Common Speaks Against Sarah Palin And Fox News After Being Called "Vile"

Com Sense gets called "vile" by some after being invited to a poetry evening at the White House.

After being invited to the White House for a poetry reading called "An Evening of Poetry," Common was criticized and called "vile" by Fox News. The emcee received criticism for his lyrical content, specifically a poem he read on Def Poetry titled "A Letter to the Law," a poem that features the line, "Burn a Bush because for peace he don't push no button."

The Chicago, Illinois MC's criticism first came from the Daily Caller, which pointed out grammatical errors in his street slang. Next, Sarah Palin tweeted this information to her followers and Fox News referred to him as "vile" in a report. Common responded to the denouncements on his Twitter page, making light of the situation.

"An Evening of Poetry" will be streamed live from the White House on the Internet this evening, with President Obama scheduled to speak during the ceremony. Additional guests at the event include Jill Scott, Aimee Mann and Rita Dove.

So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn't like me. @rolandsmartin than a minute ago via Facebook Favorite Retweet Reply

You aint scared of me? RT @questlove: Lol Fox News called @common a "vile rapper" eh? #graspingless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply



  • Palin666

    So it's perfectly A-OK with bitter loser Palin, the cheerleading Hater In Chief Of America, that her best buddy whom she has appeared with and supported, Ted Nugent , who is a draft dodging chicken hawk burnt out aging one-hit-wonder rocker viciously rages onstage at the President of the United States that he's a piece of s*** and to suck on his machine gun??? Then he calls our Secretary of State a "worthless b**ch. That's okay with you Mrs. Palin isn't it….I'm sure you approved when you smiled and smirked the same way you did when your adoring audience, some of whom held stuffed toy monkeys with Obama's name on them, yelled "Kill Him!". Now THAT is the definition of "vile".

  • Brandt Hardin

    Palin and FOX only say what they think their audience wants to hear as far as Neocon propaganda. This imprudent commentary has caused damage to the world view of America including critical comments such as this which expose not only racism and bigotry but the obtuse world-view of the people this kind of rhetoric seems fit to represent. I was compelled to create a visual commentary about this very thing on my artist’s blog at

  • Guest Money Over Everything - Barton Block

  • Smine Nasdaq

    I told you they want to downgrade EVERY up and coming black man..,

    • Smine Nasdaq

      Trust me, EVERYBODY is still up and coming. How do we know that Common won't be able to go beyond being a rapper/actor one day, and go into politics? Not only would he be able to directly represent Hip Hop, which derived from BLACK CULTURE, but he would also be able to directly affect policy that directly affects the BLACK COMMUNITY. "Up and coming" doesn't mean "coming up", it means "you're up, and you're becoming a leader." Sure, Common has been a positive role model for Hip Hop for years, but as we know, most of "our heroes" have either, a tainted past, or they got caught up in some kind of foul play. The paradigm shift of power would involve BLACK MEN taking the reigns of power completely to become the leaders of the land their ancestors slaved in. Anything less than that couldn't possibly be considered "real progress". As far as racism is concerned, there is plenty of racism going on. It may not seem to be so in the densely stratified centralized power base, but there's obviously a ploy to keep control of all puppets whether they be black or white. Rising to power, or even success as a non-puppet black man is VERY difficult. Not only does he have to fit an "ideal image", but there are numerous weapons out there used to throw young black men off their game, this website even promotes a few. The truth is, lower class white Americans still have a tough time dealing with the idea of the black man becoming/being America's, The World's (their), progressive leader this day and age, and in certain parts of the country racism is not only present, it's prevalent and blatant! Sure, SOME black men are accepted as a whole, but the "unideal" black male is still deemed as unrealistic in today's society. "He wants what he can't have". "He wants to be more than he can be." Tell me I'm wrong!

    • Anonymous

      and it doesn't have to be about being black all the time. If you keep that in your head your gonna use it as an excuse, and say that every time shit doesn't go your way. I'm tired of people saying that kind of stuff, live your life.

    • Anonymous

      Common's not up and coming. He has been around for a long time. The fact is not that he is black. The fact is that he is outspoken and doesn't have the same views as they do.

  • Omar Osgood

    Poetic License Bitch

  • travis clinton

    big deal!!! george bush SR invited Eazy "muthafuckin" E to the white for dinner during his term!!!!!

    • dmize-one

      not defending bush sr by any means, but easy got invited by accident.. everyone who contributed to the republican election fund (or some ish like that) got invited.. beleive me, if they knew who eric wright really was he would NOT have been invited.. lol

    • Michael Zayas

      More like he was invited to a repblican fund raiser but close.

  • Versatile StreetTeam

    All I can do is laugh Sarah Pailin and Fox News since when did we give a fuck what they think face it they aint in office so let Obama invite one of his favourite artist to do read a poetry what too much Nubian power in the "white" house. What is vile is the Fox News rigging the 2000's election and Sarah Pailin gathering up the Tea Party another form of underline racist republican where Donald Trump's comment I am expecting to hear or read something loool

  • Pat Neeland

    Hah. I love how The Daily Caller presents that Emily Dikinson work in all is symbolistic wonder, and yet when they post Common's poem, everything is suddenly taken literally, as if Common is completely incapable of any kind of symbolism. Of anyone at that publication knew who Common was, and what his music is about, they would know that verse and full of symbolism, gun references and all.

  • Anonymous

    Common is visiting the White House not a church. The govt. lies, cheats, steals and kills and sells more drugs than anybody in the country. The police die to enforce laws that the govt. itself doesn't even believe in or follow. THAT IS SOMETHING THEY SHOULD BE OUTRAGES ABOUT!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck palin stupid bitch

  • mypitts2

    The controversy is ridiculous for anyone who knows anything about Common, and that's most people under age 45. But it did give me a chance to hear a verse from Common I hadn't heard -- and it's very tight. They chose a really nice verse to castigate, so the fake controversy was worth something after all.

  • White Man

    Wow, calling people White Devils? How would you feel if I called you a "smelly nigger"? Get your heads out of your asses.

    • Smine Nasdaq

      No, no, he is wrong for that. You guys aren't white devils anymore! It's all love! Nevermind the handicap we're giving your guys so they can keep producing those pretty little dandelions we love to shove our "smelly nigger cock's" in. Either way, I feel it's not an insult on both ends, the worst person/thing you could be right now is "an Obama" aka "a used ass-wipe" Thank you all! You're too kind!!!

    • Fat man x

      Das really really racist.

    • NJ

      No matter your race, you sir, have proven yourself to be an absolute idiot.

    • White Man

      Smelly niggers still live today too.

    • Anonymous


    • White Man

      Learn to spell. Say "That's racist"

    • dark man x

      das racist

  • Mee

    SMH tho completely unsurprising for Fox News. When have they EVER gotten it right? Also, I don't know if this is technically Common "speaking" and more "tweeting"...was expecting to read some sort of interview w/ Common...only to find just a few (not the best selection of the bunch either) of the many humorous comments Common tweeted yesterday...

  • OriginalX

    white devils are mad? nothing new... Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

  • karlchilders

    I suppose then if a first lady (who just happened to be white) had David Allan Coe read poetry at the whitehouse, you would not find it somewhat controversial? :D

    • brooklyn b

      do you REALLY wanna get into who been to the white house when the prez and 1st lady was white? do you REALLY wanna go there? and FYI on a HIP HOP example the Reagan white house invited Easy-E to the white house so lets end the bullshit

  • NJ

    Whoah! Fox & Sarah Palin criticising a black man?! No one saw this one coming!!

  • Anonymous

    obviously noone at fox news has ever listened to any common music......cause they dont have a clue about my dude

  • kennyken

    please don't let sarah palin and fox make you say something wrong. they know you are for barack.

  • Ethan

    Anyone who says anything against bush/fox news is most definitely a vile person.

  • joe5286

    Common is not vile by any means, but he is a sell-out for entertaining a White House that has murderously slaughtered tens of thousands of civilians in the Middle East - has locked up hundreds of thousands of innocent black youth for using drugs - has handed out billions of dollars in corporate welfare and bankster bailouts - has protected the Federal Reserve from an audit - etc etc etc Shame on you Common

    • Anonymous

      the only reason the fed would be audited is because they've gone against history and provided way more aid to banks and corporations than they have since the depression. if the fed went under, that is, if the national bank that holds the majority of this countries money went under, the american economy would collapse. and war isn't murder, murder is murder and there is a difference. war is survival. get the fuck outta here

    • NJ

      He was there to tell his story, to give his views, not for cheap entertainment.

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