Warren G Announces Forthcoming EP With Nate Dogg

The Regulators reunite this summer with an all-star cast.

Over the past several years, arguably no one has been more active than Warren G in informing and updating fans about Nate Dogg's health after his multiple strokes.

Warren G has remained steadfast in this respect, speaking on the late singer's eventual passing. Now, the G-Child has a new update: he will be releasing an EP with his former "Regulate" collaborator. Though details are few on the upcoming release, the set will feature contributions from Bun B, Snoop Dog, The Game and more.

The Nate dogg and warren g ep coming this summer! Special guest Bun B, @SnoopDogg @thegame @regulator and more.5 hours ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

Snoop Dogg recently mourned the loss of his 213 bandmate by getting a tattoo of the singer on his arm.



  • comptonsmostwanted

    warren g's last albums was kinda weak hope this one will be better

  • Anonymous

    not another biggie duets album

  • guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Ghost

    I See why MTV and BET banned it... Its actually a video that wasn't cheaply done... Guess you have to be posted in front of a white all with a gang of asses shaking for no reason to lyrics.

  • ryan

    the king of the hook bk wit the rest of 213 plus more artists how can they fail and i doubt they will be trying to make a quick doaller because they were truely nates friends i think its more a tribute album

  • Lsn22s

    I really hope this is actually a cd of good music and not just a quick cash grab off Nate Dogg's name...they all owe it to him (especially Warren and Snoop) to make sure its really good if they are going to put his name on something after he no longer has the chance to speak for himself...all those hooks he did on all those classic tracks? damn...Nate Dogg can truly never be replaced...at all...

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