2 Live Crew, Ying Yang Twins to Sue CBS Interactive

2 Live Crew, the Ying Yang Twins and others sue CBS Interactive over P2P downloads.

The advent of peer-to-peer file sharing rocked the music business in the early and mid-2000s, and the rammifications of it are still sending shock waves throughout the industry. Now, one group of Hip Hop artists is taking CBS Interactive to court for their part in the P2P operation.

AllHipHop.com is reporting that a host of Hip Hop acts, including 2 Live Crew, the Ying Yang Twins, JT Money, the Force MD's, J-Shin and Pretty Ricky, are suing CBS Interactive over their website CNET, which was one of the primary providers for a variety of P2P-based downloading programs. The parties levying the suit claim that CNET made millions of dollars off their music from offering P2P program downloads on a pay per download basis, in addition to the revenue they earned from advertisements.

"Defendants are liable as vicarious infringers for the copyright infringement committed via P2P client software that Defendants created, distributed and promoted, including LimeWire and others," the lawsuit reads. 

CNET was the primary provider of P2P downloading program LimeWire, which was downloaded 220 million times from their website. In addition, CNET offered downloads of other P2P programs, including Morpheus, iMesh and FrostWire. 

The plaintiffs are looking for millions of dollars in damages and court and lawyer fees.


  • itsMe

    It just sick that like everyday you see in the news news stories about Million dollar jusgedments against people for downloading a few dozen songs. Then artists go after the big media dinosaur and find out they actually distributed most of this software. CBS you would think would not be promoting piracy with software and educational videos to use it with copyrighted songs. CBS has comparison tests showing kids which software to use to get the best results with actual charts with real singers and band names. those bastards should burn in hell for every kid they got into trouble. and now they are starting the 3 strikes thing where you download three copyrighted things you get a lifetime internet ban!

  • Jesse Scotto

    All artists mentioned are has-beens who didn't do anything smart with their money.

  • Anonymous

    Hungry money people

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