David Guetta Reflects On Influencing Hip Hop's Sound, "Where Dem Girls At" With Nicki Minaj

Exclusive: French deejay/producer David Guetta recognizes the fact that since his hits with Black Eyed Peas and Akon, American radio trends are changing, even in Rap.

French deejay/producer David Guetta has deeply influenced the way American mainstream music sounds since 2009. From hits with Black Eyed Peas, Akon and Rihanna, the EMI Records global star has merged urban and Pop music with a sound that's been appealing to today's superstars.

For Guetta's fifth album, planned for later this year, he adds to that growing catalogue with "Where Dem Girls At" featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. This afternoon, David spoke with HipHopDX about the chart-topping single's premature release. "I have a really big record at the moment ("Sweat" Remix) in Europe that wasn't really [worked] in the U.S., a Hip Hop remix with Snoop [Dogg]. It's absolutely huge here [in Europe] and everywhere. I wasn't planning to put out ["Where Dem Girls At"] so soon, but some hackers stole the accapella and made some really-not-good music around it, and put it on the 'net under my name. That was really terrible for me," admitted Guetta.

Acting fast, the deejay with a background in House teamed with EMI to strike back, putting out the actual version of "Where Dem Girls At." David explained, "So we had to put out the record without any promotion, without having the video ready, and still the record is #1 [throughout] the world, it's #3 in the U.S., so it's really incredible. It shows the power of music."

While Young Money's Barbie was reportedly a late addition to the single Guetta sang the multi-talented Queens, New Yorker some praises in saying, "She's really crazy and an amazingly talented artist. I've been chasing her for [months]. She delivered like 300%."

With that #3 appearance, Guetta has achieved another major success in the States. The producer was asked, given years of experience, how he knows what works in the clubs as compared to what exclusively sounds good in studio monitor speakers. "There's a very big difference, between being in the studio and seeing the record happen. For me, all my inspiration comes from the clubs. It's also the best way to [evaluate] the record." He revealed, "I will always test it. You'll see me deejaying in the clubs, and writing stuff down [as I play it, based on crowd reaction]...even with Hip Hop records, I like when they make you dance."

Along those same lines, Guetta was asked about others running with his sound. The Electronic renaissance in Hip Hop has been strong since 2009, as traditionally street emcees like 50 Cent are toying with possibly heading in Guetta's direction. "For two months I was in Los Angeles, recording vocals for my album. I was listening to the radio, and to be honest, everybody and everything that was on the radio sounded pretty much like what I do. Before I produced "I Gotta Feeling" and "Sexy Bitch" with Akon, all those records, no one was playing these type of records on America radio, up-tempo. It's really incredible. I'm proud of it, not just for me, but my community - all the deejays, producers that have been working in this music."

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  • Jukka Seppälä

    Shut up david guetta you ruined the music!

  • lankaistai

    This chap has not only ruined hiphop, he has also ruined r&b,urban black music

  • Onaje Jordan

    the punk that ruined hip hop

  • Onaje Jordan

    so this the pun tha has ruined hip hop

  • Anonymous

    if you hire david gueta for a beat, your a dickriding faggot that loves the attetnion. dude is not hip hop. dude is euro pop. rap sounds like faggot dance music now. the biggest rappers are disco artists. looking real gay out here. mango smoothies, and leather vests. disgusting.

  • I.N.V.

    I respect guetta as a deejay and producer, but i wouldn's say he has had an influence on hip-hop. Most of those artists (Flo Rida, BEP, Minaj, Akon) would be making country albums if that shit would sell records

  • Don't Hate Articulate

    This guy is ruining rap in general. He screws rap over by making pop/rap hits that get radio play. That makes little white girls who listen to those radio hits buy the records. Buying those records is what the labels want. So the labels force this garbage into rap music. Lupe/Lasers Whiz/Rolling Papers. Leave RAP THE FUCK ALONE GUETTA.

  • Anonymous

    "2 years before anyone even knew who guetta was. " David Guetta's been around since 1984.

  • Steven Rivera

    Lmao, i saw the Article name and started rollin on the floor. He didn't influence anything besides my hate of pop music. Annoying hearing his shit on the radio. Fuck The Radio.

  • Anonymous

    You should trap yourself in a dark cave with a bunch of hungry, crazed hyenas. Dumb fuck.

  • hellrazor

    this faggot should jump off the eiffel tower & take his garbage pop music with him.

  • H.

    I'm french and fuck Guetta for what he's doing on Hip Hop, we need real rappers!!

  • HHH

    Well to be honest, as with basically everything else in hiphop as of lately, the one that changed the direction of commercial rap wasnt david guetta but Kanye West.. Are we forgetting the electronic smash hit he did with the FRENCH group Daft Punk i. -07? 2 years before anyone even knew who guetta was. People really need to pay Ye his due praise cuz dude keep setting trends.. Before stronger, none of these copycats was anywhere near the electro sound... And now everyone is ja king him and have the audacity not to attribute it to him..

    • Skeptikz

      Slow down youngblood. Kanye SAMPLED Daft Punk...he didnt work with them - and he wasnt even the first dude to do that. For example theres a Thomas Bangalter (half of Daft Punk) sample on Slum Village's Fantastic vol.2 from 2000. In return for a free sample Daft Punk asked Dilla for a collabo...true story

  • Anonymous

    Pop music has always been influenced by fruity ass glow stick music....Only difference these days is commercial "hiphop" artists have no creativity, soul, or originality so they leech off of whatever shitty ass trends are going on at the moment. Stop sucking ur own cock Davey...You didnt do shit.

  • Anonymous

    this french faggot didnt influence shit,

    • khordkutta

      Woooo, "Tour De France" was the jawn back in the day!!!! Also dug "Numbers" and I think they also made "BeatBox"

    • Tempoclash

      haha kraftwerk?? u cant bring david guetta into any conversation involved with kraftwerk! ur talking about visionaries and a commercial dance producer they are nothing alike!

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