Killer Mike Reveals That He Believes He Could Get Killed For His Lyrics

Video Exclusive: Mike Bigga speaks on not having T.I.'s presence in releasing "PL3DGE," and why he's not fooled by Jay-Z & Warren Buffett appearing together on magazine covers.

Killer Mike's (a/k/a Mike Bigga) tenure in the Rap game runs deep. As one of Hip Hop's few unapologetic political mouthpieces, the southern lyricist crafts unabashed rhymes about everything from women to extreme distrust of the government. Previously aligned with Outkast's Purple Ribbon posse, Mike joined T.I.'s Grand Hustle in 2008 (exclusively reported to HipHopDX).

A year later, Grand Hustle's fearless leader T.I. entered prison, and a year later he entered again. Now, as Killer Mike gears for Part 3 of his Pledge trilogy, titled the PL3DGE (arriving May 17th), he drops some more knowledge to the masses while simultaneously having them dance in the club.

We sat down with Mike for an exclusive on what he's feeling during the weeks leading up to his album's release. With T.I. still in jail, his subject matter growing in controversy, and blatant name checks to artists like Jay-Z (on the album's "That's Life II"), Killer Mike is ready to roll with the punches. "I'm a book reader, I'm a gang leader," he exclaims on the PL3DGE's thesis statement/opener "So Glorious". Enter the mind of Hip Hop's favorite rhyme Killer.

HipHopDX: When putting out PL3DGE, does it feel unnatural for the album to be coming out without T.I. being here?

Killer Mike: Yeah, I miss my friend. I told somebody that…I can remember still going to buy Trap Muzik, and popping up at Tower Records. He was outside, and I was going in to get [a copy]. I didn’t even know he was there, and he was grabbing my records. You miss your friend more than anything, because you care about what your friend thinks of your records. On a professional level, he texts me. He just got rights to talk back and forth, so we were e-mailing right on the 19th—the day before my birthday.

I just hit him up saying I miss him, telling him how much we love and care about him and that I’m glad his family is good. I told him I hoped he was okay and to keep his head up. He hit me back, and the only thing he could talk about was how he was sorry he wasn’t out to help push and promote the record. [He asked] how [Young] Dro was doing, and said he hated that he couldn’t be out on tour. That just gives a real testament to what a real friend he is. He’s in prison, but he cared more about how me and Dro doing well. It almost made me tear up. I was like, “This guy shouldn’t be giving a damn about that.” He’s watching the way the record is performing. I just miss my friend. I guess that’s the easiest answer.

DX: Do you ever have an concerns about some of the stuff you say on record?

Killer Mike: Yeah, I got concerns that they’re gonna kill me. I’ve got concerns that unless enough people wake up and pay attention to what I’m saying, either I’m going to have to stop saying it or I’m going to get killed for saying it—one or the other. When I say “they,” [that’s] anybody who has those three letters in their title. Usually it’s an alphabet boy or some type saying, “I’m the GFI—Governmental Federal Investigators.” But I do have fears of dying young based on the things I say. I say things that Jesus, Dr. King, Malcom X and Che Guevara said. I also say stuff that Fred Hampton, [Alprentice] “Bunchy” Carter and Huey Newton said.

DX: So if you have real concerns of the government checking you out, then you must not care as much when you make a comment about Jay-Z being next to Warren Buffett?

Killer Mike: Well, it wasn’t so much about Jay-Z next to Warren Buffett any more than it was about Ronald Reagan being a bad actor—when I said that in the third verse. What it was about was, in this country, we’re given idols to worship. I’ve loved Jay-Z as a rapper since ’96 when I was knee-deep in the trap. But I will never allow media to fool me to somehow think that just because a black kid from Marcy Projects becomes a billionaire the tables are fair when he’s standing next to a next to a man who’s worth $56 billion.

[Warren Buffett] can give away his money, and the next year make more money and plus $10 billion. Jay-Z has had to fight, bleed, kill and die for every dollar he’s ever got. And that’s not to say that Mr. Buffett and every other billionaire doesn’t. That’s just saying that I can choose to give Jay-Z another dollar. I can choose to buy his record; I can choose to go to his restaurant. Warren Buffett owns a piece of everything I have—whether it’s orange juice, Polar Springs or the table we’re at. Berkshire Hathaway owns a piece of it! My thing is, if I allow you to start making Jay-Z equal to that in the perception and minds of people, I start judging Jay-Z by those standards. And that’s not fair. He can’t do—socially and globally—what someone with $50 billion can do. It’s wrong to put those expectations on him.

So I view Jay-Z and Puffy as entertaining businessmen who have made moguls out of themselves. In the context of putting their money next to me, I shrink. But putting their money next to Buffett, [Carlos] Slim out of Mexico, the Nigerian and East Indian billionaires, they just become regular people again. I won’t let my perception to be controlled. So it’s not a slight against Jay-Z. It’s just saying that if you allow you idols to be judged on a game or playing field that they didn’t create, you’re gonna be saying you think they’re in the Illuminati. And they’re not, because they don’t have enough money to be in the Illuminati.

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  • Rick

    Either you follow Christ or you dont, Good or Evil. Millionaries are obligated to give to the less needy. Like the story of the poor man dying on the rich man's door step. I dont know what these rappers be talking about except for murder,money,sex. None of these rap about s*** that could help someone like telling young girls stop having sex with people you dont know or stop with that BABY MAMA BS and get married instead of big pimpin' or shake that ass girl. Rappers like Bizzle and a few others or not mainstream for that particular reason. Travis Porter...WTF is that, that type of music is very dangerous yea the beat is good but the lyricals sound like something Satan would bop his head 2. Most of these rappers are the SAME Rick Ross/Wayne/Jayz, money cars clothes sex drugs. every once in awhile they make music that makes you think but 90% of the time its money cars clothes sex. if im BSing just scroll thru the tracks of your favorite album. Nicky Minaj/GAGA no wonder so many TEENAGERS are turning gay because its nothing wrong with it right, promoting homosexuality makes me sick. If Sampson was a rapper he would tear these rappers in half.

  • IAM

    "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" - Malcom X

  • amp_sample

    Trust me, the government is not worried about what a rapper says on his album. For starters he already admitted that he's saying stuff someone else has already said. That alone makes what he's saying less significant. On top of that, nothing he's saying is anywhere on the level of Wikileaks. That guy really could get killed. I think he more likes the idea of being a martyr for a cause, which is fine, most ppl wish they were a leader, but if he was really saying something that significant we'd be hearing it on CNN, not hiphopDX. Mike Bigga is too smart to be this naive.

  • Nyhmesis D-Squad

    All you fools talkin bout shit like you know. You dont know, I dont know, none of us do cept the people closest to these groups. Anyone who doesnt think secret covert groups within the gov't exist is a moron. People involved in these groups have come forward. Now to say that one specific group runs everything is a little far fetched but in reality the smaller groups do have to answer to someone. Just keep an open mind, doin research is good but has no one ever heard of disinformation? Stop actin like kids online and realize that your own opinion is not the only one.

  • Anonymous

    killer mike is on point

  • Anonymous

    thanks for telling these dumb dumb fuks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    On point...copping the Pl3dge...

  • your mom

    Funny no ones gone kill yor over your lyrics and money is out there for all colors..Stop sellin nickel bags get off your ass get a job read a book and get an education..Stop cryin break your cycle and be somethin..So typical for him to make a statement like that..And as far as T.I. goes he is dumb as fuck and is nowhere near the caliber of artist or lyricist as mike.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is killer on the mic

  • Roe

    Serious beats for Serious artist @

  • Anonymous

    He's right, but they are Boule! LOL! ( check out Steve Cokely)

  • big kev in harlm

    i feel what he's saying about Jay Z and Buffet. He's on point. But him getting killed for lyrics? c'mon son. that's like saying biggie and pac got assassinated. Malcolm x and Dr. King got assassinated. Them niggas got shot.

  • twoholla

    Mr. Mike are one delusional negro...dudes in the rap game alwayz believes themselves to more IMPORTANT to the rap-game & the rap-puzzle...even though they are alwayz stirring up controversy by bringing up other rappers names in their mouths...ain't no one going to try to kill you for anything you say!!! Let's be for real...YOU don't sell enough records globally & YOU don't have enough far-reaching influence in the rap community or else where for anyone to be concerned with anything you say truth or're cool now with T.I. but you were the same dude going at Big Boi when you felt your stuff wasn't being properly PUSHED....I'm sure eventually you will start talking a lil' sly about T.I. when you shit don't go gold or platinum...& it WON'T... With all that are a DOPE EMCEE...but PLEASE...just focus on your project with EL-P, your blog on XXL, this new album coming out & PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP PUTTING OUT THOSE LAME PLEDGE COMPILATIONS WHERE EVERY EMCEE ON THERE IS AVERAGE OR BELOW AVERAGE, EXCEPT FOR YOU...real talk

  • Space

    there may be an illuminati group, or there may not, but the fact of the matter is that the mothafuckas controlling everything are right in front of your face! the government has pulled some shady shit in the past and have only grown smarter. take the gulf of tonkin for example, if the theory of 911 is real, then it is very similar to the gulf of tonkin. take the bay of pigs invasion, another failed cia attempt to take a leader of another country out of power. what the fuck are we doin in the middle east?? tryin to control oil which gives us alot of power. take everything to a smaller scale.. schools arent being funded, inner cities have it worse, and meanwhile all the rich muthafukas are getting tax breaks and caking of the war with their companies. (dick chenney) they dumb you down by stripping nutrients from food and replacing them with hormones, more birth defects, dumber people are being born. make up stories about illuminati controlling shit, jayz, biggest hip hop star, is a part of this, controversy this controversy that, and thats how they put a blindfold on you. stupid niggas claiming that jay z is a part of the illuminati, theres bigger organizations out there than the illuminati. How bout the Federal Reserve?? which is privately owned, just put federal in front of it and people think its the government. but dont question them... question jay z because he has all the money. and katy perry is putting symbols in her videos... ohhhh.. their distracting you! why is it that in the last year more and more artist have occult symbols and are rumored to be in the illuminati? because its making them money! and they media feeds you it to distract you from the bigger peoples agenda, who are led by bigger people. all i live by is trying to improve my life, and the people around me, im no revolutionist leader and ill say it, but count me in if shit cracks

    • krystalkleer


    • jrok

      More of us need to step up and spread this information about how our country really is tryin to control and profit off of american citizens who pay an unlawful tax to a Cartel Government. Also, Mike Bigga has a right to be scared hes not big enough to be assassinated like Malcolm, MLK, or Pac, BUT he is small enough to get snubbed out without notice. I personally know alot of inner city cats who have a legit reason to be worried about their safety because of what they know, And none of em are anywhere close to Mikes public status.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign... we need to start spreading the word on all this bullshit, and let everyone know whats really good

  • theTruth

    Killer mike done lost his damn mind, he just got that look..dont he?

  • Sum

    I'm a big Killa Mike fan, and he always drops jewels. But it's interesting that he said Jay-Z can't sit next to Warren Buffet cuz they're not in the same league, while comparing himself to Jesus and Huey Newton a little earlier.

  • bsnewu

    Good read. Killa Mike had some interesting things to say. I never thought of jay-z being view in that context. Something to think about.

  • REAL LiFe

    Who knows if Jay Z is affiliated with an elite shadow organization??? For K-Mike to say he's in or out is kinda laughable. We, K-Mike included, really don't know the ins and outs of this society therefore to sit and ponder on it too tough is pretty ignorant in itself. That's like somebody trying to explain a subject of which they don't have a first-person experience of. Those of us who aren't in his inner circle only know what is publicized about Jay Z. His image illustrates a hell of an appearance BUT is it illusion or reality? Is it just an extravagant marketing ploy or is Jay really hanging out, golfing & meeting with the big willy billionaires? If he is, then he's already a billionaire by association. What I know for sure is that the idea of "Jay Z" is a full fledged company with a machine backing it, right along with "Beyonce" - whether its good or evil.

  • 60 cent

    Nagguh Please...the only reason a person would want to kill Killuh' Mike is for the meat on his bones. Nigga will end world hunger. Them kid's in africa won't have to look like starvin marvin no more. Wicha big ass...

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is killer on the mic

  • Anonymous

    either way Mike Bigga is nicer then anyone on this post.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the govt. had all the great political leaders killed. I mean thats common knowledge, but to say Jay isnt affiliated with the illuminati is some dumb shit. Thats where he lost me at. Cause if you cant see that Jay is apart of the illuminati you are BLIND, DEAF, and DUMB!! Anyway the truth will be revealed soon enough!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Tell ya momma to grow up you DUMB SON OF A IGNORANT ASS BITCH!!!!

    • mightybofa

      everyone is ignorant. you more you know, the more you know you really don't know shit. the only reason people do not progress and grow is because they're stuck trying to figure out the same tired ass old secrets that the ancients used to place us in our current predicament. buy a generator, seed bank, water purifier, and plant some huge ass trees in your back yard so you can keep your head above water when the next deluge comes. what has been, always will be.

    • Manny B.

      type in christian rapper disses jay-z on youtube n he points out everythin bout Jay's connection with illuminati...n peep out that track dear god 2.0 by the roots shits real!!!

    • itchTHEscratch

      You're oversimplifying everything in your statement. You are an indeed an idiot. "Common knowledge" ..? Jesus fucking tap-dancing christ.. shit happens, and the world is bigger than just the US. You're naive in your thoughts and I hate everyone else on HHDX who posts "so-and-so is in illuminati, zomg!"

    • Anonymous

      always fiction never fact. if you can back that statement up, I'm all ears but you can't so go eat rotted dick

    • Jose Vasquez

      It's funny how you didn't even give a reason why Jay-Z is in the Illuminati, the people Killer Mike mentioned about (multi-billionaires) seem to be a more likely chance than Jay-Z

    • Truth

      You're an idiot. Grow up.

  • Manny B

    Killer Mike keepin' it real n kickin' that knowledge...forget that corrupt ass government Dr. King, Malcom X, Che Guevara were killed by the governement cuz the "United Snakes of America" wasn't ready for change n 'til this day they aren't ready. even though we have an african american president all politicians are puppets n this country is so cold!

    • Manny B.

      Man,whatevers you say but shit peeps have different opinions n not only that but man the goverment knows eveything shit was planned n throughout history america has been the violent one n the fact that they infected my people the Guatemalans with std's jus to find a cure is fuckin ridiculous so if u wanna sit here n call a brotha ignorant dawg fuck what you say cuz only god can judge me young buck!

    • Jose Vasquez

      Your "teenager" showed here. How about you do your fucking research. Everyone knows that each of the people you mentioned were under severe CIA watch (they've done this a lot) especially Che Guevera. As a matter of fact, CIA helped in the killing of Che, creating the trap he walked into, they also orchestrated the killing of President Allende in Chile during this time, especially through Black Propaganda. Anything that felt like Communism, extreme radicalism, or Marxism was to be erased.

    • cr00k3dm3

      don't be soo stupid and ignorant! GOD DAYUM! i swear some ppl write the dumbest shit on here with their conspiracy theories n shit! MLK Jr was assassinated by a white supremacist.. Malcolm X was assassinated by his own group- the Nation of Islam- after taking the Hajj to Mecca and realizing whites and blacks could live together in a desegregated society. after he came back from his hajj, he began preaching that he was wrong bout whites and blacks never being able to coincide in peace and so the Nation of Islam assassinated him b/c he was getting too powerful.. as for Che Guevara idk b/c i havnt researched him.. but learn your history before making a fuckin ignorant ass comment.. and that's coming from a teenager lol

  • Vincent Finney II

    That was another great interview with KM. He has a solid point about the comparison with Warren Buffett and Jay Z saying Jay doesnt have enough money to be in the Illuminati!! That is a very valid point that I going to ponder on.

    • old school

      Jay may not have the money but,he's got the influence. How many of ya'll still wearing Rocawear? See what I mean. Killa Mike ain't aint exposing shit compared to K-rino. You tube Grand Deception, The Serpent, The Plan, Blood Doctrine, Lifting the veil, Surface Dwellers, the Debate, Politricks....K-rino exposes everything and he aint dead so Killa Mike Kill yo self wit that bull-shit. You way behind, K-rino been exposes cats.

    • Christopher English

      Me too...

  • fsdiufds


  • Maurice D. Randle

    Killa Mike seriously needs to get over himself. Outside of Hiphopdx and allhiphop, nobody gives FUCK about Killa Mike. If anything, people like Immortal Technique or Public Enemy would get killed WAY before Killa Mike would. Instead, Technique is still doin' shows, makin' music, and fuckin' wit' Grindtime. Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers exposing the GOVERNMENT for the fraud of the Vietnam War for Christsakes, and that dude is still alive, giving speeches, participating in panel discussions, making documentaries, and getting paid. Seriously, Killa Mike, get REAL!!!

    • Jose Vasquez

      But the American public was split on their feelings towards Wikileaks because it was "foreign." You and me both know what Manning was big and revealed some true shit, but the other half viewed it different.

    • Maurice D. Randle

      Well look @ someone like Bradley Manning. He did exactly the same thing Ellsberg did, yet he's being detained indefinitely by the government. There's no conspiracy as to "who did it", so if they wanted to do the same to Daniel Ellsberg, they could have easily just done it.

    • Jose Vasquez

      You realize what would have happened if Daniel Ellsberg had been killed after releasing the Pentagon Papers? The situation would have escalated further than what had occurred. There wouldn't be a conspiracy to who do it.

    • Edi Kajmolli

      co sign

  • sav

    "I say things that Jesus, Dr. King, Malcom X and Che Guevara said"... umm..not quite

  • Truth

    lol @ Killer Mike thinking he can get "killed" for his lyrics. It's all a bunch of hilarious conspiracy theory bullshit, mixed with things that were already said in rap decades ago. The only rapper who might get killed for his lyrics is Lil' B. Because he actually says things that are controversial. I've never listened to Killer Mike's CD's, and now I don't plan to. Sounds like a clown.

    • Truth

      @Anonymous - No, Lil' B is not "degrading hip hop" by "talkin about homo's and shit." You are about 20 years behind the rest of the country, and the world. Stop being a backwards ignorant prejudiced prick. Hip hop is universal, and enjoyed by a variety of people, and now it is being made by a variety of people. Stop being a douche. @Jose Vasquez "Reading comprehensions" was a typo. What is so funny about a typo? You have one in your first sentence - "complement," instead of "compliment." Do you often laugh at people for making typos, while you make them yourself? How are typos "fucking hilarious"? They're typos. Do you also find trees and rocks funny? Whether or not Lil' B is "at the level" of Killer Mike is subjective. And you can make excuses all you want, but the fact is, Lil B is getting threats, while Killer Mike is not. Meanwhile, Killer Mike is claiming his music could get him death threats, when it is not. What is so hard to understand about my point? Why can't you just accept it and move on? What do you get out of disagreeing for retarded, irrelevant, reasons? Obviously you have reading comprehension problems - I mean, readings comprehension problems. Ho, ho! Another typo! Get ready to laugh! Fucking moron. And yeah, pop are fans are stupid. What your point? I'm not a pop fan. I'm one of the few rap fans that's not a knuckledragging moron.

    • Jose Vasquez

      "Do you have reading comprehensions" was fucking hilarious, didn't know if it was a complement or what. Anyone giving Lil B death threats are just as fucking stupid as Lil B. Lil B's shit isn't even at the level of Killer Mike's, but Homophobia is strong within the rap community, that the shit blew up. God, pop fans are stupid.

    • Anonymous

      You're fucking stupid. . Lil B' is degrading hip hop with his controversial bullshit. .Tell me how Hip Hop started out in the streets and now this nigga Lil B is talkin bout homo's and shit. . .Smh. . Where's the Hip Hop heaveyweights when you need em. . Nas, Budden, and etc.

    • Truth

      @ Jose Vasquez - Do you have reading comprehensions? Let me try to spell this out as clearly as I can. 1. Killer Mike does not say things that are so controversial he "could get killed." 2. In contrast, Lil'B is actually getting threats for calling his album "I'm Gay." Exhibit 1 - Killer Mike, not saying anything that could get him killed. Exhibit 2 - Lil' B', saying stuff that is currently getting him death threats. That's it. The End. God, rap fans are stupid.

    • Jose Vasquez

      I would love to know what the FUCK Lil B has said that is considered "controversial," besides the whole gay shit.

    • Truth

      For both of you morons information, I was referring to the fact that Lil' B has been death threats for his album title "I'm Gay." That is something that is actually controversial. Nobody gives a fuck what Killer Mike says, though he be a talented rapper. What has he ever said that was so controversial? How does he "TRUTHFULLY EXPOSE AND ATTACK CERTAIN TOPICS"? That's a bunch of vague bullshit. If you can't give examples, you're wrong, I'm right, the end. This guy may be a talented rapper who makes good music, but he has NOT said anything that could "get him killed."

    • Christopher English

      no one is gonna kill Lil B because of his lyrics. Get the fuck outta here.. lmao. too much kush smoking going on



  • Money isn't real

    Money isn't real

  • Anonymous

    Grind Time Rap Gang. Bang Bang Bang.

  • truthenola

    Real talk on a crazy level.

  • Anonymous

    I like that he has an intellegent perspective but you guys running around out here saying illuminati is looking really crazy right now... stop it. its true that our demorcratic capitalist system is fucked up but trying to equate that with a conspiritorial effort to suppress you is just stupid.

    • dac

      controlling your populous by attacking their ignorance and fears is something Europeans have been doing since the dawn of speech and story telling if you dont think that then youre stupid one and i feel sorry for you...

    • dac

      the irony in your statement is staggering " I won’t let my perception to be controlled" i think thats what most people think when they think mind control...government changing your perspective...i.e every middle eastern person with a beard and turban is a terrorist...every mexican is drug dealing illeagal immigrant; there are ZERO native american indians in north people are ignant ghetto living criminal thugs...get what im sayin play boy?

  • bswift77

    First off, Big ups to Mike for speaking and standing on what he believes. If you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for. As for jay Z, Jay has so much influence on pop culture it's crazy. Jay Z reaches the common man, so when we see Jay sipping champaigne or chilling on a yact, we're like dang Jay is paid cuz the common man doesn't live like that but other rich people know his influence on the culture so they use it. Warren Buffet is on a cover with Jay Z because he wants to appear hip....nothing more. It's like Jay Z owning a percentage of the Nets....It's to attract other players to sign there because of his influence on the culture. I respect Jay, I think he's a great businessman and crazy paid but then again, I'm only a common man.

  • Flight Academy

    THESE BEATS GO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE!

  • Yup

    I like Mike for looking at things with a critcal viewpoint, but he's wrong. Don't believe what he says.

  • Dr3wsKiLLZ

    we need more artists 2 b this open & this honest about themselves & the things that plague our country....its a very tough thing 2 take on but in the end wouldnt u rather b remembered for what u said instead of what u didnt say?

  • Worry about yourself

    Who fuckin cares! This nigga worried about the perception of Jay Z standing next to Warren Buffet means!!??? Some niggas got waaay to much time on their hands.....

    • Jose Vasquez

      Yea, it took him 5 minutes to come up with a conclusion to that, that's a lot of time. What the fuck you do all day. Let me guess, you go to work all day, come home, smoke some weed, chill with friends. How about in between that, you think about shit, increase your awareness about some shit, what's wrong with a brother thinking about shit.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Watch the Jay-Z stans come out. i love jay, but what mike said was 100% tru.e

    • Lsn22s

      I'm a jay-z fan, not sure why a fan of jay would have a problem with this article...seems like Killa Mike has some intelligent shit to say if you ask me... oh wait...u said "stans" bad...carry on lol

  • B-Line

    Big Mike what Jay-Z has is appeal and influence. His persona is huge and radiates to the hoods of America. Now I'm not big on secrete societies and all but there is a form of truth there. Money Wise compared to big business yeah he can't match up. But his voice can move crowds influence young minds for the greater good and bad. the disparity in wealth between the rich and not in in america is a BIG Deal. The Top 10 percent hold more cash then the rest of America combined. Greed is a disease/addiction and these money loving familys are no different.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah how is that not on topic, illuminati isn't just about money if you know what the context is. It's about control, power, and influence. That's where the whole conspiracy part comes in when your talking about artists, its because you are assuming that these artists are misleading/misguiding the listener using their ability to grab our attention. That is why people have these conspiracies about Jay-Z or whoever else they want to say. Be smart

    • Jose Vasquez

      This shit is on topic, agree with the second to last sentence. @ Joey Dilla, how bout you give some incite and read into the fucking subtext.

    • maj

      Im a big HOV fan, and as far as im concerned, whats the problem with a nigga from the projects havin a bit of influence amongst socialites. If anything, it gives us more "common" people a chance at getting somewhere in life still. I dont see this as a diss at hov, but i dont think its entirely complimentary either. Mike gotta make up his mind


      Did you even read the article??? You are not even on topic dude.

  • da1

    He's wrong about jay-z being a billionaire, he's probably worth have a billion at the most, but not a full billion. I found that funny hen I saw jay-z standing next to Warren Buffet. Jay-z isn't even the top 400 in the country let alone the orld. The top 500 are billionaires and the other 2,000 are close enough or atleast richer then Jay-Z. That forbes cover was very akward.

    • r

      Jay-Z's net worth is $450mill it says on wikipedia

    • Lsnn2ss

      I think ur about right...however, that's not Jay's complete net-worth...not to mention, as far as the whole thing with Warren Buffet, they mentioned Jay Z because it is believed that by 2014 Jay will be worth over a billion, not right this moment, although he's getting there...

    • da1

      Don't judge me on my past post, I didn't spell check my comment.

  • GAallday

    Very well spoken my brotha

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO This entire is a joke and im going to leave it at that. LMFAO Some people are truly fooled and blind

  • The Ooh Child

    Yo Mike, where is the Bang x3 tape fat boy?

  • Media Anarchist

    Mike is a man after my own heart. He speaks the truth and I salute him for doing something to educate the masses!

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