Joe Budden Refutes Slaughterhouse's "Monster" Album Title

UPDATE: Despite seven or eight songs in the can, the Jersey rapper says Slaughterhouse's sophomore isn't called "Monster"

The Hip Hop world rejoiced as Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 announced that a Bad Meets Evil EP was on the way. Now, fans of Royce have even more good news, as the Detroit spitter has announced that Slaughterhouse's debut on Shady Records is far along in the recording process.

"It's just something to set up Slaughterhouse anyway," said Royce of the Bad Meets Evil project to MTV News. "That's our main focus right now, is Slaughterhouse and then we got Yelawolf. We're just trying to start a movement."

Royce revealed that the foursome was gathering in Detroit in May, and have done "about seven or eight songs" so far.

Currently, there is no release date for Slaughterhouse's album, which is titled Monster.

(May 1)

UPDATE: Member Joe Budden states that Slaughterhouse's Shady Records debut will not be titled Monster.

"Our album, we don’t have a name, we don’t have a title," he tells "It’s so premature, we’re just rocking out. We’re just doing joints right now. So we’re going to go record, fuck around with Em for a minute and that’s really it. Not Monster though."

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    That's gotta be the funniest top list ever in history hhahahaha oh man i need that laugh. If those are the top i' m gonna walk over to a bridge an jump off an take that list with me lol

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    TOP 5 RAPPERS of ALL TIME! 1.Lil B 2.50 Tyson 3.Soulja Boy Tell Em 4.Gucci Mane 5.Birdman You cant fuck with that homie! Joe Budden is ASS! Lil B Tha BasedGod ETHERED his old ass in "T-Shirts and Buddens" Omg BasedGod! You got bitches! Omg!

  • NY

    I'm a fan of Royce but I don't like his stuff with Eminem or Slaughterhouse, I want them to make good music and do well (except for Joe Budden Wu-Tang Forever). Slaughterhouse doesn't have memorable versus and doesn't sound well together it just sounds like random verses thrown a beat kind of like a mixtape. Bad Meets Evil is a great song and the mixtape was good but it's about 12 years later Royce changed his voice and flow, Eminem did the same and both of them not in a good way it sounds more like yelling (I wouldn't mind it if they always had that flow but it was good before). Also Royce is a battle rapper but every song doesn't have to be like that.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Wu-Tang are fucking clowns now. Joe Budden is the greatest rapper of all time and if you don't respect Slaughterhouse, you don't respect hip-hop.

  • Anonymous


    • Suge Knight

      I second that 'anon', HRSMN will bring the end.

    • murdock

      you dont what it is but cats that do will agree they are heat.Yu def dont know when you say shit about gucci and canibus in the same comment.

    • J

      Horsemen? Nobody knows or cares who that is. Until Horsemen signs with Shady, I don't think you can put him on any level close to Slaughterhouse. Now go listen to Gucci and Waka

  • Hakim Ivan

    fucking LAUGHTERHOUSE keeps taking it 'in the can' alright... nerd-ass battlerap from four retards with nothing to say but boy do they sure use a lot of words saying it. at least none of ya'll are claiming Joell Ortiz is best-- he best get his GRE and find another career because neither art nor entertainment are his lane. What is? Drive through at White Castle, maybe.

    • Nuggz

      If you dont think Joell ortiz can rap you're out of your mind. Ortiz is a beast. Seriously, who's good if he isnt!? Budden can suck a dick though

    • Anonymous

      LMAO, it ain't in the top 50 for this year. That shit was fuck as fuck.

    • dockevoc

      I agree with you except for Ortiz - that Free Agent album is the best album to come out this year check it out shit is fya

  • burnin

    all you fuckas sayin royce is not the best member in slaughterhouse, well, you just lose all credibility you may have had

  • Mark Ryder Kuznetsoff

    jason u fucker...slaughterhouse is da shit n idc...REAL hiphop...go listen to lady gaga u dumb ass idiot

    • jason

      Real hip-hop? That term doesn't mean anything you idiot. There is no such thing as "real" or "fake" hip-hop. Hip-hop is hip-hop. Retard.

  • Isa Dalwai

    "Monster"?! Not a hard name. Sorry. "Four-headed Monster"?! Yes, very much please!

  • Anonymous

    i bet those seven or eight songs they completed would eventually get cut from the album in the near future :P

  • jason

    Most of these dudes are wack. They put freestyle type verses over a beat and call it a song. Can't make songs for shit.

    • jason

      No they don't.

    • Anonymous

      They all do. They rap about what meaningful to them. Not to you.

    • jason

      And what I said makes perfect sense. Albums must contain songs with concepts, stories, substance. Besides Budden, the rest of these guys have no substance.

    • jason

      itchTHEscratch is beyond stupid. Joe Budden is actually the best member of Slaughterhouse. He can actually make songs with real substance and meaning. The rest cannot.

    • Isa Dalwai

      itchTHEscratch, I beg to differ but I don't really think Joe Budden is wack. Atleast not lyrically, he isn't. If you pay more attention to the artist and not his hype and all the nonsense publicity he does, you will also learn to appreciate Budden for his contribution to Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is formed by we all, putting in, our necessary effort and hard work. P.S. If Joe Budden is wack, wonder what'd you rate Gucci and Waka.

    • itchTHEscratch

      Jason, You're incorrect in your statement: only Joe Budden is whack, and the rest just doesn't make sense. Stay in school.

    • war22

      Jason..we talkin about hiphop...not supposed to be lyrical...u lil pop faggot...i bet u wear skynny jeans ...

    • Anonymous

      Too bad that those freestyle rhymes, aren't freestyle rhymes. Freestyles aren't thought out like they are now. Rhymes with meaning and skill is what makes a song. Which is what every member can bring lyrically.

  • Real Talk

    @ G... Joell Ortiz probably came up with it.. YA-WAH.. how about Monster? Ya-Wah!

  • Anonymous

    Weak name, weak album. You got MTV talking about Slaughterhouse? Damn.

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck? Your someone who hates when more than 3 of your friends knows about something. Fuck off faggot let slaughterhouse do their thing.

  • jesterdxxl

    I can't wait Slaughterhouse the best group out sinbce Wu... I gotta agree with G I'm not feeling 'Monster' title it should connect with the groups name!

    • NY

      Wu-Tang 9 emcees very different styles for all of them, spawned 4 indisputable classics (36 Chambers, Wu-Tang Forever, Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx) while also having great albums (Ironman, Supreme Clientele, Tical, The W, Iron Flag, 8 Diagrams, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2) Slaughterhouse-I can't think of anything as a great or classic album Classic=No skips when listening Great=Maybe a couple bad/okay songs

  • G

    Whoever came up with the name "Monster" is an idiot

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