, pretend you dont care about shit, act like your violent when youre just an actor. Its all been done, over, and over, and over, and over....so boring.........SO BORING.......

    • Jacob Crim

      I am going to agree with Johnny on most of his points. I may share his viewpoints because I live in the South, its hard to find someone down here who likes good music...in any genre, especially hip hop. If its cookie cutter "get money" bullshit then no one is feeling it, other than the white kids.

    • ntwisp

      johhny, i would forbid you to listen to hip-hop because of 2 reasons: 1.''hip-hop is lame nowadays'' ?? we obviously don't listen to same genre 2. because of that haircut and nerdy face lol

    • Green Arrow

      @Johnny: Yes there are stupid people that are saying only white boys like Odd Future but If we're to be fair, we can say that for every 1 white boy that loves them there are 10 that hate his garbage. Lets face It he is not hip hop. Does not represent hip hop and does not make hip hop. His albums are rap/electronic/punk albums. He is using spoken word on top of a backing track. Linkin Park are more of a Hip Hop group than he is, so dont let his hype fool you.

    • itchTHEscratch

      Ahem. Look, Mr. "Massacre", there are plenty of people on this site who are indeed idiotic - agreed - but to say that rap has to "tell you everything before and after they rap otherwise you'll get confused" is arrogant, which is fitting: you look like a prick in your little picture. The fact of the matter remains that not everyone on HHDX is brainless, there are many educated and uneducated people who can appreciate good hip-hop. Just because not everyone likes these whack ass kids who are trying their damnedest to go against the grain doesn't mean they don't "get it"; I don't like them because they generally annoy me and don't impress me. They're not very different, you can find similar artists. Their subject matter is monotonous and isn't pushing shit anywhere, all they're pushing is whack records.

    • Ado Cob

      did you actually watch the video? these dudes are as retarded as they come

    • Nope

      I hate Odd Future and white cracker ass butt loving fags. Now please run back to pleasuring yourself to Tyler moaning about pointless rape and murder he'll never do for 5 minutes. Spell that out for ya

  • Anonymous

    GET HOOKED ON THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

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  • The MG

    LOL @ the name of the video.

  • phuck yiu

    golf wang fuck these other fag who havent heard 2 songs by odd future golf wang golf wang golf wang

  • anon

    "damn, is this the bob concert? what? it's fuckin odd future, nigga we rioting!"

  • BGG

    this nigga got a grown mans sized head on a lil kids body lookin goofy as fuck

  • J-byrd

    They can excite fans but I do not fuckin like them...and keep the swag to BasedGod!

  • Paul

    Looking at these comments, I'm guessing white suburban kids aren't allowed to enjoy hip hop? Ha. I swear hip hop "Fans" are the most narrow-minded individuals in any genre. Like any type of music, HipHop/Rap doesn't belong to any sub culture, economic group, or most certainly race. If Odd Future mainly appeals to a white audience, who cares? Why does it matter to you? It shouldn't be relevant when it comes to their credibility as artist. I get if you don't enjoy there music or there behavior, it's not for everyone. But to write them off because of there audience is just stupid.

    • Poppa Doppolis

      white suburban kids can like rap. hell i'm a white kid from a not bad neighborhood and im on this site daily. its the fact that these kids think theyre into the rap game when they listen to people like odd future and kid cudi (i like cudi, but i know that rap is more than just a sick beat and a good flow). personally i think tyler creator is whack for the most part, although that tron cat song was pretty good. FTP

  • Anonymous

    one life to live enjoy life

  • Suburban nerds

    Rich, suburbs living faggots didn't get to see this loser azz nikka Tyler the dick muncher. Hahaha

  • Tyler, The Creator

    Fuck you hatin ass niggas! Imma slice all yall throats, shove a dildo up the wounds, slurp that shit like a popsicle, invite my niggas in wolf gang for a big fuckin fag ass butt orgy in yall blood entrails, video tape that shit, then go back home and jerk mah shit off to it while a crackhead pulls a vietnamese person's brain through they nose next to me. Imma rape yall moms too, thas how I do. GOLF DICKS! ER I MEAN WANG!!

  • OneNaTrillion

    Sick of these gimmick rappers

  • Jesse Breese

    so retarded that theyre capable of infuenceing a crowd to assult police officers you try then we'll see who the retard is

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of retards

  • anikan


  • Anonymous

    that's not what happend they weren't standing on top of a building enticing the riot. it was a autograph signing and you needed to get wristbands to be able to go get an autograph and people didn't know that so they crazy rich white kids started rioting and tyler the creator dipped

  • Sensaye252

    I can't wait 'til somebody duffs this nigga and calms his ass down.

  • Indeed

    OddFutureWolfGangKillThemAll "be killen em, they be killen em"

  • 46dehreesouth

    It's fun to be a teenager and be like fuck em all, did you forget?

  • O

    just when I start to wonder about this dude he does some cool shit

  • Ddot

    A few hundred white kids in north face fleece's yelling "swag" in unison...that was a nice reminder of how retarded people are.

  • Anonymous

    not hating but they are like the Black Insane clown Possee

  • kurns38

    thats a pretty pussy riot......

  • freddie mercury

    Hip hop's not dead, it's really the mind of the emcee - K-os

  • dontgiveafuck.

    these dudes are nothin but some fuckin clowns ! and so are their followers !! hip-hop aint living anymore ! i guess its substance changed just like it did when funk passed into the form of hip-hop ! fuck !

  • fabolousb

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