Birdman Reportedly Buys $8 Million Maybach Exelero

Cash Money Militia's Baby has himself a new ride and the head of the label took to his Twitter to announce his latest purchase.

It seems Cash Money's Birdman has obtained a new vehicle. The head of CM, Baby, recently let fans know of his latest purchase, a Maybach Exelero, through his Twitter page. 

Fans may recall the vehicle was previously shown in Jay-Z's music video for "Lost One." Now, Baby is the owner of the Exelero. According to his page, he also added that he paid $8 million for it and that it is custom made. has said that the vehicle isn't new and that it was unveiled in Berlin back in 2005. Topgear also explained that it is based on a Maybach 57 limo and that it has a twin-turbo V12, allowing it to go from 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds.

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  • Harvey

    Man,don`t worry about the 8Mil,this dude Arnaud Massartic has freaking real Oil Money from Congo.Tons!

  • Special Ed

    Dude has 8 million to spare... He buys a vehicle, it's probably insured so if he crashes it, Maybach gives him another one... I heard the dudes over at Maybach refused to sell him the car The guy made 100 million last year, net... That's like pocket change... So 8 mil on a Maybach exelero leaves him with 92 million to spend... He'll probably buy Drake a Phantom... YMCMB... 22 years and still running sh!t...

  • zsdgrf

    Nigga must be fuckin stupid to spend that much money on a fuckin car

  • Kastro

    Now all who riding this illiterate fuck dick named baby 8 million could of restored his whole block in new orleans and some the bitch nigga slow and off cocaine and yall support his senseless acts yall all need to wake up and kill yourselves........

  • Nameless

    There is a cheaper version of this car, its called Stola Phalcon looks just like it, google it, it costs less than a mil, what an idiot this Birdbrain is, wat if he crashes or something happens to the car, new parts have to be made just for him coz its a one off car and can u imagine insurance and maintenace? lol this dude must think hes bankrupt proof

  • melvin II

    COONS WITH MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    buys a 8 million dollar car but cant pay producers or his typical black person

    • Anonymous

      if only majority of black americans had this kind of money, dumbass broke white trash. please don't forget birdman is a successful business man, hustler, owner of a multi-million company, theif, non-tax payer due to law that makes him pay less taxes than 90 percent americans. wake up people. stop down talking black america cuz this coon does not represent the people in anyway. remember he claims to be the #1 stunna! he famed the saying bling, bling! shit, if i had that kind of money to waste it would not be on a car, jewelry, etc. sorry for the white trash comment, i just believe you are probably mislead.

    • Anonymous

      anonymous... typical 85er

  • JO

    who gives a shit. what the fu*k hhdx, post some real news

  • JO

    who gives a shit. what the fuck hhdx, post some real news

  • stupid



    wack ass nigga cant pay producers for beats nawmsayin, next time i see him ima take a doodoo splat on that ol bald ass head of his BRRRR old birdman ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    dumb nigger! (chappelle's black white supremacist voice)

  • Anonymous

    this guy has shit for brains :/

  • El JeffJeff

    This guy has to be one of the most ignorant muhafuckas on earth.

  • Anonymous

    birdman the man im latin his my nigga for real im waittin for another 5* stunna album bird

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    8 milli for a car? what a fucking gotta laugh at this idiot for being so damn stupid.....

  • Geko

    Investing in stock in the maybach company iz smart thiz..........................

  • just saying

    The dealership saw his ghetto ass coming a mile away...... I would have been more impressed if he got a 8 million dollar car for just a million.

  • Anonymous

    I Wonder If He Pays His Tithes And Offerings To God....

    • George Granderson

      Tithes don't go to God, they go to the Church(preacher)..Jesus Christ offered and sacrificed himself to God for us so all you need now offer is your the Old Testament "tithes" don't even mean money

  • Anonymous

    8mill on car thats 7+ yrs now thats wow!!

  • laughin atcha

    Y all sound like some bitches ,coming on here complain,him and slim been millionaires since 93,as far as producer money I guess they know who they can get over on,Neptunes,swizz or David Banner ain't sue,just sayin

  • tron

    birdman really out-niggered himself this time

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck pays 8 mil for a used vehicle?

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    Fuck the haters....its ur money so spend ur money how u want....U nikkas r talking about another mans money. I would luv to c wt u got.

  • x

    $8 million for a car?? wtf, that's some stupid shit

  • class

    Look at all the hippies complainin about starving children all over the world. I bet none of you guys sent donations abroad.

  • mike

    typical nigga invest his money in cars. buffet is a billionaire have u eva heard him buy all this bullshit. nigga only worth 100mil yet him buy cars like ftse 250 company. typical stupid niggas make mi sick

  • Nigpplease

    Look at all the hippies complaining. "Starving Children all over the world". I bet none of you guys sent donations abroad.

  • Anonymous

    birdman gonna have to change his name to batman now that he bought the fuckin batmobile!


    You can't forget that Birdman got that A1. He gotta spend his money on some legit shit. He bought a $36,000,000 apartment complex in Miami. Plus, he buys new whips every year. Chopard watches worth $1.5million. He's caked up and has been for years.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY yall are just hating on Sir Bryan Williams sophistication and because he's quite the noble scholar! He has contributed to society in many ways and yet you still rebuke against the man?! You foolish simpletons! May The Most High and Holy BasedGod have pity upon you damned souls! Lil B 4 Prezident! 2012! Omg! Swag BasedGod Swag!

  • Smine Nasdaq

    THe heavy cost for note worthy innovation, over time.

  • JoeM

    The Maybach Exelero is a one of a kind concept car commissioned by Fulda tires for testing, truth be told it has no value other than what you place on it. Remember birdman himself stated that the vehicle was estimated at $7 million and he offered $10 million for it and was turned down?... The only one who ended up winning in this decision was Fulda Tires who may have recouped some of the money they spent on this project. I don't think that thing is even street legal or it might be since it's actually based on the Maybach 57, shares the same chassis so there might not be a need for further certification for road use.

  • fucdapolice!

    This ni99a ain't by that car. Mercedes/Maybach said it was not for sale, it was designed buy a European student and is 1 of 1. Maybach sent guards to Jay-Z's video shoot just to keep an eye on it. The car is 5 years old, I'm sure they have turned down offers since then

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I guess this changed the whole landscape of hip hop. DX needs to leave this bullshit news alone, it's something for SOHH or TMZ. This site became so whack since it's relaunch.

  • wow

    this dudes probly more retarded then 95 percent of the ppl who post on here and i bet his iq's prolly like 60... wtf is wrong with this world

  • Fizzy

    That's dope for real. I couldn't think of a better way to spend 8 million dollars

  • Anonymous

    fuck birdbrain, this faggot 8 million dollars on a car wail other are dying, fuck this wack ass clown

  • Anonymous

    Its called a lease you morons!

  • Anonymous

    sick......... You all broke niggers and are hating

  • Ruffdraft

    Thats cool. Hes spending 8 million dollars on a car he cant even spell correctly? "Mayback"?

  • Anonymous

    yeah and this is newsworthy for what reason? Nobody gives a fuck about this bullshit so what you can buy an $8mil car, you know how many people in your own community you could've helped with that $$? #douchebag

  • Eyes

    Did he father Lil B????? Retard/weird is the new cool... God help us all!!!

  • G Louis Tracks

    This is a stock photo, why can't he show his actual one if he says it already belongs to him?

  • Kamar Roxwel Robinson

    this guy will be Mc. Hammer in no time. check out the video meet me at the liquor

  • R.Pgh

    Birdman pays 8 mil for a car. Puts the keys in the ignition, drives off the lot. Car valued at 6 million instantly. Good financial decision.

  • murdock

    Ill end it with we all saw what happened to Hammer doing shit like this...

  • murdock

    These guys really just care about how much money they spend on cars its pathetic.The music they make is wack as fuck too.

  • Jessica Dyrden

    for 8 mill i'd rather buy 10 condos across the globe.

    • insanemacbeth

      cosign, on the property ting. not going to hate, though. good for him. the only thing i WILL say, though...i'm NOT tattooing up my face or head, to get £s or $s!

  • Uradumfuk

    This is pathetic that this is what they put as the first story you see on the page. Seriously, this site isn't a real journalistic HipHop website when it's reporting how much someone spent on a car, a car, do you get that, it's a automobile he'll never drive and it does what every car in the world does, eat up gas and get you from point A to point B. Unless that car flys it's not worth $1million dollars. Sad that this dude has to prove to himself that he's not a loser no one cares for by buying crap. Oh well, just goes to show you why black kids want to be rappers instead of a real job when they see shit like this.

  • Jessica Dyrden

    who da fuck cares. Dis guy so wack, he have to buy mad expensive shit to get attention.

  • Anonymous

    All this shows is how much of dumb fuck this STUPID nigga is. Is this your way of proving your rich? If he has bought this car, watch the value depreciate drastically. He's probably lying though, like he does about everything money-related. Remember when he claimed to be in the oil industry but no one in that industry acknowledge his alleged company? Birdman = Clown.

  • Batman

    Can't wait to come on hiphopdx and read about this shit getting repoed....

  • slapyobitchass

    No mention of this nigga payin Bangladesh, Jim Jonsin, Fresh or any other producer these fake blood niggas failed to pay.

  • kennyken

    wow...dude has paper.

  • Ado Cob

    people like him are getting tax breaks, while the rest of us lose social services.


    that bitch mean my shit do bout 0-60 just under 7 sec try to see me instead of bitchin bout who he fuck get yo money like his cause that what im tryin to do

  • Anonymous

    is this worth mentioning DX? this is bullshit news. If Birdman buys some toiletpaper to whipe his ass you also gonna mentioned?


      yeah an that same producer waive his up front fee they offer to pay him what ever he charge but he wanted royalties

    • Anonymous

      dude it's an 8 million dollar car and he cant even pay his producers for beats

  • ahbra

    These rappers never learn. Can't wait to see his broke ass begging for a spot on dancing with the stars in 10 years.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY yall are jeulous of Birdman's Money & the Power. He is one of the Top 5 MC's in the rap game today along with Lil B, 50 Tyson, Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane! All his albums have proven to be solid Gangster content and teach the ways of being a stunna! Lil B 4 Prezident! 2012! Omg! SwagSwag!

  • Anonymous

    none of this nigga 4 albums went gold except father like son. where this faggot get money to buy whips he can't pronounce. dude can't rap for shit, every song he makes or appears on he says the same bullshit lyrics. blowing the pound, his matching whips, worshiping his undercover lover lil wayne. no respect for this poor excuse for a hustler. birdman is a lame ass thief.


      50% publishing 85%royalties dont nobody in the game got a deal like that plus 30 mil back in 98

  • RichFromNY

    I can honestly say I will never be that materialistic and much shit can one person know how many kids you could send to college with that money, how many homeless families you could put in homes.... I don't understand it...I don't know how a person can live with themselves spending $8 million dollars on a car...

    • RichFromNY

      "we da bidness hunned million dollars cash money young money bitch" who could argue with that logic...btw let me know when you're done cleaning the toilet I got a deuce that needs dropping..

    • Anonymous

      we da bidness hunned million dollars cash money young money bitch

  • Anonymous

    thats 8 million dollars for a car you have to drive yourself around in!!! lol FAIL

  • Sigh

    Baby can do what he wants BUT I hope you brothers out there INVEST your money into something that will make you money! Think realestate for starters.

  • Anonymous

    meanwhile bangladesh cant even get paid for a shitty lil wayne beat and has to eat cornflakes for dinner

  • Anonymous

    8 million dollars for a 5 year old car that looks like shit and wasnt even made by maybach!!!! great investment bro!!!

  • Anonymous

    no wonder this nigga don't pay producers that do work for his artists. If everyone did what this stupid fuck did we all be rich. fuck that faggot ass nigga who likes little boys. fucking chester

  • guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • guest Street Runna - Barton Block

  • Boom

    not the smartest purchase but if he has money like that I guess go ahead and buy it. Hope he is not bankrupt in 10 years and looks back at stupid purchases like this.

    • Anonymous

      he spent like almost 10% of his networth (if you really believe hes worth 100 milli) on a 5 year old car, thats a brilliant investment if you ask me!!!!!

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