Ice-T, Soulja Boy Resume Beef Over "Juice" Remake

It looks like Ice-T v. Soulja Boy ain't over yet, as the west coast legend takes offense to Soulja starring in the 'Juice' remake.

It looks like Ice-T and his one-time foe Soulja Boy are back at it with their beef. Now, however, the two artists are sharing words with one another with Soulja Boy's upcoming role in the remake of the Ernest R. Dickerson film Juice.

During an interview with Shade 45 last week, Ice-T responded to the news that Soulja Boy would be starring in the role of Bishop, which was famously originated by Tupac Shakur. Although Ice didn't specifically call the "Crank Dat" rapper out for signing to the role, he did say that the fact the film is being remade is problematic.

"What?” he said. “But that’s Pac… At some point, somebody gotta stop it. I came out. I made some statements. Man, I don’t know. Do you, dude, do you. If the masses accept it, it shows you the state we’re in… Come on man, you think I’d try to remake Pac’s movie? Good luck though, I'm not a hater…Eh."

Soulja Boy responded to Ice-T the same day on Twitter, joking that someone "get this guy a hairline."

ice-t need to sit his old ass down nigga always got my name in his mouth damn bra nobody care what you think bruhless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I will hoe that nigga Ice-T on everything lolless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Ice-T I tell you what bring your dirty ass to atlanta and do a show if you don't get bood of stage I will top hoeing you. until then u lameless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

i'm done with this nigga. someone get this guy a hairline asap. If your name is Ice-T you are #losing not #winning better yet you #lostless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

In 2008, Ice-T famously accused Soulja Boy of "single handedly killing Hip Hop". HipHopDX will keep you updated as this story progresses.



    soulja boys a little faggit. ice ts a fuckin legend, u cant knock him. and why soulja?? hes not been in the army. what a fuckin pussyhole.

  • Bowski

    You know what's worse is that mad idiots are gonna line up to see this movie, in essence supporting the disrespect to Tupac's legecy. Although I wasn't a big fan of Pac's music but I can't phantom the idea of having the absolute worst rapper today play the role of a rap icon simply because of his pop appeal. The bs needs to stop at some point for real. Damn you Corporate America and shame on you Soulja Boy. I hope this remake never sees the light of day.


  • Anonymous

    soulja boys a fag, no talent, doesn't deserve to be on the radio, shit is embarassing and especially doesn't deserve to play tupac's role in juice, i'd swing on this motherfucker in a heart beat

  • jaketheshape

    why the fuck would they ever re-make juice. thats a classic and a milestone for hip-hop and black culture...on a side note fuck souljaboy. hes fuckin wack. Ice is old but he did copkiller and other classics..soulja boy will never be called a classic..hell probably be on one of those VH1 "I love this time period show" with B rate comedians cappin on him.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    WHO THA FUCK does Ice Bitch think he is? Doesn't he know that Soula Boy Tell Em is affiliate with Lil B Tha BasedGod? BasedGod will send his divine fist up this wrinkly-old-ass-light-skinned motherfucker's arse hole! How has this old fossil even contributed to the Hip Hop community? This guy is a joke! OBVIOUSLY Soulja Boy is inspired by Lil B and therefore decided to act as Tupac! Lil B should take the role though. BasedGod's music matches and surpasses Tupac's music. Lil B is the God of MUSIC! OMG! BasedGod! Fuck My Bitch! SwagSwag!

    • rg

      Lil B is the wortst rapper right next to Shit boy. You must be 10 yrs old or some shit to ask what has Ice-T done for hip hop. Keep listening to that fake hip hop. Real hip hop will stick with the real.

  • The Smith

    Do people even say "you got the juice" anymore? So that is just dumb from the start. I agree with ice-T.. Soulja boy is a fool. retard rap is killin' the black hip hop community. I'm old school. I had ice-t's tape, my father even went to highschool with Tracy, what he rapped about in the 80's and 90's was deep. yeah it had a beat, and it was on the radio, but every song made you think about your life and the condition that people were in and the things that we as "black" men go through just to keep our heads above water. Now these kids think that life is sweet. shootin' sperm on people and driving cars with 30inch rims makes you a star. naw nigga that's dumb. If this movie is released with that fool playin' the role that the writer of "brenda's got a baby" or "keep your head up" or "dear mamma" etc... then the hip hop nation needs to wake up. that's all i got to say. Peace out.

  • Big pun

    Here you got da interview!

  • ICe-T

    soulja boy got robbed in his own house i bet he was crawling on the flor like a biach LMFAO!

  • eazy

    booo nigga thats a gay ass coat

  • Doubl Negative

    I'm not a great admirer of Pac's music, but if he's earned legendary status in hip-hop, it's mainly for his performance in seminal hood classic Juice. When this flick was released in the early '90s there was a plethora of other movies in this mould, but the characters in this film were not big-time crims like Nino in New Jack and the average B-Boy could relate to shenanigans they got in to. Earnest Dickerson made a successful transition from Spike Lee's DP to director in his own right, although his follow-up films were a tad sup-par compared to Juice. Luckily for him, and us the audience, he's found his natural home on TV helmin' episodes of Dexter and another hood favourite, The Wire. I don't object to a remake of Juice, but it is sacrilegious castin' the pathetic Solja Boy. I'm intrigued as to how this project turns out, but I'm gonna throw the baby out with the bath-water and give it a miss.

  • truth

    this must be the waynes bros remake

  • JG3

    I agree with Ice-T on this, at some point somebody has got to stop this. It has nothing with being a hater but having respect. There are some things you just don't do. Juice is a classic movie, "Bishop" was played by a classic artist and should be left alone. Thats like someone trying to redo "California Love"...You simply don't do that. If I was a rapper, I wouldn't even use a classic beat on my mixtape...some beats you just don't touch...thats how much I respect Hip Hop history. But I guess when the gimmicks run out, you have to do something. This is sad.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga in the picture above with a lavender color jacket that says "combat" on it...

  • white milk

    ice t is irrelevent and he needs to understand and accept that. plus i just cannot respect a supposedly grown ass "man" continuously taking his grievances about a young boy/man to the media outlets. just call soulja if you got an issue with him. this shyt looks mad bitch-ass-ness on t's part imo and i am NOT a soulja boy fan in any way shape or form. let the lil n1gga do his thing. if you dont like it do it better or stfu crab

    • Anonymous

      People like you are irevelant to the survival of this genre, he could learn a thing or two from guys like ice T. Someone needs to carry the torch, not the soujah boy crap!

  • Benny Dub

    Soulja Boy... U need to shut the fucc up when grown folks is talkin!! Ice could put ur bitch-ass on the corner in a dress and sell you for $20 a roll, punk! Coco could probably whoop ur ass. When u change ur name to Soulja Man and grow the fucc up, u might understand what the adults in the room ar talking about. And I am pretty sure Ice has a bit more cheddar that this clown. 20 years in the game - rap money, TV money, movie money. Soulja boy mad because his role model dissed him...

  • rob0

    DAHM!lil boy just signed a death certificate.why dont you do a show on florence and normady.if hip hop fans accept this then its FUCHIPHOP!

  • Jordan

    i didn't read ice t sayin shit to soulja boi.So this is ur typical imma a loser reporter who has no life but to watch and comment on other's.This is who we should be talkin about not these 2 motha fucka's.Next who didn't say that soulja boi was fucking stuiped for the role of tupac and the movie it's plain dumb and disrespectful to the legend.Now soulja boi we all know is obvisly immature and dumb as shit if he's jabbin an old time rival cuz he's mad the camera ant on him as much if u want attetion soulja but put ur lyrical talent to the test and attack other rapper's who r trash to u..Then u might get respect but don't put 50 in it to make u look gangsta either cuz we all know lil boi u ant gangsta

  • Mr. Me

    In other news, Hurricane Chris set to play Tony Montana in remake of Scarface.

    • Anonymous

      I thought they hired Justin Bieber to play Tony Montana? With Brittney as Elvira? Aint that right Frank? :)

  • souja

    It's funny how people hate on the next man, like what they say really matters! Half if not most of you bitch ass dudes wish you could have came close to the figures soulja has made! Im no fan of his music, but i knocks no man hustle! I hate haters!!!!!!! You niggas want attention? Go to time square and shoot yourself in the motherfucken head, and then see how much attention you get!

    • hellrazor

      fuckin faggot, you probably 12 years old & you aint got a fuckin clue.

    • Anonymous

      What are you, in the 5th grade or something? Did you stop to think that maybe.... just MAYBE people sincerely dont like this little nigga? Just as you "hate the haters", perhaps muthafukkas just hate soulja boy on the real. Has nothing to do with how successful he is. I could give a fuck if he was as broke as hammer, or as paid as Bill Gates. I dont like his gay ass music, period. Does it matter? Fuck no... Can I post on the internet what I do and dont like? Fuck yes... Now kick rocks baby boy.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Soulja Boy needs to come to the West Coast though.

    • Daniel

      il say hw bwt both of dem walk thru each owns hood n c hw it is, other then souljah fuk him n his momma, ice t shuld fuk his mum


    I've had ENOUGH of corporate America with their hands on Hip-Hop! SB as Bishop- really you corny motherfuckers??? Just as wack as that T-Mobile commercial.


    Wow! I remember when Soulja boy first came out and I couldn't understand why people enjoyed his music? I mean, his lyrics are below average and the music he chooses to rap over is even worse! I started to truly believe that hip hop was dying after listening to his music, even before Ice-T even spoke on the matter! You can't suck this bad and disrespect a west coast legend! Who is he going to hoe? Are you fucken serious? Ice-T will slap the shit out of you and change your name to prisoner girl!!! California doesn't fuck with your with your music your dances and your movies!

    • Anonymous

      that's funny that his first public appearance was in California!!!!!!! I saw everybody in that california crowd doing that dumb dance! west coast music is dead, so shut the hell up

  • Indeed

    They need 2 scrap this project or just let tha nigga keep tha movie 2 himself. This is crazy disrespectful to Pac... anybody just can't remake a Pac flick on some real shit... like u have 2 be GOD or Jesus Christ himself to actually do that. They're trying to bank off Soulja Boy's name and it's just way too disrespectful to Pac and that's not even cool. I usually ride with the New Skool becuz we get WAAAY TOO MUCH fuckin' hate but but I can't co-sign this, this is too much

  • Indeed

    and truth be told i kinda like Soulja Boy, i think he's a funny guy

    • hellrazor

      "i kinda like soulja boy". you sound fuckin stupid and gay.

    • smarterthanyou

      Yea, u probably think he's funny because your just as stupid as he is and you don't have any respect just like him. Maybe you two should go fuck each other?...

  • Tyler

    Is that a purple combat suit? what a tosser. Hoeing you? you are a hoe Solja Boy know body over 12 years of age respects you. You wanna be lil wayne tatted up little monkey

  • Indeed

    In real life i kinda hate tha fact that they're remaking a Pac movie, let alone having Soulja Boy do it... smmfh foreal and that's no joke!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy will never get the same amount of RESPECT as Ice-T or Tupac.

  • L-Boogie

    I blame these dumb ass A&R's for giving talentless ass rappers like Soulja Boy a record deal. Why is it that rap is the only profession where you can be bad at what you do but still get credit??? This remake will be worse than Belly 2!!!!

  • war22

    i'm still shocked...lets see "I'm gay" album now this...realy what happend to hiphop??

  • Anonymous

    Nigga you wish you were ice T, in his day he had shit locked down In your short success story you had the kids dancing for a minute and gained a buc, congradulations but obviously there's not an ounce of talent left in your bones, fucking average little dude who caught a very lucky brake like winning lotto. Save the music and actin for the talented guys. fool you looking like tutan karman in this bitch all skinny and frail, get your weight up and go make up some more storie about gettin signed to cash money and stop dissin hip hop legends

  • Sensaye252

    Ice was smackin' around punks since Soulja Boy was swimmin' in his daddy's nutt sack. That kid better watch his mouth. Money don't make you invincible lil' dude. Oh, and go back to school and learn how to spell you illiterate douche nozzle. It's true though, people need to stand up against the destruction of Hip-Hop and urban culture and stop being afraid of being labeled as 'haters'. I DO hate these niggas, so? If you had any sense of pride in your culture you would hate these dumb ass niggas too.



  • Duke

    i wish ice t would do a concert in Atl, also. he would shut that shit down and i would definitely be there. it would be fucking awesome.

  • B..

    To all the kids readin: Read those tweets. Those are the perfect reason you should stay in school. lol

    • Anonymous

      yep. "i will top hoeing you." what is this nigga 5 years old with his two front teeth missing? i dont even know what the fuck hoeing somebody means.

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    fuq soulja bitch

  • Dreadrock

    Ice T will shit in this little bitch's mouth and make him like it.

  • haha

    tht hairline joke was funny af but other thn that soulja needs to stop

  • LJPtexan

    Damn I wish "soldier boy", name still cracks me up.. would read these comments, and see what the average hip hop fan thinks of him. Any man that doesnt have teen at the end of their age cant stand u. Plus IceT is that dude, this shit aint even close, music industry has this basicly one hit wonder think he can legit talk shit to an OG..shits all backwards

  • Anonymous

    Ice T has enough money to buy Soulja Boy...Im surprised he doesnt show more respect to Ice since Soulja has always shouted/claimed that "you aint shit if you aint got money".

  • foursix

    soulja boy in his responses giving everyone more reason to hate him, the immature, untalented, airhead, pop artist.

  • mcmastermind

    Seriously? What the fuck were they thinking when decided to remake juice? And Jesus Christ, WHAT THE FUCK were they thinking by having Soulja Boy and Bishop? Wow. Fucking idiots. Ice-T I got you man. N Soulja Boy needs to work on his spelling and grammar before he tries to act and rap anymore.

  • fall back

    soulja boy as bishop get the fuck outta here, this pussy boi need to sit HIS ass down some where before he gets the pimp hand.

  • Anonymous

    "...don't get bood of stage..." this dumbass can't even spell "booed" and "off" correctly. spelling fail

  • son of a sax

    I'll second that. Soulja Boy isnt gonna be able to pull it. Juice was a classic flick and Pac made Bishop that more classic. Believe me you wont be able to pull it off like Pac did. Beside, look at the pic at the top of this article. You can't have the Juice, lookin like that.

  • KMay

    It's "starring" not "staring". wow.

  • Anonymous

    I kno the movie is gonna be super funny juice as a comedy!!!!

  • Franklin Scott

    I agree with Ice-T. Soulja Boy is trash! Your career is almost at its end. What else can you come up with now. Go back to school and educate your monkey brain!

  • A Prime

    Why this coon being so disrespectful?

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