Jay-Z Talks "Watch The Throne" Delays, Illuminati Rumors

In an interview with Delta Sky magazine, Jay-Z explains the creative delays between himself and Kanye, and why people think he's in some secret society.

Kanye West and Jay-Z announced back in January that they would release their collaborative Watch The Throne album within the month. Over four months later, the duo is still rumored to be putting the finishing touches on the project. In a recent interview with Delta Sky magazine, Jay gave a brief explanation for some of the delays.

“Before success, there weren’t interviews or photo shoots,” Jay recounted. “Now it’s a big thing to get in the studio. It’s like a process just to get there. And once I'm there, I have to dial into an emotion.”

Jay added that at times, it’s been hard for Kanye West to finish, saying that his protégé-turned-peer is “in an extraordinarily creative place,” which is making it difficult for him to focus.

When Watch The Throne finally does land on shelves, Jay-Z and Kanye detractors may begin another round of Illuminati rumors. But Jay dismissed such accusations, and he had his own line of reasoning for why people think he may be in some mythical secret society.

“I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful,” Jay explained. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can't be you, it has to be some other force.”


  • agarcia

    found the sample http://youtu.be/vR9XGKJOQuk

  • Ahim Anyd

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  • chris

    you clowns no nothing free masons aren't devil worshippers trust me i know. anyways i feel like you guys are hating on jay z cuz he's black, famous, and considered one of the greatest artists of all time... and that's coming from a white boy

  • Onaje Jordan

    I would believe some of your conspiracy theories, but most of you who believe jay z is illuminati think that a white breded man is in the sky controlling your destiny. Anyway im worried about the 10% that got u deaf dumb and blind.

  • NAS

    JAY-Z is illuminati. If you are a true fan of his you will know! I used to be in denial,telling myself that he's the victim in all of this ...I got all his albums,in The Black Album he said,"Middle finger to the Lord" and made it sound like he said law ...in the same album,Lucifer,"Lord forgive him,he got them dark forces in him but he also got a righteous cause for sinning". And Kanye too in his most recent album My Dark Twisted Fantasy don't remember which track but he said,"I know you love God but you should try the devil"...Even Nas said it on Ether when dissing Jay,saying that he sold his soul to the devil for riches ...I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to their music,just be careful and read between the lines. You might sell your soul when it wasn't even up for sale

    • Taylor Skidmore

      he says "he also got a righteous cause for sending them to murder me, so I gotta murder them first" not a righteous cause for sinning. and the other line is wrong too its middle finger to the law. you people are ridiculous. its ART. when they talk about selling their soul to the devil, theyre talking about giving up their life to become successful, artists have been using that expression for years, do you have any idea the stress that comes with being a wealthy celebrity. not that its all bad but it is not all glamour, and you can never go back to a normal life after that. thats what they are talking bout. you guys make it sound like they sat down with the devil and signed a contract, 1 (one) human soul in exchange for a successful career. lol simple minds seriously

    • J Curayat

      He says "Middle finger to the Law". You lost all credibility after that.

  • Young Hov

    yall haters are motherfuckers go eat shit and let JIGGA be high, he is just high, higher than your average.

  • UK Hip Hop

    Hey to everyone who thinks the illuminati exists you need to get a life....This is not George Orwell's 1984. I don't know why the illuminati has become such a big obsession in hip hop...to the point where it dominates forums and videos. Just enjoy the god damn music. No offence US folks but this kinda 'illuminati' talk is why some countries think you're ignorant in some ways (I say that trying not to generalise)....full of conspiracies of this, that and the other with no evidence. I don't understand it. Nonetheless, big up hip hop...saigon, beasties and tyler going big this year.

  • Anonymous

    When is Jay-Z gonna stop begging for praise? You're a multi-millionare. Nobody cares how arrogant he has become? You have to be relentless to make it in hip-hop, which he has, BUT, I'm tired of hearing how great he is from HIM. What happened to MC's just rhyming? Gimme a simple beat and sick rhymes all day over "HOV" proclaiming himself the crowned king. Pharoahe Monch would murder that dude.

    • mata

      WTF are you talking about what happened to MC's just rhyming? 90% of rhymes are about how great that rapper is.... especially in the 80s and 90s.

  • Anonymous

    It was pretty obvious Watch the Throne wasn't coming out as soon as Kanye said.

  • Core The Ruler

    I prolly woulda believed him...till a nigga start puttin goatheads and other randoms in his videos...im jus sayin..

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY these lame ass simpleton rappers are hidding something! Come out the closet you fuckin Illuminati Ball Suckers! Lil B will crush your asses with a single verse of his Divine Knowledge! The Pretty Bitch BasedGod is UNTOUCHABLE! Omg! BasedGod! SwagSwag!

  • Versatile StreetTeam

    The secret of being successful is very basic you set a goal and you take action to achieve it. Plus you have to be organised especially in the music biz hence why Jay-Z and Kanye West and others who most claim are down with the illuminati are consistently successful.... I will also add that nobody actually knows who or what the illuminati is. They gather all this claims from a youtube. Anyone can make a video and post it. Now Alex Jones and David Icke are two guys who according my real-search these guys have built up the surroundings of freemasons and illuminati and other conspiracy theories. But all there research has decieved many and they got many of it from Dr Malachi who is currently incarcerated and guess what surprise Jay-Z was in a video called The Originators and in that video they are saluting Dr Malachi and another connection is Dr Malachi's son Jacob York was one of the music producers for Junior Maffia and Biggie and we know Jay-Z is connected with Biggie. So what I am saying is in life we interpret things differently and because of how we are taught in the school system in Western world we are taught not to think for ourselves...that is all I will say on this matter and Watch the Throne is going to be a classic


    who cares if he is ! it is his life not mine. anyway, i can't wait to listen to the albums, watch the throne and hell: the sequel

  • Lsn22s

    Some of u guys are so ridiculous...you can't prove ANY of this illuminati shit...go ahead...post ONE SINGLE bit of proof...not a youtube video, or some kid's opinion on a blog, some REAL PROOF....ANYTHING AT ALL....ANYTHING???......wait....still nothing? Not even a little?...Not one singular piece of respectable evidence??? Hmmmmm....interesting??? Can anyone show us ANYTHING at all? But you guys still believe he's in "the illuminati"? Do u even know what that is??? Do you even know what a Mason is??? Do you honestly believe you have seen or found some kind of legitimate connection here??? Didn't think so...you are all idiots who want to believe everything you hear/read on the internet... I will absolutely admit I'm wrong if someone can post even the smallest fraction of PROOF that Jay-Z is involved in ANY of this shit you guys say... You guys are sheep...do some homework and you will see how dumb it is saying Jay is part of any of this...

    • Dragon fang

      Wanna proof? In the Run This Town "Making of promo" thingy, He was wearing a hoodie with "Do what thou wilt". And guess what? This is the most famous Aleister Crowley quote. He said that he is a mason in Run this town. He makes a triangle with his hand and show an eye. Roc-a-fella is an obvious refernce to Rockfellers which are involved. And Rockawear have eye inside a triangle shirts, And Horus's eye. Do you want more?

    • mata

      funny that you would call people "sheep", when it's the masses that say "oh no, no way is Jay Z in the illuminati". I don't really think you know what that term means.

    • Anonymous

      Watch "the arrivals" on YouTube. That pretty much explains everything and if you still don't believe that then you're just ignorant.

    • Yup

      DAMN that was enjoyable to read. moc5...ran outta that debate at mach five! Can't argue with logic I guess.

    • Lsn22s

      So a t-shirt? That's your proof? I'm about to cop a Baphomet shirt of amazon right now...lol... That is the weakest shit you could have possibly came with...are you serious? Bwahahhaahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Come on man, I own a cross pendant and I'm NOT a Christian....it was a gift and i think it's a dope piece, but THAT'S IT...i will still rock that shit...and if I came into possesion of another i would rock that too...Not everyone lives through a fucking t-shirt/necklace/hat/whatever.... You are a sheep...tell yourself whatever you like...and you want proof that he's not??? How about the fact Jay-Z's finances aren't even a secret, all his deals are pretty much public knowledge...if you follow his career you can see he has slowly built up everything around him with hard work and some very smart decisions...there is NOTHING that cannot be accounted for? What exactly do you think it is Jay achieved through "other" assistance? His sales? he doesn't even sell as much as someone like Eminem, is Em affiliated? His deals? Countless other musicians have grown from a music brand into a corporate one..ever heard of 50 Cent? Or Master P? Or Snoop Dogg? or like a Bajillion pop/rock artists/groups??? Is it his money? There are other hip hop moguls who rival Jay's money relatively closely...ever heard of Diddy? or Jermaine Dupri? or Baby OR 50 or Master P yet again? maybe it's his business practices...shady right? Hmmm...ever heard of Suge Knight? or (again) Diddy? or even Dr. Dre or 50? or even to a lesser extent Camron?...those are all cut-thoat businessmen who do what they gotta do to eat... It's so easy to believe the bullshit you find in the comments section of a hip hop site....but that doesn't make it any less stupid... Feel free to consider yourself "sonned", you're welcome... and by the way...that pic of that t-shirt is pretty fly...I'm probably gonna cop one...does that get me down with the masons too? O yea...I'm pretty sure real "masons" don't dress like Jay-Z...fucking idiot....

    • moc5

      http://s4.hubimg.com/u/2225503_f520.jpg if even thinking that he's a mason or illuminati or whatever is ridiculous then what the fuck is up with these damn shirts and his whole clothing line that seems to have been pulled straight from a masons closet? dude shut the fuck up about people speculating. if your gonna say conspiracy theorists are stupid and wrong then do research and come to a conclusion about why he's not affiliated. being a person that finds the facts and comes to his own conclusions before sounding retarded i can tell you there are a million and one reasons why he's is a part of it and about zero debunking it.

  • Its Um

    Jay in Illuminati please, he don't have that type of money nore does he have that many brand, I just found out Unilever is pretty much everywhere, check your soap, shampoo, deorderant, toothpase etc. When you a billion dollar company and many just about everything people use than you could probably call yourself one till then, you'll just own park place.

  • getreal!

    People are so DUMB. For the people that believe in the Illuminati did you ever once stop to think. If the Illuminati is as powerful as you claim they are, would they have allowed the internet to exist??? If your trying to take over the world why in the hell would you create something that let's people in all parts of the world share information and find out about a lot of stuff that they would no nothing about with out the internet. I'm sure you guys are just going to say they did it to spread vile messages or some other excuse. It's just no convincing some people even though they don't have a single solid shred of evidence. Just internet blogs, and books written by other idiots. If I was Jay I wouldn't even address it, perfect example is what he just said. No matter what he says the people that want to believe in the illumanti are just going to break down whatever he say's and say ooh ooh look at "the way" he said. Fuck out of here man!!!

    • youngtjjones

      @getreal! you pretty much answered your own question. They would allow the internet because no matter how many information floats around the internet, dumb people will not believe even if the answer was in there face.

  • truth

    Just follow the cookie crums that will lead you right to his beast! Ever since Jay got his 3rd degree he went into over drive with every song he guest appearanced on, he dropped more and more crums! Its worse, outside of hiphop he's writing literature that big ups his society 'Decoded'. He's been having lunchins with billionaire Neocons = Freemasons like Bloomberg, Net's true shareholder. And here's a no brainer that anybody educated just on politics should have mustered. NO MAN, CIVILIAN OR DICTATOR CAN AND EVER HAS HAD A PRIVATE "PRIVATE" MEETING WITH PRESIDENT, WHICH ARE ALL 33 DEGREE MASONS SINCE THE BIRTH OF THE NATION - UNLESS YOU'RE ONE YOURSELF. And, for those who don't know the esoterics - YOU ARE ALREADY GRANTED THE 33RD UPON BECOMING A US PRESIDENT! WHICH MEANS YOU HAVE TO SLITHER QUIETLY AMONGST THE BEAST. JAY PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO LISTEN, READ AND WATCH YOU TRICKNOWLEDGY.

  • Latonya Green

    Jay z down with the bullshit, you see my boy PAC keep it 100. But you see JAY Z scared, go to church. you gave something up for that fame,, so did yo big head wife

  • Mr. Me

    Jay-Z is down with that shit. What happened was he got too vocal with it, it's supposed to be more subtle but these blogs have blown his bitch ass out and people really started noticing it, so the higher ups prolly put him on punishment and now he's backsliding. Don't get me wrong, he'll never be a top power broker with them, he's just their "in" into hip hop, and with it the black community. Think about it. He fucks with Kanye, then the rumors start following Kanye. He fucks with Ross, then the rumors start following Ross. He fucks with Rihanna (both literally and figuratively, ha.) and the rumors start following her. That's a helluva lotta coincidences. Even his ex-homie Jaz-O was talking about it. (Look on Youtube) If anyone knows it'd be someone who used to be tight with him like that. Hell, Oprah (another suspected lumi) didn't want nothing to do with hip hop, but it looks like her and Jay are joined at the hip now. Why you think that is?

  • Jah

    P.S. - What`s up with that free mason song from Ricky`s album? We all know Ricky was a CO, what`s the deal? Somebody please explain

  • Jah

    I`m sorry but I just find that Jay-Z trying to talk down how commercial he is, is just commercial as fuck. He is way passed trying to convince people that he is a true MC. Illuminati or not, he made the decision long ago to go the commercial route and there is no turning back.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      word, Jay-Z sold out (probably harder than anyone) & hasn't made a good hip hop album in a decade

  • Jiz

    I was hopin this album would be a quickstrike with little promotion cause there's NO WAY this project can live up to the expectations from the "underground" or the "mainstream". (Madlib, Q-Tip,Pete Rock, etc? c'mon!). Once I heard H.A.M., I said Oooooh, they DO want some commercial success with this album. Now, their next single has Bruno Mars and Beyonce. Can't be mad, just disappointed. I thought this MIGHT be the catalyst to bring great hip-hop music to the forefront, again. When an artist listens to and appreciates genuine music and employs the opposite spectrum, you gotta say "fuck it, that's why they're banging supermodels and I'm on my father's couch?" I just would have loved that album...

    • ultraULTRA

      i still believe they can make it a real hip hop concept album, AND also have a commercial appeal to it, using the producers (Q-tip, madlib,No I.D,Pete rock, swizz beatz,) but i know what you mean, cause of the lex luger H.A.M song, and the supposed song with beyonce, but im still looking foward to whatever they come up with, I just hope kanye doesnt try to be TOO artistic with his beats, but just come hard with it...

    • Jah

      Well said. I could add another few paragraphs myself but this is a great summation. Close the comments on this shit right here.


    Now personally I don't believe Jay Z is in the Illuminati or the Masons or whatever but I just wanna point this out. NOTICE HOW HE SAYS HIGHER POWER when referring to the power that people think he's down with (which is Satan according to the rumors). NOTICE HOW HE SAYS HIGHER POWER. “I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful,” Jay explained. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some HIGHER POWER. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can't be you, it has to be some other force.”

    • Dr. Bumba Shakur


  • youngz

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  • GOD

    Easy...if the RUMORS are NOT true, then he would sue for defamation, libel, slander, etc. But you can't sue if the RUMORS are true. He would make as example out of somebody at some point if the RUMORS weren't true(a major publisher,writer,TV, magazine), period. At the same time, like Wise Intelligent(Poor Righteous Teachers) said, even if he is, so what, these secret societies have been around for centuries and Jay joining today don't mean shit to their overall objectives, goals, blah blah...He's just another misguided soul that drank the kool-aid. P.S. he is a mason though. ARE YOU A TRAVELING MAN???? Look to the EAST-Enochian; Golden Dawn; Eastern Star; ALL HAIL!!!

    • topman

      You're an idiot, you can sue public opinion moron. On top of that it's almost impossible to win a libel or slander case in the United States.

    • asdf

      Who the hell is he supposed to sue? Suing people for rumors? LMAO

  • Llort


  • Anonymous

    how come one of the reasons ppl use to say jay-z is satanic is bcos he calls himself hov? isn't Rakim the god mc a devil worshipper. and don't those guys who are 5 percenters see themselves as gods on earth? smh ppl fear what they don't understand

  • Anonymous

    since when was the illuminati or freemason devil worshipers. lol. you guys are getting info about these guys from internet geeks instead of getting it from books by certified experts on the field. these secret societies believe in a higher power, whether its allah, budda, or Jehovah. in now way do they worship the devil.

    • skipper

      Bravo that is 100% correct. However how can you explain to so many people who are ignorant and wont read a single book,much less try to grasp what is it all about.Don't waste your time I stopped wasting mine. Best of wishes God bless .:Skipper:.



  • LJbigbang

    You know you're spouting some nonsense when you're indistinguishable from the people doing a parody of you. (At those with the Jay-Z-is-Illuminati viewpoint)

  • Anonymous

    he throws up the roc and u guys think he's in illumanti.stop being so damn parniod!!!!!!!!!!

  • mmoses3@aim.com

    They need to and should get J.COLE and Jay Electronica on a couple tracks this would be sick and hot. It would make it a Classic and album to remember.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, let's imagine he actually IS a member of the Illuminati... SO WHAT? I don't give a crap. And the Illuminati aren't this bunch of killers as Dan Brown presented them, like the Freemasons, they aren't like praying to Satan or something... come on, wake up!

    • Skipper

      Of course it is all just the unwillingness to learn and educate your self in what do Freemason's really stand for.Take some books and not just one sentence of A.Pikes book but the whole book.If you are a person of good moral and good character only then can you be a Freemason.But if you are like some devil worshiping power lusting guy than you will never be able to join nor to be a part.It is simple the people just need an escape goat when things go bad just blame Freemason's or the non existing society of the Illuminati.

    • dmize-one

      nah, they are just a bunch of power hungry men whose ultimate goal is control over financial, political, and meterial wealth.. nothing to be worried about.. smh...

  • Anonymous

    “I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful,” Jay explained. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can't be you, it has to be some other force.” Jay just dry snitched on himself. If any of you cant see that than your just as lost as Jay is.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    It's amazing how many of you are brainwashed and spoonfed these lies. You're all nothing but helpless sheep! Obviously Jay and Kanye are going to deny their association with the dark world and the outerspace cult of Phil T. Wayes. They're just mere puppets controlled by the higher ups who plan to take over the planet with their hidden messages in today's popular music. Kanye's last name is West and he just so happens to have been born in the western hemisphere of our doomed planet?? Jay's first album was released in 1996. 1+9+9+6= 25?? TWENTY FIVE?! ITS SO OBVIOUS. WAKE UP.

    • topman

      You man dumb, I can tell you get your info from youtube videos. Read a book!

    • Anonymous

      ^ this guy is so dumb, he can't spell unfunny.

    • Anonymous

      ^ this guy is so dumb its unfuny

    • Anonymous

      lol.you ppl are interpreting those symbols as demonic. if someone who knew nothing about Christianity was to go to a church during communion, and asked what the significance of communion is and when you tell them it represents the eating of Christ's body and the drinking of his blood, they could take that to mean Christianity promotes cannibalism. facts can always be twisted to fit someone's argument. smh

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up



  • James Vega

    OK... I thought they asked him about being in a secret society, so why is he talking about "higher power" and "it has to be some other force"? They didn't ask if he dealt with some kind of mysticism, they asked about a secret society... I think Jay just had a Freudian slip of the tongue right there and sold himself out..

  • Anonymous

    camon jay our tv is diff from urs???b a man and accept it... we see u man

  • r

    It's not about 'people can't handle if your successful' It's about all the satanic and masonic imagery in your videos that if sum1 knows their stuff, will know can't be denied that's what it is. U know exactly why ppl are puttin this label on u Jay, u bring it on yourself.

    • Anonymous

      jay z fan boys i mean fag boys lol please stop

    • one

      @Derrick.. What the fuck do u think the symbols mean then?? an why is it now that the most ignorant ppl like u seem to think They are the smart ones. Ppl like u are blind.

    • Lamont

      LOL Anonymous got owned.

    • Derrick

      Naw, they put them in their so dumb fucks like you can drive up internet traffic on their names

    • Anonymous

      they put those images in videos cuz dumbfucks like you are easy ass troll bait lmao IQ fail

    • Derrick

      and what does that matter ? they are symbols, if your dumbass is scared of a symbol then you deserve to be scared. 99% of the things in their videos dont even mean what people like you think they mean.

  • LJbigbang

    The Illuminati arguments are fucking hilarious! The most thinly veiled "evidence" mixed with some hate. Hip-Hop fans are and always will be the most stupid amongst the genres.

  • fuck jay z the sellout

    cmon jay it aint because somebody hates you to be successful(those mofo's always hated u) i bought all your shit before that but t you sold out and thats a fucking fact. after tht 99 problems video the rebirth of shawn carter thats why they shot u up in that video meaning u joined them,stop fucking making excuses u push their agenda be a man and admit it,people aint dumb anymore fuck out of here with that bullshit mason ass nigga u and kanye and that bleached up bitch u with

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You ignorant sheep are so BLIND. Jay-Z and Kanye both have 5 letter first names. 5 was the sacred number of the dark god, Fuhkmahass ruler of Evil. In Kanye's verse in E.T., he says "I got filthy ways." What he really means is that he has subscribed to the teachings of Phil T. Wayes, a ruthless dictator spacecowboy from Saturn. Jay-Z's Blueprint series were actual blueprints to create a magical rainbow bridge that'll open a portal to another dimension. These facts and my careful research and logic only further prove Jay and Kanye's involvment with the demon worshipping cult known as RiychNyggaz. WAKE UP

  • GAY-Z


    • Anonymous

      yet after Nas destroyed him in a song, he did songs w/ the man and had an album Jay-z made money off of. so what does that make Nas? he's either a sell-out himself or he's dumb as fuck. lol.

    • Derrick

      LOL, Nas didnt expose anything. In Ether all he did was say thing everyone already knew, just in a clever way. the lames are people like you who get caught up in the melody of a diss and think you discovered something new.

    • Anonymous

      Nas destroyed him on every track they got together. That's the reason why Jay's scared to do another track with Nas again. The whole hip hop world could see that Nas reigns supreme.

    • fske

      yeah prett ymuch

  • Jesus

    Jay-Z should be suckin Ye's dick. Kanye had the balls todo what everyone was thinkin. "how the hell did that crybaby white girl win" exact words when he interupted her. during the whole "yo taylor ima let you finish" i was thinkin Jay-z better toss Ye a cool mill or something. and then Beyonce said sorry to taylor swift? thats like me robbing birdmans 8 million dollar shit car and have him apologize to me when idrive it off a cliff.and as for this album. ima buy it detox and definetly Bad meets Evil Lp. support real music or listin to Gucci

  • Anonymous

    A Jay-Z album fully produced by Kanye would be MUCH better. Leave that mic alone with your horrible skills and stick to the boards, Kanye!

  • Rosy A Caron Jr

    It comforts the questioners, and give the haters something to stagger on. YOU KNOW YOU ALL STILL RELATE WHEN YOU LISTEN. So listen to your life. See what is saying. It as one perceives training. prejudice is opinion without judgment Voltaire they are your own thoughts spoken to them why should they respond. The ones falling is saying damage. gravity. your only making the page bigger for them to be noticed. More moneys. Is this the only spotlight you can get for your self to smile, when you convo next.... remember I don't think they look back to you after cut there checks.

  • Captain Duh

    Yawn, another Jay-Z illuminati story. Isn't there one of these like every few weeks? This is almost as bad as Sohh doing Nicki Minaj stories every half hour.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY every hater hates on the Holy BasedGod because a) They have no bitches on their dicks b) Dont dress like Jesus Christ c) Aren't pretty bitches or d) Listen to foolish elementary rap such as Eminem, Immortal Technique, Kool G Rap, Nas, and etc. Convert to being Based! Repent for your blaspheming of Lil B's Most Holy name! Have bitches on your dick! Omg! BasedGod! Omg!

    • Jesus

      eek an internet gangsta. dont shoot Chedder Bob

    • FUCK U

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    • Jesus

      looky here busta brown. its one thing to preach the "lord" Lil' B but then to claim him as Jesus christ. the role i play. then its on nigga. lil B is recording an album "i'm gay" as his way to tell his fag hating parents about his preferences

    • Lil B The BasedGod AKA Jesus Christ The Pretty Bitch

      Leave my child alone. They are spreading my Based knowledge and everlasting swag and converting more bitches for me to fuck. I must go now and finish recording "I'm Gay" which will bless the true believers of Hip Hop and Pretty Bitch Swag soon. Stay Based my children. THE BASEDGOD HAS SPOKEN

    • Jesus

      I HAVE FOUND MY NEW SUPERGUCCI RAP!! haa your funny dude. together. we will take over this site. and soon the world

  • Docktor La'Taurus Harrison


  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY this faggot Jay Z and the other MEGA FAGGOT Kanye are Illuminati's fuckin mascots! They make their affiliation towards the society so obvious and yet deny it! PUSSYS! Lil B is the only HIGHER POWER in this game and he is the SAVIOUR of RAP! He will destroy these ABOMINATIONS and bring in his kingdom! Lil B 4 Prezident 2012! OMG! SwagSWAG!

    • iGotBitchesCuz

      You have been blessed in the Name of the Father, The Son and the Based Spirit, Amen! Lil B The BasedGod would be glad to fuck you AND your bitches! ALL HAIL THE MOST HOLY BASEDGOD! SwagSwag! Omg! Thank You BasedGod!

    • G's Bitch

      OMG! PLEASE fuck me BasedGod! You swag so much harder than my man and look like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber combined! OMG SWAGSWAG! I love Lil B!

    • iGotBitchesCuz

      Why thank you my young squire. I am what I eat. Thanks for pointing that out foolish chap.

    • G

      yeahhh your a fucking pussy

  • Nas dickrider

    BP3 and MBDTF >>>>> anything Nas released after It Was Written.

    • Nas Esco

      uhh have you heard Stillmatic? God's Son? or the Lost Tapes?? wooooow..your a hater staight up..your just mad because your idol jay-z is a commercialized puppet who is satanic..sure he sells millions (so has Nas) and got number one albums (so does Nas)..jay-z is good but is not clever and no rapper ever says he's there influence..they usaully say Nas,rakim,eminem,krs-one,public enemy,2pac,biggie..sorry buddy jay-z stole big daddy kane style..and it took jay-z 8 years to drop his debut album because every record company knew he was wack..it took Nas 1 year to get a record deal..that right there's tells Nas is more gifted and waaay more talented then Jay-z..and you know it's true

    • Anonymous

      Jay is a Nas stan, still laughing my ass off about the video offering Nas pud down.

    • Anonymous

      stop living

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    LIES! Look at the wrinkles under Jay's eyes in that pic. They resemble the horns of Eetuhdik the ancient demon of greed. Now look at Kanyes facial hair! That musky shit looks exactly like the glowing death lasers that the ancient god Suhkmahdik shot when he invaded Pluto. Pluto rhymes with Juno which was a movie about some stupid pregnant bitch. That symbolizes the birth of evil in Jay and Kanye. This is scientific fact proving that these niggas are just puppets. WAKE UP

  • lll

    nothing was answered in this post...

    • Anonymous

      Lol this post had no information at all. Pretty much 'Yes, the album isn't out yet' and 'Naw, I'm not illuminati that's a lie most likely (or is it)' same boat as before here

  • L-Boogie

    It would've been so dope if early 2000's Jay-z did a collaborative album with Scarface because this new Jay-z is weak.

  • hmm

    wouldnt be suprised if they were waitin for detox to drop... or bad meets evil.... just to keep things competitive

  • L-Boogie

    People take Jay-z's lyrics to literal, he's not part of any secret society. Watch The Throne will be another bullshit album like The Blueprint 3 and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.....Mainstream rap is dead!!!

  • Mylie

    can't believe people are shiting on this. these broters are one of the last true artists in this music industry sucessful. be happy for them expressing themselves.

    • Anonymous

      lol go express yourself you tool. Kanye is a borderline ballerina, and Jay-Z is not exactly the greatest anymore either.

  • yup i said it

    I think that album got delayed because it weak as hell so far and they gotta start over from the begining because the chemistry is off and while they r 2 of the hottest in the game they r 2 different kind of artist and the album aint classic soundin like everybody thought it would b

  • Petros Marinho

    fuck jay z! Liar!


    fuck this album drop that J.COLE album

  • Anonymous

    illuminati whatever whatever, but it is true that certain things these dudes is mad demonic. And it maybe art or whatever, but I don't agree with symbolizing satan things. Same with this new tyler the creator bull, what's with all the satanic pictures and all that. You can be wierd but why say all this stuff against religion and all that. Ignorant people I tell you. The way these guys talk is like they never had a momma either, so disrespectful and weak. Man If there is a devil, than these are the dudes that are buying into him. Period. So the question is whether you believe in Christianity, if you do. Then you will know right from wrong, and you will know whether or not Jay-Z is evil or not. And if we are all evil to for following and looking up to him. People want to arrive at all these accusations, but don't have any values themselves. It doesn't matter what Jay-Z is doing, stop judging the dude, worrying about being at peace yourself otherwise your gonna turn into all the bad things that your so infactuated with.


      @ HeyZeus.. That was funny. hahahaa

    • Jesus

      FUCK YOUR DAD!. didnt see that coming did you?

    • Anonymous

      thank you presi


      @Mylie: YOU MAAADD DOGGIE??? lol. hiphopdx has some of thee most immature posters on earth. A person makes any type of comment and here comes the douche bag with a "Fuck You" or "Your a delusional idiot". Dude just gave 'his' opinion and your hater ass comes in with childish insults. You gotta be a no broad gettin, internet thuggin dweeb when u respond like this... smh.. someone will prove me right by replying with a 'fuck you mom!' lol

    • Anonymous

      LOL what I meant was, if you are religious than you will know if Jay-Z is right or wrong. And if your not than it doesn't matter if he's devilish or not because you don't concern yourself with religion anyway. And why are you so ignorant, a lot of people are religious, shouldn't say it's a fairytale.

    • Mylie

      Religion is a fairytale you fuckin delusional idiot.

  • Jman

    "I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful,” Jay explained. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can't be you, it has to be some other force.” ON THE MONEY. Damn, that's SO true.

  • Anonymous

    BAD MEETS EVIL>>>>>>>

    • Up North

      Can't argue with you on that. I think that's what is pissing Jay off. Kanye is all into this "creative" phase instead of just going hard. The final product will be interesting. On the bright side, its two dope projects we'll be getting.

  • Demon Slayer

    just becuz the wealthiest boys club on the planet put these pawns in position doesnt mean they will successfully get a checkmate! These devils hav hand picked the leaders and entertainers that you see "make it" (Kanye West 'Power') " in this white man's world we the ones chosen...."....they all pledge allegiance to SATAN, the spiritual demon!...they have chosen their Constellation prizes already before the return of the SON OF MAN....we know their names and many things about them...they wanted this fame and the fortunes that go along with it...but it comes with a heavy price to pay...SAW 1 thru 7 type deaths! These clowns are not at the top of the pyramid they take orders jus like Baboon Bama! They and the elites of the world will hide themselves in their underground bunkers they built in the mountains, the ground and underwater....but they will all be searched out of their holes...thus saith the BIBLE!

  • MemphisBlack

    LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES Who the fuck ** announced ** the dogshit album anyway? Something ** might ** show up before fucking DETOX (guaranteed trash) but I wouldn't bet on it.


    They look like they ready to catch a football. "a-yo', put it here!"

  • Up North

    Well, you know how it is. Everything is a conspiracy these days. I think a mix of fear and jealousy is why so many people shit on Jay. I guess it's when they stop talking that you should worry though right?

  • guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • gametime

    lol, he says “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power" maybe those rumors wouldn't be there if he didn't make references all the time in his music and videos; light up feat Drake "I'm connected to a higher power" He knows exactly what he's doing

    • Ruffdraft

      I just went to Macys the other day. A handful of Rocawear shirts had pyramids and "all seeing" eyes on them. As for the pants on the inside tags a few styles of them had names ending in "nati" this and "illumi" that. I was like wtf? Is he just trolling people at this point?

    • Anonymous

      Haha, you would think it is odd in from that perspective wouldn't you. He says one day "I'm connected to a higher power", than in an interview says this. Clearly this dude is messing with the people. Seeing artists like to create the mysticism in their brand. Makes the people curious and attracted to it. So either Jay-Z is into some black magic (1). Or he is playing with our minds to build some media attention (2).

    • Anonymous

      why can't higher power just mean God. ppl do refer to God as that.

  • kennyken

    jigga's a very smart man. he's a proven leader as well. i guess that's why so many people want to be under his wing. but i hope, for himself, that it doesn't go to his head. remember the true rap game...make something for us and be confident that the masses will appreciate it. i think jay has that power now.

    • kennyken

      sometimes you gotta let it be man, that's all i'm saying cuz lol. i will still pick up an album from jay z if he can still come with heat and paint pictures like he's so capable of doing. but when i said don't let it go to his head, i'm meaning he does have a liking to power. i can see it. but man just use your natural-born talents as a leader to lead, not just to be worshipped. so he can either prove me wrong or right. i don't judge like that pimpin.

    • Wes Wes

      @ Truth Hurts.... **YAWN**..

    • Truth Hurts

      How the hell is he a good leader with no followers except for broke stans who worship his every step? He's not a good businessman, as he ran his label into the ground, screwed over his ex-partners, and left everyone stranded. And, with his new company, he's making mad signings, but no albums are dropping. Someone high up wants him to succeed and is handing him things (such as a piece of the Nets) to make him appear so. This is by design...WAKE UP!!!!

    • 420westcoast

      you hope it doesn't go to his head LOL!!

  • Anonymous


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