50 Cent Explains Beefs With Diddy and Jadakiss, Promises New Album

G-Unit's General speaks on the state of his relationships with Jadakiss and Diddy and explains why he won't release an album he's completed.

50 Cent recently spoke on why he has an album in the vault that he will not release and why he has chosen to reconnect with former rivals. The head of G-Unit recently met with Funk Flex at Funk Flex Full Throttle, a new show on MTV. The inaugural episode featured 50, who also ensured fans that he is nearly finished with a new disc. 

When asked about his work to mend relationships with former rivals, 50 said he felt it was necessary at times. He also added that certain beefs were never personal.

"Some of it is Hip Hop. It's just the competitive nature of the art form. Like with Jadakiss' situation, that was just Rap. I don't have a reason [to beef]. When you look back at it, when two years go by, and you say, 'Why don't I like them?' And you can't remember why, then you know it's Rap."

This led to a discussion around Diddy, someone 50 has had words with in the past. Their feud began when he spoke about extorting Diddy on "How to Rob," saying he'd "snatch Kim from Puff." Later, their feud escalated when Fif said Diddy was not "biggin' up his brother," but added that he was only giving love to the Notorious B.I.G. as a form of "biggin' up his bank." He also compared the head of Bad Boy to a "bitch" in a separate interview. Diddy also shared his displeasure with 50 Cent by saying his "breath stinks," adding that he's "ashy" and that he's "a sucker," before calling him a "hating ass crab." However, now it seems the two are on good terms. 

"I'm not upset with [Diddy] at all," he said smiling, adding that they speak on the phone from time to time. "He'll call me like, 'What's the next move, playboy? Why I feel like you doing this?' And I'm like, 'Nah, nah, it ain't nothin'.'"

Aside from rehabilitating relationships with Hip Hop peers, 50 has also been working on a lot of music. During his interview, he also added that he is presently working on a brand new album, one that will replace a disc that is already in the can.

"I'm working on a record now. I'm almost done," he noted. "I recorded a whole album before this one that I kept...Because I want to make sure it's completely up to my standards. I'm critiquing myself." 


  • Tucci

    Curtis Jackson: Best rapper alive!! Straight up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Power of The Dollar & Guess Who's Back? were good albums, I liked his mentality back then, you just could hear how his struggle brought the best outta him, but after that he fell the fuck off. GRODT was medicore at best, the rest was terrible.

  • Anonymous

    man fuck 50 bitch snitch ass, aint no1 feeling that snitch music no more he can get shot and killed 4 all i care, thats just another snitch off the streets, and his music aint going nowhere, only place he going is 2 the police station 2 report and get more orders from the Lt :P

    • dontworryboutit

      u talkin like u kno the nigga....

    • Kelvin Gupton Jr.

      My man it's not that serious. I understand that you don't like the man but wishing death on anotha nigga is not the right way to go. Remember that homie cause is true.

    • nnn

      How in the fuck is he a snitch exactly, you fucking idiotic piece of shit. Fucking internet gangsters like you need to give it a rest, you stupid fucking cunt. You don't know a god damn thing about fucking snitching or anything related to that concept, so shut your fucking bitch ass mouth up you fucking keyboard hater.

  • Bowski

    1st of all 50 is one of the smartest dudes in the game, so I'm sure he realizes how irrelevant his music has quickly become. I feel it is the reason why he keeps creating all these other distractions to generate interest (curiousity) in his music again. Like most of you have pointed out, 50's become lazy - in his flow, in his lyrical content & everything else related to his music. It's so easy to dismiss this as him being richer now, or him managing a lot of his "other" interests now, but should that really be acceptable? I could never figure out how once thirsty artists could loose their penmanship & drive to continue making dope music EVER, especially 50 who's done so in a considerably short amount of time. I know getting money is important, but there's a difference between getting money and completely selling out. 50 sold his soul a long time ago and we all watched this all the time wishing, hoping, that he would turn things around. Unfortunately for 50 his music will continue to suffer unless he re-discovers his old thirst again. He's worse than Ja Rule ever was in my eyes. 50 lost me years ago.


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  • chilleymost

    his music is suffering because he is doing a lot,,,,when it was just about rap,,,he was focused,,,now he gotta watch his money,,,shit is a lot sweeter,for duke,,,,,,,hiphop is at its best,,,when theres some kind of struggle attached to it because we all struggle at one time or another,and everyone can relate to the struggle,,,everyone cant relate to a hundred mill plus,,,,,,truth

  • Saad Rajabali

    What's with all the hate??? If you don't like his music, don't listen to it...plain and simple. If you think he fell off on his albums, don't buy his albums but at least make sure you give the FREE mixtapes a shot. You'll be surprised by the material on his recent mixtapes like War Angel LP, and there's no damn way you can hate on his recent freestyles that he's released (ex. Dial 911, Ghetto Like a Motherf*cker, 6 Out of 6, etc.) At least give the man a shot. Why do you guys start hating people and taking sides in beefs? Shit, if two people are putting out diss tracks at each other, listen to both! I'm a huge 50 fan, since the Power of The Dollar days, but I'll be the first to admit that I have 300 Bars and Runnin' on my iPod. Why? Because that track was hot! So what if the two were beefing. If it's good hip-hop music, LISTEN TO IT. Imagine the KRS-One/MC Shan beef today. If you were from Queens, would you say that South Bronx/The Bridge Is Over are both wack? NO! Same thing applies today. If it's good hip-hop, stop hating and taking sides and listen to it. Naturally, the artists will settle the beefs themselves, so sit back and enjoy.

  • Anonymous Again

    He went from a sharp tunged eastcoast mc having a whole industry turn on him almost dying. In his music lost that humour, started beefin while at the same time gaining superstardem, trying to carry the Tupac torch (epic fail) like everyone in that era. To a larger than life gangster ego driven power house,to a guy trying to get publicity when ever possible

  • Anonymous

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  • Aftermath

    50 released some dope freestyles and this needs to be as crazy as GRODT.

  • Ray Street Govenor Hatendi

    50`s one of the rill niggaz left in ths game.don`t hate...who else u knw can diss all most of tha rappers gett`n spotlight in tha industry and still be relevant in hiphop...huh...if it was any1 else throw`n shots at diddy,jay-z,lil wayne,nas...that would be suicide on yo own career..but 50 still remains relevant.don`t hate appreciate!!!

  • milehighkid303

    Been a fan of dude since 97'. He's NOT the same no more, naturally so, he's mad caked up. Only reason I ever snicker at Fif, pre GRODT alot of you DIDNT EVEN know how slick ol boy was with the words. I'm dissapointed in him because his hood mentality of "IM HERE FOR THE MONEY" trickled into his writing ability. 50 is a musical genious in my opinion. He is hip hop, look at his previous works and how honestly he CREATED the mixtape circuit you see now. I just wish dude would go in the booth and find that 97' 99' hunger that he had in so many of his cyphers.

    • Anonymous

      I just can't figure how someone could lose their pen game and wittness altogether. You could notice his voice was totally different and the hunger kind of left when the first album came out which was still a classic in my opinion

  • Anonymous


  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Fools! You're all nothing but blind worthless sheep to this man! 50 cent has sold his soul to the secret dark society of demon worshippers! These beefs are nothing more than distractions so he may brainwash you with his evil music! I have completey reliable proof! First, 50 cents can buy you a small pack of Doritos. As I've said before, research shows Mr. Cent's favorite flavor of Doritos is nacho cheese. What I have futher found is that he usually snacks on Lays instead. Lays is 4 characters. Add the 5 and 0 in this evil man's name and u get 6. G-unit is 6 characters more. This could be 50's 6th album! 666. These are all obvious FACTS, people! In the interview he says "Nah nah it ain't nothin." What he really means is that he is part of the secret devil society, Nahnahitayntnutin. He most likely does a Nowoncarezboutdisnika prayer to the evil demon spirit, Fiddyzpunkassfeloff! These are actual facts they hide from you! My research is flawless and the logic is obvious! Stop avoiding the TRUTH! WAKE UP!

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Lay's and Doritos..wtf..lol. I think you have way too much time on your hands... So if I get fucked 6 times within 6 hours with 6 different women....666... Does that mean I am a devil worshipper??? And if the numbers that represent 3 of their ages 24, 33 and 42 happen to add up to 6, does that make shit worse??....

    • Jesus

      that shits funny as hell lmao

    • Anonymous

      5 plus 0 is not 6 duder

  • Dilli

    50, don't make promises no one wants you to keep.

  • Anonymous

    drop dead 50! you can't rap for shit

  • Anonymous

    this album gotta be dat fire

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkHGBWBciyU&feature=related Street Runna - Barton Block

  • Devin Williams

    He must be talkin bout that Black Magic bullshit

  • Anonymous

    See how he only gets attention when he talks about other rappers? LAME ASS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 is wack ross put the nail in the coffin on im he was amost already done then ross finished him off with better music and better album sales i dont see 50 ever coming back

    • asdshj

      funny how you clowns say 50 is real and that we shouldnt listen to ross because he was an ex CO??? who cares do we all have to be thugs to listen to rap so stfu assdicks..... and 50 is done and has been for a long time now.... GRODT was a classic.... 50 makes his career off of petty beef...funny how he destroyed ja rule for making girly music....but ever since his 2nd album has been releasing gay music as well.. candy shop, just a lil bit,and some others.... his only song getting play now is another softy song "down on me" i dont even think thats his single lmao want real music go listen to some nas....... how about big l, rakim biggie or pac..... get off 50's peewee fag

    • toppdogg

      @slaughter , keeps it real huh? This dude snitches on his enemies and records other peoples phone conversations since when is that keeping it real?

    • Anonymous

      ross wishes he was 50 cent, he will never be the business man 50 is and never have anywhere near as much money

    • slaughter

      so you would rather listen to a ex correctional officer than someone who is real? damn no wonder hip hop is dead you fools don't even know what it is. So before you dumb it down.. the only reason they say hip hop is dead is cause the dope shit is underground. - Joe Budden

  • Bbbb

    50 is a bitch hope you die

  • Jeff Ch-ch Ch Chapman

    after 3 mediocre albums in a row you'd think this guy would retire from rapping and just become an even bigger businessman. Dude can't rap anymore but damn he knows how to make money.

    • Saad Rajabali

      BISD and The Massacre were anything but mediocre. Obviously you completely skipped over A Baltimore Love Thing, Ryder Music, Hate It Or Love It (Remix), Ski Mask Way, and other tracks. If BISD was radio-friendly, people like you would go on and on about how "pop" it was. Stick to your Gucci Mane collection, you idiot.

    • Anonymous

      @5Hour: You are dead on it with your comments!! Because I for one cannot figure out how 50 can make decent (almost album worthy) mixtapes but his albums are more commercial.

    • 5Hour

      This justin beiber kid is kind of right, clown. Power of the Dollar and GRoDT were both mighty, mighty albums. After that point he got rich and it seems like he really didnt care to rap. You can look at 50's albums post GRoDT literally as commercials for your ears. If g-unit clothes had a few bad quarters, or a headphone deal fell through, put out an album to promote and market the brand and business revenues go back up. The business minded approach waters down the quality of the content on his albums (which is why ppl feel betrayed and hate on him...cause his shit was sick when he was first out), but keeps his profits up. Anyway, u should peep what ur into and stay away from the shit u dont dig. People leaving negative comments are waste of internet space. DX should disable comments to get the trolls off the site. I'm pretty sure it would increase the quality (articles/music/interviews) of this site, and in return produce more hits too.

    • Clown?

      Every single one of your comments are stupid, you're an absolute idiot, that is my conclusion. 50 could never rap but his music wasn't always awful. Now, you Justin Bieber lookin ass fuckwit, please remove yourself from existance.

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