Freddie Gibbs Questions Legitimacy Of Osama Bin Laden's Death

Gangsta Gibbs explains that the government might be lying about the latest milestone in the war on terror.

America scored a victory in the war on terror with the recent death of Osama bin Laden, but Freddie Gibbs thinks it’s all smoke and mirrors. The Gary, Indiana rapper revealed that he doesn’t take the government’s word that they killed the Al Qaeda leader and scolding those supporting the assassination.

“I think it’s all bullshit. Government propaganda. I don’t know what to believe right now. They probably got a bin Laden stunt double they killed,” he told Power 105’s Breakfast Club. “I don’t want to disrespect no victims of 9/11, but he probably ain’t had nothing to do with that. We don’t know. It’s up in the air. The government holds so many secrets. That’s why all you motherfuckers that’s outside the White House cheering, I don’t know what the fuck y’all cheering for. That shit is stupid.”

He also said that he sympathizes with President Barack Obama, claiming that he understands how difficult it is to be in his position. “I feel sorry for Obama, because he’s probably the most stressed nigga in America right now,” he continued.

And while Americans are celebrating bin Laden’s historical death, Gangsta Gibbs is worried about the consequences. “If people think that the Arab nations just gon’ let this shit rock - we killed Gaddafi’s son and bin Laden in the same week - it’s about to be some shit,” he said. “Y’all motherfuckers think it’s just gon’ blow over like that and it ain’t no thing? Whatever, man. You gotta respect everybody’s culture and religion. And America, we always trying to be the world police and it’s just going to bite us in the ass.” 

The Midwest spitter, who recently signed to Young Jeezy’s label CTE Records, is currently prepping the release of his upcoming mixtape A Cold Day in Hell, dropping June 14.


  • HowieRolls

    At Least Gibbs got his head on straight.I hope this insprires some Dead Prez / The Coup-Esque Gibbs flows in the near future. Revolutionary rap from FG? Yeah I wanna hear that.Cuz most of these G's really arent saying nuthin in their raps.Freddie you got a message and an Idea, all you need is a beat to spit over.Obama promised to remove the troops from Iraq.This is the first step in making that process possible.If everyone thinks Osama is dead,then they can justify their departure/un-occupation.Anyone who can't see that this shit has been a pile of lies from the start has their head WAY up their ass, or is too stupid to understand it or make the effort to become educated.

  • bitchappreciateyourcountry

    NEW GEICO COMMERCIAL: "Was usama actually killed by the u.s. military like obama reported to the world?" ... "Is freddie gibbs a nigger?"

  • Anonymous


  • Bessa

    Fuck mr. FuckGibbs. Freddie Gibbs is right, the whole 9-11 bullshit was all a government conspiracy, no terrorists were involved. The Government hasn't proven shit to America, the whole country is based and run on lies and secrets, It aggravates me how ignorant and gullible all you people can be. Wake Up!

  • Anonymous

    *doesn't refute

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why every conspiracy theorist always assume everyone who doesn't take their stance on things are people who hasn't done the research or walking with their eyes closed. People please stop the madness. Not everyone is as naive as you think. I might be hard to believe but sometimes its the logic that YOU follow that really shows who's blind to the facts. You believe nothing, turn every piece of factual evidence into a delusion tool, and except only that which refutes your point (logical or not). We are well aware that the government lies. But you seem to forget that sometimes they actually tell the truth. To quote Rakim, "You gotta know-the-ledge!" Stop falling off the deep end.

  • get on my level

    u people who think the U.S never sponsored terrorism r blind to the facts please do ur research....i've done tons of it...the goverment coulda told osama to take the blame ....or dubbed the videos of osama c'mon now.......DAMN U GUYS JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH it's drivin me nutz man it's so sad......if you don't read then use youtube...there's info everywhere....the less views on a video the more crucial the information the deeper you go into it....

    • TaZzZ

      Yes, youtube the almighty truthteller. It must be the most reliable, academic source out there. My 8-yr old cousin could make some of this conspiracy videos in a few days. You said it yourself, the osama tapes could have easily been dubbed and we wouldn't know the difference. I'm not sayin' I agree or disagree about 9/11, but if your gonna convince ppl (and yourself) I would hope it takes more than a youtube video. This is what's wrong with the world. Read a fucking book...

    • Bessa

      People need to wake uppp! 1 vid, "Loose Change" Look it up people and learn something

    • Anonymous

      yeah dude righttt! People need to WAKE UPPP

  • mr. jones

    just another stupid conspiracy nigga, next he gon' tell us the illuminati is somehow involved. nigga get back under yo rock.

  • David

    Lol Americans are so stupid. You get fed bullshit from your government like Iraq having WMDs (Did they find any? Smart ploy to get free oil). Now they "killed" Osama bin Laden. In the speech on Sunday, Obama stated that Osama bin laden does not represent Islam, but a radical terrorist group. IF HE DOESNT REPRESENT ISLAM, THAN HE DOES NOT REQUIRE A BURIAL THAT IS IN ACCORDANCE TO ISLAM. as for bin laden's death, he may have easily died years ago. and for anyone taking everything that the government says for face value is utterly stupid. Just watch and pay attention the next few days. People need to do research and read, stop basing your opinions on everything that the government and the media feeds you

  • Nico 3

    Anonymous - These rich and powerful people aren't the victims of this economy, dumb fuck. Obama and his wife made a million dollars last year, yet paid taxes at an old Bush bracket rate. For a guy telling everyone about his crusade to tax the rich, seems a tad hypocritical don't you think? Or does the DMV not have windows where you work?

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY, Lil B went on vacation and FUCKED Osama's Yo Mamas virgin bitches and Osama died of desbelief that Lil B was in his presence in all his holiness. Lil B is the SAVIOUR of the World! Omg BasedGod! Omg! Fuck my bitch! Swag!

  • Brizz

    Fucking clones on this site. Gibbs telling you to open up your eyes and dont belive every fukken thing you beeing told. In this case i do belive you finally murdered your puppet to boost countrys morale and give Obama some leader cred for the election. Question now is who the next big bad wolf gonna be to keep you in check and accept the restrictions on your freedom and keep paying for the war machine. Saddam gone, Osama gone, hmm maybe Ahmadinejad can step up. Fuck america, god bless all of you living there. I always try to end with saying Pz! This time it feels even more naive then ever but still. PZ.

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • NY

    He makes a good point we don't have evidence of his death or that he was responsible for 9/11. The government is full of corruption weakened by oil companies dictating what they do. Many Americans forget that Bin Laden was trained by CIA and was given weapons and money to fight the Soviets in the 80's, America holds partial responsibility. The US is exactly like British Empire, America is a imperialistic power we have still not left Germany since WW2 we have troops everywhere and other countries hate America because of this, stay out of other countries and let them govern themselves.

  • Nico 3

    Yup - You probably can't even afford the bullets.... Bin Laden wasn't the operations leader of Al Qaeda, so newsflash, Al Qaeda isn't dead. It's ironic how the US has tortured so many people, yet the one person they theoritically needed to interrogate the most, they took out. No videotape or DNA sample is going to change the fact our country is run by liars, rich fucks who know richer fucks, and agenda makers, who spin everything and anything to boost the morale surrounding these insane wars were destroying our economy for. I need a beer.

    • The W

      I agree with you Dmize. People are way too quick to dismiss another man's opinon without at least checking things out for themselves. Disagreement is fine, but at least check the other man's viewpoint. And "big money" doesn't just make money off the American economy, but the world's.

    • dmize-one

      i feel sorry for you trying to downgrade another mans opinon without reasoning...

    • Anonymous

      I feel sorry for all these lost unemployed souls trying to tell us how the world works.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, right these rich powerful people want to ruin the economy so they can....lose money? you not makin sense dude

  • Duke

    Gibbs is a conspiracy theorist so of course he would say this. he could have went about it in a different way because how he said made it very disrespectful. calling people stupid and ignorant mutherfuckers makes him sound exactly that. everyone's gonna believe different things it doesn't make them stupid. he wants to hate and not believe the government but then have sympathy for obama knowing he wouldn't do it if it were still bush or if mccain were in office. yeah he's ignorant and racist.

  • streetk29

    freddie gibbs is absolutely right! wisdom speach...

    • EliRootZ

      Everybody deep down WANTS to believe that conspiracy theories arent true because EVERYONE loves the idea of the american dream. I too wish shit wasnt the way it is, but seriously us people need to wake up. The world is run by MONEY, MOST people in charge or with some kind of power are only focused on getting themselves and their associates richer. American Morale? Are you serious? How ironic is it that when we wanted to go to war with countries in the middle east we suddenly got an undoubtable one to go. After this "tragedy" no one would be against revenge, first it was that one country, now we're in 3 different wars which alot of people dont even realize. Just like Gibbs said America wants to be the world police which their not and its going to come back and haunt us. And if you want to blindly believe fabricated facts portrayed by the media then shame on you. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, alot of the main media outlets are all owned by a similar group of people, if they wanted to put out disinformation for their own agenda they could EASILY do so. How can we know if this information their giving us is fact or not? It could just as easily be fabricated.

    • wrongDumbNigga

      Gibbs is absolutely WRONG! How in the hell can't he say bin laden punk ass didn't commit crimes against America on 9/11? You idiot, the man admitted to doing so. There is a mountain of evidence proving he did so. Now what he should be bitching about,if he wants to bitch, is how he knew how to make the bombs and etc. He learned that from us but that's a whole nother story. What Freddie needs to understand is that this man's dead is a victory for America. It will lift the countrys morale and maybe keep these republican krackers happy long enough so that the President can pass so meanigful legislation to help our black asses.

  • lol

    He's just trying to be you can see, he was nobody before this post..

  • lol

    First of all....this nigga high as fuck...nuff said..

  • chunker 99

    gibbs is right america think they are the world police.this will come back on them.

  • YoungTIP

    Since when is anyone an idiot for expressing their opinion? All Gibbs did was say what many people may actually be thinking, but are afraid to voice due to their need to fit in and conform to the American Identity. Were you this patriotic when the oil spill occurred or when you saw gas prices soar? My wish is that men and women can actually become independent thinkers and not believe what everyone tells them to believe. You have a mind; THINK for yourself! Just because a group of men and women, who have the same mortal abilities as you and I, but are under the alias "the government", say something is true, does not mean you have to accept it as such. With everything this group, "the government" has done over the years, especially to Freddie's ancestors, Gibbs has every right to be skeptical. People in urban areas like Gary, IN, where Freddie is from, are being left for dead daily because unemployment, the lack of quality health care, sub-par education, and drug infused coping mechanisms have run rampant. These things have plagued urban areas for years under the watch of your prestigious government. With this in mind, why should Freddie Gibbs be patriotic? Why shouldn't Freddie be disenfranchised? Why shouldn't he be skeptical? Hip-hop is the counter-culture, and this is evident within its bests, most controversial artists, from Ice Cube, to Tupac, to Lupe Fiasco. Nobody called them ignorant for expressing their independent thoughts. Why is Freddie Gibbs an idiot for expressing his thoughts? THINK PEOPLE, AND DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE, WHO ARE SEEMINGLY ALL POWERFUL, TELL YOU. Or at the very least, don't call a MAN an idiot for expressing his opinion; those are fighting words.

    • YoungTIP

      @whyNot you missed my point; I didn't say America didn't do a good job in completing a mission, I merely pointed out that Gibbs has a right to mistrust the government, just as Pac and other artists expressed the same sentiment in their music. @anonymous I feel you, but Gibbs was asked how he felt the about the situation and he answered truthfully. Is he creating a deceptive picture from nothing? No. His claims come from a deep-seeded mistrust of the powers that be. Is it wrong to question someone or something that has been somewhat of an oppressor/enabler to you and your people? I agree, this is not good for patriotism and the overall gelling of all American people, but Freddie's not a patriot. But can you blame him? His intention was not to be a political pundit, but they asked his opinion and he gave it. I'm sure if they asked him about Obama and the banks, he would have gave an honest opinion on that as well.

    • Anonymous

      Most of what you said is right YoungTIP, problem is behind all those issues you mentioned, there is no curtain. This shit is caused by things that are done in America's face. There is no secret. focusing on this bullshit conspiracy shit is a distraction that keeps people from addressin the real issues. Yo those rich white men sittin in plain sight, laughing. Y isn't gibbs commentin on how Obama gave the banks too much of a break?

    • whyNOt

      Nobody called Pac and Cube idiots because they didn't pull conspiracy theories outta they ass. I'm from mutha fucking Mississippi so I know about racism and all that shit. I believe that America needs to stop trying to police every damn country. But the WHOLE point of this war was to capture or kill a man who has so much hate towards America and has the ability to project that hate on to weaker minds and cause them to act out on their hate against America....usually with bombs! You know the stuff that goes BOOM! The war was not started to kill Sadaam but this man. Not that we did people want to bitch? Why? Because America finally did something right?

  • Anonymous

    Some people need education, this guy is one of them. I'm so tired of all this conspiracy bullshit. Yes, the government lies about many things, but this isn't one of them. I got a feeling that all this guys which post this bullshit over the net are losers who didn't make it in life, it sounds like they're trying to sound intelligent once in life. So they can feel they've achieved something when they believe they know all the truth by seeing through all the dumb masses.

    • The W

      First of all, define "make it". My guess is your definition consists of material means (big house, nice car, yadda yadda yadda). And the reason why you're "tired" of the "conspiracy bullshit" is because your main source of info (mainstream media) is beating it into your head as such. Yes, some theories have a tinge of BS. But, please don't let your exhaustion keep you from expanding your mind. Disagree, but do so after researching BOTH sides of a story. Start with building 7 and work your way up. Peace

  • Anonymous

    nothing like some ignorant shit to hype your career up... Freddie Gibbs is talented though - have fun on Jeezy's label...

  • steve

    I can't believe you people value what a rapper has to say about politics. leave that shit to the politicians that actually know insider information and not these street people

  • the truth

    this nigga is right.. this is a setup for mor war!!

    • pussyNigga

      There was going to be more war regardless dummy. Hell why do you think terriost still trying to bomb us? Oh you thought the damn terriost would just go away? Yes they might be riled up now but we took away a major element away from their chess board so now its going to be harder for them to commit future crimes against America. Think before you speak. Freedom ain't free. Trill talk.

  • KneeGrow

    Illumati founded, Hitler died, Bin laden died ALL on May 1st. Word to your mothers

    • The W

      So instead of sitting on your high horse looking down at brothers that you consider "lost", why don't you do the higher deed of pointing them in a better direction? Ego trippin' is one of many symptoms a lesser mind exhibits during the quest for knowledge. smh

    • Anonymous

      Lol, this dude just doesn't know any better. its ironic, cause Hitler thought the same sort of stupid shit about blacks and Jews. He was noid that Jews were basically how u see illuminati. Hitler did all he did cause he thought there was a conspiracy. Shame you believe that shit, cause the real conspiracies about how the Bushes were facist supporters during the time is a lot scarier. You conspiracy loser r gettin played. yOU LOST IN THE MATRIX

    • RichFromNY

      Hitler didn't die on May 1st...his death was made public to the world on May 1st...he actually died a day or two before...

  • KneeGrow

    You dumb porch monkeys havent got a clue that uncle sam just played yo black asses again

  • Mwagaradi

    This nigga is just glad to remain ignorant n stupid. That's some really dumb shit he said

  • Nico Hartikainen

    Lmao... Not a very convincing report when your third sentence is "I don’t know what to believe right now." Next time you try to voice your opinion, at least try some confidence. And just to throw my opinion out there: you honestly think anyone in their right mind would gamble on something as huge as this just to get re-elected? HAH... The rest of your statements don't even deserve to be commented on because of their ignorance. @BMT, you said it.

    • KneeGrow

      Bin laden never mentioned in Mcchrystal report or Obama speech "Hunt for bin laden” a national shame Conservative commentator, former Marine Colonel Bob Pappas has been saying for years that bin Laden died at Tora Bora and that Senator Kerry’s claim that bin Laden escaped with Bush help was a lie. Now we know that Pappas was correct. The embarrassment of having Secretary of State Clinton talk about bin Laden in Pakistan was horrific. He has been dead since December 13, 2001 and now, finally, everyone, Obama, McChrystal, Cheney, everyone who isn’t nuts is finally saying what they have known for years. However, since we lost a couple of hundred of our top special operations forces hunting for bin Laden after we knew he was dead, is someone going to answer for this with some jail time? Since we spent 200 million dollars on “special ops” looking for someone we knew was dead, who is going to jail for that? Since Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney continually talked about a man they knew was dead, now known to be for reasons of POLITICAL nature, who is going to jail for that? Why were tapes brought out, now known to be forged, as legitimate intelligence to sway the disputed 2004 election in the US? This is a criminal act if there ever was one. In 66 pages, General Stanley McChrystal never mentions Osama bin Laden. Everything is “Mullah Omar”now. In his talk at West Point, President Obama never mentioned Osama bin Laden. Col. Pappas makes it clear, Vice President Cheney let it “out of the bag” long ago. Bin Laden was killed by American troops many many years ago. America knew Osama bin Laden died December 13, 2001. After that, his use was hardly one to unite America but rather one to divide, scam and play games. With bin Laden gone, we could have started legitimate nation building in Afghanistan instead of the eternal insurgency that we invented ourselves. Without our ill informed policies, we could have had a brought diplomatic solution in 2002 in Afghanistan, the one we are ignoring now, and spent money rebuilding the country, 5 cents on the dollar compared to what we are spending fighting a war against an enemy we ourselves recruited thru ignorance. The bin Laden scam is one of the most shameful acts ever perpetrated against the American people. We don’t even know if he really was an enemy, certainly he was never the person that Bush and Cheney said. In fact, the Bush and bin Laden families were always close friends and had been for many years. What kind of man was Osama bin Laden? This one time American ally against Russia, son of a wealthy Saudi family, went to Afghanistan to help them fight for their freedom. America saw him as a great hero then. Transcripts of the real bin Laden show him to be much more moderate than we claim, angry at Israel and the US government but showing no anger toward Americans and never making the kind of theats claimed. All of this is public record for any with the will to learn. How much of America’s tragedy is tied with these two children of the rich, children of families long joined thru money and friendship, the Bush and bin Laden clans. One son died in remote mountains, another lives in a Dallas suburb hoping nobody is sent after him. One is a combat veteran, one never took a strong stand unless done from safety and comfort. Islam once saw bin Laden as a great leader. Now he is mostly forgotten. What has America decided about Bush? We know this: Bin Laden always denied any ties to 9/11 and, in fact, has never been charged in relation to 9/11. He not only denied involvement, but had done so, while alive, 4 times and had vigorously condemned those who were involved in the attack. This is on the public record, public in every free country except ours. We, instead, showed films made by paid actors, made up to look somewhat similar to bin Laden, actors who contradicted bin Ladens very public statements, actors pretending to be bin Laden long after bin Laden’s death. These were done to help justify spending, repressive laws, torture and simple thievery. For years, we attacked the government of Pakistan for not hunting down someone everyone knew was dead. Bin Laden’s death hit the newspapers in Pakistan on December 15, 2001. How do you think our ally felt when they were continually berated for failing to hunt down and turn over someone who didn’t exist? What do you think this did for American credibility in Pakistan and thru the Islamic world? Were we seen as criminals, liars or simply fools? Which one is best? This is also treason. How does the death of bin Laden and the defeat and dismemberment of Al Qaeda impact the intelligence assessments, partially based on, not only bin Laden but Al Qaeda activity in Iraq that,not only never happened but was now known to have been unable to happen? How many “Pentagon Pundits,” the retired officers who sold their honor to send us to war for what is now known to be domestic political dirty tricks and not national security are culpable in these crimes? I don’t always agree with Col. Pappas on things. I believe his politics overrule his judgement at times. However, we totally agree on bin Laden, simply disagree with what it means. To me lying and sending men to their deaths based on lies is treason. Falsifying military intelligence and spending billions on unnecessary military operations for political reasons is an abomination. Consider this, giving billions in contracts to GOP friends who fill campaign coffers, and doing so based on falsified intelligence is insane. This was done for years. We spent 8 years chasing a dead man, spending billions, sending FBI agents, the CIA, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, Special Forces, many to their deaths, as part of a political campaign to justify running American into debt, enriching a pack of political cronies and war profiteers and to puff up a pack of Pentagon peacocks and their White house draft dodging bosses. How many laws were pushed thru because of a dead man? How many hundreds were tortured to find a dead man? How many hundreds died looking for a dead man? How many billions were spent looking for a dead man? Every time Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld stood before troops and talked about hunting down the dead bin Laden, it was a dishonor. Lying to men and women who put their lives on the line is not a joke. Who is going to answer to the families of those who died for the politics and profit tied to the Hunt for Bin Laden?

  • osamas been dead

    this motherfuckers been dead for years now, obamas stock has gone down and they decided to anounce this shit so he can get re elected in 2012....smh

  • calcium

    GibbsIzAnIdiot ur a fukin idiot u really think dat after 10 years near to the re election they just suddenly found n killed osama bullshit wen i watched the news y day showing where n how they killed him i was just finkin wtf the this is bullshit i didnt b leev dat 4 1 sec

  • Abshir Bile

    what a G, what a mothafucking G

  • Truth

    BREAKING: Freddie Gibs is a moron.

  • GibbsIzAnIdiot

    Freddie Gibbs, I hope you read this and understand that you are the stupidest son of a bitch on the face of the Earth. YOU my friend are the reason that other countries hate us. You are completely ignorant, way to undereducated and the fact that you have the right to vote sickens me.

    • blaza420

      fuck you idiot freddie prolly a felon on some stupid weed charge in the least, i myself cannot vote in my country i was born in as a white middle class kid because of a half oz of bud. for the rest of my life i have no say in what i think is rite for this country go wish u were as high as me and gibbs living our lives we were givin to the fullest we can and filled with opionions BITCH!

  • NJ

    Well done to the American goverment, you have succeeded in making the west an extremely dangerous place, anybody who sees this as a victory needs to get their head straight. We avenge civilian lives by puttting millions more in danger....The only thing done by killing him is turning him in to a martyr.

  • Ben Karlin

    the government does lie all the time, but i seriously doubt they lied about osama, freddie gibbs is just fucking retarded

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Osama Bin Laden we will always love you RIP

  • Anonymous

    who cares RIP o.bin laden you will be miss !!!!

  • Greg

    ...and Freddie Gibbs proves he's an idiot. If he wasn't dead, blow back would be massive.

  • jack johnson

    well if anyone would know the deep secrets about al qaeda its freddie gibbs, oh wait he doesn't know sh*t he's just another idiot talking sh*t, who cares

  • ayyyyy

    check out this new artist he's dope

  • BMT

    There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism, but there's absolutely no reason to believe Bin Ladin isn't dead. It is way too early in the election season for Obama ensure reelection and in this political environment where economy is the #1 issue, any boost to his approval rating will be fleeting. Osama's "supposed" death will likely put America more at risk not less. And lets be real, nobody was thinking about Osama before this news broke, except for the occasional comedian using that tired joke that Osama is hiding in the US working at 7-eleven. So unless you prove the president is the beneficiary in Osama's life insurance policy, I will assume the gov is telling the truth. Yeah I know it's possible the government is lying, I'm just saying you probably accept a whole lot more shit as true that are more likely false.

    • Anonymous

      they did just bring this out to help obamas chances... cause there is going to be another "terrorist" attack this year in retaliation, and that is why obama will get reelected.. he probably doesnt even know whats going down... silly nigger

    • Anonymous

      Intelligence in the comment section on HipHopDX? Damn.

  • DJ Lord Ron

    A child like. With a child mind, will speak child words. Hopefully this young brother learns to think what he wants to express while in the presence of the media. Labels need to reinstate "Artist Development" in the 21st century. Steven Horowitz...that's the name we all should be paying attention to when reading any stories on this website. Many people have opinions re Laden's death. Why did Steven take Gibbs quotes from Power 105's Breakfast Club interview? Quotes like these...... “I think it’s all bullshit. Government propaganda. I don’t know what to believe right now. They probably got a bin Laden stunt double they killed,” he told Power 105’s Breakfast Club." & " “If people think that the Arab nations just gon’ let this shit rock - we killed Gaddafi’s son and bin Laden in the same week - it’s about to be some shit,” Power 105-The Breakfast Club & Steven Horowitz should take some responsiblity for allowing this child a platform when he can't call the commander in chief by his name as president of our nation regardless of who voted him in or not. Gibbs quote: "I feel sorry for Obama, because he’s probably the most stressed nigga in America right now,” This interview merits nothing. Brotha Gibbs, all the best to you with your art. If HipHopDX base their site by being legit from the comments of others, they should delete the comment menu entirely. I respect free speech but many of the comments are insults of words from those who posted. Then we wonder why hip hop is looked at as buffoons. Brotha Gibbs, my words of wisdom. You are a professional recording artist. Be professional in your interviews. Your words can inspire the next generation. I hope your come-up will be successful. Study some of the great thinkers in hip hop culture like Chuck D, Tupac, Guru, KRS-1, Mos Def, Common just to name a few. It's not what u say, it's how you say it BUT make sure you have your facts correct. HipHopDX, leave the buffoonery stories alone. Hip Hop needs powerful stories. I was proud to have worked with and we were respected in the streets cause we did many events, shows but more importantly...we issued out powerful stories. is of no more but some stories maybe available through the internet. Peace to all who expressed self re this story. I'm outro. DJ Lord Ron Universal Zulu Nation

    • Special Ed

      Come on sir, one person lets his true feelings known and you blow up!!! That's a bit hypocritical... I've heard a lot of interviews where people have said a bunch of rubbish about a lot of very important people... A few days ago Nicki Minaj was on radio with kids probably listening talking about 'dicks' and 'pussies' in their literal sense... However, instead of listening to what Freddie Gibbs is saying, and appreciating the fact that he questions rather than accepts blindly and conforms, you chose to chastise him on how he said it, which was probably very natural and probably the only way he could say it... Hip hop is looked at as buffoonery because of all the double standards and hypocrisy that happens within the art form... It is looked down upon because all know that it's been diluted and corrupted to the core by the majors who saturate the market with 'radio friendly' content... One 'young' man chooses to speak his mind, and there we go, some opportunist (yes you) jumps at his throat and talks about he needs to be professional... Please say that to 50, Lil' Wayne, lil' B, Wacka, Gucci, Soulja... and all the other artists whose ignorant radio rants have been published and quoted on this site... And oh, hiphopdx is a entertainment news site, just like TMZ or perezhilton... Give them a break, they let us 'Africans' know how things really go down over there in the States, we can't rely on MTV, BET and we don't have cable... One

  • ig

    Idiot conspiracy theorists. stupid niggas listen to immortal technique now you know how the government works? just listen to the tracks, dont try to act like you know something. you dont see how all you doin is saying the same shit some other dumb nigga that tries to be smart said before you. Osama is dead. STFU.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nigga who osoma neve herd adisnigga i beat is ass wen i c em doe

  • ill

    lmfao!! most of yall commenters are jus too emotional, Osama very well may be dead, but that doesn't mean that anyone is safe

  • C-Lo Dubai

    Who gives a fuck what this little dude got to say about the government?! How in the world is his opinion valuable in any way? HiphopDx ya'll should just stick to music issues.

    • Anon

      What university did this rapper attend? Stick to rhyming words together... leave foreign policy to the educated people.

  • Anonymous

    Nah, freddie can't look it as a black man doing what a white man couldnt, because a black man HAS to be better to get where he's at. Nah, you had to bring him down cause your little mind can't get around the fact that he can do it.

  • Anonymous

    "bush and cheney are so smart, of course that nigger obama won't be able to guess osama was just a hoax."

  • Anonymous

    "I feel sorry for obama, he must be stressed, thought he could outsmart the white man, but massa is just too smart for him. all those orders he was givin em were just goin in the trash.."

  • Byron Ho

    I thought Mr. Gibbs's post was straightforward and honestly stated. Sincerity is rare today. Also, I found Mr. Gibbs's use of language expressive--far more so than anything I find in the mainstream media nowadays.

    • Uradumfuk

      So OPINIONS are rare, your a retard also. Read your comment and see why you shouldn't have an opinion. You actually rather listen to a uneducated wannabe rapper then the actual people that get paid to report the news and have nothing to gain by lying to you. Advertising pays for the station which then pays the salaries of people such as Anderson Cooper and he just reports the truth. So where is it your get your news, oh yea, YouTube, Rap, and HipHopDX, your just another stupid retard that thinks he knows shit because he read the Headline on his phone, go fuck off.

  • Uradumfuk

    Stick to making SHITTY music and don't read a headline on your phone and assume your know shit, your a retard and look like one. Your life is like twitter, you get your news from headlines and assume your know the whole story, stupid f--kin' 'tard.

  • Anonymous

    by this logic, shakespeare, george washington, lincoln, martin luther king, socrates, and caesar never existed as well I WANT PROOF!!! THE HISTORY BOOKS ARE COMPLETE FICTION!!!

    • anon

      half of you ignorant fucks dropped out of high school before you could even read the american government and history textbooks so i dont know where you get off saying it's all bullshit. the textbooks i've seen address slavery and civil rights in nearly EVERY chapter. there are profiles of civil rights cases that never became as popular as mlk. there are whole sections discussing the impact of civil rights and the advancement of both women and minorities in american society and industry. why do uneducated people think that they have a right to an opinion. someone said to me yesterday, "it's all bullshit" concerning osama. i asked him to seriously describe his thought process, and his answer was, "i don't know. have you heard of illuminati?" straight IGNORANCE

    • Anonymous

      The press verifies sources, dumbass. They get info from different sources and compare them for inconsistencies, the same way historians do. the truth is it would be very hard to have a conspiracy this large and prevent any leaks. people just aren't that loyal.

    • Anonymous

      Martin luther king?? seriously?? wow ur not very bright at making arguements.

    • wtf?

      Problem is they were proven to be real, there's evidence to verify their existence. OSAMA's dead yet to be verified to us. Now go sit in the corner and put your dunce hat on, dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    I gotta kill this arab cause masta says so. thats the only way a black man could ever get power in this world, right gibbs, you fucking coon? wow...y'all are mentally enslaved...smh

  • Byron Ho

    Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. I've about had it up to here with P.C. language and this bullshit about Osama bin Laden. First off, I think the government just took some small-time hoodlum and said, "We'll make you the most Evil Enemy of the People", and the guy was, like, "OK.". And the government just blamed that created personality with everything from 9/11 to constipation. And now the guy's "dead" because it'll take people's minds off the fact that USA is passe; our economy's in the loo; we'll be wiping our asses with USDs soon; and US companies are hemorrhaging jobs. And, PLEASE don't forget the disastrous storms and hurricanes in Alabama!!! Folks there are short on drinking water, food, clean clothes, shelter--THE BASICS!!! Fuck this faux Osama B.S. Pray for Alabama's disaster victims!!!

  • Anonymous

    nobody cares about you freddie you 6ft flaming faggot!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i just read the article and he's even stupider than i thought. He just basically described obama as a dumb nigga who can't tell teh difference between a fake osama and a real one cause his white handlers are tellin him, "oh yes obama, you got the real one! Dumb Nigger!" Right gibbs, cause he's not smart enough to outplay the white man. he just played his race, fuckin sell out

    • Anonymous

      lmao maybe, but at least my imagination doesn't allow me to believe in this conspiracy bullshit. Nigga, pick up a book.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, "No you fucking idiot. He's saying he has to be a complete lying sellout and puppet of white men to be president, not necessarily stupid. He had to pretend to give orders to kill this fake Osama or else the white man would get angry at him."

    • Anonymous

      Its a fantasy. Yeah, there are fraternities, but thats no conspiracy. Fraternities are what they are, connections to get people to the top. The electoral college was put into place to take power from the black man. But the system is understood, it is no conspiracy. They're hiding in plain sight and ya'll distracted w/ fantasies about 9/11 and the moon.

    • Anonymous

      Only in your imagination did gibbs actually say all that. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Lol, ur still not getting the point. Wow u are trapped. Look, there is no higher power. There are political forces that have to be appeased in order to keep him in power, but there is no higher power ordering him around.

    • I C B S

      Obama is under the control of the nwo. Of course he knows the difference between the real osama and the fake one. Gibbs just pointed out hes got to go along with the bullshit. BTW dont tell me u actually believe osama is dead too...without even seeing photographic evidence lol

    • Anonymous

      No you fucking idiot. Hes not saying obama doesnt know the difference between the real osama and the fake. Hes implying that, for the sake of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, that he is a puppet for the higher power, and therefor he knows its not the real osama but has go out and tell the public that osama is dead. He has to do that or else!

  • Anonymous

    owjj there some stupid people here...damn... u want a conspiracy theory, look up COINTELPRO, the man has u all locked up in that fake 9/11 illuminaty bullshit, playin ur heads. U playin urselves lool.

  • B

    I was very disappointed to see this article. During a high point in such a time of hardship, what is the point of article? Who is this dude? Or perhaps he and HHDX said/did this to get attention. IDK. Mission accomplished I guess.

  • Anonymous

    funny, i didn't even bother reading. before i even typed in the anything into the address bar, i knew there would be an article on here of a brother doubtin a brother for personal gain. disappointed my expectations were fulfilled. of course we gotta remain divided, even when this black man, who has struggled against prejudice from powerful ignorant ass people like trump, for YOUR ass. If he didn't care, his term would have been easier, he would be more popular, but unfortunately y'all can't appreciate him because ur haters and understand nothin about how ur fuckin country, or the world works. smh, gibbs, or who ever the fuck this havoc lookalike muthafucka is anyways. never heard any of ur tracks

    • Anonymous

      Of course he's attacking him. Obama is in charge and its his policy. Unless you believe he has no actual power and he's just a puppet of the white man. Nah it wasn't for personal gain, he's just ignorant. Hey he can be honest, but doesn't mean he's right. Prejudice people can be honest about how they feel about other ethnicities, but doesn't make them right, or respectable, either.

    • what??

      lol how exactly do u know his doubts on this situation is based on personal gain?? U dont know what his true intetions are. Why are u assuming shit? ever occured to you he has resonable doubt? Also, incase u missed it in THIS very article, he sympathized with the president's position in office. Dont sound too much like hes personally attacing obama to me.

  • FuckGibbs

    What a fucking ignorant piece of shit. I hope he at least understands how uneducated he sounds here. You guys are such fucking retards. Go back to your moms basement.

    • Education

      Show me this clowns education credentials before you come at me. While you're at it, state your own. Uneducated people make uneducated comments and decisions. It's time to reflect...

    • Uradumfuk

      Do you want to see Hitlers dead body, Michael Jacksons casket, Tupacs ashes, and.. you get it, your retarded.

    • No...fuck You

      Give us VISIBLE evidence of OBL's dead body and ppl like me and gibbs will shut the fuck up. Until then u can shut the fuck up with that "Im more educated than u" high & mighty rhetoric

  • scuba

    The second i herd he was killed i doubted it. Osama was a scapegoat for the Bush regime. A willing and well paid scapegoat. The govt cant keep "looking" for something we dont want to find so we had to "kill him off". Also they disposed of his body in a n ocean!? no proof of the body? and we're supposed to believe we actually got him. Anyone who believes this shit needs to do some research about how corrupt our government is.

    • AngryBlackAmericn

      I got a better idea... how about you and all you other "Illuminati" fearing conspiracy theorists pack the fuck up and MOVE!!! If you all are so sick of this country, and it's corrupt government, pack up and move to Uganda, or Haiti, or Pakistan some fucking where. If you don't want to move, then why don't you just SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR STUPID ASS BULLSHIT!!! The fuck is Freddie fucking Gibbs anyway??? smh

  • Anonymous

    Where is this footage (or REAL photos) of bin laden getting killed tho? and is that dna (which we havent even seen yet) really his? I'll wait for the shit to come sure they'll reveal this PROOF to us, hey they might even show us the video footage of the plane crashing into the pentagon *rolls eyes* Buried at sea my ass, there hiding shit from us. Freddie Gibbs is right to question this shit.

  • Era

    Never fucked with gibbs, but i feel his opinion on this matter.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    This was good until the poor Obama part.

  • Shame on HipHopDX

    SHAME ON YOU HipHopDX for submitting this story. You should not give this ignorant person a voice. Why on earth would his opinion matter for any reason? Is he a political figure? NO. Does he even have any education beyond high school? NO. I don't care if HipHopDX published this article just because of how obscenely ignorant Gibbs is, in this time where unity and patriotism someone like this should not be given a voice. "Respect everybody's culture and religion?" Did he even listen to the President's speech, in which he explicitly stated that we need to respect Islam? How about the terrorists who didn't respect our culture and religions? I have news for you Mr. Gibbs, terrorism is not a religion and as a sub-culture it deserves no respect.

    • Anonymous

      @krime- your a fucking idiot too.. nowhere in what i wrote did i trash his opinon.. i simply made fun of him for being an idiot and hating on another mans opinon.. reading comprehension means you can understand what you just read... obviously you dont have this skill... faggot

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^i love how you (with your tying-in-all CAPS ass) and krime think you "know" exactly how educated gibbs is. Really, its hilarious.

    • krime

      Yea shame on you! Dont blame HipHopDX for the stupidity of Gibbs... You should actually THANK them for letting us get these stories so We get to see how IDIOTIC these fucking rappers are... Just like this ANONYMOUS fella above me who said its wrong to hate on someones opinion, & then trashed you for your opinion in the same paragraph! LOL

    • Anonymous

      shame on you for hatin on freddie gibbs opinon... just because its different than yours no need to get all crazy.... you dont agree, we get it.. move on.. just because you believe different doesnt mean shit.. you are just a rich dumb fuck america loving cock smoking biutt fuckin cum guzzlin ass rompin bare chested shaved nut havin backwards threw a cornfield walkin french tickler giving ass whore so shut your fucking mouth

  • Anonymous


    • Uradumfuk

      Someone give this guy an award for the RETARD of the year award, applause please. Oh, you forgot that Pope John Paul II became Blessed also, which was watched by more people then the Royal wedding believe it or not and Bin Laden dead, it happened, you'll be alright, go back to being a retard and kicking it with your friends on the Xbox and smoking your life away. Try this, READING REAL NEWS!

    • Anonymous

      Funniest comment yet

  • Mark

    An Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula member said: "This news has been a catastrophe for us. At first we did not believe it, but we got in touch with our brothers in Pakistan who have confirmed it." ---- shut up gibbs.

    • Uradumfuk

      Do you want to see Hitlers dead body, Michael Jacksons, casket, Tupacs ashes, and.. you get it, your retarded.

    • Anonymous

      All words, all press. Too bad there's NO VISIBLE EVIDENCE of osama's dead body!

  • mac

    First, I give Freddie his props for speaking his mind. Questioning the government is good. But, he's wrong about bin Laden. Osama bin Laden is clearly dead, whether from this attack or not. He was an extremist who sought to bring down America. Now, whether he deserved to die for his beliefs or the orchestration of 9/11 is another issue. As someone who actually had several friends and family lost on 9/11, I would have rather see him stand trial for his actions. Second, he is right about America and our use of violence as a means for peace. Our actions will have ramifications. I pray for our troops. Third, every conspiracy theory should not be taken for fact. Some of ya'll are just as ignorant and blind as the people you claim are beneath you. Does the government lie and misrepresent itself to its own people? Of course! But that doesn't mean everything isn't what it seems.

    • TBH

      Until we see real footage or real photographic evidence of osama's dead body i not taking the government's word for it (and especially not from a gov. who would SUPPOSEDLY dispose of dead osama at sea)

  • Chris8282

    Damn. I haaad so much respect for Gibbs.



    • dmize-one

      both of yall are ignorant as hell.. learn to think for yourself... books are always right either...

    • dmize-one

      if you dont abuse weed, and just smoke ocasionally there is absolutely nothing wrong with smokin weed.. some of the best and brightest throughout history have smoked, including george washington, thomas jefferson, ect....

    • Anonymous

      Bu..bu..but weed is from the earth. It's gotta be good for you. LOL Some people say weed makes them smarter. While they were high I guess they missed my rationale that there's nothing smart about destroying your brain permanently. Oh yeah, tell Gibbs to read a book.



    • dmize-one

      and i dont work at ups but my point here is, who gives a fuck if i would have?? an honest job to makes ends meet aint bad.. you would rather i sold drugs??

    • dmize-one

      @uradumbfuck- your the fuckin idiot.. self-educated means ive read books, and studied subjects that interest me since ive graduated from highschool... i dont need to go to a formal school to educate myself... you sound like a bitch too..

    • Uradumfuk

      Dmize-One, you sound like a moron. Isn't everyone that graduates HS self educated afterwards if they don't go to an institute of higher learning, retard. You tried though and just like your job a UPS, you gave it your best but the boxes keep falling off the rack, keep at it, you'll get it, your self educated, ha!

    • dmize-one

      i graduated highschool and have been self educated since then, and you both sound like a bunch of self-absorbed bitches...

    • wowow

      As a masters degree holder myself, I've realized that unfortunately knowledge comes in all forms. In my short time on this Earth, I've noticed that most people are satisfied with being "informed" as opposed to "educated". Even worse, most are satisfied with feeling intelligent even if its round table discussion with the crack head on the block. Just smile and enjoy your 70k+ earnings a year and relish in the fact that educated folk are the "blind sheep who follow everything they hear and think we know it all" while everyone else is well you know..."so wise"...the mere fact that people say "mason/freemason" and "illuminati" in the same breath is enough for me to laugh..but you know..."i'm just dumb and don't know anything.."...sigh...I really wish niggas would stop watching youtube vids and actually pick up books and read shit...but i'm sure that DAMN SURE AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

    • dave

      whoa whoa whoa cool down... i agree that the conspiracy theories are getting kinda crazy, but you're hurting your own point and making yourself look like an idiot by throwing around malicious insults

  • CaliGA

    1.HipHopDx niggas Please Take a look At this Fbi file they released under the radar last week while they distracted you with that wedding BS Proof that Hitler Did Not Die but he escaped to Argentina was scoped this is No "Conspiracy" this is a fact so they lied to all of us about hitler so what makes you think they arent doing it now ??????

  • Nonsense

    Damn, the new world orders got you fools scared to speak out against anything. You gotta at least give Freddie Gibbs respect for speaking his own mind no matter what the response from the mindless drones called music listeners is.

    • EliRootZ

      Really its a known fact? why because you saw a couple of videos on tv of him? Everyone always wants to believe their right(it's almost natural human tendency) but honestly, open your mind to POSSIBILITIES. Is it not possible that videos were falsified? Tell me how they searched for a man for 10 years and could not find him, but when they did they killed him and quickly disposed of the body.... COME ON!!!! WTF, YOU GUYS BLINDLY,BLINDLY,BLINDLY,BLINDLY FOLLOW ANYTHING YOUR TOLD. USE YOUR OWN DEDUCTIVE REASONING AND WHAT MAKES SENSE, or perhaps reshape your definition of a fact.

    • Anonymous

      I was serving in the Navy on 9/11 so I know how you felt on that day and everyday afterwards. I know all bout those long days and nights on watch duty after the attacks. So we can relate. But when it comes to Osama and his involvement we go seperate ways. It's known fact that he was involved but if you want believe he wasn't then thats on you.

    • Nonsense

      I would agree with you but I was in the Air Force when 9/11 went down and had to pull 12hr shifts for months due to the heightened state of "alert". So I decided to search into why somebody would knock down the towers and Bin Laden said himself in a video that he had nothing to do with it. He did praise those that did but said he couldnt claim responsibility for it. Had a few other instances during my time in the military after that that made me call bullshit on the whole "war on terror" but its whatever.

    • Anonymous

      Same ole trivial nonsense. The man clearly was a intregal part of the 9/11 attacks by his own admission yet he goes out and say some dumb shit like, "He probably had nothing to do with it..." What the...? I mean what does it take to make him a believer? Osama been taking credit for this on videotape!! Like EIGHT TIMES!!! Yet, we're the mindless ones?! C'mon son!! Gibbs need to get with the program.

  • Chicagoh1

    I fuck wit gibbs.....i don't trust the gov either...they lie about everything....9'11 too...."9'11 building 7 did they really pull it??" --lupe fiasco.....before u hate on gibbs stop fuckin believing everything u hear in the media n go do some fuckin reseach instead of bein's 10 years later n they just killed about u get us out the fuckin war...gas prices through the roof....u guys already got all the oil n ur still over here rapin ur own citens on ur home soil....

  • Ben

    I agree and understand that we need to question things that are told to us, especially stuff you hear coming from the government. This isn't a conspiracy. This isn't Obama trying to put things in place for a 2012 election. This is for real. DNA evidence proves it. WE KILLED OSAMA AND HAVE DNA EVIDENCE! Hater get the gas face.

    • Anonymous

      you can if ur comparing genes, not reconstructing genomes. Because the press is run by the government and no one is gonna leak that shit, cause people are loyal and don't rat the first chance they get.

    • Anonymous

      Because you can get dna results in 12hrs right?

  • slapyobitchass

    another ignorant nigga rantin bout conspiracy theories and all this other bullshit. you wanna respect other people's culture and religion when these same niggas killed our people. Freddie Gibbs shut the fuck up, fuckin idiot.

  • mr. jones

    who the fuck is this nigga? this faggot bitch needa shut the fuck up or go eat a dick in afgahnistan

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs shut the hell up about respecting everyone else's culture and religion. They attacked us and then made videos about how they hate our culture and murdered our people on camera and put it on the internet. How is that respectful? Oh and those people we killed? They were pushing forward this bullshit autocratic garbage that both was a driving force behind 9/11 and is exactly why the middle east is one of the most ass backwards areas of the world. Fuck bin Laden and fuck Ghaddafi's son they got what was coming to them acting some goddamn prophets. I hope they are burning in hell with 100 male virgins.

    • dmize-one

      @dave and other dude- see heres where we disagree oasama bin laden has, in his mind, justification for "planning" the attacks of 9/11...(i dont agree with this reasoning AT ALL btw) the US has dictated policy and stuck its nose where it didnt belong in the middle east for many many years... he didnt agree with that, and seeing as how he has limited options, he attacks how he can.. what would he look like going to a battlefield vs the us army?? he does what he can... i dont agree with killing civilians AT ALL, but he was trying to prove a point about our trade policies and foriegn policy... it all depends on whose eyes you look at the situation through... @anon- no matter how you try and justify all the civilians weve killied in iraw and afghanistan it doesnt matter... WE MURDERED THEM... maybe it wasnt man1 but voluntary manslaughter at the very least.. we are still guilty of killing 500,000 innocent people and you act like thats ok.. smh... @dave compared with the US govt osama bin laden isnt much worse, if at all... OBL comes out and states what hes about... the US accidently kills 500,000 plus civilians for a complete bullshit reason.. we are in iraq for oil and nothing else... we are helping libya for oil and no other reason.. the govt hides its true reasoning and intentions while killing innocent civilians, at OBL tells us what hes really all about... better the devil i can see, than the devil i cant...

    • dave

      @dmize-one i actually agree with you man. i guess i didn't make my point clear enough i never said that that the civilian casualties are okay. the fact that so many civilians were killed in iraq and afghanistan is horrible, and a huge stain on whatever shred of moral justification we had to be there in the first place. the difference that i'm talking about isn't about right and wrong - it's about intentions. i think we both already agree that osama bin laden's actions were evil (targeting & killing innocents). as for the US govt, regardless of the moral motivation to start the war, i believe that in actually carrying out the military campaigns, we fucked up big time by allowing so many innocent people to die. even though their deaths were accidental, they happened due to our recklessness, and their blood is on our hands. the US govt demonstrated a disregard for civilians and that is not okay! now that i've hopefully clarified my stance on that, i am going to return to my original point: no matter what the US govt has done, there is NOTHING that can justify osama bin laden's actions. i am not trying to say that the US govt does what is always moral and righteous, because that simply isn't true. one day, when the people responsible for the reckless deaths of all those middle eastern civilians are standing before god, he is going to punish them for acting with such a disregard for human life. but compared to those people, osama bin laden is on an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL of moral deficit, because his actions weren't just reckless - they were purely evil

    • Anonymous it is not ok, you have missed his point. We take risks in any endeavor, and killing civilians when going to war is one of them. They were not out intended targets, they were, like dave said, caught in the crossfire when we were targeting actual threats. Osama is a murderer, plain and simple. War is not nice and aimed only at combatants, it happens on battlefields in actual countries where people dwell. It will happen in any war. Just because there is a risk, however, does not mean we should not pursue our cause. Taking out men like Osama and Hussein were part of ours and that was in the very least noble.

    • dmize-one

      @dave- what you and people like you fail to grasp is that it doesnt matter if we dont target civillians, they still die... we still take thier life... well over half a million civilians have been killed in iqaq and afghanistan since these wars began... but its ok for us to do that right?? fuckin stupid

    • Anonymous

      And, in addition, do you realize it was our government that basically GAVE the troops that worked under Hussein a lot of the power he had right? We have helped them in the past. Our troops are over there now training their military too. We have tried to help them before.

    • dave

      i'd be naive to say that our government has never killed civilians, or never brought pain to the peoples of the middle east, but there is one big difference between the U.S. government and al qaida: the U.S. government does NOT target innocent civilians! i can't stress this enough! there are certainly civilians who get hurt & killed as a direct result of our actions, and that is a terrible thing, but the innocents are never targeted - they are casualties caught in the crossfire. our government is nowhere near perfect, and the people in charge have made a lot of mistakes in pursuit of their personal ideas of justice, but they are certainly not evil osama bin laden, on the other hand, ordered the murder of over 3000 innocent civilians who never set foot in the middle east or dictated foreign policy, with the sole purpose of crushing the heart of our nation. sure you can say he had his reasons (for example sending a message to the americans that they should pull their stationed military forces out of the middle east), but the only way his actions could have ever had a chance in hell of mayyyybe being justified would be if he directly attacked military targets. but he didnt. he specifically targeted civilians.

    • Anonymous

      Listen the media is there to EXPOSE the government conspiracies and keep them in check, not help them hide. Go read the book All the President's Men and you will see what I'm talking about. I am a journalism student and the last thing the media wants is a faulty story. They want the truth and they want us to know it.

    • Anonymous

      If only you knew all the shit our government has been doing in the middle east for at least 50yrs now. Just because our propaganda networks aka news outlets dont tell you about it doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Weve been fucking that portion of the world up for a long time....Thats why theyre pissed bro. Stop acting like we didnt do a thing before 9/11.

  • J_Xodus

    who gives a fuck what this nigga talking about.. aint nobody know ur name nigga.. worry about putting ur album out.. then maybe they'll let you shine

  • The P

    Damn, haha okay I can already tell this is going to be long. Alrigth first of all, bin laden is deffinetly dead as fuck. They go it on video. The seals wore cameras on their helmets to show to other special ops forces in trailning. Also, they fuckn took a blood sample from the dead body and matched it to bin laden's sister so I dont know what the fuck gibs is talking about when he says 'the dead guy is a double'. He got shot in the head and was barried at sea so his followers couldn't go to his grave and use it as a shrine. I bet they're going to release images of his dead body at some point but the problem is that it might be too graphic for tv to show a guys brains hangin out. Haha if you ask me, gibbs just said bin ladden's death is bull shit just too feel like he was the first to say it. this is the first good thing obama has done in the past couple years of his being president, and i never thought id say it but good job obama. now let's end this war baby. U.S.A.

    • The P

      Yeah not gonna lie i usually buy into conspiracy theories but he's dead. the us wouldn't benefit from lieing about this

    • Anonymous

      Where is this footage of bin laden getting killed tho? and is that dna (which we havent even seen yet) really his? I'll sure they'll reveal this PROOF to us just like the video footage of the plane crashing into the pentagon *rolls eyes* Buried at sea my ass, there hiding shit from us.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous...what does the cost have to do with whether the gov't is lying or not?

    • Anonymous

      If thats the case then why does that shit cost so much? Time for a price drop in that world of science.

    • dave

      @ anonymous coming from a biologist who has experience with DNA tests and is familiar with the process of setting up PCR reactions to prepare the samples for analysis, you can definitely run a DNA test in TWO HOURS OR LESS. it usually takes longer if there's no rush, but when the test is urgent (i.e. finding out if you killed fucking osama bin laden), you can definitely get results quickly, especially if you have the resources of the US govt. it only takes 20 minutes to run the PCR reaction and prepare the DNA sample, and after that, you are pretty much ready to analyze it.

    • 1984

      Im pretty sure they never revealed the exact day when they killed him. they just said he was dead. so they could have killed him 2 weeks ago and just revealed it was him because they had just found out it was him. HE'S DEAD PPL. Get over this conspiracy bullshit

    • Anonymous

      Search the web for how long a dna test takes....I cant find anywhere that says it can be done in under 12 hours.

  • shone jones

    Freddie needs to be concerned about releasing some new material on CTE instead of spewing those dumbass conspiracy theories.

  • ...

    who's freddie gibbs and why does his opinion carry any weight whatsoever? also, some of y'all niggas need to go outside and stop burying yourself in conspiracy theory literature. i always defend hip hop fans to people talking junk, but it's shit like this that makes me think that the poor reputation we have is well earned.

  • Anonymous

    This article displays just how pussified the world of hip hop has become. You used to be able to speak your mind about the government and shit that smelled funny. But now the kids run around like "we got a black president, everythings ok, everythings ok!" like its a damn episode of Barney. Wake up and look at whats really going on. Trillions spent on the wars, trillions to the banks, economies failing, unemployments high, schools are shutting down, health care is all messed up, roads arent being maintained due to lack of funding....And you idiots will still follow what the powers that be tell you.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^why the fuck are u assuming that hes making a nice living?? ANYBODY nowadays can access a computer with internet. Home, and places where u dont have to pay for it like library, friends house, grandparent's house etc. and it literally only takes minutes to type up his comments, not hours. Not a valid arguement bozo.

    • Anonymous

      And you're still making a nice living. Or why is it that you have time to sit in front of a computer posting meaningless comments on a hiphop site about america's ills?

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Ya'll need to give Gibbs a break. Someone asked Gibbs a a question and he answered it honestly. Part of hip hop is not always giving the answer people want to hear. Look at Lupe comments about Osama's death or KRS-Ones comments about 9-11. Gibbs didn't disrespect anyone he just questioned are government like we all should.

  • Anonymous

    god ignorant fucking people

  • fan

    Hey Check out the anti-brainwashing anthem Pussytoollettes! it's a song about being mindfucked by the media...

  • Omar Hegazy

    arabs hate bin laden, the ones who dont r dumasses straight up, and nobody bout to start a war over gaddafi's son and bin laden, the "arab nations" cant even join together against israel, if the try the states theyll all get fucked and they know this

  • thisisbull

    where is he buried at sea haha i want to go find the body haha this sounds like some bullshit you tell a child... there is no boggie man in the closet. they kill saddam live on t.v for everyone to see but this killed this dude who they say is responsbile for 3000 death in secret with no video tape and not even so much as a hair from his head. like white folks is honest the same nigga that stole a country haha

  • yahbiytch

    fucking sheep these days believe anything mr.wolf the zionist blitzer tells them ,go back to watching cnn and eat your mcnuggets full of chemicals ,its called tv programming for a reason "PROGRAMMING"

  • Anonymous

    Give Freddie Gibbs his props he is speaking the truth. 1. Where the fuck is the body? 2. How do we know that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11? 3. Everybody was starting to see the light as far as maybe Bush put together 9/11. Now all of a sudden things change because the MEDIA says Bin Laden is dead. 4.Why throw the body out to sea so fast? 5.There was photos of saddam's so called brothers dead bodies.(yes i seriously doubt that Saddam himself was killed) 6.When 9/11 happened there was footage of the Bin Laden family being flown out of here. So why all of a sudden did the U.S. just jump up and kill the man. When it was obvious him and his family were and probably still are doing business with this country. Something just doesn't add up to me. Freddie Gibbs is on point with his comments!! I feel sorry for some of you who believe everything.

    • ho11ywood303

      1. The body is at the bottom of the Arabian Sea as the United States was nice enough to give him a proper Muslim burial.If you wanted to see what he looked like after the SEALs were done with him, just google image search Bin Laden dead. And if thats not enough, they are going to be releasing video and pictures of his burial at sea. 2.Osama Bin Laden has admitted his involvement in 9/11 multiple times(google that too) 3.People started to come up with these conspiracy theories about the Bush administration because there are a lot of really ignorant people in the US that believe the government would intentionally destroy itself by organizing a terrorist attack on our own soil. 4.The military followed Muslim tradition , with the body washed, wrapped in a white sheet and buried within 24 hours at sea. 5. Refer to answer 1 6. You should know that you cannot be detained in the US for being related to a terrorist. The family flew themselves out with US officials in a closed airspace. This WAS to protect them from a backlash of violence . Freddie Gibbs is just another skeptic that will soon be proven wrong, he might as well start asking for Bin Ladens long-form death certificate, maybe we'll see him on the next season of celebrity apprentice. Then again, who the fuck is Freddie Gibbs?

    • Anonymous

      Well people it wasnt for said all over the news (no, they don't always lie) that they wanted to throw it into the sea so none of his followers could go turn the site into a shrine...thus turning into a martyr because he wasn't a martyr, he was an extremist, a terrorist; he doesnt need any more shine.

    • E

      @Jose Vasquez... actually homie, ur the the dumbass..the body must be buried WITHIN- 24hrs in Islam..additionally, it says that if there is a chance that the body may be disturbed if buried in the ground, they are instructed to do a sea burial so the body may never be exhumed. you need to check ur facts for Anonymous, we know Bin Laden did it BECAUSE HE BRAGGED ABOUT IT! HE SAID HE FUCKING DID IT! as for why we flew his family to SAFETY is because Osama's family DISOWNED him in the 90's. He has over 50 children, 2 of them go to Harvard University and are American citizens, just b/c u r related to someone doesn't mean u r guilty by wonder people think hip hop fans are so stupid..ya'll are full of conspiracy shit..and when did Gibbs get a degree in International Studies? I'm surprised he knows so much about international relations, must've learned that on the streets? HAHAHA..fucking ignorant fools

    • slapyobitchass

      @Jose Vasquez, your the dumbass nigga. they had to bury his ass at sea cuz no country wanted the fuckin body. as per muslim custom a body should be buried within 24 hours of death. read the fuckin quran before you call anyone else a dumbass.

    • Jose Vasquez

      Burying in the Sea is only a Muslim custom if someone died in a ship you dumbass, get your shit right.

    • Anonymous

      1. In the sea. 2. Read up on it. Not from YouTube either. 3. No. That was just you delud-ey toons. 4. Muslim custom. 5. There's video of him being hung (guess that was a double huh?) 6. Just because you're related dooesn't mean they have a right to detain you. I have no problem with questioning what's put in front of you. I do have a problem with never being satisfied with the answer until it fits your beliefs. Sometimes, it's you who's yourself!

  • ss

    this fuckery has to stop.. Bin Laden was never an arab leader or represented us in any way.

  • hello

    usama been dead for years they had him in a freezer bhutto lady from pakistan said it in a interview she slipped up and said he got killed not long after she got killed too.this another way for obama to get elected again and and other step for the NWO when they detonate a dirty bomb in europe or USA and blame it on Al-qeada which is nothing but a CIA made/run network . open your eyes people

    • correction

      my bad, accidentally switched obama & osama once in the 2nd paragraph. lol here's what i meant to say: but let's ignore that for a second. let's pretend bin laden has been dead for years. if president obama wanted to fake a military operation to say that we killed osama, he wouldn't be doing it right now - he'd be doing it a few months before the election!

    • dave

      i want some of whatever you're smoking, because it must be some crazy shit! let me get this straight: you are saying that osama bin laden "got killed not long after [benazir bhutto] got killed" but that benazir bhutto somehow said in an interview that osama's dead body is in a freezer somewhere? how the hell does that work if she died before him? was ms. bhutto able to see into the future? get your story together man! but let's ignore that for a second. let's pretend bin laden has been dead for years. if president obama wanted to fake a military operation to say that we killed obama, he wouldn't be doing it right now - he'd be doing it a few months before the election! sure, obama looks great right now, and he would win in a landslide if there was an election tomorrow, but the next vote is 18 months away, and that's a LONG time in terms of U.S. politics. the republicans are going to attempt to use that time to shift the focus from bin laden's death to the struggling economy, which they will blame on president obama

  • Anonymous

    hahaha hilarious this is the only article about osama's death on this site and its negative. Wheres the obama worship article giving him more credit than the navy seals who killed him or positive reaction from the hip hop community? this site is bs

    • Anonymous

      u two really make me believe this world needs help, learn to read, did i really praise obama or did i write a sarcastic question? @haha- you just make no sense and ik every hitler's body,zimmerman telegram,9/11,illuminati,free mason, area 51,jfk assasination and moon landing conspiracy in the book. But i rather not live my life paranoid like you prob do and learn how to type,you make NO sense at all

    • haha

      are you really that stupid you probably believe in the easter bunny too. there is just as much proof that he exist is there is that osama bin laden died at the hands of the united states hahah.... turn off your televison you let them do all the thinking hahah

    • fuck kusae

      fuck obama he just a puppet and u just a stupid fuck who believes he actually runs the show

  • mDeezy

    OMG! The government might be lying about something? No Way! Nobody ever thought of that. Who gives a fuck. One way or another they're not dumb enough to get caught red handed lying in front of the whole world so you can guarantee we wont be seeing Osama anytime soon.. dead or alive

    • Ruffdraft

      Yea because they didnt get caught red handed with the whole "iraq has weapons of mass destruction" thing before.

  • Wise1

    wtf! yall motherfuckas want proof go out there ya damn self and find it.. Yall want video footage of everything, no wonder Reality TV is so damn popular. also think before you make an ignorant comment. if osama wasnt dead nd OUR gov. made it up.. What would happen if osama just so happen to put out another video statin he still alive. USA cant risk that. Osama DEAD... THat NIgga GOne.

    • Anonymous

      great pretty osama wouldve been like "im alive fuckers" or some shit if he wasnt dead. dumb conspiracy theory fucks.illuminatis behind this too huh? hahahahahahaha

    • james

      @anonymous So you believe every conspiracy that exists? Why would you ask such a vague question? Why aren't you happy enough with the news? You think the gov't is out to fuck us all. They make money off us you tool shed.

    • Anonymous

      So you believe everything the media tells you?!

  • TellingItStraight

    to the commenters below, riiiight the media and the goverment is much more reliable than the internet wondering did they ever show osama's body? oh and one last thing, is it REALLY a war on terror or a war for oil


    Why is the death of Osama this Important? I don't get it...Why can't people see that people need to be held responsible for their own actions? Osama didn't fly no plane into them buildings. Those men did in Osama's name. Osama shouldn't be given credit for something he didn't do. Maybe if we werent so naive, we could get down to the REAL issue. It's the people that obey him that are the problem.

    • westsidecalifronya

      those people u say that ran into the buildings actually never existed except atta who worked with a cia agent in florida who trained him to fly the planes.the planes that flew were government planes man operated ,the real planes with passengers were crashed in the ocean

    • Anonymous

      you sir are a dumbass,read what you just typed,no osama = no one to obey him HURR DURR

  • Mumbles

    FREDDIE GIBBS FOR PREZ!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!! haha, what a joke... way to throw gasoline on the fire that rap / rappers are ignorant. No shit you can't expect Muslims to let it slide... but what? would you rather just say naaaaah, America is just gonna sit back and let Bin Laden live on, cuz we are afraid of retaliation... step up Freddie... have a backbone, how you think this country was formed.. by not taking the bullshit and not being scared. obviously you didn't know anybody affected by 9/11...

    • Anonymous

      1) slavery was part of this nations past but is not responsible for forming it. There was the revolutionary war and the boston tea party and things like that to form the country. 2) Mumbles is right, we can't just let a man that has clearly denounced our whole country and coordinated attacks on us to live on. Anyone who is mad that we killed osama has no reason to be. It's the shitty infrastructure of that country those citizens are a part of that let Osama get so powerful. We were confronted with a threat so we took it out and will continue to kill whoever is blind enough to try to follow in his footsteps. Osama and all like him need to be deleted from the history books. 3) I just want to reiterate this because this dwelling shit pisses me right off: Slavery did not form our country, it was a dark part of our past that we are trying to move past.

    • E

      @seriously? I bet Mumbles has a higher IQ than u by 10 fold...i bet u don't even hit triple digits..u r probably one of those retards sitting there reading conspiracy theories..people like u r why hip hop is seen as a bunch of uneducated ignorant brothers

    • seriously?

      Lol Mumbles is a retarded fuck. He's probably one of those ignorant fucks cheering outside the White House. Grow up kid.

    • Anonymous

      He talks about slavery in his music so yea, he's fully aware of how america was formed.

  • Fish

    questioning the government is good. but if you take it too far and question EVERYTHING (like whether or not bin laden masterminded 9/11 and whether or not his death is something to celebrate) you come across as an argumentative retard with no real stand point other than to be as contrary as possible - hence why gibbs has come across as an absolute clown here...

  • GB

    Freddie damn you are stupid

  • phuck yiu

    i'll belive it when i see the body

  • Anonymous

    Damn, he sounds like the typical 14 year old who just watched a youtube video that fucked up his whole point of view. Freddie, you shouldn't believe everything some guy on the internet writes about the government. You should question things that are going on, but this whole conspiracy shit is getting way outta hand. All these guys are exposing themselves as paranoid fools.

    • pico presi

      @F.Rap. AGREED 1 Hunnid Percent! Great comment.

    • seriously

      This Anon is a fucking 12 year old. Seriously? Everyone who is educated knows that America is corrupt and the conspiracy does make sense. Stop talking shit if you're uneducated.

    • F. Rap

      All you devils w/ hateful comments towards Freddie should off yourselves ! I don't consider Gibbs a "concious" rapper but damn..yall act like amerikkka is innocent in decieving it's citizens constantly. Ghadaffi opened his government to the west after 9/11 & gave up his weapons of mass destruction. What america do ? They're currently trying to get him outta power (thats like nato or u.n supporting a rebel movement to establish a new government here in the u.s., bombing via airstikes for 6 weeks & counting, d.c. & surounding cities trying to oust the Obama administration out of office). It is proven that the cia pumped COCAINE into poor communities for years. After Lincoln "freed" the slaves, blacks were supposed to get 40 acres & a mule to provide them w/ a means to sustain themselves & start over. What happened to that? Oklahoma city bombings (not talking timothy mcviegh either)of the Black Wall St. jim crow:As soon as blacks started becoming successful in maintaining their own means of support through the black dollar (keeping it in the community)they passed laws that leads to "integration". Believe it or not some american citizens are still being hung in the south. So im not mad at Freddie. What yall should be commenting on is these irrefutable facts I've laid out. Thats too much like right so I won't be surprised when you racists & self - hating blacks disregard all of that by calling me a faggot out of anger. For the record your the fag who can't face the truth BIIIIIIAAAAAAAAATCCCCCCCHHH !

  • The Truth

    Check out the anti-brainwashing anthem Pussytoollettes! it's a song about being mindfucked by the media...

  • SharksBreath

    If Osama was already dead he would have already been considered a martyr to his followers. You idiots. I have never heard of Muslims faking a death or not announcing when someone was actually dead. Thanks for reminding us white people and ignorant republicans aren't the only people capable of believing in conspiracy theories. Great job Freddie. Now will you STFU.

    • sharksbreath

      I was saying it to say the teabaggers aren't the only people who believe in conspiracy theories that can be proven to be completely false. Those were the white people I was speaking on.

    • Uradumfuk

      Nuff said, except for the WHITE people thing, that was ignorant and racist. Not all white people are republican and most of the USA is white people so you need to just stick to pointing out how retarded Freddie is or if you want to point out a race in this case it'd be black people.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Freddie Gibbs. Here is why: How do we know that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11? Just because The media told us. PEOPLE DO NOT LET T.V. AND THE MEDIA CONTROL YOUR WAY OF THINKING!! Im just gonna leave it at that

    • GRKIllier

      Bin Laden admitted to being the mastermind behind 9/11 on video on the day of the attacks you dope! At least know what the fuck you're talking about before you start jumping into conspiracies. You are are just trying to be the contarian and be argumentive for no reason at all.

    • Anonymous

      At least im not a lost soul like you who believes everything the media tells them. people like make me wanna LMFAO

    • Uradumfuk

      Don't let your BRAIN control you, it's a dangerous weapon to yourself and the other retards in your class.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is retarded ..more retarded than my 3 legged 5 eyed dog...more retarded than them special ed niggas, ...he prolly mad at the government cuz he aint recieving his food stamps, cuz hes a retard..retarded fuck face nigga..

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people are thinking the same thing, but honestly, I seriously doubt that they would post something as serious as the death of Osama Bin Laden unless it was 100% true...because if it got out that this was some kind of government hoax/cover-up, Obama's would be impeached. Remember Wiki Leaks? I don't think that they would pull a stunt like that and risk a possible 2012 re-election. Outside of that can you imagine what that would do to America's world image? There would be a tremendous upheaval...that shit might start WWIII seriously lol. I would be seriously shocked if Osama wasn't really dead.

  • killuminatiTOS

    Hitler married Eva Braun on the 29th april 1945 and Prince William married Kate Middleton on 29th april. Hitler dies on 1st May 1945 and Bin Laden dies 1st May. ILLUMINATI FORMED 1ST MAY 1776.

    • Tristan

      Hitler died on April 30 jackass

    • Uradumfuk

      Your a loser that posted on HipHopDx on May 2nd 2011, so you fit the illuminati conspiracy well. Go read a newspaper.

    • Chex

      Very interesting...great points man. I wish more people would wake up and be independent in thought, instead of believing everything the machine tells us.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Osama Bin Laden = The Greatest CIA Agent of all time!

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Its just a sarcastic comment. God damn, people this days so sensitive.

    • Uradumfuk

      Why, is there any intelligent readers on here or Hip Hop listeners, oh my, people are retarded these days.

  • lmcjr

    I think most of you have missed the point entirely. Do I believe everything the government says....NO!! I do think some of you should use your common sense and think critically about what you are going to say before you make a comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; if you are going to put your thoughts out there....say something intelligent and back up your facts. At the end of the day, Bin Laden was a terrorist. Like it or not, the U.S. is the leader of the free world. If we don't step up and help those in need...who else will do it. I was in the Marine Corps...I have seen things first hand, and although I didn't agree with President Bush on Iraq, they needed us over there. Same goes for Afghanistan and any other country that is dealing with the same issue. Look at the details in the big picture before you voice your opinions/ Yes you have a right to do so, but they can be disrespectful...just like Gibbs' comments.

    • F. Rap

      So the Americans who desparately need help in their own country has to take a back seat to Irag & Afghanistan. You sound so unpatriotic, w/a hidden agenda..

    • Uradumfuk

      Thank you, someone with an understanding of the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Some people attention spans aren't long enough to grasp the whole thing.

  • Anonymous

    uradumfuk so you're tell me a rag tag group of misfists, albeit super trained misfits, living in the desert and caves on the run since 1993 are smarter then you government and one of the top intelligence agency in all of history and pull of a military move the way they did? DAMN!!!!!!!....and I thought the A-Team was fiction for all these years

    • Uradumfuk

      The A-Team reference was not my typing, that person was addressing me by putting my name.

    • Anonymous

      Being ex-military myself I know exactly what i'm talking about. Being woke out my sleep on 9/11 to come in on my day off and dealing with everything that went on that I am privied to a little more info then you son. Having to deal with Afgan personally I do know a little bit more then you son and that why the A-Team theory never sat well with me. You are right on with the 5% analogy you just got it a little backwards. I'm not like the rest of you 85% and believe everything the establishment tells you.

    • Uradumfuk

      Yes, I'm telling that you know nothing. So your telling me that the US knows everything about Pakistan, Afghanistan, the caves, land layout, underground hideouts and so forth. You believe what you see in movies don't you. The Pakistan govt' doesn't allow other govt' military regimes in theyre country to look for terrorist saying that they don't house them and if they do they'll find them on there own. So the US took it upon themselves to go out and get him. So let's see, the US knows everything according to you and can find whomever they want at anytime, right? So all the serial killers, murderers in America we can't find or people that flee to Mexico but Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, it's easy findings, really, you do you only 5% of your brain don't you.

    • Ozzy Mcmichael

      Anonyfag, shut the fuck up... ur such afucking homo... like honestly

    • Anonymous

      You're trying to tell me that people aren't radical enough to do it? I guess Al Queda(?) is a figment of our imaginations.

  • Uradumfuk, can you please take this article down because your making a mockery of black people's intelligence level and education of current events in the world. You posted a useless interview by a nobody rapper that wants attention and you gave it to him. In the end your just making people, readers and his fans look like morons. There is plenty of people out there talking about this and you go out and make this guy an example of retardation. Why don't you post what someone that has a political interest in music and has an idea of how things work like a Canibus or Lupe Fiasco. Please, do yourself and the readers a favor and take this morons words down.

  • JFranks

    Who gives a dick fart about this dude's opinion. Like honestly

  • Austin Heath

    Literally no backing for anything he says. He is just full of bullshit speculation. If you have something to say, at least make sure you have some justification for it.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    Obama wasn't lieing. The US government killed my spirits. They broke into my house and made fun of my religon and clothes and made me and my family cry. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go listen to some iBar. He always cheers me up. You can listen to him too at: Check out his Pussytoollettes video. I'm in it!

  • My Name

    That's some true shit spoken right there. I ain't even know who Freddie Gibbs is but I might have to check him out just because dude seems to be able to form his own opinions and speak about real topics unlike 95% of these bling blong pop rappers.

    • ghostface

      forming your own opinion and speaking out of your ass used to be two different things....its a shame how some of u young dudes jump on any bullshit u think sounds smart.

  • ColdStoneDaKing

    LOL hey yall chill out yall making it seem lyk Freddie Gibs is the most worthless waste of space on this site the worst is that Nas lyric about his religion b.s.,,,,but on subject true the 1st part of his interview was krazy but the last part was absolutely true konsidering the fact the nation of Gaddafi, Bin laden people's, and among others wont take these deaths lightly.

  • df

    who cares what this et looking clown have to say

  • Anonymous


    • Uradumfuk

      Oh my, another person that watched an online video about the conspiracy of 9/11. So they took people to a hanger, no one was on the planes, the plane that hit the Pentagon was a commuter plane, holy shit, I have the Kennedy files, you want to read them and Michael Jackson and Tupac are my roommates.

    • Killuminati

      ...explain how you fly a plane going 400mph into the pentagon? Then if you can do that, how is there no video evidence to prove it.. in one of the highest security facilities in the US?

    • Uradumfuk

      Can you give me facts and not conspiracy theories off of Youtube or online nut job website, Loose Change, Zeitgiest, hahahahaha, loser. So you think that the govt' did it to use it as a ploy to get into Iraq but at the same time have over 5,000 troops lose lives in Afghanistan just to search for someone that has nothing to so with anything, really? So you think so, wow, retard, wait, read my name.

  • F. Rap

    government possibly lying ? Ya think ? The world generally hates america's policies but seems to try not to hold that against it's citizens. I wonder how long that sentiment will last.

  • Rational Thought

    Yeah... I'm questioning the legitimacy of Freddie Gibbs intelligence.


    He'd dead and your stupid!

  • Nico 3

    If you were after the Lebron James of terrorism, would you honestly keep it a secret that you were closing in on him, and then quickly throw his ass in the sea as if to avoid any possible scrunity? Under Bush, we detained and tortured people. It would only make sense then to try to take Bin Laden alive in hopes of finding out when say the next 9/11 is going to be. Don't tell me our govn't wouldn't have pressed him hard for information.

    • Yup

      *can't ask questions

    • Yup

      You can't answer questions to a man whose just been shot in the head by a assault rifle from 25 feet away. If you think so, let me shoot you in the head then ask you how it feels.

  • Petros Marinho

    fuck illuminati

  • Anonymous

    im pretty much with Freddie Gibbs and every other conspirator in this Osama death issue. i mean, to me, it's kinda fishy when Navy SEALS were under command by the CIA, probably the most fishiest group in the world, and that there was kinda a large crowd of ppl outside of the White House celebrating with posters and US flags, even though the news of his "death" was around 30 minutes to an hour old. this whole thing sounds kinda staged to me, but then this is just my opinion.

    • Castor Troy21

      Not really....the timeline anyway. I have friends who live in the DC area that were at the White House last night. Don't forget a majority of the people in that crowd last night were mostly college students who lived near by. It wasn't an organized event, just an mass show of support and jubilation. And of course the government lies about things, but why lie about this now? There's too much at stake if this is a hoax.

  • JG

    Yeah Osama was behind 9/11 like Saddam had WMD, or that Iraqs army was the worlds most dangerous or that communists would rule the world if America didnt fuck every country up. FUCK AMERICA AND YOUR BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA. Time for americas people to wake the fuck up........

  • Anonymous

    Y is this news on a hip hop website this dude probably knows nothing about politics

  • Anonymous

  • Quack Quack

    Who gives a Figgidy fuck fuck about Freddie mufukin Gibbs?

  • Anonymous

    They also told us that Saddam was part of 911 and that he had WMDs!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Most of you can't even read DNA so shut the fuck up!!!!!!

  • Blah

    "Gangsta Gibbs explains that the government might be lying" Obama might be lying that he doesn't dress up as a lion and have michelle "tame" him. I respect him as a rapper but what is with this bullshit? No evidence to back his claims. The military has DNA and soon to be released pictures. I think they win.

    • Uradumfuk

      Oh my, another idiot posting as Freddie. Okay, lets try this, watching the news and reading actual news. The body was taking, YES, it was then dump in the ocean according to Muslim religion because you have to be burried within 24 hours. So, yes they took the DEAD body confirmed by DNA and then dumped it in the ocean off of the US ship that the body was on, got it now. READ and LEARN and DON'T BE RETARDED like Freddie 3rd grade brain Gibbs.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign Blah

    • Freddie

      SO what tehy can't fabricate pictures & lie about some blood tests. I do believe that last night Obama said they had Bin ladens body & then today they say it was buried at sea, that right there just about sums it up. I agree with Freddie, it's all bull-shit

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Freddie Gibbs should stick to what he knows best such as being an idiot and leave politics alone. This guy had the audactiy to go public and make a fool of himself. I'm upset to even know the name Freddie Gibbs.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck is there a raging fire in the town he was killed in that is still not extinguished as we speak, huh?!

  • Anonymous

    this guy has got nuthin

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely no proof. Nothing. Just speculation. People with unsound and narrow-minded opinions like this should not be praised at all. HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BACK ANYTHING HE SAYS UP EXCEPT WITH HIS EGO.

  • Bernard

    "I don’t want to disrespect no victims of 9/11, but he probably ain’t had nothing to do with that." Aside from the fact that he claimed that event you fucking jackass. I do agree that celebrating death is not a good thing though. We should be reflecting on what got us into this mess and mourn the loss of our fellow citizens. Also, how about some diplomacy? We aren't blood thirsty maniacs here are we?

    • D.Block

      Well he may or may not have anything to do with 911 because and terrorist act that goes on in the world Al Qaeda claims.

  • rofl

    This moron is dumb as fuck. I was on the fence about his music beforehand, but I'm absolutely off his bandwagon now. Maybe he should invest some of the money he is earning "gangsta rapping" and invest it in an education. This is the problem with entertainers/celebrities. They get a forum to share their ignorant/baseless opinion and the masses eat it right up. If you think this is a conspiracy theory find your nearest gun store, purchase a glock, and fucking off yourself.

  • LOL

    I like Gibbs as a rapper, but he is just being a ghetto nigga. Just speaking against the government because he doesn't like them. Does anyone actually think the US government can hold any secrets. Take a lot of all the scandals from MK Ultra to Watergate that the government could not hide. The truth will be exposed, no matter what it is.

  • Johnnie 82

    I believe the American government knew where he was all along. After they saw the royal wedding in Britain they realized that one thing can bring a country together, so thought fuck it!! Lets do it now. It is not going to affect terrorism in the slightest, but it has gained Obama a much needed lift and brought America together again. If he really is dead.

    • Uradumfuk

      Really, serious, your actually thinking that, ha! Wow, I thought Freddie was retarded but you might take the cake. To actually say that they saw the Royal Wedding as a UK unity so we need to get some of that. Why can't people just take it at face value, always need to question shit. He was in Pakistan hiding and the Paki govt didn't want to help so the SEALS went in and just shot him in the head. Done and done and over. You probably don't follow politics cause your a retard as stated by your quote. It's hard as fuck to get into Pakistan to look for him because the govt doesn't like outside interference even though they're now taking credit for helping get Osama. If you want a good theory or made up bullshit get a good one like Obama did it to help him get re-elected since the candidates are gearing up to run but the Royal Wedding, go jump in the ocean and find Osama's body and don't come back up.

  • Anonymous

    the gov't do lie n keep secrets but i dnt think obama is gon lie about a nigga they been chasing for 10 years..if they did decide to lie to us then thats fuck up they lied to billions of ppl in the US saying hes dead but he prob. somewhere else..but i hope not...and if he is dead which i believe he is ur damn right they r waiting to get some payback on us..they probably planning some shit right now! but if he is dead that dnt mean the war is over cuz its far from over...him being dead is HALF TIME BREAK between us and them...3rd quarter begins wen whoever decides to stike next. lol

  • Osama Bin Laden

    Hi friends, want yall to know I am alive adn healthier than ever. I have been working as a Wal Mart manager for the past 4 years now, even changed my name to Sam Benjamin Laden as to not raise suspicions. Thank you all for your concern, that was my twin brother in the pic yall seen on google, didnt you notice the crooked nose bitch... Peace and Love

  • gibbs 4 prez

    The man speaking the truth. Dont believe everything you fucking read or haer. gibbs just got himself a new fan

    • ghostface

      take ur own advice..u believe some dumb shit this fool tells u cuz u rather have something to talk about..half u motherfuckers on this site were kids when 9/11 happened. must be why ur so damn ignorant.

    • Uradumfuk

      Hahahahaha, UNEDUCATED Pieces of shit, that's what Freddie and his new fans are. Basically what your saying is that you don't trust your government and you have to see it to believe and be given all the facts and blah blah, get the fuck out of here. Freddie Gibbs has a 3rd grade education like you and doesn't know anything, just reads a headline and has 100 opinions. You know facts, details, do you watch the news and understand shit, no! You listen to ghetto rap, think rappers live the hood life and don't know anything outside the street they live on, losers. Get your mind right kids.

    • Freddie

      I agree, that makes 2 new fans.

  • EdmontonRDS

    HAHA paranoid Americans.

  • Fuck Outta Here

    This dumb mutha fucka and all y'all tinfoil wearing, conspiracy having clowns can get the fuck out of America if you don't like it here. Go fuckin live somewhere else then. Nobody is keeping you here. Good luck having the freedoms you enjoy in this country somewhere else, because i'll tell you what, they don't exist. How the fuck you gonna say you don't believe the man is dead in one paragraph, then try preaching about the aftermath we'll face because we killed him in other paragraph? Ol not making sense faggot

  • Anonymous

    that mother fucker bin laden has been dead for 10 fuckin years!!!!! all you people waving your god damn american flags around in joy over this bull shit are all a bunch of ignorent fucks. NO FUCKING WONDER THE REST OF THE WORLD GETS SICK WATCHING THIS BULL SHIT. theres so many plot holes in this story it's not even funny do some actual research not just what fuckin fox news tells you cause its all shit. Yall gotta get the us gov's dick out of your ass

    • fool

      you're probably jobless and do nothing but watch youtube videos on the conspiracies and shit. that's not research my friend.

  • DW

    His dude got an opinion like everyone else, true. But this nigga is a straight dumb ass!

  • Thatdude

    Fuck all yall who just criticized and tried to judge this man "Freddie Gibbs"...He gotta opinion just like all you clowns, who believe the first thing america tells you, you fucks still believe christop[her columbus discovered america n shit...he sayin some real shit...

  • guerilla jones

    um why would they?what would they have to gain especially considering how devastating it would be if the real bin laden popped up.Lets question things we can control,like how hip hop seems to consistently be worse and worse in message and character.Who is Gibbs anyway?lol who gives a shit what he thinks?

    • Niggajones

      It cost the USA billions of dollars to find this nigga, don't you think lying about it defeats the purpose of it anyway. It serves no benefit to the US government, plus if Osama was alive he would have taken the opportunity to show another video rubbing it in, just he has for the past 10 years. It is good to be skeptic at times, but please be rational about it.

    • idiotSpotter

      People who say that dude isn't dead is a straight idiot. Think for a hot second. Politicans, for the most part only care about political points. Sure lying and telling the WORLD that Osama is dead would garner political points but the news that Obama lied would DESTROY his credibility as president. Now why would Obama do that? Did you people really think that BO is really dumb enough to risk that? That would be the same as him fucking some hoe on the white house lawn. Its not like somebody ain't going to find out! It starting to seem like a bunch of Niggas hating on our own damn President. Not to mention that he's black! Willie Lynch Syndrome Ass Nuggas (WLSAN)

    • dega

      he's not gonna pop up, but they will take any chance to show the US lied and messed up, so if he wasn't dead we'd hear it from other people besides Gibbs

    • GGbook

      Dude has been hiding for a decade, its not like hes been popping up on Pakastan tv's. I thought we gave up on him when we went after saddam. Just because we say we killed him you think thats gonna piss him off and make him come out of hiding. If he is still alive he probably doesnt give a shit.

    • dega

      and lets be honest, if he was really alive then there would be reports on it. It's just like with the conspiracy theories about us not landing on the moon- if it was fake then Soviet Union would have known and told the world. If Osama is alive then Al-Qaeda and other terrorists will do everything in their power to show they aren't missing their head figure in the organization.

  • dega

    some people wonder why hiphopdx would post this sh*t- it's because we read it which means more advertising money. people in the country need to learn that if you don't like something or think a company/website is bull then don't give them power (aka your money and patronage)

  • wOdER

    Come on people if Gibbs couldve said this more intelligently then we would probably believe him. How can we kill the most wanted man in the world (assumingly) and just dump him in the sea?? No photo evidence of him actually dead, all we have is "dna" evidence and video of a shot up and bloody house. We havent heard anything from this man for a decade, shit i forgot we were looking for him, and all of a sudden on a sunny may morning we find him hiding next to a military base. I hope he is actually dead.It just smells like BS.

    • AZ

      yea cause the government usually reveals its secret plans and operations to the american public...

    • TH1

      right, i think its just a lie, well not a lie, he probably is dead but they probably killed him 2 or 3 years ago, our gov. is so corrupt... and you only can believe what they tell you, thats why they put so much bullshit on news and tv cause the mass only can believe what they hear, and not have actual proof.. dont know what to beleive nowadays

  • Olen Snider

    The first of the "deathers"?

  • Anonymous

    i just lost all respect i had for freddie gibbs. hes dead. my cousin who is a high official in the navy seals showed me personally the documents of the DNA samples as well as explained to me the procedure they went through before to make sure it was osama as well as what took place during the taking.

    • Anonymous

      Real believable...Since he was killed yesterday and it takes 5-10 days to match dna could you explain how he got the test results in less than 12 hours?

    • LMFAO

      okay "Anoymous" we believe you. *wink* *wink*

    • PeoplePlease

      Quit lying, get off your momma's computer.... He showed you highly classified information and the man supposedly died less than 48 hours ago??

  • @RonaldRanier

    He cannot make an intelligible statement without compulsively using profanity... next.

  • bkny

    Freddie Gibbs????R U KIDDING ME HIPHOPDX. you guys are lame. yea lets ask this dumb ignorant mis-informed clowns' opinion on a worldwide issue.

  • mike who??

    dats sum real shit i think osama aint dead either... shouts out to gibbs for speakin on trill shit...

  • Wow

    OK Gibbs what happens when the real Bin Laden stands up? It would destroy any legitimacy the US Gov. has left not to mention Obama's precidency. THINK!

    • TH1

      No, you THINK!! he actually probably is dead, but he probably was killed like a few years sgo and they just now tellin us out of nowhere, look man, gov aint stupid the only way we can know shit is if they tell us, no matter if its real or not, they say its true, then we believe it, no matter what... use your own mind and not rely on what news and shit tell you

  • Ryan

    Freddie Gibbs is the voice of our generation! Hahahah what a joke.

  • DriftGirl

    lets go find the most ignorant MF in the rap game and interview him. Freddie Gibbs, STFU until you learn to master the english language.

    • Anonymous

      Do you even listen to any of his music? The dude is killing Kanye/Diddy/Jayz/Ti/Eminem/Odd Future/Lil B and whoever else as far as real life lyrics and intelligence. The problem is white america doesnt like to see an intelligent black man so they put the fruity ones or the actors (Jayz, 50 cent, rick ross etc.) on tv instead.

  • Just Phade

    "Dude where have you been? They made DNA and video evidence of the attacks, pay attention, man." I have no doubt that an assault happened on that house - but it is easy for anybody to say that the DNA confirms it is Osama.

  • T$$$

    Right,you would think they would keep him alive,there are greater troubles ahead I hate to say

  • Simon Magus

    If I want to know how to roll a dust blunt I will look up freddie gibbs but as far as his political views he can save that jail house pholosphy for progidy or some shit

  • Osama Bin Laden

    NIGGA I'M DEAD! But das cool cuz I got mah niggas in Al Qaeda holdin me down. They comin fa yo studio gibbs. ME N ALLAH GON BE LAUGHIN LIKE IS NO NIGGAS BUSINESS!! A JIHAD ON THIS PUSSY ASS NIGGA GIBBS! REAL TALK OSAMA IN DIS BITCH!

  • Osama Bin Laden

    I'm not dead you idiots! I'm still alive, I moved to Italy - Pakistan smells like shit. I'm chilling in Rome right now listening to iBar his music is dope. I might recruit him for my next terrorist attack

  • Dollo

    Freddie Gibbs does have a point. How the hell do we really know if he is dead or not? They haven't shown us any proof that Bin Laden is really dead. All they did was make the president give a speech. AND THEY BURIED THE NIGGA IN SEA??? Get the fuck outta here you know that shit sounds like a lie.

    • R.Pgh

      well, it would seem a bit stupid to tell the entire world that the most wanted man on the planet is dead if he's actually not. Aside from it making the government look even dumber than it already does to the American public, it would also make the rest of the world realize that the US government is beyond retarded. Also, there is a valid reason to dump him in the ocean. Now his burial site can't be a radical Islamic landmark.

    • SpikeyJamez

      Bit of an anger issue you have, don't ya? Got get a medicare...oh wait you can't because it's about to end as we know it while we are too busy celebrating on death and bullets. Seriously dude chill and don't be such pissy like Freddie Gibbs. Go smoke a Kush and enjoy what you have in life. Letyourselfgo.

    • Dollo

      What video evidence? All videos related are after the so called killing. And they said they matched his DNA with family members but how in the hell do you know the government is not making all this shit up? It's all circumstantial proof, no real conclusive proof. you dumbass

    • SpikeyJamez

      Dude where have you been? They made DNA and video evidence of the attacks, pay attention, man.

  • Anonymous

    He was killed exactly 8yrs to the day that bush held his mission accomplished speech. Political propaganda at its finest. Americans are too retarded to see it though.

    • Anonymous

      You seem smart fuck outta here. Tell me more please....Obama, bush, mccain, palin are all on the same team. they just put on shows for the braindead American public to make them think there's a difference.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      dumb ass bitch.... you really think if bin laden was killed during the bush administration that faggot wouldn't have taken every opportunity to hold claim to that shit? that fuckin piece of shit would have jumped all the fuck over the opportunity to stake a claim in his legacy as the man who hunted down bin laden. and don't give me the oil/war nonsense because they could have still gone to war with the rest of al-queda affiliates as an excuse to invade Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever the fuck else. use your fuckin brain.

    • young

      exactly, propaganda, haha they got us wrapped around they fingers, they know if they tell us anything, we'll believe it, yal wake the fuck up

  • kd

    This nigga high as fuck....nd who comes up with dumb ideas when they high...lmfao...

  • Krime

    Save the politics & conspiracies fpr Immortal Technique homie! I agree that the US government is grimey at times but there is no way they're lying about this... It was the US who killed him. The government were the ones who broke the news!! They're not stupid enough to put themselves in a position to lie to the American people about the MOST WANTED MAN in the world being dead. You can tell this nigga is mad ignorant! It seems like he's trying to sound like he's intellectual just because its "cool" to question the government. But you cant do that with every little thing that happens..... OH Is this that same clown that was on worldstarhiphop didin lil b on stage just to get attention?? FUCK outta here lil boy!

  • hahaha

    stupid nigger talk

  • hunkE

    B-Real feat. Royce Da 5'9" - Fandago [rmx]

  • Tee

    remember it was the c.i.a who trained him...your own government...lololol.....its all a joke

  • Tee

    10 years to find one guy?????? he had a whole government looking for his ass and it took america 10 years to find a dude hiding out in caves???? u american r ur saying bin laden gets a burial quicker than the 9/11 victims??? they dumped him in the sea? really? your telling me the man who conducted the biggest terrorist act in was killed by compassionate soliders who felt to dump his body in the sea rather than parade it???? america's are dumb, and the rest of the world laughs at u???? if i lost someone from 9/11 i wouldn't even buy it but i guess its "closure" of some sort.

    • JG3

      In the muslim culture, it requires burial within 24 hours of death. Just in case you didn't know...but America is dumb. And why in the sea? What country was going to accept the body? When no country wanted anything to do with him not even Pakistan who was denying he was there.

  • bb

    How is he gonna deny that Osama isnt dead, then say "we killed Osama and Gaddafi's son in the same week"? And then he's gonna act like the international community isnt celebrating the death of someone who twisted religon, killed his own people, and declared war on non-Muslims? This dude must be high. No wonder he signed to CTE; he's a fucking retard.

  • SpikeyJamez

    I agree with Gibbs in few things, although, why are we celebrating over a one man's death if a new threat is about to rise for the next few years anyway? Let's face it America is the capital of guns and bullets instead of health care, education, economy, etc. Seriously in order for society to progress is to help those who have nothing rather than the ones that have everything like the %2 of the wealthiest. Am sorry, but this is nothing compare to the problem that we are having now. Good question by the way, what happen to Japan? is everyone just forgot about this already by this Osama bullcrap? What about the 9/11 responders that still don't get affordable medicare? Why is the troops still stuck from across the world especially in Europe? Seriously what happen to this country?

  • omilio

    If Bin Laden was not gunned down, the coward would of commited suicide anyway. He said it himself that the Americans would NEVER have taken him alive. Now he could rest with his 42 males homosexual virgins.

  • Anonymous

    I think the first part was kinda iffy but understandable kuz...Bin Laden was kinda bigger than life so it is unbelievable that he died kinda like M.J. And the 2nd part to me rung chillingly true though, we sho' killed two promient people from the Middle East and i know for sure they aint finna be happy

  • GRKiller

    This nigga needs to shut the fuck up. Niggas come up with consipiracy theories from out of nowhere. Really Freddie, a "stunt double"? Shut the fuck up with that fuckery. It's called DNA evidence and years of CIA work. People think because they listen to/make hip hop, they gotta be on some conspiracy shit, like they know something that the rest of us dont. But wheres the evidence in these claims? Idiot.

    • MDraft

      Thats the problem all i see is people saying that the "govt said they have this and that" like the govt is going to tell us the truth. They tell us what we want to hear and we just eat the BS right out their asses. I dont wanna HEAR what the govt has i wanna SEE what the govt has.

    • GRKiller

      OK Conspiracy Brother, let me see your evidence that proves Osama is still alive. Govt. has DNA and pics as well as firsthand sourcing saying he's dead. What do you have? Idiots been listening to bloggers and internet intellectuals too much lol

    • Tee

      you really do sound dumb......saddam had body doubles you fool,, so why wouldn't bin laden, c.i.a work??? lololol they trained him you idiot, i don't believe in conspiracy theories but open ur eyes you prick

    • GRKiller

      Are you retarded. They got DNA proof, there are pictures that will be released in the comming days, and even the fuckin' Paki's said "Yeah, dude is dead". He was buried at sea as to not offend the Muslim community. But let me guess, he was a CIA agent blah blah blah blah lol

    • JG3

      I would like to see proof as well but I believe he's dead. Yes, the Navy Seals killed him but the CIA provided there was CIA work done.

    • TheGreatSpade


  • BigDan

    I swear some rappers are just 2 stupid. Yo idiot, to run a conspiracy, you need all parties on deck. Would the govt just lie and say Osama is dead, when the nut case could just make another video laughing at us? So either we just killed him, or we got confirmation that he's been dead. Either way, he is gone. Go make your dumb songs and keep your dumb opinions to yourself.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    i definitely agree with him and i bet they did not even try to capture him ! from what was said in the news, it looked more like an execution than anything else ! dont forget, Ben Laden got the United States back up to push the lines of the Soviet Union in Afghanistant back in 1980's and from many reports and expertises the US government might be involved in the 9/11 attacks ! so i guess they just executed him to avoid a trial and a potential risk Osama would have uncovered some informations about the US involvement in the 9/11

  • ShystyOne

    Your a loser. Lets say some stupid shyt to gain whatever with no facts or reason. You are a failure.

  • Nico 3

    What I found odd was how they reported the very next day that his body was buried at sea. To me, you would want to take someone like this alive in hopes of getting information out of him. While nobody's going to shed a tear for this piece of shit, there's probably 10 more people in line waiting to help re-up Al Qaeda. Something seems off, so I hope whatever we did over there was reported as the truth.

  • JG3

    Is this dude serious? I wonder how he would've felt if his mother worked in one of the towers. “I don’t want to disrespect no victims of 9/11, but he probably ain’t had nothing to do with that. We don’t know"...YOU JUST DID! He took credit for the shit, what else you need? A hand written note? I highly doubt a smart man like the President would put his foot in his mouth by just saying some shit and not verifying it. He sympathizes with President Barack Obama, mutha fucka please...I sympathize with your ignorant ass...IF YOU HATE THE GOV SO MUCH THEN GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH!

  • freshyboi

    yall should check out this classic quote from the based god on twitter "just because osama is dead doesnt mean thats a good thing osama has family to that probably loves him alot as well" -LILBTHERBASED GOD

  • jbatcha21

    People trip me out with saying that Osama is not dead. Why in the hell would the U.S. announce that he was dead if they knew he was still alive. All Osama would have to do is make another video and release it to the public and make the U.S. look like fools. Kill yourself Gibbs

    • jbatcha21

      really? and how is that? All you can come up with is "most naive comment on hhdx" Way to add something to the discussion. Show me evidence that he is still alive.

    • Anonymous

      most naive comment on hhdx

  • ballsinurmouf people are stupid

  • Bauce

    I liked this dude's music but he's a fucking dumbass. Don't follow him on twitter

  • smarter than freddie gibbs

    this is the stupidest shit i have ever heard from anyone. i hope this guy never sells one record. if you don't like america and think it's against you, get out!

    • you are dumber than a pile of shit

      When did freddie gibbs say he didn't like America? He was born in America its his country and he has the free speech right to question his government you fucking close minded sheep. People like you are so easy to manipulate becasue you never think of all the possibilties and gibbs was just throwing out possibilities. Since you like to restict free speech you get uout of my and freddie gibbs country america.

  • Ricardo Conceicao

    People was celebrating Osama's death. On my opinion that doesn't make you better than him. Do you really believe in your goverment? Do you really think the we live in a better worl now? America, you have so much to learn...even if you feel that you got your pay back from the nine eleven situation, it doesen't feel right...Peace

    • Ricardo Conceicao

      "You live in a dream world idiot". Dude, I'm not american and I don't have to be sorry for not sharing your hate for the man. My point is that you should check the information your governmente is feeding you. We will see who's the idiot. I ask again mr ShystyOne: do you reaaly think tha we live in a better world now?

    • ShystyOne

      Because we go after someone who continuously plans to kill civilians in the west and we're no better? You live in a dream world idiot.

    • JG3

      It feels GREAT!

  • soldier

    bin laden is dead but terrorism is not. n most Muslims did not care about osama they hated him. the only people who would retaliate is the people we are fighting now

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