Drake's Juno Snub Called "Utterly Disrespectful" By Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal sticks up for his fellow Canadian emcee as Drake leaves the country's biggest award show empty handed.

When Drake was tapped to host the Juno Awards, Canada’s answer to the Grammys, many assumed he would be showered with trophies. After all, in the last year the Canadian rapper had released a platinum debut album and become an international superstar. But that is not how the evening played out, as Drake failed to take home a single statuette. His countryman, rapper Kardinal Offishall, saw this as a slap in the face to Drake.

The Canadian Press is reporting that Ofishall called Drake’s Juno goose-egg, “To me, that's just utter disrespect. He had one of the biggest years ever in rap history as far as being a Canadian, they have him hosting the entire thing — that just looks terrible on them more than him. It makes absolutely no sense. There's nothing more that he possibly could have done within his career. He sold a gang of records, had great success, has a huge fan base, and then he comes, he hosts the whole thing, and to me, it's disrespect, what they did. Absolute disrespect.”

For his part, Drake was a consummate professional even in the face of defeat, never showing any signs of bitterness. He has yet to make an official comment either in regards to his poor showing at the Juno’s or Kardinal Ofishall’s comments.

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  • Anonymous

    fuck drake jew face

  • Patrick@TheRapSpot

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  • The.Watcher

    Drake doesn't deserve shit, not when there's so many actually talented rappers making music. Drake = ass.

  • Anonymous

    I like how they say "international" when that only means America and Canada. The rest of the world could give two shits about Drake.

  • Anonymous

    I like kardinal but hes a bit of a hypocrite. First hes beefing with him then suddenly hes on drakes dick

  • chrisg

    He didn't win because he didn't deserve it, Shad's shit was way better and thats why drake didn't comment on it because he knows this already. And what the fuck is up wit you bitch ass niggas hatin on drake. just cause you dont like his music dont mean shit!!! Yeah, it could have been a lot better but the nigga still got skills and obviously somebody liked it since hes rolling in money. So dont hate just cause he gets way more pussy and money than you bitch ass niggas. Shit, my lil sister probly gets more money and pussy than yal bitches!!! Quit hatin and get a life, Bitch!

    • ghostface

      diff goals for diff artists... sure everyone wants to sell some but some have selling as priority #1 others have making music they are happy with as #1.

    • Anonymous

      Selling records is the goal. Music is a business not a talent show. If artists make bubble gum music but listeners enjoy it. No harm especially if it make money!

    • Check this out

      Milli Vanilli/Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold a lot of records too. Think about that for a second and then make it a goal for yourself to stop saying stupid shit.

  • Anonymous

    It's an insult for Shad to even compare this WHACK ASS SHIT to TSOL. Shad won in every department, he is lightyears ahead.

  • jadakiss88

    Drake's success is soley a product of Lil Wayne's. Drake, Nicki, and the entire Young Money crew's success completely hinges on Wayne and his past and present endeavors. Drake is not as hot as people think. He came out spitting pretty nice even though he sounded like Wayne Jr., he never really seperated himself from that and lived off the hype. Now every song is about some girl he met at a strip club that he's tricking on, some chick that he is currently involved with or sleeping with, or some chick that broke his heart. Really...? I understand maybe one or two an album or feature but damn every single you drop sounds like a Minnie Riperton song. Drake get over it and go sign with The Roc. Even though you draw comparison to J.Cole your styles differ enough to draw attention on your own. Because now if you talk about Drake you end up talking about Wayne and that garbage song writer Niki. Wayne you fucked up with Nicki just to let you know. I bet Wayne dump ashes on her album.

    • Anonymous

      @jadakiss88 Drake got skills. He created his own fanbase off of mixtapes and hit singles. Drake got his own appeal, he don't try to be the next gangster rapper. Lil Wayne co-sign helped but it will not help Lil Twist and a few others on Cash Money.

    • youwrong

      im not the biggest nicki fan, like a couple of her features. but wayne fucked up with her? you know she's a fucking a lister right now right? making wayne mucho guap, u need to understand business. and nicki is a fucking cash making machine, and shes under young money. oh by the way fuck young money though, lol.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    News flash: Kardinal Offishall is "OFFISHALLY" an idiot. Since when does sales and popularity result in the need of awards being won? If anything, Canada just got mad respect for me by not co-signing that piece of shit album that Drake released to the masses. It really wasn't hip hop truthfully but that's another argument for another day. Tough break, nigga. Go suck an egg. You've been quite wack for some time making corny ass music trying to get on for a while anyway. Waffle head nigga.

  • The Evil Twin

    Bullshit! Since when does hosting mean you get to win Everything? no disrespect to Drake but he didn't have the hottest record out last year, Shad won because Shad had the best record in canada, not sales best record. Drake is an oversaturated version of every single american mc out right now. Shad is original, Ghettosocks is original, D-Sissive and Eternia and Moss ditto. I knew when I heard the nominees that Drake wasn't gonna win...

  • Anonymous

    Drake is still winning. He got paid 250k to perform at a Mitzvah.

  • Dave S Johnson Sr.

    Well at least we all know where fans of hip-hop live.

  • Daniel Heap

    He didn't have the best single, didn't have the best album, wasn't the best songwriter, he got outvoted by Bieber fans for the Fans Choice award. I'd argue he was Best Artist and had the best Rap Recording though, definitely seems like a snub.

  • R.Pgh

    to counter point Kardinal's argument, the best rap album went to Shad's TSOL which was light years ahead of Drake in terms of lyrical content, creativity, & production. This actually makes me respect the Canadian taste in hiphop even more. The grammy's will hand an award to the most popular, but never the most deserving (i.e. the Roots get snubbed nearly every year).

  • EdmontonRDS

    How was he supposed to win a Hip-Hop award when alot of his content was not.

  • Anonymous

    the awards are given out based on musicianship and songwriting. etc..., not based on who can sell the most records to brainwashed teenage girls

  • Mack

    Well first things first: He should've known he wouldn't be receiving a lot of awards if they tapped him to host. That would've looked REAL suspect. Secondly, let's call a spade a spade. The only reason Drake's buzz was so high in the first place is because of the Wayne co-sign. His album was mediocre at best, proving that Canadians obviously have a better ear for music. Just because he had a "big year" in terms of popularity doesn't mean he should be rewarded for popularity with a musical award. How many truly memorable jams did "Thank Me Later" REALLY produce? It wasn't bad, but it wasn't classic, "must-win-awards" type music either. Nothing groundbreaking about the project at all.

    • ghostface

      Mack hit on all points

    • Steven Rivera

      True, Canada does have a better ear for music. They gave a Juno to K'naan when he first debuted and that shows you they got gooood music in they mind. K'naan is dope.

    • Lsn22s

      and one more co-sign...couldn't have said it better myself...popularity DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY...

    • Big B

      Co-sign, I also find it a bit distrubing for Kardi to speak up for him. Kardinal gets no where near as much publicity as Drake has received, and is the better artist. Why would you care that his mediocre album didn't win any awards. Just because you stood up for him doesn't mean you are going to be on his next single Kardi!!!!

    • Joao Victor Reis


    • nuc

      BOOOOM! 2nd CO SIGN.

    • Suiseiseki's Meth Lab


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