Louisiana To Auction Off Lil Boosie's Home

While Boosie sits in jail awaiting the word on his murder charges, the state selling his home after failing to meet payments.

Lil Boosie has been in jail since June 2010 after being formally indicted for a murder case. While he awaits his trial, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office is planning on selling his abode after he failed to pay a writ imposed on the home.

Boosie, whose real name is Torence I. Hatch, is up against Flagstar Bank in the auction of his Louisiana residence. According to a police filing, Boosie balked on meeting a $375,270.74 writ that was imposed on the plot on January 20, 2011.

The residence, located on Centurion Place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be put up for auction on June 29, 2011, though no minimum bid has been set as the home is waiting appraisal. 

The "Done It All" rapper is currently serving time in prison in anticipation of a murder trial. He was accused of paying for a man named Terry Boyd killed, and faces the death penalty.

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  • yungn

    Hollup Mayne all you bustaz on herre tawkin bad about Boosie is probably a justin bieber fan....getchall lame asses outta herre.....free hatch and when he get home The whole TRILL FAM of BOSSES gone shit on all u hatin ass lames.....................

  • yungn

    when he get out he got all of Texas to live in cause we love boosie.....free dat Man....

  • Anonymous

    Free Bossie Badazz bruh b spitin g shit

  • Anonymous

    It's reasons like this that the thug-mafia-real-street-gangsta-nigga mentality needs to be erased. You can represent yourself as a strong man without acting like your a super criminal. Just live people.

  • hellrazor

    more proof that most southern rappers are complete fools. fuck him.

  • Nico 3

    Guess that leaves Webbie to now carry the torch for the Trill family of convicts.

  • BigDawg

    Damn! He could come home every night to a crib he owns, he's got a mortgage, whether that's baller status, I'll leave for others on the board, but he was able to walk into a bank and get a mortgage, he could eat good every night, drink good every night, I'm sure a few floosies, why couldn't dude and others like him just enjoy life man? WHY SCREW THAT UP?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah because he's automatically guilty because he is being ACUSED of this shit. That's like me sayin "Astound payed this dude to kill that dude and I have the information to prove it" Booom!...Your where lil boosie is and just as much of a scumbag for it, whether you did it or not, as him.

    • Anonymous


    • Astound

      Hatch pleaded guilty to drug and gun charges after deputies confiscated marijuana and a gun from his car. Hatch is currently in jail for violating his probation in November for leaving his house, on more than one occasion, while sentenced to home confinement. Don't act like this dude is a Saint...

  • Astound

    Another dumbass off the streets...He probbaly spent all his money on money, hoes and clothes and didn't have a dime in the bank...No sympathy here!


    damn booosie keep ya head up homie fuck all below who dont got shit to say but dumb shit yo fools take this music shit to the heart but cant rap for shit


      joe6 is @work geting money so being like joe is not that badd


      from that reply you dont have a clue to what im talking about who said anything about knowin who he is

    • Anonymous

      because we dont know who the fuck this country ass dude is means we cant rap? Ok, I know who he is.. Can I rap now? Here's a quick rap for your backwater ass.. "dont be a fool, stay in school, or you'll sound like joe6pack, damn..that nigga aint cool".

  • Anonymous

    who in the hell is lil boosie? Is he the cousin of one of the editors of this website or something?

    • Anonymous

      i heard his tunes before but i wish i could say i hadnt

    • skoalbilly

      Lil' Boosie is actually a very well known rapper. He has done many songs with UGK and frequently has/had Bun B and Pimp C featured on tracks as well as being featured on the UGK 4 Life CD. Swerve a single from Boosie and Webbie was featured in Hustle and Flow. If you are not knowledgeable about the man's music that is one thing, but to belittle his career because you personally have never heard of him is entirely different. In fact, your ignorance of Lil' Boosie is more of an indictment of you than it is him. Free Boosie.

    • Anonymous

      I get out plenty actually, and travel a lot and I've never heard of this dude... I rap too, have you ever heard of me? If not, you need to get out more... See how dumb that sounds? Beat it kid.

    • Atl2Trill

      Naw. He's a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You need to get out more.

  • Additional Distress

    i have no opinion on this one

  • Head up my ass

    Who the fuck is Lil Boosie? Am I missing something here?

  • wtf

    all this big money talk that these rappers talking about and you still got payments. what part of the game is that.

    • wtf

      @ luke, do you know how stupid you sound. big dog status and you still making payments. have you ever heard the saying that if you cant pay cash then you cant afford it. im sure your just a big fan of him so you gonna take up for him no matter what he do but use your brain.

    • Cage

      Big dog status is not being able to afford your house?? I might as well stay at lil dog status then...

    • luke

      man i think everybody should keep to them selfs and let boosie do him. he on big dog status he know whats goin on and what he lookin at and what his outcome could be. so all yall talkin shit ....shut that shit up


    boosie u done fucked up making them songs talkin bout DA can suck your dick ,and how u had nikkaz drop nikkaz last summer,they used all that shit against u in courtroom ,u dry snitched on ur self dawg fucked up big time now u got a lot of time to think about how u f up

    • Anonymous

      rap snitches tellin all they bidness sit in the court and be they own star witness

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Big Boi talked about that same shit on his latest album too. Mcs/rappers need to know that if youre really doing dirt then dont talk about it in a damn record.

    • Fish

      it if he gets the death penalty. Hopefully the charges arent true, but he did himself no favours with the thing she was sayin in his songs in the last few years. Now I know what MF Doom is talkin about - self snitchin.

  • Anonymous

    too bad his kids gonna lose they home now, they didnt hurt anybody

  • bosox77

    free Boosie. Hillar Moore should be in jail he aint nothin but a racist waste of human life

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