Common Speaks On Being A Chicago Bulls Ball Boy, Getting His Demo Played

The Chi-town rapper speaks on his experience bonding with Michael Jordan and getting his demo played for the first time.

Chicago's Common recently reminisced about his time spent as a Chicago Bulls ball boy and about what it was like to have his demo played for the first time. In a recent interview with Time Out Chicago, the emcee, who often represents the Chicago's South Side, talked about what it was like to bond with a basketball player who is widely regarded as the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.

"When I was 11, till maybe 13 [1983—1985 NBA seasons], I was a ball boy for the Chicago Bulls. I came in on a year when they weren't that great, but they had some cool players like Quintin Dailey, Ennis Whatley and Orlando Woolridge. But after a year, a man by the name of Michael Jordan came in."

Chi-City's Com, who recently played an NBA basketball player in Just Wright, also added that Jordan's arrival came accompanied by music. While the rules stated that music wasn't allowed in the locker room, M.J. changed all of that. 

"I will never forget seeing Jordan play a song in the locker room during the first exhibition game and the general manager, Rod Thorn, saying to him he can't play music, that's the rule. But after the second exhibition game they told him he could play whatever he wanted because he was that good. Just to be around that kind of transition, and getting to bond [with] and meet Michael Jordan and all those cats, was obviously one of the best experiences you could ever have in life."

The emcee also spoke on how he fell in love with Hip Hop, remembering the times when his demo first got played on a radio station. 

"A turning point in my life and career was when I started going up to [the University of Chicago’s community radio station] WHPK when I was, like, 15 years old, going on 16. First and foremost, that was where I heard all the hip-hop I was getting. Growing up in Chicago, you weren’t biased to a certain coast; you could just be a hip-hop listener, and they played it all. It was JP Chill, Chilly Q and a guy named K-Ill when I first started going up there. I would ask them could they play my demo tape, and they did.”


  • publicadmin

    Common has experienced humbled beginnings and is a great artist. I look forward to his new album releasing.

  • Andezchicago

  • kennyken

    all that's fine and dandy but is he going to come out with another album...we want music like hogs need slop! lol

  • Si pop

    I heard one time that when this nigga was prayin' he was on his knee's praying and his gf farted and he snatched off his wave cap quick and said "DAMN bitch! The fuck was that for?"

  • Si pop

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  • Si pop

    This nigga probably does tae bo in the morning and watches beavis and butthead to get his day started.

  • Si pop

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  • Si pop

    When this nigga grips his meat and jerk's off, he busts his nut and probably put his back on the wall, slide down wall until he's sitting down, and then he passes out.

  • Si

    Ol' formal ass nigga...this nigga probably walks into a porno shop with both of his arms behind his back askin' politely which porn he should watch. He'd probably ask the cashier to "break it down" to him in rhymes.

  • Si

    If this nigga got a boner out in public, he'd probably throw himself into a wall to make the boner go away...nigga wouldn't know what to do. Ol' marble head a** nigga.

  • Si

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  • Si

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  • Si

    Common got a milk dud head. Nigga make me wanna eat a pack.

  • F. Rap

    1st time I met common was at navy pier. This had to be like when he was 1-2 albums deep. Me & my homie was on a stroll for hoes. I kno my 'hiphop' right ? so I quickly recognize the relativity van w/ commonsense standing outside of it. My guy was too busy brushing his hair lookin out for females. He did'nt know who com was. Maybe I was the only cat that recognized him because literally no one was around the van except for me & my guy. common standing outside the relativity van sipping a 40 in a brwn bag. I approached him as cool & peaceful as one can be. This prick showed us no love. Would'nt even look my way not once ! Asked him when was his next album dropping he mumbled something looking straight ahead, NO LOVE. I say all that to say I hope you had a better experience w/ former bulls players than I had meeting you !

  • hunkE

    Slim Thug feat. Kanye West & Bun B - In The Streets

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