Rapper Bo$$ In Need Of Kidney Transplant

The former Def Jam rapstress suffers from renal disease, which prevents her from filtering toxins in her kidneys.

Gangsta rap veteran Bo$$ is in need of some help. The former Def Jam rapstress, whose real name is Lichelle Laws, is reaching out to fans on social networking sites in hopes of finding a donor for a kidney transplant.

According to AllHipHop.com, Bo$$ suffers from renal disease, which prevents her kidneys from properly processing toxins and waste from blood. The 42-year-old is currently undergoing regular dialysis, but now that she needs a kidney transplant, she turned to Facebook after hearing a story of a man finding a donor over the site. She previously had a kidney transplant before releasing her The Six Million Dollar Mixtape in 2004.

Additionally, Bo$$ is getting some help from friends, who recently launched the campaign “Rappers Need Kindeys, Too” in hopes of finding her a donor. The movement, led by Todd Davis and 8055 Records, also intends to bring kidney disease to the hip-hop community’s attention.

Bo$$, credited as one of the early pioneers of gangsta rap, released her debut album Born Gangstaz in 1993. The LP, which spawned the No. 1 singles “Deeper” and “Recipe of a Hoe,” reached No. 22 on the Billboard 200 and sold almost 400,000 copies. Her credibility took a hit after it was revealed she grew up in an affluent family, with Def Jam later shelving her sophomore album and letting her go from her contract.


  • luke

    Im willing if Im a match would need time comp and med bills non drinker 30 year old male please contact me if intrested

  • kishore

    i need to donate my kidney , so plz take mine my number is 8143718471 but i need money to help my family sir plz help me sir , iam lost 1 million $ in a business sir , i need 1,00,000 $ sir plz help me sir ,iam from india .iam 25years old male O+ve group .

  • Sidney

    OMG,I am 46 years old.This babe is the hardest cutest female rapper of all times,she is and was then in my opinion THE TRUTH-GOOS MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC-dont give a f where she from.I love DEEPER.She personified her image to me with that video.May Allah Bless yo sweet soul-Lichell,I have always wondered where you were.I wish I could meet you and help you. Sid aka REMY REMY

  • sadafiyan

    i want to donat my kidney .i am O blood type.i need a great prise.if any one in need of kidney please email me. sadafiyans@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

    Still got the album of her. Hope someone can help her out for real.


    wow hope everything works out

  • Jason704

    I was 12 years old listening to that album there. "I dont give a fuck not a single fuck not a single solitary fuck I dont give a fuck motherfucker" Awe to be young again. God bless boss.

  • edubb1977

    God Bless her!! Just for that short period of time she was one of the nicest to do it.

  • HM

    Man people are so stupid thee days whoever you are you must be young and never heard her music. She was a will always be one of the nicest that ever did it for a female. She had her own lane she even was better than alot of the guys that were out at that time. She was better than all this bullshit thats out now like Mitchy Slick would say step ya bars up ringtone rappers!! Respect Boss stay strong.

  • Quack Quack

    You don't need that shit. You gangsta right? Fuck a kidney.

    • SunTzu4Ever

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