Game's "Red Nation" Video Banned From BET, MTV

MTV and BET decide they aren't feeling Game's "aggressive content."

As Game gears up for his long-delayed R.E.D. album's release, BET and MTV have apparently decided to ban the music video for "Red Nation."

Citing too much gang-related content, the networks have elected not to show the video for the song, which features Lil Wayne.

Though neither network has officially said anything, Game took to Twitter to tell his fans the news:

So BET "BANNED" the #REDNation video !!!!! Said me & @liltunechi were too gang affiliated in it. Thoughts ?7 hours ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

This just in: the video so HARD it just got "BANNED" from MtV too ha ha ha ha....FUCK IT !!!! I'm premering it on Thursday online MYSELF !!!6 hours ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

Guess ya single gotta be called "Bubble Gum" to get love ha ha ha....#REDNation premiering on AOL, Vivo & Worldstar Thursday.#bannedFromTV6 hours ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

Game noted that the networks originally banned the song "One Blood," until it received over one million views on YouTube.


  • Daud

    Goddamn niggas and their fucking anal-ysis! Game may be red(blood), but this fucking song off da r.e.d. album has another meaning, rededicated! 2 hip hop, and that video isn't worse than hova's "run this town", he aint even takin up the gangbanging aspect in the lyrics or the fuccin video, game got banned cuz he didnt joint the elite, and thats what the problem is. faggots

  • Real Talk

    I find it hilarious people bashing this song because it's based on Gang Affiliation when Snoop and others have been doing it for years. Everyone use to love Gangsta Rap and now it's all about that girly pop rap bullshit with no good fruity shit loops beats produced by some no talent ass clown and rappers just singing raps trying to be RNB. MOST modern Rap is a joke. And the ones buying that shit needs to stop. You fans ruin the music by supporting bullshit. MTV and BET are a bunch of hypocrites. They'd play just about anything in the 90's but now you can't show shit. Take the skirt off and put some pants on MTV and BET. I swear we need a second coming of N.W.A or something because the skirts in hip hop are flying these days.

  • Kobo

    WTF is a Vivo Game lol

  • hiphop

    thats cuz these 90s babies keep supporting pussy music

    • Big Wo0orm 45

      fuck u. born in 91 n i never support bullshyt muzik. Game is my nigga. n ima new york 90's golden age of hip hop lover! Big L, Jay, Nasty NaS, BIG, n my nigga Darkman X. fuck outa here. i fuks wit all 90s music and real hiphop. all dez bubble gum rppers and dey new pussy style aint accepted over here homie.

    • Jesus

      hey dumbass. 90's babies have the fuckin internet. they dont support shit they steal it. secondly fuck yourself you closeminded fool

  • jesse breese

    God TV ststions espesally MTV are such pussies

  • jnr

    Ok, so let me get this straight... Some of you guys are hating on GAME for making an aggressive rap song because it's gang affiliated? Werent you the same guys praising him in the music section when this song came out? and now you wana diss him just because MTV and BET dont wana air his shit? You guys never once dissed him in the music section about it sounding gang affiliated and now you wana do so just because of MTV and BET? oh please... Also the young generation dont have to listen to his shit on MTV or BET because they already listen to Lady Gaga,Rihanna, and some pop related rnb etc... Just like he said, you guys would have dissed him if he had made some bubble gum song and yet you still diss him just because he stayed on his lane? WOW... GAME has always rapped about gang shit since he came out and you never dissed him so why now? Every rapper raps about some dumb shit and the occasional sense-making songs( GAME included) so stop with the hate and enjoy the music if not then cool but dont hate!

    • ryan

      i agree wit u hes keeping it real but his last album was full of bubble gum shit shit like wit neyo and chris brown wtf but seems to hv his hed screwed bk on like he did on his frist two albums its like lax never even exsisted so keep making them hits gme this tune will be big nd theyl finally show it on mtv and bet but i cued give a fuck either wy as long s he keeps it gangsta

  • Dey both not wit the bizz

    dissapointed in game. at least he actually from the hub even tho he wasnt cedar till he started rappin his own brotha fase dont mess wit fonk lil wayne a weenie forreal forreal he not blood and game kno dat dat just go to show game dont give a fucc bout his shit if he would align wit a weenie ass nigga fo sum money smfh but all da impressionable niggas that think shit sweet will watch it and imaitate it but be careful where yu imaitate it at smh dis video is gonna b the root of so many asswhuppins lol

  • hk

    mtv/bet can show inappropriate vids like S&M and others why can't they show red nation? it's not little kids listen to Game, whereas the likes of rihanna have a lot of fans that are young. MTV/BET need to stop with the BS.

  • SmartBlackDude

    Ignorant ass nigga helping young impressionable niggas become old worthless niggas. Congratulations, dumb fuck. And Lil Wayne knows he is too damned smart to be associating with dumb fucks like Game. Wayne doesn't even have to make dumb, "I'm a nigga that shoots people" music. Yes, he often talks about sex, drugs and money, but promoting gang violence only encourages the stupidity of stupid niggas and there is no reason for him to do that. Seriously, what is positive about stupid ass niggas shooting each other over what color shirt or hat they like to wear? Also, typing "locc" intead of lock does not make you "gangsta." If you know how to use a computer and have access to the internet, you are too intelligent to be sucking off Game because his ignorant ass got a video banned. I hate dumbass niggas. They just make my people look so bad.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn't talk about the problems and declares that they're wrong, he GLORIFIES them to impress little dumb fucks like you. I wonder how many people think they're gangsta when the buy a cd of this faggot.

    • bolow1

      But you would rather have sirup sipping addicts promoting homosexuality with bars saying complete and utter nonsense then game talking about some serious shit going down and pretent reality in south central is a bed of roses and every dude is iced out in heaven with a million prostitute strippers, partying 24hrs a day, convicing youngnz to rap for an easy living instead of opting to get that education

  • king6924

    damn game, love your music when you put effort..i dislike when you mention the cars clothes money hoes and being a blood. if your a blood, cool man do your thing GAME. understand that when you rap about being in a gang, those that are in a gang think its cool to be in a gang. it may be cool to them, but whers their education at? how many gang bangers make it to college, make a decent salary, make it out the hood?!? gang banging to me is funny. i respect what they do, holding it down for the hood and the homies, thats whats up. but to me, whoever bangs the hardest, is really just the most "caught up." my two cents, listen to what everybody has to say, throw out the bullshit you'll get rich.

  • j !!!!! real hip hop !!!

  • a

    all that money... and still can't buy a clue.

  • DuncanbloccATL


  • Catalin

    always united. respect G-Unit

  • noivad12

    they should be ashamed of themselves promoting that gang bullshit like that to kids..good they banned the bid..non of u niggas is bangin you rappin irrelevant if you did it before,,thats not how u make a living now quit selling these kids a lifestyle that isn't real or a lifestlye that won't prosper them.

    • ssk

      I agree with noivad12 to an extent here. Gangs shouldnt be what is "cool" for young people in the sense all its going to lead them to is a future in jail or dead. Lets face it though rappers if they do come from that background are going to rap about it but they shouldnt act like they are still in the streets doing pablo escobar, tony montana, george jung type shit in the hood. I know im going to catch flack saying this but i enjoy 50's music for the most part because his aggresive content is him recalling stories and i personally enjoy hearing rappers telling their past. On the other hand like red nation its just glorifying gang banging saying you get the bitches cars and respect. just my two cents who gives a fuck just listen to music and enjoy it. oh an i think game is a phony G-unit lol

    • Anonymous

      so your saying gangs arnt real? your saying the bloods and crips dont exist? come on nigga. get off your ass and go to the streets nigga.

    • mr. jones

      +1 Agree with every point you've mentioned there. One week they'll be denouncing drugs & gangs and the next they're promoting them all over again in a new song.

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand why some of these video chicks can be half naked and influence the young women of the world freely but as soon as someone's gang affiliated they can't get their video up. Either ban neither or ban both, dickheads

  • Anonymous

    im gettin sick of game and wayne talkin blood ur millionaire rappers u don't gang bang and u arent hard

  • Anonymous

    Now that we got bin laden can we bring the troops home and destroy the useless street gangs here?

  • mr718

    These 2 clowns, Im talking bout Game and Weezy are damn near 30 still talking bout gang bangin are u fucking serious??? What a lifestyle to promote to the teens of America smh... Shit like this is why we got all these fake thugs around now... Now its all of a sudden cool to join gangs and get 100 tattoos, this makes me sick... Only pussies join gangs for no reason and followers join gangs cause their friends are in them... Im from the hood and i know some people in gangs but that didnt mean i had to join one, that shit is just for suka niggas that need protection... If you grown and still banging, setting a bad example for the youth DIE SLOW MUTHAFUKA...

  • Vann Digital Networks

    Whats new??? Of course BET & MTV gon ban that shit cause The Game aint tellin no female to do it with no hands. Shit never fails...SMH

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    gang bangers are str8 pussy...why all gang bangers act like johnny dangerous when they wit a group of people but act like schoolboys when you catch them off the block by themself???

  • Anonymous

    it shouldnt be played on tv we got enough kids running around actin like wannabe gang bangers cuz these fukin cornballs promote the shit like its the "cool" thing to do someone should do a study breaking down what percentage of gang bangers end up dead, a broke bum, or in jail compared to how many live prosperous lives of wealth and lets see how many kids wanna follow in their footsteps once they realize they have a better chance of winning the fuking lottery

  • Logic

    Now what will I vote for on 106th?

  • Game

    Bunch of east-coast dick lickers in here.

  • Anonymous

    If you say Game ain't got no flow then you must be stupid. Ya'll probably just into all that gay ass skinny jean rapper shit' Its good to know we still have GOOD rappers like The Game. I don't know about Lil Wayne tho

  • Trib Stax

    Hey that's all good to rep ur krew as long as their is an understanding what you stand for in ur krew, so everyone in the nation has an understanding of the process being.

  • khordkutta

    If RED has verses from GAME like on the GFKs "Drama", IM IN.

  • Ganjarelli

    On some real talk, this is my favorite Game track in a long time. Wayne on the hook ain't even that bad, reminds me of "My Life". Game been hella consistent lately as well. "Rough" was excellent (imo) as well as the finished "Gangster" cut with Devin the Dude. "Keepin it Real, "Only One" & "Monsters in my Head" were all great too, but that "Violin" wasn't for me and "Pot of Gold" was too much Chris Brown (the other C.B. joint with Game was just enough). I wasn't feelin his last effort with that DJ Skee mixtape as much as this new shit, so I got to say that he on a roll. Can't wait to see the vid on Thursday.

  • marc_aurelius

    Who cares. BET and MTV don't even play videos so it wouldn't see the light of day anyway. Plus the Game and the whole gangsta shit is played out anyway. People came out the wood work claiming blood nation in the mid 2000's and it was boring then. Dudes flow is wack. Nothin' but name dropping. The whole gang affiliated shit is played out. Next topic.

  • Omar Osgood

    can i get a link to somewhere were its not blocked

    • Omar Osgood

      Im pretty sure I can read...yet you assume i can't and you still write comments addressed to me...which makes you pretty stupid don't you think?

    • Anonymous

      You could've got that information way sooner if you read that twitter shit.

    • HaHa

      He's right, learn to fukin read

    • Omar Osgood

      @Anonymous, So you gotta call me a moron just because i didn't bother to read the man's tweets. You couldnt have just said,"it won't be out till thursday" ?

    • Anonymous

      learn to fucking read moron, its not coming out until thursday

  • E-Thug

    MTV plays music videos??? ..and who the fuck even watches BET and MTV anymore -- cavemen who haven't discovered the internet, that's who! and BTW BasedGod Lil B should have his own SWAGGED out TV show like Oprah, call it SWAG TV only basedgod and SWAG shit.


    I don't know what everyone is talking about...Game is one of the few popular artists that comes with it on every track and stays true to himself. And if MTV and BET can't handle that because it isn't some Katy Perry video or good business then fuck them.

    • Anonymous

      He stands true to himself, because he can't change his style for once, this nigga talks about the same (actually nothing)on every fucking track.

  • Komnick

    Sorry I love Game but good to hear because lil wayne cant rap

  • Anonymous

    lol, game ur boring ass flow as always, dumb faggot

  • Riley Afrika Freeman

    FUCK MTV fuck BET the internet is HERE. "too gang affiliated" WTF is this

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • NY

    MTV & BET should start banning play from artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj because of the bad influence making people think that it's good when in reality it's horrible. So any bad rapper should get banned bring back Yo MTV Raps and have some real emcees on there.

    • Komnick


  • Kendall Walters

    Who watches BET or MTV? lol

  • Anonymous

    So we can celebrate killing Osama & or robbing oil counties but Game's Red Nation video gets banned???? smh

  • Anonymous

    First Kanye and now Game??? FUCK MTV & BET!!!!!

  • Easy


    • shady

      He did bring the west back. Go check out Doctors Advocate. A west coasts classic. Game is what is needed in west coast hip hop today.

    • shady5

      He did bring the west back. Go listen to Doctors Advocate. A west coasts classic. Game is what is needed in westcoast hiphop today.



    • Anonymous

      says the guy who doesn't understand that PUBLISHING aka CHEESE comes from TELEVISION! Income from the internet is MINIMUM. So thats 10's of thousands of dollars that they AREN'T gonna make now.

  • Sensaye252

    You would think that once a motherfucker was thirty plus years old and rich maybe he wouldn't need to have videos promoting gang violence anymore. But, you can never underestimate the ignorance and the ego of dumb ass rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Music TeleVision.. forgot what that motherfucker stands for. It plays the top ten singles in the country i think. Who the fuck watches that anymore. If thats your source from where you check the happenings of the music scene and videos your a very sad limited person

  • Anonymous

    the game dont stop RED

  • Anonymous

    fuck this. they can play gaga's sick video's and they say a video about gangs is to messed for tv fuck yuuuo bet and mtv please screw you and reality tv


    Wait a second !!!! They still play music videos on MTV ?? LMAO no no no you have to be the way that they want you to be LOL.

  • Anonymous

    theyll air shows and videos full of promiscuous bisexual men and women fucking eachother and bragging about it after but god forbid a rapper makes an aggressive music video! cus violence will really mess the kids up more than reality shows! even tho those shows are full of it!

    • Anonymous

      word all day its sex and drugs and hall day its sex and drugs violence on mtv and bet reality shows. theres an obvious double standard. and they obviously dont GAF about morals otherwise they wouldnt go back on their word and air it anyway after it gets 500,000 youtube views. makes u wonder what theyre basing their reasoning on.

    • Anonymous

      SAD part is yall believe that don't you. Jersey shore ain't gunning at nobody. and it dont have anything to do with the black community and violence. yall just tools of the enemy cause u dont get it. Game is past that. we all know he blood.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! Truth right here.

    • Anonymous

      yeah a music video with a bunch of fake bloods cant be any worse than jersey shore

  • Anonymous

    the game loves this shit i bet, he needs all the cred he can find, because everyone knows him and weezy arent affiliated with any gangs no mater how many songs they make about it or how much red they wear


    GET OVER 1,000,000 YOUTUBEVIEWS flameviewer .blogspot. com

  • Marcel Robinson


  • Marcel Robinson

    thats unbelievable

  • Marcel Robinson

    i cant believe they gon ban my dude like that!!!!

  • hellrazor

    you couldnt pay me to watch MTV or BET.

  • johnny kwest

    That shits crazy, mtv sucks they don't even play music anymore so who cares! jersey shore re runs!

  • P. Money

    anyone that jus said shit bwt @game yall a bunch of faggots and your mothers suck dick 4 a living.... get at me


    wack ass song

  • godbody

    dat 'red nation' shit is a banger! all u bloggers let the song settle in before u start your criticism!

    • Anonymous

      No. The growers are the really great songs that you still gonna love years later. Not that I'm talking about Red Nation, that song is whack in every single way.

    • Vegard Møller

      Nah, good really great songs like Stairway To Heaven gotta be heard some times to really love it, unlike a top ten hit. Not that Red Nation is that good, but Angel Xavier, you're wrong.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      if you gotta let a song "settle in", it's garbage

  • John-Boy

    LOL at MTV banning a video. I haven't seen a video played on MTV in years. And they should not worry about Lil Wayne and Gayme. Everyone in the world knows these niggas are faker than three dollar bills. Any body not from the suburbs can see that.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? The track is whack anyway. Game fell the FUCK off.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this fake as gangsta!

  • Controverse

    MTV and BET are wack and hardly play videos and all that, but this video sounds incredibly irresponsible.

  • Roel ( belgium)

    lets play it a couple million times on youtube then they will play it on TV trust me

  • Anonymous

    Fuck MTV and BET!! They dont air shit but reality tv bullshit anyway!!

  • Anonymous

    MTV plays videos? When?

  • Bowski

    Who still watches MTV or BET these days? In my opinion if you're over 30 and still watch those "Watered Down TV Stations" then you're part the problem w/hip hop today. They're "Bandwagon-Type" media outlets and are UNTRUE to the culture anyways.

    • Ben Grimm

      @Anonmous: The fact that your spewing that bull out of your head reflects what you've been doing of late. @Bowski: People of ages under 30 shouldnt be watching that crap either. The truth is the controversy is all that sells as a franchise. If this video is banned, the game will put It on the internet. If It blows on the internet then MTV put it onto theyre channel. If It goes onto their channel then they look x10 "cooler" to the impressionable youth for showing a video that was originally banned. Everyone wins, right? No, some youth starts copying the stuff in the video(red hair dye etc) and ends up getting beaten or killed.

    • Anonymous

      Bowski suck a big dick and choke on the jizz ya bastard!! Untrue to the culture?! Then whats true you stupid turd?! Explain that please....

  • dmize-one

    i remember they did that with one blood at first... i havent heard this track yet though... has anybody heard this yet?? (is it any good??)

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    I wonder if MuchMusic Will play it? or much vibe the channel questions qestions. && looking forward to seeing it

  • wc2011

    fuck MTV and BET!!! I don't even really watch BET so it doesn't really matter cuz I was planning to watch it online uncensored!!! the only way to truly watch a real hip hop video. haha!!!

  • Anonymous

    funny thing is these 2 clowns are fake bloods and aint ever hurt a fly in they life!! game is so fake it aint funny n its been exposed almost worse than ricky ross

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