Mobb Deep Hits The Studio With Lady Luck

Prodigy, Havoc and Lady Luck lay down their verses for a forthcoming collaboration.

A recently reunited Mobb Deep is making some beautiful music with Lady Luck. Prodigy and Havoc recently hit the lab with the Englewood, New Jersey rapstress to cook up a soul-inspired song, which could end up on the duo’s reunion LP.

In a recently released clip, Luck enters the booth first, spitting gruff rhymes about hurting the competition and revealing tidbit about her sexuality. “Stallions ride with it, stallions in the engine / Stylin’ with a vengeance on them hatin’ ass bitches / Keep me in the vision, ho, watch how I do this / On the tour to right now, stay on some new shit / Miss Exclusive, hotter than acoustic / Drunk at the venue, but on point like a pencil / My sexual preference is whatever you into,” she raps.

A recently liberated Prodigy is next to take the reigns, spitting about his three-year bid behind bars. “I did my crime, did my time, I’m gone / Off to the top like a rocket ship / And it’s off with your top if you poppin’ shit / I got billionaire friends, millionaire girls / Got the blocks on, I got the whole world,” he rhymes while looking at his notepad.

Havoc is the last up at bat, closing out the hearty tune. Watch the trio get busy in the studio below.

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  • Anonymous

    Im surprised Mobb Deep didnt do a collab with that chick from the wild crew the Tamika Swords. But this should be fire with Lady Luck. I thought that Lady Luck would collab with the Tamika Swords.

  • Jesus

    So there P was, with twenty of his homies. standing outside mcdonalds watching Lady Luck and Havoc eat lunch, the Havoc saw P and ditched out the back, and Lady Luck walked up and shook his hand and said "its just music. sorry i rapped better lines" and P says "it's just music". but in his head he thinkin "yo i could whoop this bitches ass right here, yeah shes taller buffer with bigger balls then me and my friends but so what i think i coulda beat up Jay-z and hes only half the man my momma is"

  • Bowski

    In regard to Welcomestrapped's comment, I pray & hope Mobb Deep worked out all their "commercial-appeal" bugs on their "Blood Money" album - singing on hooks & things. That crap broke my heart (lol), & it's safe to say we have Fif to blame for that. This time around they're vets and as a REUNION album they only have themselves to blame, all we can do is hope that they get it right. Now hearing about them wanting to do collabs with the likes of Wacka Flocka and other rappers w/less integrity makes me a lil nervous. Lady Luck USED to be real nice, but she did spit some ole random-ass rhymes, she's definitely better than that. Oh by the way, I honestly still haven't heard a WACK Mobb Deep album. Blood Money was still a hot album aside from a couple of hiccups on it, I'm just saying......

  • aqwerewr

    I have a bad feeling this album is going to be better than infamy but worse than amerikaz nightmare

  • Anonymous

    i want a P and banks collab!!! y yall hatin on lady luck she dope and a vet in the game


    mobb deep better not get on that mainstream rap bullshit following crap . do mobb deep

  • Blanca Negro

    ??? man?...all girlie rappers sound the same voice wise..and.. they are all absolute garbage....

  • Gary Rue

    She's trash.... "Hotter than acoustic" she says. What the hell does that even mean ? Mobb Deep need to focus on putting out an album with themselves not all these collabs. It takes away from the Mobb Mood and we need some retro Mobb sound this year !

  • Saucemoney24

    Lady Luck? I haven't heard from her since like 1999. HAHA.

  • XOrockstarmuzik Fire in my shades

  • guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • T-Boye Doe

    Hav & P need to get their label, "Infamous" back into motion, if this situation is to sign Luck as an artist; then they need to make it happen. They probably have seen her potential from afar & now that she isn't link with any label; it's the right time to scoop her up. The femcee is coming back in full force. Nicki open the flood-gates once again

    • Anonymous

      Nicki is not talking about p@ssy and drugs in her songs. She calmed it down. Don't blame artists, blame fans and radio djs.

    • NY

      Nicki also ruined it by making it seem like the only a female emcee can make it is by sexualizing the lyrics and performances. Fuck Nick Minaj, Fuck Young Money. Real hip hop Mobb Deep looking for Infamous 2

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