Lil B Reveals Joint EP With Jay Electronica

The Based God brands the collaboration as "historical" and likens the results to "Exhibit C."

Lil B may have George Bush’d the button on hip-hop by naming the title of his upcoming LP I’m Gay. But fans that have come to love The Pack member’s hits like “Ellen DeGeneres” and “Justin Bieber” will get treated to a surprise from both him and New Orleans, Louisiana’s Jay Electronica.

The Based God has announced a joint EP with the Roc Nation signee, likening the feeling of “Exhibit C” to his hidden emotions. “If you listen to Jay Electronica's first mixtape that he had 'Exhibit C' on, and if you really listen to him, there's a lot of stuff that I feel in my heart are similarities,” he told MTV. "You know, like, subject matter. It's another level that we're in tune on, because we're here for the positivity and to make a change.”

While a release date is impending, B continued by describing the project as “historical.” “This project with Jay is gonna be very spiritual, very uplifting, very deep,” he continued. “It will be historical." 

B will also release his controversial album I’m Gay later this year, while Jay Electronica is said to be working on his Roc Nation debut.



  • Ddot

    that sounds terrible. Jay needs to start actually putting out some fucking music before doing some bullshit with this ass-clown. Jay barely has enough out there to make me barely a fan...he toured through my town and was absolutely terrible...opened up for Kweli, and the room was silent. This is a make or break moment for him with a lot of fans. If he drops a classic record (which i know he is capable of) he could take over the game. Or he could put out a record like this, and lose a lot of fans...

  • Anonymous

    lie! yung berg/soulja boi jr. makin shit up to get attention.

  • MrFuaxLilB

    NOOOOOOO!!! Damn Jay you fucking up son! To all the closet homo's saying research Lil B songs. Eat a bag of baby dicks. If he was dope i wouldn't have to research shit. Lil B's a clown, Solja Boy's a clown. If that is hip hop, maybe I'm not. At this rate yall bout to have me riding round blasting classical saying fuck rap.

  • Tre MellowHype LeDay

    with the exception of lupe they've al done some type of work with Jay E Curren$y did the day with mos def and jay mos def was on exhibit a rmx jay produced queens get the money by nas

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Jay is in Africa,. or where ever trying to make an album, and is so fickel about his own shit, taking a life time to put something out to perfection. Now i really can't visualize him wasting time with this bum!!

  • come the fucc on

    there joint album wouldnt even make sense on one hand one nigga would b talkin bout pharoahs moons and the stars n over the top smart shit and the other nigga would b sayin over the top dumb ass shit like he's a faggot and his swag is like wanton soup and weird shit like that. i would feel like the smartest dumb ass after listening 2 that bullshit. that album should b called the confused educated retard.... and they wonder y hip hop is dying

    • Ddot

      no one should have to do "research" to figure out the worth of an arist..this ain't a fuckin' history test nigga. Either you're dope or you're not, and this talentless piece of trash lil b, certainly is not.

    • Anonymous

      U do know lil b got real serious songs that arent anything like wonton soup right?? ever heard of exhibit based, the trap, the age of information, cold war? Lil b does those dumb songs to get attention and it works. Lil b will get serious on this ep and leave all that swagg shit at the front door. Do your research on artists before u judge.

    • mylaptop


    • Elissei Ouskov


    • Courtney

      Best, most accurate comment EVER.

  • realBOSTON

    ain't happenin,jay electronica barely ever puts on his own music, u think he's gonna release an entire EP with Lil B? LOL

  • what's going on here...

    it seems like all these good rappers are all over the shitty ones i.e. Everyone over at G.O.O.D and G-unit loves Soulja Boy, Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West like Lil' B? Fuck is the world coming to?

    • Anonymous

      I can understand being a satirist but where's the quality product? I mean anyone who buys an album full of Ellen Dedeneras or Look like Jesus songs well...they ought to be slapped.

    • well...

      most people don't seem to realize Lil B is a satirist and are so ready to believe that his music is just bad. You don't get a following like Lil B has by being stupid, he has a plan and while I don't really like his music I respect his movement. Same way you don't stay relevant like Soulja boy has by being stupid, his music is one should listen to a soulja boy song expecting it to blow your mind, hip hop has become a diverse genre we shouldn't stifle that.

  • America

    Someone off this guy pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think this dude really is gay! That Justin Bieber song is pure trash!! That's gotta be one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life!! Sounds like JB's effing him in the poot chute on the hook,lol!!! GARBAGE!! What's wrong w/ you people???!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    TOP 5 MC's of All Time 1.Lil B The BasedGod 2.50 Tyson 3.Soulja Boy Tell Em 4.Gucci Mane 5.Birdman

  • Bauce

    Jay Electronica is trolling the hip hop elitists lol

  • Everyone calm the fuck down!

    You guys do realize this is Lil B saying this?....until Jay Electronica says something, quit bitching, everybody always talk before they listen. Besides, how many artists have talked about doing a project with Jay E?? Mos Def Currensy Lupe Fiasco Nas Did any of those collabo projects happen?? NO! So lil b talking about doing a project with him is not all that credible.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OMG BASEDGOD! OMG! Thank You BasedGod! Fuck my bitch PLEASE! You have OBVIOUSLY blessed us once again with this TERRIFIC announcement! This joint EP will be Historical indeed! I hope Jay Electronica picks up a bit off your genius mentality and actually starts rapping like you. Lil B is the Tupac + Biggie + Nas of this generation. Lil B is the SAVIOUR of Rap! Let us rejoice in his ever lasting blessing with his Holy Music! Fuck the Haters that listen to silly music from Common and all those Nincanpoops! Omg! BasedGod Thank You! Thank You!

  • Anonymous

    if jay does this then fuck jay.

  • Anonymous

    i cant stand this steven j horowitz dudes writing, "Lil B may have George Bush'd the button on hip-hop" stop trying to be clever bro its not funny

    • ola dioss

      lol that was funny anyway i did some research on him, turns out he;s manipulating and tricking people and in the end he actually has a couple of tracks which you will be surprised are very good. i think this whole 'i'm gay' shit he's doing or whatever and this wearing the same vans for upteen years shit is just his way of trying to break some type of stereotype and judgements we have reserved in the hip-hop community... but nontheless MOST of his music is STILL trash which asks the question of quality control he might encounter in his cataloguue. lol

    • Anonymous

      It is funny

  • Anonymous

    jay who? this dude dropped the fuck off the map after signing to jay-z's graveyard of a label last we heard from him was a mountain dew commercial,

  • Vegard Møller

    No way?

  • HipHopProph


  • Its Um

    Jay is being like Dre with his album.

  • guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • BasedFollower

    How DARE you speak ill of the Based One?

  • Anonymous


  • Backpacker 88

    I am not sure why people are hatin' on this guy right now. He gives us a gem with Phonte and Jean Grae over a 9th Wonder beat. And now he's working with Jay Electronica. Clearly, the dude is working with really dope hip hop artists. Isn't that a good thing?

  • fuck

    NOOOOOOOOOOO now i have to listen to lil b. I hope someone edits out his parts so its just jay

  • hellrazor

    i feel like i'm gonna vomit whenever i read the name "lil b".

  • Right On

    lil b's music is like chinese water torture

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