Ali Shaheed Muhammad Says A Tribe Called Quest Is "Happy With The Final Version" Of "Beats Rhymes And Life"

After some issues with director Michael Rapaport and other producers, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Phife Dawg are now fine with the final cut of their documentary.

According to Ali Shaheed Muhammad, A Tribe Called Quest and the parties behind their  Beats Rhymes & Life documentary have come to an understanding of sorts. Both Muhammad and Phife Dawg appeared at the film’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“Just because Q-Tip is not here does not mean he’s not in support of the film," Ali told Rolling Stone. "I’m here, and I’m representing Q-Tip. We’re happy with the finished version. If none of us were fine with this, no one would be seeing the film.”

There were reportedly initial conflicts over film’s title, which was initially advertised as Beats, Rhymes and Fights in an early trailer. Q-Tip then posted a message via Twitter stating that certain requests weren’t being honored. Things came to a head in March, when MTV’s Sway Calloway interviewed Q-Tip and Ali. The two Tribe members presented an e-mail from an unnamed producer of the film allegedly threatening to remove their co-production credits from any advertising of the film.

But Thursday, both Phife and Ali threw their full support behind the film, saying that the full four-man collective of A Tribe Called Quest was happy with the final edits. Phife Dawg also shot down any rumors of the group doing a soundtrack to fulfill any lingering contractual obligations with Jive Records.

“Doing a soundtrack for the movie wouldn’t count [towards the contract],” Phife explained. “And even if it did, we’d be killing our fans. They already know those songs. I would want new music out there, wouldn’t you?”


  • QUPID617

    I cant WAAAAIIIIT for this to drop. Im on it!!!!

  • truth

    a Tribe called quest will reunite

  • Right On

    YES I WOULD LIKE AN ALBUM fuckin get on tribe fuck all the bullshit who cares if tips an asshole man make some god damn music who cares if its not like the other album fuck it just make a last one to finish off the legacy


    Didn't know they still had contract obligations with Jive.....last album was 13 years ago.

  • Tito

    Mmmm... imho they aren't really happy with the final version, but they act like they are so people won't avoid to watch the movie. Even a wack movie is good for them: nobody can blame anything on them but they got some publicity . I guess y'all know what I mean

    • frit

      Agreed, i saw an interview in which they were clearly unhappy, but said several times they did not want to deter any body from going to see it. I guess i will have to draw my own opinion on the movie. its a shame this couldnt be a 100% cooperative project as from what i have hear.

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