Vinnie Paz Taps DJ Premier, Alchemist For Sophomore LP

The Jedi Mind Tricks member also gives an update on his group's upcoming album "Violence Begets Violence," dropping September 13th.

Vinnie Paz has some heavy hitters in store for his upcoming sophomore album. The Jedi Mind Tricks member has revealed some of the producers and guest features for God of the Serengeti.

For the follow-up to 2010’s Season of the Assassin, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native has production from DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Lord Finesse, The Alchemist, Gem Crates and more. Additionally, he’s got guest appearances from Kool G. Rap, F.T. Jojo Pellegrino, R.A. the Rugged Man and Ill Bill. Fans will also get a special treat on the LP, with plans for Vin Laden to record his first collaboration with Planet Asia for the release. 

“I think for the first time, we’re going to see myself and Planet Asia on the same track,” he told “Good guy, great MC. We’ve known each other a few years, been overseas and toured together, but we just never linked. We’ve been talking a lot lately, and we respect what each other do. I respect him immensely as an artist and a person.” 

Vinnie, who just released his collaboration album Heavy Metal Kings with Ill Bill, has also finished recording Jedi Mind Tricks’ seventh album Violence Begets Violence, tentatively dropping September 13. The offering features an untitled track produced by The Beatnuts featuring Psycho Les, as well as additional cuts with Tha Outsidaz members Young Zee and Pace Won.

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