Jay-Z Wins Sports Emmy Award For Super Bowl Performance

Hov scores another trophy for his epic performance of "Run This Town."

Jay-Z claimed he “sport fly shit, I should win the ESPY,” and while he’s yet to take home that trophy, he’s gradually making his way there. The Brooklyn, New York rapper received the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics for his performance of “Run This Town” during Super Bowl XLIV.

The epic performance, aired as the opener to the football game, featured Hov in a dapper suit surrounded by the E.S. Posthumus music group. As he rapped along to the cut, footage from NFL games cut across the screen.

Additionally, Jigga man collaborators U2 were honored with the award for their performance with the Soweto Gospel Choir during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


  • BMORE2011

    Its good to see a person like Jay Z doing big and positive things. People hate on Jay or call him gay names but they would rather respect somebody like Gucci or Waka who cant rap or somebody like TI who is stupid for being in and out of jail. But when we have a Black man doing something good we bash him. Niggaz need to grow up

    • ultraMAN

      yeah I feel what you saying People respect lil boosie, and gucci, or TI,because we see they been to jail n sh*t so n*ggz think they "real". Gucci shot somebody a couple years ago in his house, but jay-z shot a nigga when he was only 12yrs old...#DAMN

  • Mandy Sandy

    gayson, jay-z! iz not garbage. u deaf nigga? or r u just jealouz dat jay-z! iz da richest rappa in da game? jay! got da sickest lyricz eva. they just go ova ur head lil boy. oh wait, u suck lil gayne'z cock so neva mind. loser. let'z c lil gayne perform at da super bowl or sell out madison square garden. when u watch jay-z! u witnezz greatnezz. but of course u must b blind 2, dumb nigga. RNGMB BITCH!

  • babylocc

    hahah ESPN are so east coast bis't mofo..and to all the gay z d$#@ ryidh calm down ,,,he is a biter from biggie and the most overratedd in all time but he is from NY so is understandable ,,,dude is basic

  • shady

    I love this version, and jason, I bet you dont even know half of his songs and dont understand his lyricism, else you woulnd't call him garbage..

    • jason

      Yes, I do know his songs, idiot. And I can understand his elementary and basic lyricism just fine. Anyone with half a brain can.

  • jason

    GARBAGE song. Just horrible. Gay-Z = most overrated rapper of ALL TIME

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