Kendrick Lamar Updates On J. Cole, Black Hippy Projects

The Compton spitter reveals that music might be coming sooner than expected.

In addition to putting out his debut solo album #Section80, Kendrick Lamar has a few more projects up his sleeve. The Compton, California rapper recently spoke on his full-length collaborations with J. Cole and the super group Black Hippy.

After meeting J. Cole at the XXL Freshman cover shoot in 2010, Lamar reveals that they went in the lab and the songs started flowing out. “We hopped in the studio and banged out two or three records. They came out so dope, we was like, you know what? Let’s see what happens,” he told “At first, we was going into the situation where we was gonna throw some songs out. The songs started coming out so crazy we were like let’s try to make something where it’s a full-length something. Kept on banging them out, coming together. Something real cohesive and started to feel like something. We said let’s tell the public we’re going to go full-fledged with it.”

Though the collaboration with J. Cole is currently without a release date, Lamar reveals that his group Black Hippy, also consisting of Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, has several completed mixtapes and is almost finished recording its debut album.

“Black Hippy album, we’re working on something right now, it’s almost complete,” he said. “We got a few mixtapes in the cut, too. We just been sprinkling songs out and testing the waters and seeing how the people feel, and they crazy over it. So we’re ready for a project."

Kendrick was most recently filmed in the studio working on his upcoming solo debut #Section80, laying down the track “Ronald Reagan Era” featuring RZA.

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  • Renzo rolling

    Nice, but I'm afraid it's gonna be Justin Bieber feat Kendrick Lamar next year.


    "Black Hippy Nuthin Else, be so baked they bout to melt, all they shit be prison felt, TDE they got the belt! hold it down if nuthin else" I feel like fans should be on Black Hippy/TDE like they on OFWGKTA. No disrespect to Tyler and them but TDE is more real to me. They creative but they some real ass dudes thats really official, no gimicks no cornball shit. Some shit niggas can relate too but thats the thing can all these hipster/punk fans relate I dunno

  • Guest Street Runna - Barton Block

  • Anonymous

    breaking news !! beef at radio station

  • Kimarley Hall

    OOOOoooooooo imma "NUT" all over myself. "Black Hippy" Album and (MixTapes)???? DAMN, this is Great News. "Black Hippy" is the SHIT! They Music hella FUNKY!

  • Guest Money Over Everything - Barton Block

  • waddee100

    This is going to be a good year for TDE cant wait to hear this music

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