Royce Da 5'9" Talks Eminem's OCD, "Delusional" Canibus, And Writing For Dr. Dre's Detox

Exclusive: Royce discusses his EP with Eminem, if he'll respond to Canibus' attacks, and how much his pen has been put to work recently for Dr. Dre.

Royce Da 5’9” refuses to accept the credibility of Canibus’ claim - via statement released by the enigmatic emcee’s management exclusively to HipHopDX in early April - that offensive and confrontational tweets that began being sent to @TheRealRoyce59 from @Poetlaurete8 in March were not written by ‘Bis, but by someone posing as one-half of The Undergods.    

“And then he made two diss records about me,” explained Royce of his doubts to DX last Thursday (May 5th). “Don’t believe nothin’ Canibus says, man. That dude, he’s delusional.”

The confounding contradiction of apologizing for attacking the ally of Canibus’ longtime nemesis, Eminem, via Twitter, and then proceeding to call him a “moist buttwipe” in song has left the recipient of those remarks apathetic.

“What am I supposed to do, write a record?,” asked Royce rhetorically. “What he’s doing don’t even motivate me. He’s not even motivating me to find time to respond.”

While @TheRealRoyce59 and @Poetlaurete8 continue to exchange insults via Twitter, an arguably more newsworthy tweet last week from Royce about assaulting a DJ Premier beat failed to grab the attention of gossipmongers.

“It was more ‘Hip Hop,’” replied Royce when asked if the sound of that Preemo production is more in the vein of the dramatic “Shake This” or the hypnotic “Hip Hop.” “It’s just one of those braggadocio songs. That’s what the beat was telling me to do. So I went in there and just got lyrical, didn’t talk about anything in particular, just random punch lines. It’s classic Hip Hop, Royce and Preem shit.”   

The currently untitled Premier track will appear on Royce’s forthcoming new solo effort, Success is Certain, having already received the seal of approval from a powerful consigliore.

“[Eminem] loved that beat that Preem just sent me,” Royce revealed. “I played it for him yesterday.”   

But will 5’9” satisfy the cravings of Hip Hop heads worldwide by having Slim Shady fill in the still open third verse to that loved Preemo beat?

“Em is like – he’s in the studio right now messing with the mixes [for the Bad Meets Evil EP],” replied Royce. “Like, he’ll come in everyday and find something wrong with a mix. So he’s in OCD mode right now. I won’t be able to get him to rap for at least another month. And I gotta finish my album and turn it in. So, probably not for this album, maybe sometime in the future.”

Soon, fans of the Bad Meets Evil duo will be able to feed their need for relentless rhyming from Royce and Eminem together when the 9-song EP, Hell: The Sequel, arrives in stores and online June 14th.

The EP now has an official first single, “Fast Lane,”   but per Royce, the project will be released sans two previously leaked tracks, “Echo” and “Living Proof.”

“I love those records,” he noted, “but we wanted it to be an EP and not an LP so obviously something had to get cut.”

And why an EP and not an LP?

“Because we didn’t start with any kind of a plan,” replied Royce. “Normally, if you gonna do an LP where Em is involved, you start with a plan and then you go in and you do records. This didn’t come together like that; it just happened naturally. We just started cuttin’ songs, just to be working with each other again, with no intent in mind. We didn’t even know we were gonna do that many songs, so at around five or six songs, we lookin’ like, ‘Yo, man, we got these records, I think we should do something with ‘em.’ That’s when we decided, ‘You know what? We can just do this as Bad Meets Evil and just make it an EP.’”

“We certainly didn’t have enough time to set up to make it an album,” he added. “We don’t want people to think that it’s that type of release, because it’s not. We went in there and had fun. And we just gonna see what happens. We just want people to hear it.”

The buying public will have to be satisfied with the nine songs they hear, as there are no current plans to record the first full-length Bad Meets Evil project.

“Nah, we never discussed nothin’ like that,” revealed Royce. “The main focus really is Slaughterhouse. So we gonna get this [Bad Meets Evil EP] out and use it as a springboard for the group. That’s the main thing that everybody over here [at Shady Records] is excited about doing. [But], until we finish that, and another solo album from me, and only the good lord knows if Marshall’s gonna go do another solo album for himself, I mean, who knows what could happen in the future. We don’t know, but we definitely haven’t discussed it.”   

Tentatively due only a month-and-a-half after the release of his EP with Eminem, Success is Certain - featuring its Em-assisted lead single, “Writer’s Block”   is slated to drop on July 26th via Gracie Productions/The Orchard.

“That’s my last independent album,” noted Royce. “And [then] I’m a free agent. So, after I put that out, I’ma start cuttin’ randomly, and, you know, hopefully I can find a home.”

Three DJ Premier produced tracks were included on Royce’s previous solo album, Street Hop, but the aforementioned untitled Preemo production will mark the sole Premier contribution to Success is Certain. The bulk of the album’s beat-work was handled by Denaun Porter (5 songs), along with contributions from Nottz, Streetrunner (2 songs), The Futuristics, and Alchemist (“I Ain’t Comin’ Down”).

“It’s nothin’ like Street Hop,” Royce revealed of the LP’s direction. “Street Hop was just beats and rhymes. This album, it’s called Success is Certain, and it’s basically the [opposing] album to Death is Certain. ‘Cause in theory, I feel like I’m in the exact opposite position in my career that I was in at that time. And that’s all I could think to rap about back then because of what I was going through. So now, I feel a little more successful, so I’m kinda rappin’ about that. The album is speaking on triumph, overcoming adversity, defying the odds, and just talking about success. And, speaking on everything that I went through to get to this point.”

As for the sound of Success: “It’s got the same darkness as Death is Certain,” he explained. “But the content is brighter. No Pop beats.”

Some big-time beats will likely be heard on the forthcoming Shady Records debut of Royce’s  Slaughterhouse crew, as the fearsome foursome has already received heatrocks from Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz, Boi-1da, and veteran Bay Area-based beatmaker, Rick Rock.

“It’s gonna be everything that the last album wasn’t,” said Royce of the project with six to seven songs currently in the can. “Like, having to do that album in six days, and now having all the time in the world to do it, and then the budget has been [bigger] and being able to work with more producers…The element that Joey brings to the group, I don’t think that element was felt enough on the last album. I think it’s just gonna be more input from all of us. I think every individual in the group brings something special and different, so I want people to feel all four elements. ‘Cause a lot of people was like, ‘Damn, man, you going first on all the songs.’ You not gonna hear that this album, everything is gonna be spread around and it’s gonna be balanced and it’s gonna be … a monster. Quote me as saying it’s gonna be a monster, not that the album is called Monster. [Laughs]”

Jokingly referring to erroneous reports regarding the title of the Slaughterhouse project, Royce is now attempting to more carefully manage what information he reveals to the press. And so 5’9” is carefully cryptic when asked about a previous revelation he made to Vibe about the existence of a Dr. Dre produced Slaughterhouse track.

“We got a Dr. Dre joint,” he acknowledged, “but we didn’t do it for the album. It’s a song that Em had...We did verses on it, but we didn’t do it for the album. We just did it. We still trying to figure out what we gonna do with it. Maybe we might leak it; maybe we might use it for the album. It exists, that’s all I know.”

Royce did more openly oblige HipHopDX’s request for intel on another Dr. Dre related matter: How much has Royce’s pen been put to work for Detox?

“I did a few things,” he replied. “I laid down a few ideas. I don’t know what Dre’s using, because he has so much stuff. And its basically gonna be whatever direction that he decides that he’s gonna go. But, yeah, he reached out to me and I did a few things. I didn’t write like a whole bunch of shit, but I did some things. I did what he asked me to do.”

If Royce’s rhymes are recited for the Detox project, it will mark a reunion of sorts between the Detroit spitter and southern California super-producer. After Royce penned the string-laden dedication to Dr. Dre’s deceased brother for 2001, “The Message,” the ghostwriter’s manager reportedly told Vibe magazine during an interview, “I’ve seen Em sit Dre down like a pupil and coach him on rhymes.” That comment allegedly infuriated the good doctor.  

“Me and Dre never had a problem with each other,” replied Royce when asked if he had to converse with Dre to smoothe over any lingering issues before resuming their working relationship. “That’s what people fail to realize. Me and Dre never fell out. Me and Em, we had a falling out. Me and Dre never fell out. We never had a problem with each other – no words, nothing. I think people confused the comment that [my manager] Kino got accused of making and Dre’s reaction to Kino; I think they confused that with me and Dre having a problem. If a grown man said something, or he’s accused of saying something, that a grown man doesn’t like, he has a right to react how he wants to react. If he decides, Alright, I’m not fuckin’ with him though, then that’s that. It is what it is. But me and Dre, it’s always been love. I’ve seen him since that, even when me and Em wasn’t really talking like that, and he showed me love. So, nah, we ain’t have nothin’ to talk about.”   

And if there is ever anything touchy to talk about with the Aftermath Entertainment founder, Royce is well aware that he is no longer dealing with the same person seen taking a potato chip bag to the head in the insert to the 2001 album.

“Yeah, Dre’ll probably beat me to death,” he jokingly replied when asked about avoiding angering the producer and his Incredible Hulk physique. “I’ma go ahead and stay away from pissin’ him off. He don’t even look like he lifts weights no more; he look like he goes in the gym and just eats the weights.”


  • Anonymous

    Canibus is the definition of a dickrider, never here his name anywhere till another name comes out his mouth

  • Jevgenijs Belanins

    Nice song, i like it! =))

  • Rome Diggz

    haha its funny how yall fight over who better an this an that.. stfu everybody got there own opinion, no sence in bitchin and IN MY OPINION, Canibus is more lyrical then Em but Canibus can't write hits like Em do cuz everybody likes dumb'd down music these days.. take Rebecca Black for instance she has no talent PERIOD. but her parents have money so therefore she CAN make music and have yall dumb shits listen to it haha damn shame but just DO YOU who gives a fuck about the next person.

    • G.

      As someone who has a strong collegiate physics and math background I'd have to disagree and say Canibus is not very lyrical. His content is pretty shitty and it's clear he doesn't know more of the astronomical shit he spits than an average person. I think Em is way beyond Canibus in lyrics and hits. Canibus has to be one of the most overrated rappers of all time, as well as royce.

  • Jace

    Damn, all three albums ( Success is Certain, Bad meets Evil, and Slaughterhouse album for you dumb fucks) gonna be a good look for Royce and hip hop in general. Hopefully it slowly but surely deaden this crap rap created by Solja boy, gucci mane, and waka flocka faggot

  • Anonymous

    Royce's real thoughts on writing for detox: "it was a complete waste of time and more than half the stuff i wrote won't be used or will probably be delivered by Dr.Dre poorly. I couldve used some of the lines I wrote for my own material then again i didn't try writing anything particuarly good. By the way this guy is one of the main reasons I started beefing with Eminem remember?"

    • dac

      "By the way this guy is one of the main reasons I started beefing with Eminem remember?" - no its not you god damn fool

  • Mike Leezy

    I can't wait till Royce and Em's EP drop...The songs I've heard already are CRAZY!!!!

  • DKUTA thats all ive got to say

  • truth

    Elzhi phonte ras kass and casual would be a better group than slaughterhouse because they lack concepts

  • detox

    i always wondered if some of dres shit was ghost written, sounds like detox will be em n royce joints with dre spittin their shit WACK!!!

    • jace

      Noooo, all of dre's shit is ghostwritten he's not a rapper dumbass he's a producer. Ice cube, snoop, em, royce, a crooked i all wrote for him.

    • dre day

      if you do your homework you'll find that most of dres stuff is ghost written by someone else!!

  • its about time

    Eminem is finally NOT whinning anymore, idk about Royce yet but im feeling eminems new shit its dope!!!


    GET OVER 1,000,000 YOUTUBEVIEWS flameviewer .blogspot. com

  • Michael Knorr

    None of Shady mc's can mess with CANIBUS da lyrical anylist!!!

  • j !!! real hip hop !!! hip hop lives forever !!!


    canibus is a better rapper thats it . royce da 5'9 is a non factor his glitter bandana ended his career BOOM

  • itchTHEscratch

    lol why are all canibus fans on his dick so much? gonna hurt the man.. ya'll act like this is some shit you're involved with personally.. silly cats

  • masta ace

    royce used to be so sick, now he's just a mainstream dickrider. startin beef on twitter...smh how gay is that shit canibus needs to smoke this nigga

  • sha7




  • Anonymous

    Royce is sooooo dickriding Eminem because of Em and Canibus's beef. Royce and Eminem were also beefing a while back but Royce wasn't even relevant. The only way Royce can keep his name is if Eminem vouches for him.

    • Anonymous

      Royce does nothin but dick ride eminem hes a fuckin groupie n you must be new to Crooked I music coz he cant battle for shit his past disses where straight garbage

    • for real?

      you serious man? royce is a fucking dope as lyricist, out of all of slaughterhouse he is the best battle rapper, sided with crooked, they would dismantle canibus, royce aint dick riding, just coz he given ups to his friend, damn

  • truth

    HRSMN>Slaughter House

  • truth

    joyce 5 9 is wack hope he dont fuck up elzhis elmatic

  • Nico 3

    Royce is in a win win situation right now. Get the Em EP out. Then his album. Then Slaughterhouse's album. 3 paydays compared to Canibus's what, one? If that.

    • jaydub

      Canibus is releasing 5 albums this year: lyrical law which contains 2 albums The Undergodz with himself and Keith Murray The Horsemen project and Rip the Jacker 2011 And just for you commercial cats, canibus always charts on soundscan.

  • guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Anonymous

    Uh Royce, I think you forgot some points in your explanation there... Shortly after you began arguing with this fake account, didn't you "threaten" - on twitter - to do the HRSMN/SH collab with out Canibus? Talk about trying to break up crews... Didn't you accuse Canibus of the same thing when "Air Strike" dropped (where you are not even referenced)? Tell the truth.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You pathetic blind pawns! This EP is nothing but a reason for the higher ups to use Eminem and Royce as mere puppets! They want to brainwash you all as they have sold their souls to the dark society of evil underworld demon shepard slaves! There is cold hard evidence to this! First, see the that picture! What looks like a Jesus piece on Eminem is actually a small gem symbolizing his worship for the evil space pirate demon monger, Fagetazzwhyteboi! In the interview, Royce says "We got a Dr. Dre joint." By this he means him and Eminem have sacrificed Dre to the the ancient spirit of the devil, Roysuxdik Puhzyazznikka! My flawless research and my perfect logic can not be denied! Can you see now, you hopeless sheep? WAKE UP!

  • Angel

    "Royce is well aware that he is no longer dealing with the same person seen taking a potato chip bag to the head in the insert to the 2001 album." What a random thing to put in this interview. I had to go back to the album to see for my self. I didn't know it was him.

  • 100

    DETOX- WACK RECOVERY- WACK BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT- WACK Mainstream rap is pop music period. Rhianna making better music than these lames.


    “I’ma go ahead and stay away from pissin’ him off. He don’t even look like he lifts weights no more; he look like he goes in the gym and just eats the weights.” ---------------------------------- HAHA YO THAT WAS FUNNY FROM ROYCE, THAT NIGGA DRE LOOKS LIKE HE COULD BENCH THE WHOLE OF SLAUGHTERHOUSE, EM & YELAWOLF TOGETHER

  • Marc Wilcox

    That Fast Lane track go hard...Lyircally i don't think there are many rappers out there that are on the level of Em and Royce...Everyone always on Wayne and Drake but forget that they can easily get ripped to pieces when it comes to real lyricism which why i still hype up LL Cool J, even though he puts time into acting he can still come back to rap and destroy fools...just like he did Cannibus, Em did the same thing too...the only coming up rappers that in my opinion could match the level of Slaughter House and Em would be Cory Gunz(listen to his On Da Spot Freestyle on Youtube) and thats before Young Money, Yelawolf,and i hate to say but Tyler The Creator...

    • Anonymous

      Hdey Brian em is only good for a chrrsey pop rapper stop lying to yaself because hes white you delusional bum. WTF do you know about upcoming mcs

    • Marc Wilcox

      you 2 are idiots read what i wrote again im not comparing Cory Gunz to Em im talking about his lyrical thought process is up there with Em im not he better because he clearly is a battle yea Em would go off on Gunz, this is why i said GO ON YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO HIS ON DA SPOT FREESTYLE and you will understand what im sayin...whoever annonymous is you need to stay annonymous if thats all you got to say...

    • Bryan Moore

      Don't be comparing Cory Gunz to Eminem... There isn't one "up and coming" rapper who can compare to him. Only the best of the best can compare.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously must not listen to much outside the radio dial.

  • iwillfuckyouup

    I will battle royce or any of those slaughterhouse losers. MATTA FACT any of you losers up here too. I run this shit pussies. Royce is a fag, joe buddens gets him off to his weird fetishes, joell is whatever, and crooked is cool for the most part. And fuck Eminem. White ass cracka I will outrhyme his ass any day. What happened to the old slim shady? The old "You couldnt make the fans throw up their hands if they swallowed their fists"? Now its this watered down hip pop faggot bullshit. He spent too much time hanging with lil wayne.

  • Devon Malik Scott


  • BobMarley420

    This aint Ordinary Bruh! - MoneyMusic410COM

  • AnonymousUser

    I bet Em got that music OCD issue from Dre. Haha. We all know he that perfectionist type. Can't wait to hear that EP, btw. Em and Royce on fire, they need to push that shit out before it get cold. Not a mindless Stan either, just sayin'. Let's hear some new shit, Recovery losin' some of its heat right now for me.

  • rob

    YESS Royce is ill, his flow is one of the best ive ever heard, and Shady, ALWAYS killin it, Em is at the top of his game, and is still rippin niggaz, Cant wait to hear Em's new work! #Team Shady check me outt pleaseee

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Oh, and p.s...Tupac, Biggie & Eminem suck Lil B's amazing balls! Swag!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY Royce aka Moist Asswipe is a faggity fag fag whose scared to death of Canibus! PUSSY!! Slaighterhause is a buncha pussy cat rappers! Lil B Tha BasedGod DISSED Joe Budden straight up and Joe didnt respond cuz hes a FAG! LIL B will OWN these PUSSY BAGS Any Day All DAY! "IM GAY" album coming soon! Omg! Swag! Swag!

    • Michael George Kenny Jr

      Love your vocab man. "a faggity fag fag" That one is clever? Did Lil B email you that or did Cannibus ask for that one for his next track?

    • vg

      Royce dissed Canibus almost a year ago, and Bis never responded. Takes him a year to reply? he took that long the diss should've been FIRE. if you remember Lil B came out right away and apologized for the diss track on Buddens

  • Be real

    Slaughterhouse is NERD music. It's not even good hip-hop, they spit NONSENSE! Eminem IS NOT dope any longer and if you're a real fan of hip-hop or Eminem you know that's the truth. Stop making excuses for these dudes.

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    lol royce on dre- he look like he goes in the gym and just eats the weights

  • nick


  • Papa Est Faundez

    reading nuff haters on this fuckin website get the fuck outta here go suck a cock stop hating enjoy the fuckin shit u fuck ups

  • Eyes

    Looks like the other members of Slaughterhouse will be left out..

  • Jess Devitt

    its been several years since royce spit anything but punchlines or gun threats. yawn.

  • mai norton,

    These niggaz wanna be elvis an shit like Jay and eminem, hip hop is going down the drain

  • born!/bornmusic

  • Anonymous

    canibus was never the type to start shit...even the beef with cool j was a misunderstanding

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Man Fuk all these niggas, yall always be talkin bout how dese niggas savin hip hop, man non dis shit positive. All dey do is beef n shit. Lil B stay positive and very based. Swag. SMh at dis witeboi em, dey shoulda neva let white folk into hip hop

    • Anonymous

      wow dude expresses his opinion and you try to shit on his family. real reasonable reaction. what a petty ass life you must live

    • bballslim42

      Fuck the choppas, get the clippers and cut that nappy-ass hair son. And your daddy can eat a dick you ugly motherfucka.

    • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

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    • Anonymous

      Anyone who has their middle name as SupaSwag is probably retarted. Don't listen to this chump. He just wants attention because his Pops never went to watch him at his ballet recitals as a child.

    • Anonymous

      Its all about holding down hip hop and bringing it to the cipher!!

    • heeeyyyyy

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  • lol

    Royce is only slightly relevent (on blogs) because he deepthroated eminems white cock, pussy emo buddens, fat food corny rapping joell and the only good member of slaughterhouse crooked i are just sliding on the cum stain. Joe/Royce tweets, Canibus makes records. WHOS HIP HOP?

  • war22

    the so called Can I Bitch fans aint even real fans...they never heard a track from him...thats why his sales will stay low...90% of these dudes eating shit like Canibus will destroy Royce will go out and buy Slaughterhouse and Bad Meets Evil album right as it come out...

    • Anonymous

      ignot, everthing you just said isn't true; royce's albums don't chart high but they chart, but canibus hasnt had an album chart in almost 10 years; canibus is goin down in hip hop history as a punchline, a battle rapper who made shit songs

    • Anonymous

      Royce is known to me, for his tracks that he does with premo. Boom is one example of a great track of the two, in fact probably the best example. BUT, I dunno Royce isn't my favorite or anything like that, I find him corny at times. And as for Canibus he has some gems in his catalogue, but some of his tracks are annoying and unrelatable for me at least. So it comes down to preference. And if you like hip hop, you should know both of these dudes. and most likely you will like songs from both as well.

    • ignot

      canibus has sold WAAAAAY more records than royce. canibus last albums, OUTSOLD royces last albums. street hop sold 4,000 copies and barely charted. bis had 2 albums that charted last year. his fanbase is loyal. he hasnt been on a major in over 10 years, and niggas still cop his albums and go to his shows. he was on songs with big pun when you were playing with your binky. if eminem were to cosign canibus, hed sell more records than royce being cosigned by eminem. canibus is a way bigger star and a way bigger name in hip hop history. royce is famous for being ems boy. canibus is famous for battling LL right out the gate. they dont compare. royce battles on twitter bis battles on wax.

  • Loch Last Flip

    Yall do know Royce already dissed Canibus right?Canibus' disses were wack and Royce is now in a more higher position to where dissing Canibus would help Canibus.Royce has always taken to niggas so to call him pussy is crazy.can't wait for what they do over there

  • slaughterhouse is scared

    royce is a fuckin pussy. all that gun talk. ill murder canibus talk. nothin but hollow threats. nigga is bitch made. canibus dont motivate you to respond? well the nigga out here shitting on you and your team, and you got nothing to say. when niggas allow niggas to pop shit with no recourse, we call those niggas pussy. stay close to em royce, sounds like you cant stand on your own 2 feet. between needing slaughterhouse and needing em, hes looking real needy and real weak right now. slaughterhouse battles on twitter. dont trust anything canibus says? nigga you were dissing d12 and marshall a cpl years ago, youre the 2 face. bis been going hard for self for years.

    • westsiayde

      yeah i agree with @slaughterhouse is scared royce always been a hoe even when em was riding with proof he got mad like a hoe and left,he say he dont respond but he on twitter going back and forth some bitch shit only real nikka from slaughter house is CROOKED I

    • slaughterhouse is scared

      you weenies are from the era where you ignore disses cuz you think your above it. you think ignoring disrespect is cool. well if a pimp gets shit on by some street level bum, you think hes gonna let that slide? the answer is no. plus canibus sells more records than royce. canibus is a bigger part of hip hop history than royce. royce started the beef with canibus. know he shouldnt entertain the disses. royce was cool going back n forth with a fake account on twitter all day. but the second a diss is recorded, hes above it. fuckin PUSSY. battle rapper thats scared to battle. this nigga has recorded disses to MISTAH FAB and d12. but bis isnt worth his time? HAHAHA im a royce fan but get his dick out your mouth. he shot himself in the foot. fans of both bis and royce, know royce is acting like a bitch. man up and record a track, or take the L royce. cuz SOME response is better than NO response.

    • Hmm

      Is Royce supposed to respond to every has been that's trying to get some cheap heat? No. Canibus has been a non-factor for years now and by going after Slaughterhouse he's only trying to re-establish himself. If Royce takes the time to write a song AFTER one line from Bis, he's wasting his time. I'm sure Joe Buddens will have something to say anyways. If Canibus writes an entire diss track that actually has people talking,then Royce should respond. Simple as that. Canibus is a crab nigga.

    • dmize-one

      lmao, get off bis dick.. hes "alright".. and them wack ass disses as royce arent WORTH responding to from royces point of view.... hed just be helpin canibus promote... watch canibus fall back to the wayside when they dont respond...

  • who shot ya from rap radar

    cannibus butt raped joey wit a sledgehammer sideways. and royce is eminems butt wipe. thats what it looks like. new found respect for bus

  • Rachael Misek

    That is very sad when someone diss's you and they can't even get upset to diss you back. really weak. So basically Eminem is a baby wipe huh? That's lame. lol Anger is a motivator to change. Obviously, Royce does not want to change Cannibus he just wants us to know "Do not listen" lol kind of like kindergarten and putting your hands over your its all better ;)

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