50 Cent Calls New Album The "2011 Get Rich Or Die Trying"

Despite the movies, headphones and other moves, 50 Cent says his new album is nearly finished, and he compares it to his classic debut.

Few Hip Hop artists have matched the sales of 50 Cent’s 2003 debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. To be more precise, only two arists—Eminem and Nelly—have outsold 50’s official debut (his previous Colombia album, Power of the Dollar, was shelved), which has sold over 8 million copies. But 50 Cent is of the belief that he can at least make an equally critically acclaimed album. He took to his always-active Twitter account to give fans a status update on his upcoming work.

I been working hard my album its almost done. I took my time now every body's gonna hear 2011 GET RICH OR DIE TRYING. The meanest shit14 hours ago via ÜberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

In 2010, there was talk of 50 working on Black Magic, an album that embraced more of a worldwide sound. However, 50 would later opt to not release the album. The upcoming album, which 50 has yet to publicly announce the name of, will be the G-Unit founder’s first since the 2009 release of Before I Self Destruct. Of course, this isn’t the first time 50 Cent has used his upcoming album to drum up publicity. He has previously announced that he wouldn’t cut his hair until his album was completed.

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  • Anonymous

    stop being haters 50 still hard

  • baby king dk

    røv hul

  • peter

    the song is up the sky,love it.

  • Smaylè Essaidi Domino

    i like you'r new style (no more fukin rap)

  • Smaylè Essaidi Domino

    50 cent the best of the best still fifty in this way

  • smaylè

    50 cent the best of the best still fifty in this way

  • JBizz

    50 why dont you leave that for us to decide you lame ass nigga. Been puttin out garbage since GRODT

    • Rob

      Idk, he just put out a hard single 2day, so maby it will be, i have to admit he has put out trash since grodt & massacre, so if not grodt hopefully massacre.

  • Johnny Massacre

    Sorry but everything 50 Cent makes now is horrible. With all the access he has to ghost writers, I can't believe he can't even make a half-decent song. It's just embarrassing. He's such a powerful celebrity that he obviously gets to do what he wants creatively. And the real Curtis, no Dr. Dre, is just an absolute joke.

  • Anonymous

    if that album sucks i will diss 50 cent and end him http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch check out my raps im changing the game for the better all lyrics in music made by jbird

  • rbgig

    to me people who automatically hate on something they havent actually heard is worse than stans. ya'll need to calm the fuck down, why u commenting that its gonna suck?? are u in the studio with 50 cent recording this fuckin record?? no your not so stfu till it comes out, then make an informed opinion. just sayin lol

    • Robby

      Ik, i h8 when people do that. Yes his last 2 albums sucked, but it dont mean his new 1 will. He got a new awesome single now that mite change evry1s mind about how good the album will be.

  • cfsdfsdf

    50 Cent - Got Rich and Lived Trying (2012)

  • Glenn Tucker

    why DX keeps forgeting about MC hammer he sold over 10 million as well, dunmb ass

  • Big pun

    50 cent makes me SICK!

  • Canibus can shit on budden

    Snitch SNITCH SNITCH 90 % of Feminems and 50s fans is some mtv watching bitches who don't know shit about hip hop or music G unit got no street cred



  • Anonymous

    GRODT= classic Massacre=good Curtis= ok Bisd= average that is how 50s run has gone.. so if it stays on track this album will be terrible banks the only nigga in g-unit who can sput these days.. infact he always been the best

    • Anonymous

      I hope you don't believe that shitty marketing talk.

    • Alex Zubarev

      Power of the Dollar, even though it was never an official studio album, is still his best work to date. You know lately, his mixtapes have been similar to those he had in 2002. I think he's getting hungry again. If 50 goes back to how he was between 2000-2005, this is going to be at least a solid album and a classic one at best.

  • Jason

    He said also that we would hear a new Single before 3 weeks but nothing came.

  • j8ailey

    Woah... so creative.

  • JJ

    I mean i like 50 but the nigga always says this shit! He said that for Curtis and also about BISD.

  • Lsn22s

    LOL...doesn't he say that every time?...and now he's not cutting his hair til the album is done, just like Jay-Z?...when 50 said he uses jay for energy, did he mean ideas? jus playin... some 50 stan probably going to bomb the comments all to hell now...

  • Kendall Walters

    he just need to stick to the mixtape scene. no one gonna support this, they just gonna download it, and post hatin comments about it

  • Mohith Subbarao

    Honestly, I didn't even really liek Massacre. I think Get Rich or Die Tryin and his collabs with eminem have been when hes a beast. Also, Im pretty sure hes said every album is gonna be like GRODT. A real artist doesnt try to remake his classics, he does something different to make another classic. E.G: Biggie, 2pac, Eminem, Jay-Z, Outkast, Nas, and many more.

  • maybach trav

    I havent been even remotely interested in anything 50 cent has put out in the last 5 years cuz its all literally sucked, you aint killing anyone!!!!!

  • da1

    Yeah right 50 you said that curtis album was going to be harder then Get Rich and it turned out softer then massacre. GTFOH 50 will never make an album like that ever again. And by the way there were atleast 7 other hip hop acts beside Eminem and Nelly that sold over 8 million copies off one album. Biggie, Will Smith, Pac, Beastie Boys, Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice, And Outkast have all either sold 9 million copies or went diamond off of one album.

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    anybody retweet lol?

  • Jesus

    i just wish youd die trying already. for fucks sakee yoo if i have too. ill listen to your 2011 candy shop and put some more shots in you. and ill aim am all in the heart cuz while your slowly killing your career your slowly breaking my heart worse then my prom did when i came with the ugliest chick, fucked the hottest. then got accused of date rape

  • kod2600

    instead of hating, wait for the album, listen to it, and if it's actually bad then HATE...

    • NJ

      Well said, even though I think 50 has given us enough reasons over the years to doubt everything he says and does.

  • Anonymous

    Free my nigga Young Buck!!!!

  • jesterdxxl

    I'm not hating I wish 50 could get back on top but since Massacre his material has been ass!

  • Come On Son

    50 need to stop with his bull! He and everyone already knows that Jay-Z doesn't cut his hair when he is working on an album and he doesn't cut it until he's done. Now 50 wanna say the same thing!

  • ej

    so what, this is like the third time he's called his upcoming album "another get rich or die tryin"?

  • Hopit

    GGGGGGG... u know the rest!

  • Anonymous

    eat a dick 50! Stop rapping!

  • Anonymous

    NEW MUSIC!!! Trae Tha Truth ft. Young Buck - Slammin Doorz Posted: May 12, 2011 - 11:23 AM BUCK WENT OFF AS USUAL!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, a rapper is hyping up his new album? He wouldn't get attention for his music otherwise. He pretty much admits it with this statement that the projects he released after GRODT were whack as fuck.

  • Kastro 773

    Lmfao at this nigga didnt he say his last two albums where like get rich or die trying im sure he will flop i predict just a gold album if that lbvs..........


    sshhiitt thats what he want them guint soldiers to believe so he dont do banks numbers

  • Beats Maker

    I doubt it'll be better than the old one.

  • Cealix

    The last 50 Cent verse I listened to was on MJ's album, with the song Monster. If his flow on GRoDT matches that same formula, then I'm game (no pun intended).

  • Eyes n Ears


  • martello

    I would just like to say hes said that every album that came out since get rich is gonna be the next get rich stop dwellin in the past and look ahead wit ur music dude damn

  • RedRocBoy

    JESUS CHRIST!!! The hate is freakin crazy. Been a 50 fan since Get Rich gon't be one til the casket dips. Haters suck dick! P.S. That Red Nation hard as fuck. R.E.D.

  • Anonymous

    Trae Tha Truth ft. Young Buck - Slammin Doorz Posted: May 12, 2011 - 11:23 AM BUCK WENT OFF AS USUAL!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trae Tha Truth ft. Young Buck “Slammin Doorz” Posted: May 12, 2011 - 11:23 AM BUCK WENT OFF AS USUAL!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trae Tha Truth ft. Young Buck “Slammin Doorz”

  • Anonymous

    One thing with this dude, he'll always get the chance to prove himself again..50 is a lgend love it hate it

  • The MG

    Didn't he say the same thing about BISD? Only that album ended up sounding forced. No matter how hard you try 50, nothing will come close to GRODT, especially at the stage you're in right now. Just stick to being a businessman.

  • LJbigbang

    And weren't Curtis or BISD supposed to "reinvent the wheel"? I don't recall drivin' around on 50 Cent albums over the last few years...

  • Anonymous

    Dammmmnnnnn homie! You must be fucking with dust or something. There's no way in hell you will equate this 2011 GRODT with your OG one. Stick to acting-attempts man, bc you can't rap anymore. Instead of going hella skinny, get fat as hell for your next role like Eddie Murphy did.

  • Anonymous

    lol no, 50 said the exact same thing with his 3rd album plus the man is a businessman hes just trying to market it

  • GlowStreet31

    why am i not convinced?

  • Poetic Assasin

    fix the spelling error - yall have this on the front page all wrong and shit -smh..

  • Roc

    wasnt Before I Self Destruct The 2009 Get Rich? Yeah I Give Up hes done

  • Anonymous

    he means that its the 2011 version of grodt, thats not the real name, i think.

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