Nas Wins National Sports Emmy For Work On Liberian War Documentary

Nasty Nas scores an award for his dramatic documentary about the Liberian civil war.

Nas has another trophy to add to his collection. The Queensbridge, New York rapper was awarded the National Sports Emmy for the ESPN documentary Survival 1, joining Jay-Z as one of the recent hip-hop elite to score one of the prestigious accolades.

The flick follows “two amputee victims of the Liberian civil war who form a soccer team and eventually became champions.” Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, directed and scored the film, which debuted on the sports channel in May 2010. 

He was elated in his response to the win. “After all these years of making music, I am honored to have this be the first award I ever won of this magnitude,” he said. “An Emmy before a Grammy. Crazy [bleep]!” 

Watch the trailer forSurvival 1 below.

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  • gasoline

    damn, didn't even know about this, Nas is really trying to highlight plight of Africa, good stuff Nas, much love from Kenya, waiting for the distant relatives tour to get to Africa...

  • Anonymous

    crazy, nas makes big moves but keeps it low key. i was surprised to learn he also helped to executive produce Tyson.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Making great moves and keeping it low-key? That deserves respect. On top of that, he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  • SuperGucciRap

    I just put my phone on vibrate and stuck it up my ass for when Gucci calls me! It's Gucci Time!

  • L-Boogie

    Lol I bet SuperGucciRap isn't even a Gucci fan, the same goes for the Lil B troll on this site to lol.

  • L-Boogie

    Yeah I been peepin them gay ass comments by SuperGucciRap posting under my name lol. Damn son if Gucci Mane came in a cup you'd prolly drink it! Esco Let's Go!!!!!!!

  • Garrett Perkins

    Nas music says it all.

  • Pirate7X

    I'm proud of Nas for this project.

  • Wolfman

    Lemme stay on topic. Ups to Nas for recognizing bigger problems and documenting a story about turning negatives into positives.

  • Anonymous

    If Tupac is not your number 1 of all time I dont respect your list... Tupac defined Hip Hop and was its greatest ambassador. He was not just an ambassador for hip hop but for a generation of young black males and those young black males havent had a voice since and we've essentially lost a generation.

    • 2dope

      Islam is not a religion of peace and unity. I advise everyone to read the Quran or research it before listening to the "wise" men of this world who preach that is about peace and unity. It's a religion of hatred and killing of non-believers. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

    • gaetarick

      I do respect Tupac but he is the most overrated muthafucka in the Hip Hop game. His rhymes were mediocre and his death row attitude put a sour face on Hip Hop.

    • Jigsbig

      Wrong. Both of you. Wolfman don't speak on black relations please because all it does is expose your ignorance. The lie that Malcolm X "learned that Islam was about peace and unity" is a common slide in history so that white people can lead black people to being submissive and non rebellious. Malcolm never gave up his teachings in the Nation of Islam. He did however add to those teachings that he learned....

    • Wolfman

      illy... you're as dumb as the rest of them. Our people? You clearly never read the autoobiography of Malcolm X. In his later years, he discovers that the teachings of the Islamic faith differ greatly from his prior teachings, and learns that it's about peace and unity. He didn't learn this until a year prior to his death, so much of what you know about Malcolm X is someone even he wouldn't approve of later in his life. And, I'm white. Fucktard.

    • illy

      Tupac is exactly what is wrong with a couple of books and still don't know shit. You can have knowledge but with out understanding of that knowledge and applying it in a wise manner, you're a fucking fool. Malcolm X was the voice of our people.......I mean dumb niggas should of been listening to. Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West spits it too.

    • Jesus

      im sorry did you take offense? im sorry you love actors. hang on. i bet Markie Mark is your second fave right? lol stfu i dont need your respect

  • SuperGucciRap


  • L-Boogie

    Guess what? Me and ATL2Trill got married in New York today and Nas came to perform in our marriage.

  • naseef

    Great to hear. I hope we can hear a new album soon. Nas is Top 3 Dead Or alive no doubt! 1.Tupac 2.Nas 3.Jay Z

    • Anonymous

      I understand jay has created some good hip hop, but as a rapper, purely and simply he is no where near the top.

    • HipHop4Lyfe

      Plagiarists, Entertainers that use Ghost Writers and Businessmen should not be in any true Hip-Hop heads top anything. Let the artist that love their art decide that list and the listeners just say what they like to listen to. As a listener that grew up appreciating Hip-Hop music in the Golden Era. I find it hard to believe when anyone put Jay-Z at the top of any list except for Forbes.

    • HipHop4Lyfe

      Jay-Z should'nt even be on the list.

    • Anonymous

      biggie over jay anyday

    • Jesus

      hmm atleast your list doesnt consist of Biggie. i wouldnt consider biggie my top 10. and tupac not my top 5

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