Nas Collaborating With OFWGKTA Member Frank Ocean

Nasir and OFWGKTA's resident R&B-leaning singer/songwriter spent some time together in the studio.

Seems everybody wants to work with members of the OFWGKTA (a/k/a Odd Future) collective these days. Diddy and Jay-Z have both made efforts to sign the group to their respective labels. De facto group leader Tyler, The Creator has been collaborating with his idol Pharrell. And Frank Ocean, who has previously worked with Brandy and Justin Bieber, has been spotted in the studio with Beyonce.

Now comes word that Ocean, whose work mainly in the R&B genre, is collaborating with one of Hip Hop’s most respected icons, Nas. The Queens emcee tweeted last week that he and the young singer/songwriter were in the studio together.


The pair’s work together will most likely end up on Nas’ forthcoming tenth studio album. That album is still, obviously, unfinished so no title or release date is known at this point. As for Frank Ocean’s solo work, the singer dropped his first solo release, Nostalgia, Ultra, earlier this year.


  • xfgbesgh

    Tyler liking justin beiber is almost like......a joke? i mean he says he fucks with him just to be a funny guy, really look at him hez a black kid with a deeep ass manly voice of corse hez gunna b singing ciara and justin bieber songs on youtube ....smh

  • xfgbesgh

    They said they dont work wit ppl out side of ofwgkta but i can understand if its pharrel and the GOAT

  • Anonymous

    ODD Future's 15 minutes of fame are quickly coming to an end. Once thier fans know that they work with Justin Bieber and other corny acts their hype will die out.

  • Anonymous

    twitter is so fucking gay.

  • Anonymous

    You guys seriously need an editor.


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  • asd


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