Tinie Tempah's "Disc-Overy" To Release On May 17, Boi-1da Production

With a background in Hip Hop, Tinnie Tempah may join Slick Rick, Monie Love and MF DOOM as successful British emcees.

London, England's Tinie Tempah will release his debut album, Disc-Overy this month, on May 17. The EMI Records emcee, who is presently enjoying the success of hit song "Written In The Stars" will unveil his long-awaited States-side debut with three new tracks, boasting production from Eminem/Drake producer Boi-1da, as well as Wiz Khalifa-hit producers Stargate.

EMI also confirmed that Tempah will be appearing on Late Show With David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The View this month in promotional support of Disc-Overy.


  • Cindy

    "Disc-Overy" is a phenomenal album. I've had it on repeat since it hit iTunes at midnight. Tinie is a sensational artist and I can not wait to see more from him in the future!

  • Anthony

    Make no mistake, Disc-Overy is essentially a hip-hop record. What makes it stand out miles ahead of the completion however is the fusion of genres. Pop, Rock, Electronic, hints of Reggae and London’s very own Grime dominate Disc-Overy. Tinie Tempah has somehow managed to fully embrace the diversity of his very own city on his debut album. Funny, cheeky and honestly good are the best words to describe his rhymes. There are a couple of collaborations including Ellie Goulding (Wonderman) . Wiz Khalifah (Till I’m Gone) and Ester Dean (Love Suicide). Stargate, Boi1da, Swedish House Mafia and Labrinth are most noteworthy among the producers enlisted. The majority the music here is different from what’s currently on US radio and so I embrace this record as a breath of fresh air. Disc-Overy is already among my top releases of 2011 and not only that, the album cover is also among my faves.

  • Anonymous

    init hip hop dx write about some real uk hip hop!

  • bluerazor

    DX please do an article on some worth while britsh rappers like Skinnyman, Klashnekoff and Lowkey even Rodney P these represent us in the UKeven though UK music as a whole is absolute garbage!!

  • Anonymous

    do yall really expect accurate journalism from hhdx? knowing their reputation?

  • Blud

    Everybody talking bout London shit missing out Lowkey,Akala and Rhyme Asylum three of the best

  • Mads Degn Gregersen

    I've never heard this mans music, but whenever i see press fotos or ads for his stuff, i cant help but thinking that hes a looking like a cheap kid cudi copy

  • Anonymous

    1) tinie tempah isnt even real UK hip hop 2) tinie tempah cant come close to some UK rappers 3) if he had started out in the US like slick rick did then he couldve been succesful because he wouldnt be trying to sell UK shit in america

    • Anonymous

      anon 2 stfu fag you ARE NOT HIP HOP!!!

    • Anonymous 2

      If you truly knew your history, you would know that Tinie Tempah began making grime, then bitch boy music, and now currently makes commercial garbage. You are fake, so dont talk shit about a music scene you know nothing about. Keep lying to yourself.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck are you to decide what is and what isnt UK hip hop, ive been apart of HIP HOP since 1990 in the UK n Tinie is HIP HOP

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Im completely devestated that the author of this article would put his name there with the likes of Monie Love and MF Doom, the latter of whom did not even live there long enough to be even considered uk but still has more skill than ten tinie tempahs put together. What cause he rapping over Boi-1da beats hes got talent? GTFO.

  • Anonymous

    there are far better rappers from london n england than this wack dude!! check jehst, klashnekoff, m9, triple darkness, cyrus malachi.. top mcs

    • Doubl Negative

      ^^I think something dot lost in translation. On these shores, "Rinse" merely means to spin a record, I wasn't dissin' eLZ, I'm feelin' dude just like are. Gonna cop that Elmatic tape next week.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you talkin about she rinses rappers like Elzhi, Elzhi would slaughter every rapper you jus named if they where on the same beat, point blank Elzhi Deep>>> every song all of them have made not one of them is even close to fuckin wit Elzhi you mus be sniffin glue son

    • Doubl Negative

      I concur homie, I'd just like to add to this list; Ramson Badbonez, Sonny Jim, Kashmere, Joker Starr, Jehst, Lewis Parker, Micall Parknsun and Verb T. All mentioned emcees are more desrevin' to be compared to Doom and the Ruler than the terrible Tempah. If you ever get a chance to hear Sarah Love's show, check it out, 'cause she rinses these type of rappers, along with their US counterparts like Homeboy Sandman, eLZhi and John Robinson.

  • James Kenyon


  • Anonymous

    Trust me he won't...he doesnt even know basic mcing skills like multis iam from the uk and most of our mc are weak.

  • Anonymous

    Don't sleep on Tinie Tempah! This dude got hits, cop that album on May 17th! Youtube this nigga.

  • Ste Esky

    Haaa TINIEEEE!! Disturbing HipHopDX now! This guy is a genius! 22 yearold superstar!!

  • gok

    Typical retarded comment by a Gucci fan. As for Tinie, not the UK's best but good luck to him. Americans rarely accept UK MCs so mabe this could open a door.

  • SuperGucciRap

    This guy is a clown. Fuck this nigga. Written in the Stars is some faggot nerd shit that Lupe Fiasco would rap about. I hate all these new rappers who suck especially nerds like Lupe, cornballs like B.o.B, stoner posers like Wiz, jews like Drake or homos like Kid Cudi. Fuck these skinny jean wack ass rappers. Listen to Hopsin, Vinnie Paz, Canibus, Odd Future, OJ Da Juiceman, Justin Bieber and GUCCI! It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      the only people you named fuckin wit Lupe lyrically is Canibus and Vinnie

    • Anonymous

      just when i thought you were talking sense you had to add oj's weak ass name

    • No competition

      LOL your list got weaker as it went down the list of rappers to listen to. Its blatantly obvious that this guy is trolling haha. I know you have lupe in your ipod. Who ya foolin?

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