Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Bangladesh to Appear on 'Watch The Throne'

Jay and Kanye enlist Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Bangladesh for appearances on their upcoming LP.

With the likes of Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lex Luger already in tow, Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative LP Watch the Throne is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2011. Now, another multi-platinum artist, Bangladesh of "A Milli" fame, revealed to MTV that he may also appear on the project.

Although the "6 Foot, 7 Foot" producer did not say much, he did indicate that 'Ye had requested to supply Hov and he with a beat. Although Bangladesh isn't sure whether the track will make the cut, he did say Kanye seemed impressed with his work.

"I was requested to come out there and just give a little insight on the album and give them a beat or two and add and create with 'Ye, which was a big honor," he explained. "I been a fan of 'Ye since the first song he ever dropped...It's never a guarantee until that time comes, but the track I left [Kanye] with, he was very satisfied with. He really expressed that he loved the beat and he's ready to buy it. That's a good sign, but you never know at the end of the day. I don't really talk about stuff until it's signed, sealed and delivered."

As previously mentioned, Complex revealed last week that Beyonce and Bruno Mars are slated to appear on the album's first single "Lift Off." Producer Jeffery Bhasker, who worked with 'Ye on his two previous albums 808s and Heartbreaks and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, revealed via Twitter that Mr. West and he did in fact collaborate on the track's production.

Lift Off was produced by Kanye Bhasker and Jeffrey West.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

The full interview with Bangladesh can be seen below.



    Atleast Bangladesh will get royalties. I've never heard of the ROC not paying royalties to its artists.

  • Mandy Sandy

    watch da throne lookin 2 b da best album of 2011 now. they got jay!'z wifey, beyonce, aka da best female singer in da world, on there now. check beyonce'z new song "run diz world" fuckin heat. and i bet jay! and kanye r gonna kill dat bangladesh beat betta than lil gayne'z lame azz. lookin 4ward 2 dat 1st single, gon b sick. RNGMB BITCH!

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Still have confidence in project... but Bangladesh? REALLY? And besides Kanye production, I don't see much value in the Beyonce/Bruno Mars collab. Just being done for radio, I presume. Watch the Throne should still be dope, though... I stress "should"

  • Anonymous

    come on, yall! you are OVER-reporting. If you reported everyone who SENT beats to Ye and Jay, you looking at almost everyone in the game!

  • mikedub904

    when is "Watch The Throne" comin' out?!!!

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