Joe Budden Blasts Ex-Girlfriend Esther Baxter In New Song

The Slaughterhouse member laces into his former fling and accuses her of sleeping around.

Joe Budden isn’t holding back from airing his dirty laundry. The New Jersey rapper released a song titled “Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 (Closure)” detailing his breakup with model Esther Baxter, revealing that she cheated on him with NFL player Derrick Ward while pregnant with his child.

Rapping over Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” instrumental, he addresses his former fling on the emotional track, explaining that she lost his children, pulled out a restraining order on him and then cheated behind his back. “Then it got weird I got stunned from that / You took it to a place where there was no coming back / Off my last breakup I was able to stomach that / Two weeks removed and you fucking with a running back,” he raps.

Jumpoff Joey called Power 105’s The Breakfast Club earlier this morning to elaborate on what went down. “Don’t get it wrong. She can cook a great meal, but I ain’t trying to turn a ho into a housewife,” he said.

After recording the scathing tune, he went home and realized that Ward started following him on Twitter. “He wasn’t following me before. I follow him back and he DM’s me and things just start coming to light. [...] He didn’t know. He didn’t know anything, according to him,” he continued. “I ain’t gonna front. Shout out to him, ‘cause he’s a real stand-up dude. He was like, ‘Yo, homie, she told me y’all broke up in January. She didn’t tell me she was pregnant. We always used protection but I don’t rock like that. I would never mess with another man’s queen. I apologize. We can go on three-way. We can call her.’ I’m like chill, we good.”

Now that he’s gotten the track out of his system, he hopes that listeners will take away something from it. “I was trying to make it seem like at what point, when does enough become enough? The moral of the story is pray for her,” he said. “And ho’s be winning.”

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  • Markston B Stone Adkins

    hella nice.. glad the homie told me about it

  • wayne b

    Check out my homeboy Rox video on youtube/ meet me at the liquor store

  • Anonymous

    what this i hear about budden stomping her out and causing a miscarriage? if that was true i probably wouldnt say shit about her!

  • Anonymous

    i'm sorry but i couldn't think of anything more childish than going out of your way to make a diss song about your girlfriend. be a real man and just let her go. by doing this diss bullshit you just prove yourself to be an immature dipshit.

    • Taon Sauls

      @teaks, I second that to the upmost. When did sharing how you feel become a weakness in hiphop. Cause doing so really defined Tupac's career. And whether it was Tupac, Mary J, R. Kelly, Jimmy Hendrix or now Joe Budden usually good music comes from pain. In this day and age where rappers have no personalities and they are just copying the next man, its refreshing to see a dude speak from the heart. Btw how many times has Eminem dissed Kim, dont we want rappers to rap about what they are actually feeling and going thru?

    • teaks

      Dont be sorry. Just shut yo mouf. a real man takes note of his feelings. and it takes a creative man to deal to them in the same way Joe has rather than doing another chris brown act. Its actually a childish thing to do in taking a relationship for granted and CHEATING on somebody and lying about it etc etc just so she/he can have what she/he wants. You have issues you need to deal to. nothing wrong with a diss especially if it exposes someones filthy work such as baxters

  • F.A.M


  • wtf

    Dude, leave these video whores alone and get a wholesome chick....

    • B

      True Dat. That's what music is supposed to be about real life, things you can relate too. Any dude who has never been played by a chick never had one. Tupac was good because he was vulnerable and had songs like Dear Mamma, Sucka for love, and Scandalous were he talked about being played by a chick. That's why rap is garbage now because you can't look towards it to relate to real life. Just fantacy and fraudulent bullsh-t thats in rotation over and over to brainwash you into liking garbage. All you here is car's money,and bit-ches. Music is supposed to be diverse. You may be happy one day, ready to dance another, or u may be breaking up with your girl. We need a full spectrum of content. U can be the biggest player in the world and still get played. So all u people thinking u on that pimp is just frauds.

    • Mystic

      Cosign...on the real!!!

  • DL Dub

    Damn that's a grimy bitch. How you pregnant with another mans child and the go fuckin around. Gross. But Joey... you got lucky the first time. I mean miscarriage sucks, but at this point all those babies will be is a check to her, and you lucked out at first. you coulda been done... now you seeded her up again? 18 years dude of having to deal with her.No closure on that shit dude

  • murdock

    Yea he killed this shit for sure.Bitches act wild man its hard to understand the logic they have sometimes.They dig a hole and keep diggin it and for what a fuck?who knows good track though.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Dude f*cked his girl and then started following him on twitter, that is funny.

  • Anonymous

    Budden is a real dude, I have tons of respect for his music.

  • NrG

    A preacher preaches, a smut, smuts. It happens. She got her mind made up son. Adultery starts in da mind. Not even king dinga ling can satisfy females like this. Hope she find god as well as other horndogs playin these kinda games. Breakin gods rule, no good. I can see why he says "pray for her".

    • B

      Yo u right u can have the best d-ck in the world and it don't matter. Chicks get stepped 2 regularly that's why they so difficult. They have choices as soon as they walk out the door. That's why when a dude act like he don't give a fu-k they like that sh-t because they so used to getting attention. Plus they emotional, if yall not doing well all a dude gotta do is catch her right and she won't even know why she cheated.

    • sincerejk

      who the fuck is king dinga ling?? haha

    • Anonymous

      stfu with that gods rule nonsense god is fictitious

  • nuc

    i know the song is in the singles section,,, but its simple HTML,, throw a link to the song in this article.... dammmn.

  • justchillinskinnywiththembonescrackling

    this joe buttons nikka is a sucka how u turn a hoe into a housewife and expect her to raise ur child.

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block


    thats what hoes do slow motherfuckers

  • Docktor La'Taurus Harrison

    Man...dude is an open book...a lyrical one. I hate reality tv, but if this nigga had a show, I'd tune in.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña


  • Lsn22s

    Damn, I give Budden props for swimming in some fine women over the years, but he needs to learn these "hip hop vixens" aint nothing but heartless, gold-digging, fame-seeking attention whore/opportunists...they don't love anyone, they're just industry hoes, nothing more...when their looks wear off they will die lonely...real talk.



  • Christopher Eugene Lamb

    All I'm saying is that Joe Budden perfectly fits the description of the kind of guy A Pimp Named Slickback warns us about: he's bitchless. "Sans bitche" as the French in France might say. Bro need to stay away from chicks for a minute if this is the norm.

  • Omar Osgood

    Atleast he rapping about real shit

  • coolcat72

    Damn everytime u look up this cat fucking wit some other chick then airing her out. Do like everybody else and move on nobody gives a shit cat be acting kinda gay to me!!

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