B.o.B Fires Back At Odd Future On Tech N9ne's "All 6's and 7's"

Bobby Ray logs another diss track to the 10-person crew out of Cali.

The war of words rages on between B.o.B and Odd Future. Bobby Ray, who released his Tyler, The Creator diss on “No Future,” revives the beef on a track included on Tech N9ne’s “Am I a Pyscho?” off his upcoming album All 6’s and 7’s

The track, produced by B.o.B and also featuring Hopsin, touts the Atlanta, Georgia native on the chorus. His verse at the end of the tune is packed with subliminals directed towards the West Coast crew, using a similar flow that Eminem used in diss tracks to Benzino.

Complex.com previewed the album, which also features a skit titled “Call From Richie” that makes mention of an old HHDX interview. The LP, which features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Busta Rymes, T-Pain, Yelawolf and more, is slated to hit stores on June 7th.

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  • 6zn7z

    1- If this song were sold a single, it should come with a diaper and some wipes-- 'cause it's THE SHIT. 2- Hopsin does NOT suck. He's a good lyricist who seems to be getting better as time goes on. Check out the "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series on youtube if you haven't seen them. They're all good. 3- BOB is also one of the best newer MCs I've heard in a while. While I agree that some of the stuff on his album was very "pop" and maybe influenced by record company pressure, BOB has some tight rhymes-- like the one on this song, which, IMO is the best verse on this track. 4- This article has the line "His verse at the end of the tune is packed with subliminals directed towards the West Coast crew." I can't decide if this word is appropriate or not in this situation. I think "subtle" or "low key" or something might have been better. "Subliminal" means, below the threshold of perception. On the other hand, while some lines of BOB's verse are clearly a diss, it wasn't clear to me that it was directed at any one person or people. 5- Tech N9ne is seriously the shit.

  • Jay

    I'm just glad that Tech N9ne isn't getting in the middle of it. He's just staying neutral and doing his thing. I think the whole diss thing is stupid anyway. Every rapper has different styles and some people like it, others don't. Just learn to accept that everyone is not always going to be on the same page.

  • Cogna

    what a humongous faggot, Odd Future squashed the beef but BOB tries to bring it back? what the fuck, he talks about the politics of the music business and says he wants to do away with it and he does the same shit...

  • jaketheshape

    fuck bob for using what for tech feels is his best album(lol)to do a weak ass OF diss. If your dissin have the ballz to call someones name out you fuckin coward fuck tylers watered down Detroit wicked shit. almost every collab is a waste of n9ne's album space, but B.O.B. really took the shit to far. fuck them both but he got super mad off one line in yonkers. sad ass muther fuckin mitch bade rappers deserve no spot on techn9ne's album. he will learn that lesson. but how you gonna diss all subliminal like...dont be scared B.O.B., if your dissing get'em dont hold back you fucking coward say their names.

  • Jesus Christ

    I like how some of you call Odd Future fans "sheep" and claim that none of them can rap, sing, or anything else for that matter. You have obviously based your judgement off of the one song by Tyler, the Creator that you heard (i.e. Yonkers). You have to realize that Tyler is not the only person in OF. There's Mike G who spits flame on any track he is on (i.e. Moracular Wood). Frank Ocean who croons and spills his heart out over R&B beats (We All Try or Novacane). Hell, even Earl Sweatshirt, younger brother of the man you are dissing, can rap better than most of the rappers I seen uploading their shit on DatPiff. I'll give B.o.B props for putting out mixtapes like No Genre or B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray, but this guy has let this get too over-blown. Steve Harvey has yet to say anything about the "Fuck Steve Harvey" comments. Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, hasn't spoken out against the line she was dissed in. Even Bruno Mars hasn't said anything about it. He's just being a little baby, because someone made fun of him. Come on now, Bobby. You're better than this, but you sure as hell are turning this into high school-esque drama bull shit.

  • Broski Love

    Hopsin sucks, always has bit Eminems style for flow and punches to the music itself. Hopsin has changed his image 3 times now to try and sell music to people. His newest incarnation is that of a horrorcore rapper . I guess when your own black people turn on you and no one buys your music, you still have idiot juggalos and eastern europeans to boost your ego. Bottom line is HOPSIN SUCKS

    • Cogna

      Odd Future like to say their not horrorcore but that changes nothing, horrocore isn't something you can dismiss with the wave of a hand, its categorization based on the qualities of your music, and Hopsin meets those qualifications perfectly....both Novi Novak and Hopsin are shit, but Hopsin impressed me on Am I A Psycho...

    • beez

      ur a retard. Hopsin has been trying to distance himself from being called horrorcore and has stated multiple times he isn't one. now gtfo like u know what's up, ur probably a Novi Novak dickrider

  • Cody Rowan

    this is kinda weird that tech was ok with the dis, tech tries to stay away from hatin on people nowadays, hell he even asked tyler to be on a track.

  • Anonymous

    Both are good artist ,I like both of em idgaf.

  • Anonymous

    Thats crazy and Tech wanted Tyler on his album also.

  • Katrone

    This song old as hell.....

  • Reggie Fils-Doom

    I use science to determine if a rapper is dope or wack. If I say he's wack, this is FACT. Not up for debate. I can understand not liking Tyler the Creator, or Hopsin, or even Tech. I can understand that some people don't like some artists. BUT to say any of them are garbage ...or to say B.o.B. isn't... this is factually wrong. SCIENCE BITCHES!

    • Knowlege

      There is no science behind a rapper being garbage or not.....its music...just like comedy its all based on opinion....the fact is the Internet killed solidarity in hip hop by segmenting it even more....

  • GRKiller

    Ya'll OF fans are some straight up sheep lol. For real, ya'll all post the same shit "fuck bob OF Swag" THat nigga Tyler cant rap for shit. His songs are meant for angsty little boys. B.o.B can spit, none of OF can.

    • nofuture

      I'm glad more people can start to understand that odd future is garbage, talentless little over privileged punks. B.o.B is a living testiment of talent, dude sings, raps, plays guitar, piano and produces music. I feel insulted when people tell me to check out odd future saying they're "lyrical" they are not lyrical. They're lyrics are full of hate and disguisting imagery. One dude tried tellin me they're contemporary Eminem's. First off they aren't. Second off, Eminem's lyrics are full of soo much emotion and stress because of the life he has lived, Tyler, the creator is a piece of shit who thinks he's hot shit right now because he has a bunch of emo faggots tailing him. correct me if im wrong.


    If you're going to write a shitty article at least get the fact Odd Future have 11 members right, not 10 you idiot. Fucking internet bloggers, I can see why Tyler hates them, do some research.

  • Eric Randall Sakoor-Prakash

    this song is oldd as fuckkk

  • Erik Perales

    fuck b.o.b that pussy dont kno how to rap tyler will wreck on dat nigga like nothing n who cares if their young they coming up with some big heat just wait

  • Ray Johnson

    imma fucking crash that airplane that that faggot nigga B.O.B. is in! fuck that nigga up! GOLF WANG.

  • PookMonster

    B.O.B. with an Eminem flow?.. and Hopsin has a flow similar to old Eminem as well.. could be an interesting diss track..

  • Onaje Jordan

    When rakim and nas were odd future age they created classics. nuff said. these young cats are killing hip-hop

  • Alex Christy

    wow! I seriously cant believe this lollipop rapper thinks he can beef with OF. Tyler shits more talent and skill than bob will ever have in his entire career. If you cant realize that then you DO NOT KNOW HIP-HOP! TYLER IS AN MC! B.O.B. IS A MAINSTREAM ROBOT!

    • Samwise Gamgee

      but as the puzzle pieces fall into proper arrangement yes we began to see the intentions of these creations the patterns of epidemics like H.I.V. in the 80′s biological chemicals designed to be contagious there’s nothing in a business of controlling the population now these are the lyrics of a mainstream puppet...smh

    • Samwise Gamgee

      complete ignorance calling b.o.b a mainstream robot. listen to a song on his last mixtape called "shoot up the station" these are some of the lyrics in it So therefore we go bang-bang, On your corporate main frame, We don't want that watered down, We don't want that plain jane, Take back that diet coke, We don't want the same thing, This is not a protest, Better yet a bang-bang

  • Anonymous

    OFWGKTA sucks more shit than the sanitation department. B.o.B has two sides to him, Bobby Ray and B.o.B. His recent album was basically all Bobby Ray, but the B.o.B side of him is a hardcore lyricist. He's versatile and I'm glad to see him working more with his B.o.B side on this 6's and 7's track. OFWGKTA is just shock rap and doesn't even deserve to be recognized on the same level as B.o.B.

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Man if i was dad nigga BOB i wudd load up da CHOPPAS right about now n git ready to CLAP at niggaz. Smh niggas these days soft as hell not respecting they own manhood n shit

  • Jose Vasquez

    Why do people assume violence is in order when people do diss tracks? It all about battling on the mic.

  • B.A.S.

    I still don't get any of this OddFuture bullshit. I like a lot of different styles of rap, but this O.F. shit is straight up garbage.

    • Anonymous

      And look at eminem now. you call it shock rap. I call it rap.. every motherfucker rap about the same shit in the mainstream and bite each others flows.

    • Anonymous

      what that nucca said. word up

    • Nucca

      anonymous stfu odd future aint bringing nothin new eminem n others have done shock rap odd future aint nothing new they suck.. wack ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      I get tired of rappers talking about money and blink blink in every song. I am desperate for new song subject in hip-hop. There is no variety. Odd Future is at least trying to offer that.

    • Anonymous

      Its funny how the tables have turned on Pop fans. When everybody said the hip pop (Lil wayne, 50 cent, eminem, bob) was wack they were called haters....Now the fans of hip pop have become the haters. Weve entered the twilight zone people.

  • twoholla

    WOW???? mr. bobby ray must of ran out of 'airplanes' & chick-flick inspired girlIE songs to 'compose'...'cause he's still tripping off of being dissed by a lil kid...get over you overrated COCKSUCKER...this is sooooo OLD NEWZ..get over yourself mr. airplane wearing your grandma's specs talented, but funny-ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    yo this dude lucky that Earl aint around. Earl will mop the floor with this nigga man. and i dont even think b.o.b is whack.

    • waka

      you're an idiot if you think earl is not talented. you realize earl wrote most of his material when he was only 15/16

    • Jacob Crim

      What the fuck does being little have to do with it? You cant be young and talent? Who knew.....

    • Anonymous

      get the fuck outta here earl is little dude, who is not that talented cause ive heard his shit, get off odds dick fagget.

  • Jesus

    okay Tech, you had me at B.o.B but lost me at hpopsin. wtf you thinkin putting him on a track. ill listen to it. and if i like it. il lactually buy this album. if not. ima illegally download the one song i like

    • Anonymous

      " wtf you thinkin putting him on a track." he was thinking he needed someone to kill the track and hopsin was the perfect pic. Idiot

  • Nice

    Good shit...It takes massive balls to diss somebody while wearing your Grandma's glasses.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ words are more powerful than a tec 9

  • Kheck Mate

    Rappers these days...

  • James

    I'm pretty sure only hipsters listen to Odd Future.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY you youngster queers are lacking the sense of hearing real hip hop music such as Lil B, 50 Tyson, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Birdman, and Flo Rida. You havent heard REAL rap music unless youve heard them. You HOBNOCKERS must be so intimidated by Lil B's Savyness and Wisdom that you decide to hate on him AND all his Preachers. I Shrine should be built in the name of the Most Holy BasedGod! I say build it on Ground Zero! ALL HAIL THE FATHER SON & THA HOLY BASEDGOD AMEN! Omg! BasedGod! Woop! Woop! SwagSwag!

    • anonymous

      soulja boy, gucci mane, waka flocka birdman and Flo Rida being real rap??? My god these guys are fucking garbage!!!!! waka is a deadbeat rapper who says his name 20,000 time in under 3 mins 34 secs in every track he's made.

    • deadboy90

      haha thats prob the funniest thing iv heard all day lol

  • Anonymous

    I can't understand why people are listening to this light version of Lupe.

  • JohnnyBLaze

    Fuck Odd Future. Bunch of gimmick ass kid rappers


    "that makes mention of an old HHDX interview..." nice pat on the back there DX

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY since B.o.B isnt with Lil B Tha BasedGod he DESERVES to get his preppy-black ass dissed by Tyler, The Creator. Tyler and Odd Future are tight with The BasedGod! They have the higher right to diss ANYONE in the game! They can diss Nas or even Tupac and Biggie's lardy ass which is prolly being rosted in hell for a feast! Lil B can diss anyone and murder them lyrically! No rapper has nothing on the Most Holy and Pure BasedGod! Omg! SwagSwag! Based to the Maximum!

    • Anonymous

      lol get off these wack niggaz nuts lil b so garbage this dude from the bay doing his best to impersonate them niggaz from the south

    • Anonymous

      Next ur gonna create a alias that worships waka flocka flame i bet.

    • Anonymous

      U and SuperGucciRap got to be the same person. U both always talk about that 1 wack artists alot of ppl hate and then go beyond the call of duty to ride their dick, making them out to be some kind of GOD that is to be worshipped. So i say u are the same troll, different presentation of wack rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, i actually wanna hear it so i can see how bob's verse stacks up to tech n9ne and hopsin cause i have the feeling he'll have the weakest verse out of the three.

    • Anonymous

      Personally I think hopsin is a bit better than B.O.B. but bobby has got that delivery so it could go either way. This is gonna be a slaughter

    • Anonymous

      Have you not heard Hopsin before? He can keep up with Tech and B.O.B.


    B.O.B is fukkin RAW





  • JasOn ScOtt BOwer

    Hopsin,F.V.,Turn It Up !!

  • seriously?

    "sing a similar flow that Eminem used in diss tracks to Benzino" I'm sure ahahahahaha

  • hadouuuukeY

    Look at tech N9ne lookin' like an unlockable character from Mortal Kombat. Lookin' like Jax but with a more messed up haircut and a fatter bone structure...**** outta here...



    • yaya

      Distribution deal is way different... either way they're garbage

    • Anonymous


    • actually

      i don't like odd future either.. but just so you dont sound stupid ..they just got a huge distribution deal by atlantic.. you should check for it .. in hiphopdx's news...i think it was last week or somthin

  • Teeth

    Not quite canibus vs Slaughterhouse, LOL

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • SuperGucciRap

    B.o.B sucks. That nigga is straight trash. Tech N9ne sucks too. Only worth listening is Hopsin because he said Lupe Fiasco was a skateboarding poser faggot. Hopsin and Tyler The Creator should make a song together. Gucci Mane will murk B.o.B's gay ass. It's Gucci Time!

    • pragmaticrvm

      Anybody that thinks Gucci Mane is good must be legally retarded. Just listening to him automatically lowers your IQ and if you listen to him in the first place well then your IQ wasn't that big to begin with and you can't afford to lose any points!

    • bigrob81

      Gucci Mane? seriously?! naw yo must be a troll

    • Anonymous

      If you like gucci you shouldn't even be commenting on this. Gucci can't rap,write,spell fuckin any thing. Are you serious? b.o.b is nice and ten times nicer than Gucci will ever be. That dumb ass is gonna be remembered for his stupid fuckin tatoo. End

  • Anonymous

    "pussy them Odd niggas is molotov/ cocktails/ fuckin toss one in ur apartment dog."


    if odd future gets pissed off that tech let that go down on his track and they try to beef with strange and or funk volume then you best believe that they gone get there asses handed to them by by tech hop swizZz kaliko lynch and everybody shit odd future would go down in history as the people who funked with the wrong niggas and were forced into retirement cuz they got so butthurt from losing fucking faggots ass niggas shit Tyler The Creators could actually spit but he needs to make sure that shit stays between B.O.B. and his group

    • Patric Bernier

      your actually right ,but i doubt OFWGKTA will be that stupid to step to them at all.theyd get murked.but tyler,earl, and hodgey are sick as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      CANIBUS JUS SLAUGHTERED JOE BUDDEN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky333l_5w_c&feature=feedlik

    • Earl

      it isn't even that serious. shut the fuck up with that dumb shit

  • sica

    I call bullshit.. an indirect line to get all the drama queens hyped up... but not actually diss odd future.. oh yeah tech wanted tyler on a song so he pry wouldn't be with it if it was a diss..

  • Anonymous

    CANIBUS SLAUGHTERS JOE BUDDEN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky333l_5w_c&feature=feedlik

  • Anonymous

    I thought he said there was no beef like a week or two ago and that he found Tyler's line funny. what a little flip-flopping bitch

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