Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/24/2011

DJ Quik's indie release proves that nearly 10,000 are ready to pitch in on the party, Cam'ron & Vado continue the Dipset April run, and Gorillaz have an impressive debut.

Chris Brown continued to enjoy his F.A.M.E. The Jive Records release approaches the 500,000 benchmark, on an album that features emcees Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Tyga. The Pop sensation is likely to reach that mark next week.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Wiz Khalifa's major label debut, Rolling Papers sold another 34,000 units after a month in stores. The album, which features Too Short and Curren$y, slipped out of the Top 10, and joins Lupe Fiasco's Lasers as part of Atlantic Records' commercial comeback in Hip Hop this year, following success with B.o.B. in 2010.

Climbing a spot to #16, Rihanna's  Loud  pushes well past platinum. Bruno Mars' debut approaches platinum, as Doo-Wops & Holligans gained an impressive 10 spots this week.

With their second album in 14 months, the Gorillaz struck a Top 25 debut in Fall. A follow-up to 2010's Plastic Beach, the animated band's latest work on EMI/Virgin Records features PB session musicians Bobby Womack and The Clash's Mick Jones and Paul Simonon.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
9 Chris Brown F.A.M.E. 37,000 485,000
12 Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers 34,000 328,000
16 Rihanna Loud 28,000 1,200,000
18 Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans 25,000 949,000
24 Gorillaz Fall 21,000 22,000

Compton, California emcee/producer DJ Quik very nearly struck a Top 50 debut with The Book of David. The self-released project on Mad Science Records project features Ice Cube, Bizzy Bone and veteran Quik collaborators Suga Free and Kurupt.

Minneapolis, Minnesota veteran Hip Hop duo Atmosphere fell 69 spots with their seventh official studio album, The Family Sign. The Rhymesayers Entertainment co-founders Slug and Ant continue their evolution away from sampling, moving more towards live instrumentation for their most recent work.

T.I.'s  No Mercy album is on the tip of going gold. The December, 20101 release on Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records sits just under 499,000 units sold. The work features Eminem, Kanye West and southern Rap pioneer Scarface.

DXnext artist Mac Miller, who is signed to Pittsburgh-based Rostrum Records, reached the 60,000 mark on his digital EP, On and On and Beyond EP. Released the same day as label-mate Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers, the project continues to be one of the year's top indie sellers.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
54 DJ Quik The Book of David 9,700 9,800
73 Cam'ron & Vado Gunz N' Butta 7,500 7,600
82 Atmosphere The Family Sign 6,800 35,000
163 T.I. No Mercy 3,500 499,000
197 Mac Miller On and On and Beyond EP 2,900 60,000

Will Max B follow the Jim Jones, Cam'ron & Vado charting trend with his debut Vigilante Season? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


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  • Indie

    Unless you are a megastar, like Jay-Z or Eminem the only way you are going to make money from album sales are from being indie, merchandise or tours, that is all.

  • OnemikE

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  • iGotBitchesCuz

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    • The MG

      OMG, my sides are hurting from laughing so hard!

    • curious

      alright, fuck all that other noise, but i would like to know just exactly how eminem flopped at almost 4 million albums sold, in an age where people download singles and download them for free, that 4 million would be considered a flop? just sayin

  • nocontest

    this is why i dnt follow album sales cam and vado shit was fire u kidding me?


    who the fuck is mac miller ? wack album


    camron cant sell records to save his life , stop rapping . wack album dj quik album was much better . should have sold more .

    • Suge Knight

      True say, real artists will never get a good chance under the state of the industry as of present.

  • mr718

    Dat Cam n Vado album is fire idk WTF this website or these lames on it is talking bout??? Hot beats,Lyrics and Swag = Gunz n Butta... NY ALL FUCKING DAY WE RUN THIS RAP SHIT...

  • Anonymous

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  • ed0n

    Mac is doing great numbers!

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    All you ppl saying Mac Miller was in the movie "The Sandlot" are retarded. The movie came out in 1993 which means it was filmed in 1992. Mac Miller was born in 1992.

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  • ExFan

    WOW!! DJ Quick 9,800 / Wack Miller 60,000 HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!!

  • L-Boogie

    Lol ya'll fools kill me talking bout being happy for another dude, if he's wack he's wack thats all there is to it. I ain't got nothing to do with these wack ass Sesame street rappers, I judge them on their music and thats it!

    • Anonymous

      That's it. Average shit gets praised like it redefined genre standards. People need to calm down and rate shit on what it is and not under any circumstance. LMAO when someone says, not so good but still better than % of that shit out there. When it's whack, it's whack. Stop that damn searching for excuses.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the standards in hip hop for whats good and whats not have dipped so far that people will give props to anything these days.

  • Mac Miller

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  • da1

    Where the fuck is lupe at? He shouldn't have fell off the charts already.

  • Its Um

    Too bad W.A.R. did do well as atmostphere album.

    • illmatic

      anonymous stop hating on going to an actual store to purchase a physical copy of a cd that is old school and there is a principle behind it. MOST real rap can't be found in this big mainstream chain stores they only sell what they major labels want them too, I GOT MAD RESPECT for this dude goin out to cop legitimate music the old school way fuckin technologies turnin half of america into god damn zombies

    • Anonymous

      I know where to find the album dipshit...Its the principle behind it. I dont feel I should have to only be limited to finding my music from Best Buy/Target and any other major chain. You used to have cd stores that carried every cd available. Im not a fan of the major chains being the only place you can drive to to find music these days. So I wait a little longer to see if the cd actually shows up there and if not...I hop on amazon and buy it.

    • Anonymous

      dumbfuck its called google, type the name of the cd and buy a copy,,,fucking idiot this is the 21st godamm century, nobody goes to stores, online shopping

    • Anonymous

      Im old school...If Im buying an album I prefer to have a physical copy of the album. Ill take it and rip the cd to my zune later but I dont really like buying mp3s unless its an album thats not in print or impossible to find.

    • Jose Vasquez

      Why don't you just buy it on Itunes or Zune and burn it to a blank CD?

    • Anonymous

      You cant even find the WAR album anywhere...Ive been trying to pick it up at best buy but have never seen it in there. Gonna have to finally break down and order it from the net.

  • Anonymous

    ti album came out in 20101?...damn

  • Nico 3

    What are the numbers for that Daz album?

  • joe5286

    what happened to Snoop? that record is bangin

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is gonna move units one way or another

  • L-Boogie

    Is Mac Miller really from that movie The Sandlot, lol that was a classic but honestly the man is wack! I can't believe how easy it is to become a rapper now a days, so all I need is a gimmick and hot beats and the fans will eat it up??? Sign me up because ain't no other jobs hiring!

    • Anonymous

      Basically...You can search the web and download other producers beats/classic 90s beats to gain "credibility" with the hip hop crowd. And then boom, youre a star. It doesnt hurt to be jewish either.

  • HHH

    Wow.. Anyone else really impressed with the Mac Miller numbers? Think about it, that's like a 6 song EP that he sold 60k off of. That shit is impressive as fuck. Rostrum Records really know wtf they're doing, they're starting to be this generations indie equivalent of Rhymesayers. Im always happy when peoples dreams come true. Keep doing you Mac.

    • Neazy

      I was gonna say the same thing! I don't listen to Mac Miller but I appreciate how hard he grinds. To see him do 60k off an internet EP is good for hip hop.

    • AGthatdude...

      That's big, man. I wish more people would be happy for people rather than hate on them. If you don't like the music, that's fine. But, shut the fuck up with the whinning. I'm happy for anyone doin well in music that respects the art. I feel Mac does, so far....



  • Wow

    Who wouldve thought one of the sandlot kids could grow up to have one of the top selling hip hop albums in the nation. Congrats Mac Miller and happy 45th birthday man!

  • matrix4

    week 44 33 Recovery - Eminem 17.000

  • Third World BOB


  • Anonymous

    mac miller is doin his thang!

  • B@nksy

    Damn Mac im impressed 60,000 for an ep which only has like 5 songs half of which were already released for free. thats triple soulja boys last studio album. I could see macs major label debut landing in the 500,000 - 1.5 mil range if he works some more on his lyrics, gets some major promotion from his label and I want to hear him on some kanye production.

  • shitset

    WTF 7,500 damn camwrong and vado did sheek louch numbers thats horrible. A non famous person could sell more than that. Vado should have went dolo cam's wack ass made people not want to touch it

  • Zeek

    Stop putting Bruno and Rihanna on there they are not Hip Hop. Put back Nicki, Em and Wayne instead.

  • manny

    Could u plz give us an updated on lil wayne's not a human album and drakes n nicki's albums sales

    • Anonymous

      "folks sleepin on that IANAHB album its on the carter series level to me" Evidently not if its selling...

    • kmoney

      you can google that shit b..why u trippin off album sales anyways?....how much a nigga sells aint putting money in your pocket


      folks sleepin on that IANAHB album its on the carter series level to me


    everybody jones

  • Jon

    What about Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday?

  • Micah

    glad to see ti make it to gold damn near had a good album minus the cb song

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