Wale Talks Being More Versatile With Maybach Music Group

Citing his goal to be the "most versatile rapper to ever touch a microphone" Wale dismisses any hate from the backpacker set over his move to Maybach Music Group.

Nearly a year ago, you could find Wale in the rare Hip Hop video that catered to women without being an overt love ballad. What should fans make of the fact that a video like “Diary” found Mr. Folarin on stage at what appeared to be a poetry reading, while “Make It Rain” now finds him among a bunch of clapping ass cheeks at the King of Diamonds gentlemen’s club? Maybe nothing at all.

“When it’s all said and done, I want to be known as the most versatile rapper to ever touch a microphone,” Wale told Power 99 FM’s Cosmic Kev during a recent interview. “If the backpackers can’t respect that, then what genre are you supporting? What genre doesn’t evolve? What person doesn’t evolve?”

If “600 Benz” is any indication, Wale may be well on his way towards his goal. He previously stated that his vision was compromised on Attention Deficit—from singles being shelved or changed to video treatments being changed. To hear Wale tell it, the informal working relationship with Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross may be just as important as his desire to showcase his versatility.

“We talked about the vision and all that,” Wale added. “Dude is a genius; he’s like a big brother to me. We first met at King of Diamonds—it’s life changing. It’s like Chuck E. Cheese for grown men. He liked my style and wanted to know what my situation was.”



  • GaingGreen

    Yo I dont like it but i understand it at the end of the day its about that $$$$. Just him be associated with Rick Ross and those other radio rappers who I personally dont like they make money by playing that game . If his music does not change and he getting his Dough then Big up WALE but dont SELL OUT TO THE GAME stay the same that all i am saying... get it how you live

  • Anonymous

    Maybach Music group seems like a joke. They do make good music doe, but im not a fan. They are very animated, dont seem real at all. Rick Ross alone is questionable. I dont take anything he does seriously. For the sake of the conversation doe, i think Wale made a good movie to capture more fans, which is what he is doing. I doubt if he really loses any fans over this. His delivery is better and he's hungry again. Nevertheless, double M is only here for my entertainment. I take nothing else they do seriously, unlike GOOD Music, or Young Money.

  • Taylor Karras

    What, you mean no songs were cut from the album? Just the singles and certain video treatments? What makes you think that your vision will be less compromised on that fat fucks label, if anything you'll be rapping about how much you rep the streets and how much money you'll blow.

  • Rob Rizzy Clarke

    This is a good move or the home wale ross wont stifle his creativity @ all and him being down with mmg is sure to open up some doors for him. Wale is def. underrated and that will hopefully change soon. MMG MAJOR MOVES!

  • a

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  • Anonymous

    This is a good move for Wale because now he's getting play in the hood , Wale always had a Black audience but it was more of a Howard University , Spellman College audience he was not getting played in the streets (Dc being the exception i'm guessing) as a matter of fact most people in the hood didn't even know who he was. Just an example of how us african americans are seperated as a cummunity , shout out to wale for doing his part to stop the seperation in hip hop.

  • Versatile Onochie

    If he wants to be the most Versatile rapper first of all he will need lessons from Big Daddy Kane and then he will need to be me but there is only one me but I do wish him the best with his music but he is with the wrong people they do say you are who you associate with and we all know the story with William Lenard III ahem Maybach Music CEO

  • reckin_crew fan

    you want versitility? check out this group from lil ass Delaware. http://www.reverbnation.com/thereckincrew

  • inspirmentalist

    i gotta see it to believe it. in my opinion this whole maybach situation is kinda odd. after shitty album sales, at the end of the day i think he just wanted a check. he got bills and probably owes interscope money for promotion on attention deficit. i purchased his album and definitely think it was worth buying, then i heard this and thought, damn, he joined the darkside. why didn't he sign with ye' why didn't he sign with curren$y, why didn't he sign with some one who would probably embrace and develop his creativity instead of delude it...like i said, we'll see.

    • your manager

      Ye dont like wale. they are in the same lane. that would be like rick ross signing Jeezy. rick ross is smart and he wants to keep his lane so he doesnt want another kingpin rapper he wants a kanye-esk organic rapper. but he need to get the streets on board then wale will have both pop and urbn appeal. yall people have no bussiness sense i swear

  • Nico 3

    Rick Ross himself can't seem to break through all the way, so I have a hard time believing Wale will, especially with that 600 Benz track sounding forced.

    • your manager

      it only sounds forced to you cause you know of his previous work. the hood never even heard of wale and alot of thug dude love that 600 record on the street.

  • Anonymous

    wale is getting a nice buzz for his next album he can really spit he is one of my favs out there right now

  • ruffdraft

    No Wale, you aint evolving. Your devolving yourself right back into the ocean.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ versatile style is crown royal

  • Anonymous

    if u think this dude isnt versatile then ur buggin. who is versatile then? who can go from poetry club to stripper club then to lady gaga then to jadakis then to..... well u get my point but who? examples pleaseeeee

  • Jose Vasquez

    Wale is okay, not in even in my top 30 rappers. Kinda hard to be the most versatile when shit starts sounding the same.



  • jimmy

    and 600 benze aint even about his car really. its about his "drive". The whole song he is talking about saving up money, how are you gonna say thats not a good message. you want a 600 benz, save your money, grind and buy one. i can feel that

  • amp_sample

    The thing is, Wale already seemed pretty versatile. He can rap over hardcore 90's boom-bap, or he can flow over some obscure indie music song. His work since he moved to Maybach music is just generic radio rap. Nothing versatile about it.

    • amp_sample

      No ones asking him to stay conscious. I never considered him a conscious rapper. All I'm saying is that he was already a versatile rapper. Moving to MMG isn't gonna change people's minds as far as their view of him. Those who were listening before he signed already know what Wale is about. I think he's looking for better marketing. Artistically the several songs he's put out since switching to MMG aren't all that great.

    • Anonymous

      so your judging 3 songs up against his entire catalog? WTF? and make it rain came out way before he ever signed to MMG. that verse is months old. People need to stop assuming and wait for the material. So u dont like 600 benz but did u like the jump freestyle did u like 4AM? the point in being versitile is to be able to get on any kind of beat. if the beat isnt for you the song wasnt meant for you to like anyway. the point is to spread lyricism throughout the genre not just on "conscious" records. that would be the like preaching to the chior. preach to the thugs, misses, kids, mature, everyone. i already j=know killin people and sellin drugs aint cool.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, I think I'm inclined to agree with amp on this one. Pre-MBG Wale was just, better. Mixtape About Nothing, More About Nothing...they're hot. Period. The Cloud is still one of my favorite songs to kick back to I'm just not blown away by 600 Benze or Make it Rain I liked Wale (and still do) for his fluency and coherence, I think he's doing it big and he's been underrated for too long, but it'd be a shame for Rick Ross to single-handedly chase Wale's fan-base away by giving him bad ass "advice"

    • Anonymous

      actually since he signed with mayback he's spit over a 90's KrisKross beat, 600 benze which is a street record, and he was on that 4AM joint which is a more conscious record "why you knock up that bitch if you cant handle that BOI" i call that versitile, none of those tracks are generic but maybe u have a generic ear

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