Odd Future Proclaims "Fuck Lil B!" After Journalist Goes Off-Topic

During a press conference in France, the OF clan also discussed Tyler, The Creator's "Goblin" and "Yonkers."

Odd Future has some dicey words for a journalist who went off-topic. During a press conference in Paris for Tyler, The Creator’s upcoming sophomore album  Goblin, OF member Left Brain lashed out at a journalist for veering from focusing on the group and asking a question about Lil B.

“Fuck Based God, this is an Odd Future press conference. Y’all be talking about other shit. Stay on topic, girl,” he scolded. “It’s Goblin, Tyler, The Creator right here. Fuck Lil B, don’t talk about him.”

The rest of the press conference was more cordial, with group leader Tyler speaking on how he conceptualized the controversial video for his single “Yonkers.” “That wasn’t going to be the first single. And the old ass white dude right there who goes around with us, he was like, ‘You should do this as the first single.’ I was like um, OK. He was like, ‘Think of a video,’” he said. “I was like, how ‘bout I kill myself at the end of the fucking video and I eat a fucking cockroach, how ‘bout that? And we did it. There wasn’t that much thought into it.”

As for his pending sophomore album, he didn’t want to ruin any surprises. “You’ll just have to hear it, because I don’t want to give you any idea of what it’s like,” he continued. “So then when I give you an idea of what it’s like, you go in there expecting something and then when it doesn’t become what you’re expecting, you give a biased opinion of it because you had high hopes for it or low hopes or some shit. So I’d rather you just go in there and listen to it flat, straight out, so you can have an honest opinion.”

Goblin is scheduled to hit stores on May 10th.

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  • Yamaguchi-gumi

    I am of the Yamaguchi-gumi clan. I am from japan. FUCK future and all of those clowns. CAN'T NO BODY FUCK THE BASED GODS BITCH. Commandment number one of basedism.

  • Franklin I DJ FRANK TANl

    This is stupid...i saw the video. There trying to stay on task. it's their interview. their not dissing anyone.

  • noodle

    shame on this lame ass website for trying to start beef!! and shame on that journalist for doing a terrible job tyler was totally in the right...and if you dont know by now when tyler says fuck some one he really dosent mean it in a harsh way i mean the dude says fuck ofwgkta all the time... so wheres the beef?



  • Anonymous

    unknown for how long? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucZDC0qFYXY

  • bklyn dude

    And i know i made a bunch of typos...i really dont give a fuck, this site sucks anyway.

  • bklyndude

    This site is wack. Trying to start beef, when they didnt even really at him. And honestly who gives a fucl about Lil B, for you to even make it the main part of your post. Fuck HipHopDX....fake ass want to be hip hop site...Check out the writers name----really he's hip hop...LOL. I really hate when sites tr to start beef.

  • Anonymous

    If people remember they should have talk to Fatdaddy from the double nickel boys. He has had more of an impact than any of them cats thats down with o.f. Lil B knows thsi info thats why dude went off on the journalist. Because for every cat thats good in the o.f. Fatdaddy and the double nickel boys got a dude thats even better. In two months everybody gonna be bumpin Fatdaddy, Raynard, Pookie, Egert,and Marvin B.K.A. The Double Nickel Boys

  • Yrettab Leba

    Hip-hop DX is over hypeing this...OF wasn't taking shots, they just meant fuck Lil B in the context of the interview, it was an interview about them. This is not news worthy.

  • Nathan

    Why is everyone hating thank god for these kids there entirely original and they do their own thing and no they won't go away in 5 years they will be even bigger since Earl will be out and quit hating on the rape shit there not serious and they arent the first rappers to talk about it I mean fuck Listen to the song "Couch" by earl sweatshirt FREE EARL!!!!

  • RobKlent

    I'm not OF biggest fan but their okay doing what they do. The worst thing any of you could is worry about what they're doing if you don't like them. Music is ridiculously subjective, so just go and find some music you like and you'll be a lot happier.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    I'm down for OF, and I think highly of every artist because they're out there on their grind doing their thing, but...I've heard three of Lil' B's tracks from the new XXL mixtape and that shit was straight garbage. I hope he has something better then what was on there cuz' if not..I declare him the "OJ The Juiceman" of this year.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Andechicago


  • harris89

    Uhhhhh DX must be hurting for hits or something with articles like this...


    yeah be creative , these rap fans or rappers today are lame today . nothing but followers and lil b is gay

  • A.WASH

    Are you rappers looking for a new,fresh sound? http://www.soundclick.com/awash Looking to set yourself apart from what everybody else but still be relevant? http://www.soundclick.com/awash Need to be inspired by the right music backdrop? http://www.soundclick.com/awash

  • Jesus

    woahh Lil' B just fired back with a comment, LIl'B-hellz yeah all you odd future dudes come fuck me, im a pretty bitch.

  • OF

    What the fuck is with this article? Tyler clearly says 'he's cool' at the end. And everyone knows Odd Future is down with Based God.

  • jack johnson

    what a bunch of snobs, its gonna be funny in 5 years when noone gives a fuck about them they'll be begging press to ask them any questions

  • Anonymous

    Yo, this isn't news. They could have asked them about the Rolling Stones and they would have said "Fuck the Rolling Stones" because they don't wanna talk about other artists. Rap websites trying to create nonexistent beef. SMH

  • GirlDicHurt

    Lol, ya'll niggas funny. LIL B THE BASED GOD = G.O.A.T

  • dontgiveafuck.

    i blame all the veterans such as mos def and erykah badu for praising these bitch ass kids because obviously they cant feel themselves anymore !! plus their music is wack as fuck !! let me say it again "WACK AS FUCK !!" i thought hip-hop couldnt get more fucked up than it is right now because of wayne, b.o.b, drake, eminem, joe budden etc but i was wrong ! this is the ultimate fucked up level this genre of music reached !

    • ahahha@!!

      obviously you have good taste in music... joe buttons? lil b made joe buttons look like shit with his diss song..em is a sell out and his music has gone to shit B.O.B USED TO BE GOOD but now he makes pops songs...

    • HOLLOW

      u sound dumb as fuck eminem, drake, bob? lmao they all suck like all other mainstream rappers. lil boosie the only mainstream rapper thats real n beside him the bay area where all the best rap is

    • Louie

      Joe budden??? Joe budden can't rap? Joe budden puts out bad music??? Let me guess, your a backpack fag who thinks lupe fiasco is the greatest ever. Go smoke your penis shaped peace pipe queer.

  • alfytitos

    find his music about raping grandmas enjoyable*

  • alfytitos

    I like some word play they use but overall there music is pointless. Also they be talking mad wreckless like they can just do that like these people are just artists. Watch one of them say something stupid to the wrong person and get beat the shit out of in the club or at concert. I haven't had a chance to DL and listen to goblin yet but Im going to give it a listen im not a hater and I hope tyler can actually makes songs cause he does have some word play but I don't see where his direction of music is going and how anyone can find his mus

  • Michael Zayas

    i just got goblin,its pretty goo so far

  • fareelfareed

    I think 90% of the bloggers in here are aspiring artists themselves..and anytime someone new is introduced niggas get touchy cause they wish it was them in their position..trust me if you were out there doing your thing, you wouldn't give a fuck about any one ''killing'' anything..

    • i think your right bro

      yeah ive got the same feeling alot of these kids are either hype beast back packers or butt hurt lame rappers who wish they had thought of something like this

  • WhyHateChris

    Is it just me or is niggas like this and lil b killing the west coast hip hop scene

    • anon

      get over your self hip hop changes GET WITH IT! the days of being a wanna be thug is over and you just mad and insecure cause you the only fag still saggin your pants wondering where ya niggas went

    • Louie

      West Coast hip hop scene??? What scene you talking about?? The 90's hip hop scene? Muthafucker that shit was over 15 years ago. West coast ain't had a hip-hip scene since Pac died. You want some good 90s west coast hip hop?? Pop your "doggystyle" tape in your 92 Toyota camry, old fuck.

    • Eric

      Are you people fucking kidding me! This is the shit Dr. Dre created! What the fuck do you think NWA is? What the fuck do you think shady is? Dre created shady because dre told him to act crazy bcuz dre always talks crazy. he just told them to do it and Shady took it to the max! and these kids follow shady and dre so they want to take it even further! do you fucks even listen or just create a fuckin opinion out of thin air. Fuckin Ass

    • Anonymous

      Naw, dawg. It isnt just you... you are right to feel like this. The days of dr. dre, snoop (the OLD snoop dogg), nate dogg, ice cube, nwa, spice 1, pac and and all them otha niggas ARE OVER!! its sad, but now a days, its all about the new boys, and niggas like this SMH

  • L0l

    he mad cuz Lil B fucked his bitch then cooked him dinner #swagg

  • Anonymous

    repeal the 13th amendment!

  • saywhaha

    Nobody said nothing when slim shady was doing this annoying ish. They are doing what they want. If it bites them in the end, it bites them. It's funny as a mug to me, though. THE INDUSTRY HAS BEEN PUSHING BS SINCE 1994 Get it right people. If you are a true rap fiend you would know. If you believe in hip hop, then you are only amused. Peace

  • ATL2Trill

    L-Boogie is my boyfriend!

  • nofuture

    Odd future is honestly a complete gimmick and cry for attention. People will debate to the death saying these clowns are 'artists' and I put artists in quotes because it isn't art to wish death upon people like Tyler did in Yonkers [B.o.B &Bruno Mars] (btw Bobby Ray came back hard). Odd Future is consisted of a bunch of low-life cockroaches, they have no regard for the community which they are trying to be apart of. People are so hyped on their lyrics, but looking deeper into them, there are no real underlying concepts or double entendre's that you would find on a typical Lupe record. Plain and simple these dudes are the next fad that will slowly fade back to no-man's land. I really don't care what everone thinks of my comment, please debate me I'd love to expand on this topic.

    • Jesus

      dude your guys comments are fuckin retarded. i hate how when they blow up, you hate them. but when they're underground you love em. goddamn its the same shit. just better beats and better features. OF probably will fizzle out cuz they give nothing to the world but shitty Horrorcore-look at me rap. but B.o.B raps about hopes and rap struggles and shit and you niggas hate. like Eminem. he went from "your shit is always the same" too "we want old em" the internet world is a fuckin paradox. and its no wonder you people like rappers who claim to be street but would jump on a chance to get with Atlantic. just stfu and enjoy the music

    • Torrey Depina

      Legit talent? Whats talent when its used to make pop bullshit like B.O.B. does.

    • Eric

      You sir are someone who is considered a dumb ass blogger.. all his shit has tons of substance your just too damn dumb to get it... the song Bastard, filled with substance and one consistent plot... Sarah, the same! you just refuse to really listen since you have a biast opinion and Tyler is younger than B.O.B. can rap better, play the piano better, produce better, and skate better... bright future. Which is why next year Tyler will be nominated for a grammy and although i have no way to laugh at you when he is... you'll prob forget bcuz by then you'll be on his dick. But until then, fuck you get your own opinion maggot

    • nofuture

      first, off never said a thing about wiz and taylor gang; ur right its another hyped following, but Eminem and all the others you just named, along with JMT and AOTP are lyricists that can tell stories. Em has earned that right due to the struggles he's had, tyler the creator is an unstable piece of shit who refuses psychiatric help. Dude admitted to having a hitlist for no reason, not to mention his lyrics have no substance. He raps about raping women and killing people. Eminem can make a song that ties in elements of horrorcore but still tell an amazing lyrical story i.e. Stan. "Yonkers" is about nothing. Plus the fact he comes at B.o.B, a man with legit talent ranging from rapping, singing, producing, guitar and piano, was a mistake.

    • Torrey Depina

      RA the rugged man, Eminem, Gravediggaz, necro, Ill Bill, Wu tang, ODB, all had the same horror like concept, these dudes have ALOT of potential, and if you want a fad its called Taylor Gang, lead by a douche with a blonde streak who makes rapping about partying and bullshit sound FUCKING BORING.

  • guerilla jones

    lol no surprises here,the reason he cant give you an idea of what his album is like is because he doesn't have the verbal capacity to put thoughts into sentences.Have you heard their "music"?There isnt a dope concept or beat between the 10 of them lol

  • The MG

    I don't listen to these guys, but I liked it when Tyler was talking about his album in the last paragraph saying he didn't want to give out an idea of what it's like. I really think more rappers should be doing that instead of saying things like "Oh yeah, my album's classic" because there's a great chance you might get let down if they say that. Let the people listen and have them decide if it's great or not. But again, that's just me.

  • G

    these guys fuckin suck ass.

  • Anonymous

    OF beats Lil B basedgod ignorance any day you fuckers

  • Anonymous

    wow hiphopdx.once again you dipshits reel in viewers with your ridiculous headlines.that in no way was a diss to lil b.left brain was just letting those reporters know it was a fucking OF conference.they love lil b.bunch of videos of them listening to him

  • Sensaye252

    There's nothin' more repulsive than egomaniacle young punks with money. That's all Hip-Hop is nowadays. A bunch of bitch ass niggas that are full of themself and being gassed more and more every second. These niggas are weak and gay.

    • The One

      @ItchTHEscratch, I'm not saying that they aren't cunts. I was only offering a solution for the other two. More than likely they are bitchy cunts

    • itchTHEscratch

      agree with you Sensaye252, spoiled fuckin kids. they need to get smacked the fuck up, let 'em start takin shots at real folks in the game.. @The One, this was an interview - not their music. Anyone who watches this interview without hearing any music can gather that they're some bitchy hipster cunts

    • LOL

      LOL @The one. He's right.

    • The One

      How about I just rape both of you? Issue resolved

    • Ricardo Gonzalez

      how about u just dont listen to there music? issue resolved

  • Alex Christy

    wow you guys are retarded, OF doesnt hate lil b. Tyler even says hes "cool". great job hhdx.com, ANOTHER MISLEADING TITLE YOU FUCKHEADS! man this site is run like the majors...

  • Tyler's Bitch

    OMG! HOW CAN HE DO THAT?! Fuck him! PLEASE fuck me BasedGod! My man can't understand how much you swag to the max! He obviously wishes he was pretty bitch like you and looked like Charlie Sheen! swagswag! omg! luv Lil B!

  • Anonymous

    "And the old ass white dude right there who goes around with us," lol

  • Anonymous

    I used to hHATE OFWGKTA specially Tyler but today im down with DEM FUCK LIL Fag Bisexual

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    but Odd Future >>>>>>>>>> The Pack

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Let us stone this orangutan-gorilla lookin ape for blasphemizing the GOD of RAP & All Music! ALL HAIL THE MOST HIGH SWAGG'D BASEDGOD! Omg! Swag! Swag! FUCK NAS!

    • Steven Rivera

      WTF don't you ever disrespect NaS. I doubt you know real music. Lmao, Lil B's a bitch.

    • igotmoresagnigga

      alrite nigga yes OFWGKTA are tight,I actually have most of there work....but when you go out and say "FUCK NAS" which has nothing to do with this article that just makes you fuckin ignorant...Nas is the GOAT but thats just my opinion so stfu when u go out and say stupid shit like that....oh and for your information nas is down with oddfuture he's actually working with a few,read your sources dumbass

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    and yeah, FUCK Lil' B

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Memphis Rappers began talkin' devil shit in the early 90's. Check the old Three 6 Mafia (Triple Six), Lord Infamous, Koopsta, or check The Gravediggaz or The Geto Boyz. and Yeah, Odd Future is good for Hip-Hop right now, but they just "average" rappers. Don't ever compare it to Wu-Tang, never.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yo malc, i cant believe our lakers dropped that third game in a row! fucking faggot mavs

    • Me

      Detroit's been doing it since the 80's. Esham and Natas.

    • Malcolm Corley

      odd future nice...they cool and they're doing their thing so im happy 4 them...every artist out is buildin their own die hard base of fans for now and them and lil b have their core....will it last for 5 years or more?? idk but my opinion is that lil b is trash idc, jus like his fans dont care wah i say i def dnt give a fuck>>tyler isnt the next eminem and they aren't the Wu, not even close but they do have talent and could last....the "fuck the world" gimmick is pickin up strong in my generation

  • Terrence

    yo ima give an opinion of my perspective on both of them OFWGKTA there a copy of D12 thats exactly how D12 rhymes & goes in but they dont go over board like OFWGKTA,in my opinion it is a gimmic cause there young,LA is where the underground is & they trying to be weird so they get that hype. Just Another D12 but D12 is way better. For lil B all he is doing is what soulja boy was doing the only difference is that lil B is doing it way better & plus he is from the bay.The Bay originates alot of these words & phrases that we use & they started the whole dance movement with getting Hyphy. Lil B is a decent artist when he is serious & he using a different gimmic that no one has used & that is being sensitive & famine. But All in All i dont listen too any of these cats.

    • Blackie Chan

      Holup dude, Lil B is terrible even when he's serious. Sure he has a couple of decent lines every now and then and "content" somewhat (when he's serious), but I could rap better than him. I don't see how you could put D12 so far over OF then call Lil B even decent lol. But I feel the same I don't really listen to them.

  • People Please

    The industry is promoting this BS heavy on every website, blog, tv network, etc... They are promoted as if they are groundbreaking. To add insult to injury you have major(Diddy) and underground artists cosigning this (9th wonder, Mos Def) when more talented, skillful, and well deserving emerging artists would have to jump through hoops to even get a phone call returned. The media powers (AOL Time Warner, Viacom, etc..) have tapped these guys and given them the okay to move to a higher level of publicity and coverage. Same as nicki minaj, snoop dogg, and lil wayne. I'm not calling it a conspiracy, just saying that there is a reason and motive behind why they have become corporate approved and cosigned by so many music artists. For an Angela Yee to even bring their names up in a positive light when an Immortal Technique, Chuck D, or Farrakhan would not dare be mentioned or quoted on "her" morning show, demonstrates how deep the level of cosigning has gone. From rick ross drug tales, to lil wayne kissing, to nicki minaj leading Black girls into whoredom, to 50 cent exaggerated tales of murdering Black men, to wiz khalifas/kid cudi's weed induced shallow material, to boys casually speaking of rape and homsexuality, to french montana braggin about selling crack, etc... The worst part is when others ignore the obvious and look the other way. I expect this from a police dept. to ignore the crimes their fellow police commit. However, this situation reminds me that popular "hip hop" is a fraternity whose membership requirements are not publicly available, save the requirement that you cosign fellow members on some level, even if it's through remaining silent about the obvious....

    • saywhaha

      Your wrong. IT IS A CONSPIRACY!!!!! But that is the only thing your wrong about. I love rap. You have to understand that these people put rappers out there in order for them to self destruct. Give them money and fame. then blame em. real talk

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    How DARE this faggot Tyler blasphemizes the name of the Holy nd Most High BasedGod!!! BLASPHEMY! I say all the Based followers stone this bafoon and his pansy-azz group! He was a follower of LilB now he disses him? That is PREPOSTUROUS I say! COMPLETE BLASPHEMY! Lil B is a far Greater MC than his No-Swag Gorilla-lookin motherfucker! Tha God of Rap Lil B will make you pay you Goddamn Gorilla! Omg! BasedGod! Swag!

    • Terrence

      yo chill lil b is garbage anyway i dont think we would like that battle lol i dont listen to OFWGKTA but they have some talent they werent dissing lil B they were just like yo focus on what we came here to talk about "Goblin" & our group

  • yugang

    Im here thinking odd future dissed lil b but they didnt say fuck lil b to diss him they just said fuck the lil b topic, we're here to talk about goblin. Once again, U ppl at hiphopdx post up a mis-leading title!



  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Ay hol Up i kno these niggas aint jus dis the BASED GOD. real talk these corny ass nikkas aint got no typa swag. They hole carreer be a copy of Lil B.

  • superrambo1

    Fuck these faggot kids they're just some gimmick ass rap group that will be forgotten by next year. Stupid ass shit they talking about and trying to be weird on purpose to hide the fact that they are not hip-hop music.

    • Anonymous

      That's it. I hate how they construct all this shit before, aware of the fact it will give them some press about how controversial they are. LMAO @ at little white kids believing they are rebels when all of this shit is done on purpose. Gimmicks don't stand the the test of time, only good music does.

    • Phil House

      i completely agree and they think theyre really amazing and they really arent

  • waka

    they honestly just probably get tired of people grouping them together. tyler loves lil b, but it must get old when people talk about them hand in hand

  • O

    CHurch. Lil B is dope. And so is Tyler. And they both handle interviews perfectly. Even though they both do interviews the complete opposite way. I like Tyler cause he is a young ass dude who just impulsively yells at older people who are fucking stupid.

  • fuck odd future n lil b

    illuminati azz nikkaz no wonder they pushing them on every hiphop site ,666 behind them on the wall

  • Anonymous

    wow another journalist taking shit out of context. hes not saying fuck lil b like he hates him, hes saying stay on topic, fuck what ur trying to talk about. in another interview tyler said he "respects the fuck outta dat nigga"

    • williedynamite

      I agree. Is this what so called new journalism has devolved to? At the end of the video one of the groups members says. "But he's cool though" right where the recording ends. This is complete non story. The headline was created to stir up fake controversy. I'm ashamed that either the website or writer felt they had t stoop to this level just to get some page views. We've got to start holding the in the media to start acting more responsibly.

  • Enlightened

    Fuck these weird ass niggas. People talk about niggas like Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman as buffoons and embarrassments to hip-hop and Black people (which they are) and then some niggas like this come along talking about devil shit and rape and just because they're some suburban, lame-ass weirdos, somehow they shit is held up as artistic. Fuck that, a buffoon and a coon is a buffoon and a coon whether they are a thugged out coon from the hood or lame ass, wanna-be white boy weirdo ass buffoon from somewhere in the burbs.

    • C-Lo Dubai

      Exactly. And I cant believe ANYBODY takes Lil B serious. But aye, another young man eating more power to him

    • Enahs

      I concur with u all the way

    • badnewzxl

      You said it perfect, brah. These niggaz is being called innovative and different, while Jedi Mind and the rest of AOTP rap about the SAME SHIT and nobody pays them any attention. Somebody called Odd Future 'the Heavy Metal of rap' and I squashed that shit immediately. These OF niggaz ain't hardcore enough; at least when AOTP talks about rape and other fucked up shit they make it like a horror movie and don't go trying to pass it off as some ground-breaking artistic take on shit. Ain't a damn thing artistic about eating cockroaches and rape; it's all shock value....

  • anon

    fuck odd future, ya'll swapped one gimic for another one. Lil b started that far out there shit and ya'll just copied it.

    • Anon

      Far out there shit? Man this is why people always say the 90s was better cause nobody sounded the same like today

  • jrok

    I like how these doods carry themselves with the media. To hell with journalist tryin to portray people like tv show characters. Fuck the beef with bob, this is hip hop, treat it like a music genre and not a prison yard. As for Odd Future, they alright with me, a breath of fresh air for hip hop. I just dont agree with that devil worshipping 666 rape kill everyone bs they be goin on about sometimes.

  • yeah

    fuck lil b, rite in his ass!

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