Soulja Boy Says Birdman Wants Him On Cash Money; Reprises 2Pac's "Juice" Role

Mr. Tell Em says Birdman wants him to join Cash Money and says he's "Bishop in 2011" as he prepares to drop a "Juice" remake.

According to Soulja Boy, Birdman has been trying to add him to the Young Money/Cash Money family. Soulja Boy recently revealed this much when speaking with The Boom Box, acknowledging that he's "cool with Birdman." 

"Me and [Lil] Wayne, man. I talk to him, but I'm cool with Birdman," he said of his relationship with the two leaders of Cash Money. "When I'm in Miami I be with Birdman. He's trying to get me to come over to Cash Money. I'm cool with Birdman."

"When I was down in Miami for a couple of weeks recording with Sean Kingston, Birdman reached out to me. He said, 'Come and have a meeting with me.' He told me, 'Yo man, you'd go perfect with everything we got going on. Whatever you want, I want to bring you over to this family, bring you to Cash Money.'" 

Currently, Soulja Boy still has contractual obligations to Interscope Records. 

Fans of Soulja Boy may not catch him signing with Wayne or Birdman just yet but they can expect a mini-movie from the rapper. He has filmed a short film that is meant to be a remake of 1992's Juice, a film that saw Tupac playing the role of Bishop. In the updated version, Soulja Boy will play Bishop and he says that he's "Bishop in 2011."

"Basically, it's your boy Soulja and I'm Bishop in 2011, running around in the streets, man," He told Vibe. "You know how the movie goes, but we're flipping it and shooting in Atlanta. I want to show these people my acting side and me being creative -- always giving them something new; that's all.

The film will also be titled Juice and his mixtape of the same name is meant to be the soundtrack. 

"The whole mixtape is the soundtrack for the movie," he noted. 


  • Stephen

    Smh.... He's a disgrace to Tupac's legacy. He doesn't have ANY of Pac's lyrical skill. Waste of a record deal.

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy is Fire, he da bestest, rih up der with Lil B & Wayne, they so hard, Gucci Mane! !!! 4-Life

    • haha

      Are you serious right now? Gucci Mane is ass and Waynes best album was Carter 2 if you listened to rap you would know this. Soulja Boy is not important 14 year old girls and young dudes who dont know any better like him

    • finally

      the deandre way--- 56,000 copies. finally people are getting smart. 1st album- "crank that is hot, i'll buy this album" 1,000,000 sold (approx) result= sucked 2nd album- "ok that last one sucked, but im sure he grew some, and i like kiss me thru the phone, i-i'll buy the album" 500,000 sold (aprox) result= sucked balls 3rd album- "fuck that nigga" 56,000 sold (approx) result= sucked sweaty balls 4th album (pending) who wants to make a prediction?

  • Gucci Lover

    Soulja Boy is Fire, he da bestest, rih up der with Lil B & Wayne, they so hard, Gucci Mane!

  • @Deknowz

    I feel like someone has delivered this kid a manual with everything that can be done to irritate me.

  • Anonymous

    way to stain the character of Bishop forever. He should be Q's girlfriend. A much better role for him

  • Biggs

    I think that's a smart business move on Birdman's side. You gotta younger nigga who can appeal to the younger audience despite how much you dislike him as an artist Soulja Boy makes money thats simple as that. I still don't like this Juice remake, its one thing for Game to fuck over Belly but come on, this Tupac we talking about. For real? Eh

  • knile

    fuck this nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • edubb1977

    LMAO After reading these comments there really isnt to much to add except: 1. A disgrace to Pac's memory and legacy 2. Actually this toy soulja is perfect for the cash money label. Just another wack rapper in that already wack bunch. 3. On that pic it does look like birdman want the boy in that bus and not to record music.

  • Vanno Davis

    birdman want to sign souja boy cuz he cant beleve someone is worse at rappin than he is

  • lighten da fucc up

    lol sum of yall really need to lighten up get sum pussy smoke a l or sum lol i aint feelin dis shit but yall goin just a lil bit to hard about the whole thing

  • Bradley Burnett

    aint wit the juice remake neither but yall really takin dis to the head lighten up dis aint effectin your day to day life in no way just dont support it and his frail ass will go away. lol

  • Bradley Burnett

    i aint wit the juice remake neither but yall is really takin dis shit to the head lighten up smoke a l dis shit aint effectin your day to day life in no way just dont support it if yu dont like it.

  • Bradley Burnett

    i aint wit the juice remake neither but yall is really takin dis shit to the head lighten up smoke a l dis shit aint effectin your day to day life in no way just dont support it if yu dont like it. im pretty sure he juss made it so he can watch it while sniffin and repeat all the lines cokehead life

  • Bradley Burnett

    i aint wit the juice remake neither but yall is really takin dis shit to the heart lol lighten up smoke a l dis shit aint effectin your day to day life in no way just dont watch da shit if yu dont like it. im pretty sure he juss made it so he can watch it while sniffin and repeat all the lines lmfao cokehead life

  • Bradley Burnett

    i aint wit the juice remake neither but u niggas is really takin dis shit to the heart lol lighten up smoke a blunt dis shit aint effectin your personal life in no way just dont watch da shit if yu dont like it. im pretty sure he juss made it so he can watch it while sniffin and repeat all the lines lmfao cokehead life

  • jack johnson

    wow this guys willing to make up anything just to get his name mentioned now

  • Anonymous

    now we all kno we gon peep it lol hater or not he kno wat he doin

  • Damian Pete

    it doesnt matter where u sign u still suck ass.please dont make it worse and start soft as charmin lil nigga

  • rich

    He's going through his 'trying to stay relevant" phase. His last album sold 10,000 first week - and we know who bought those...14 year old girls

  • white boi

    first- somebody kill dj smurf for 'discovering' this piece of shit. second - baby, wake the fuck up. get off the drank. stop getting head tats look what the fuck your doing. third and most importantly - NEVER LET THIS STUPID MOTHERFUCKER EVER TOUCH ANYTHING OF PAC's. That a fuckin disgrace to even have the thought - of making a Juice remake with this moron.

  • Anonymous

    birdman is fucking solja boy

  • Justin

    This could actually open people's eyes to what a faggot he is..if his music didn't convince them.

  • Darrius Sykes

    Lol. soulja boy trying to go ham. and get signed to cash money. Lol what you gonna do with a birdman/soulja boy track. freat wayne and drake. lol 2011

  • Anonymous

    In the pic on the front page showing Birdman and Soulja Boy next to the bus...It looks like Birdman is saying "Yaw repoatas skeedaddle so I can take this lil nigga inside and see how his ass feels" and Soulja Boy is quietly saying "SOD money gang....please help me".

  • Anonymous

    2pac wherever you are man i'm sorry. sorry that shitty rappers and faggots have destroyed hip hop and now want to tarnish your image.

  • Str82dapoint

    Just another wack ass rapper trying to be Pac... why don't these kids just try to be original? This kid will NEVER be Pac... stop trying! Nobody will ever be the next 2Pac... it's like trying to find the next Jordan.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, he wines about him getting screwed by interscope and they put him in a Pac remake....and YMCMB, ahh what a waste

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather watch paint dry.

  • Anonymous

    I know he may be trying to toughen his image and all but this ain't way. Trying to walk in Pac's shoes reprising the role of Bishop is gonna be just as stupifying and time wasting as listening to a Lil B album (well nothing's that bad). It'll be a personal accomplishment for him, but a loss for...well anyone else watching. I guess this is what he learned from 50. Make some shitty movies, get your acting game up a tadbit, and you'll be like Bow Wow in no time. Man, I hate these plastic ass entertainers. Why can't they just take the money and run? I would.

  • Anonymous

    how is this dude still relevant? everybody know he cant rap and now he wanna be disrespectful to a legend and remake his movie...i hope someone pulls a drive by on this faggot and does real hip hop fans a favor

  • Jose Vasquez

    I'm really surprised this guy hasn't been jumped yet.

  • ya bitch got headerz

    That juice shit tho, thats disrespectful. You fall off the roof of the building too? How dare this nigga tarnish a classic you aint the "bishop of 2011" you a mark! I hope you sign wit birdman too cash Money go turn yo pockets inside out

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ got the juice

  • P

    CashMoney/YoungMoney is gayest-homo movement to ever happen in hiphop. Shame on NewYork and LosAngels Mc's for not smashin these niggas. Everbody trying to be politically correct, but fuck that, hiphop need to return back to its glory days were clowns like this would of got smashed. Im talking about what KRS-1 did to Shan, LL did to Moe-B, Bigge did to Kwame, and what Pac did to all his foes. Hiphop is looking clownish everyday cause of these clowns. Someone needs to step up and air these niggas out.

    • B@nksy

      I am somewhat of a hypocrite though because if someone said soulja boy was better then Lupe I would think in my head, you fucking moron. Some opinions are so far from the truth such a response is appropriate.

    • B@nksy

      @yo, slaughterhouse is dope. Personally I dont really like the production of their songs but lyrically you are under rating them. You are forgetting Talib did a song with Gucci mane. So hes a "fucking Moron" for simply mentioning slaughterhouse in the same sentence as someone who did a song with Gucci mane? Smfh music affects and makes impressions on people differently and just because you have one opinion on a certain mc doesn't make someone with a different opinion a "fucking moron". Peace.

    • yo

      please dont EVER put Slaughterhouse the same sentence as Lupe and Talib Kweli you fucking moron

    • Anonymous

      Mainstream hip hop is dead, but there are so many underground cats who deserve a greater attention. Sadly enoguh they'll never get it, because faggots like Soulja Boy. I'll never understand people who prefer Soulja Boy and others to really gifted artitst who are actually putting soul into their music. The ones who see more in it than just a quick way to get money.

    • hellrazor

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      agreed to the MAX. We have some true artists (Lupe, Slaughterhouse, and Talib Kweli). However, we have some new acts that most ppl hate like Odd Future. But they define true creatvity, and talent. Now mind you, I agree with your comments but Hip Hop died and cannot be resurrectecd because of radio play,record labels, and kids who can't tell who's a realn artists, from fake one(Wanye, Gucci, Flaka, Ross). Srry I myself it could happpen, it won't. So we just gotta find the talent we like. Indie rappers are amazaning right now.

  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    I guess homie didn`t watch the whole flick, ya can`t be Bishop 2011 when the character dies at the end of the original Juice film. Remake of not ish is just short bus retarded... STaY BLeSS`n...

  • Anonymous

    doesnt matter they are all niggers

  • Sean Blitzer


  • Sean Blitzer

    TupacTupac Online Casting Call The Monologue Audition!!1 R.I.P Tupac

  • iGotBitchesCuz!

    Tupac? Pfft! Biggie? Pfft! Nas? Bahahaha!! None of those guys make real HIP HOP CLASSICS like Soulja Boy Tell Em! Yall heard that "Crank That" back in '07! That was a deep & lyrical track! Fuck Tupac & Nas who just talk nonsense!! But Handsdown the BEST RAPPER to ever BREATH ON THIS PLANET EARTH is the one and only Holy BASEDGOD! Swag! Lil B brought back REAL RAP! GTFO!

    • The MG

      Okay, THAT made me laugh. LMAO!

    • fucc uu

      soulja fagg can go succ a dicc how the fucc could u put him in the same sentence as 2pac or big now sayin they garbage an he the shit? smfh u retarded pussy

    • Anonymous

      your a fag who doesnt get enough love at home so you gotta write bullshit to get a rise outta people.. dont write back and feed the troll peeps

  • the finishline

    Stunna wanna bend Pretty Boy Swag over too! Birdman told him let me touch and i'll make u bigger than Wayne!

  • Justin Carter

    Soulja Boy is officially the worst ever! how can he be "bishop" taking on the roll of tupac lol...the whole thing is insulting

  • Anonymous

    There goes the neighborhood! I had to reread that a few times to make sure I wasn't tripping out. 2011 Bishop?! What has the world come to...not cool...not cool at all.

  • 2pacisalegend

    this is the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen! the movie is a classic and they gonna try ruin somebody needs to put these rappers in there place.... freddie gibbs is probs one of the only person 2pac could respect for what he is doing for the game. time for hiphop to return!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he's cool with Birdman

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy 4 Life son!

  • Spam Hammer

    Come on...we all know this kid is a talentless mope. But remaking a movie that isn't even that old? That's like remaking the first Madea movie. It don't make no damn sense! Every rapper out now wants to be Tupac or Big. Idiots.

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    Niggas should note how 'Mr. Tell Em' is always the one to toot his own horn. He's just a talentless, overly gassed individual who's been coasting for reasons none other than the senselessness of life.

  • taylor

    Tupac Is In His Grave Turnin Like A Farris Wheel



    • Anonymous

      ill tell yall what... if i was cakin like soulja boy best believe i would have PLENTY of straps in the house to protect me and mines..

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I'ma have to agree...getting stuck up at your own house is far from g. Especially when you flash money and jewels all the time...but you're not prepared to protect your own crib?! But that's getting off the topic...which is: BE CREATIVE AND MAKE YOUR OWN SHIT. The last thing any REAL rap fan wants to see is Soulja Boy reprising ANYTHING 2Pac every did. Stay in your lane and try to respect the dead by not making a mockery of art that they made IN THE 90's...not too long ago....


      fuck boy have you ever been robbed nigga with pistols to the head n chest hell nah so shut the fuck up bout somebody being a punk cause they got robbed them broke azz dudes that robbed him is the real punks (yall watch to many movies)

  • HOKA

    Theres too Much HATE IN HIP HOP! thats why rappers dont last as long as other GENRES!................BECUASE OF BITCH ASS HATING FANS! I dont care for Soulja boys MUSIC but i dont Thrash him Personally! He's acomplished more in his life then all his HATERS COMBINED!

    • Anonymous

      If theres too much "hate" then maybe rappers should aspire to make people love them instead of "hate" them. Every song these idiots put out is them talking about their money/haters...So naturally people will call them out for rapping about bullshit. Remember, the fans and time decide what music/movie is great and timeless....Not the artists.

  • hellrazor

    cash money/young there really a difference? only shitty music comes from them.

  • hellrazor

    and another thing: birdman has zero standards when it comes to the craft of making music, young money's wack enough as it is & pouts his lips to kiss wayne. this game is FUCKED up.

  • hellrazor

    soulja boy has given me more reasons to LOATHE if i didnt have enough reasons already. this is crossing the line. first: he helps destroy hip-hop by dancing ridiculously & rescinding substance and lyrical skill, in general. second: he disrespects veterans like ice-t. third: he's still around despite abysmal record sales & makin songs, each one worse than the last (if that's even possible). and now this: DEFILING 2pac's most memorable movie role! i hope this fuckin cunt dies just like his brother! he cannot grasp the simple concept of a song much less fathom a character that complex (i wonder if he can even spell "complex"). i am appalled & just horrified by this. 2pac's legacy is on the verge of being desecrated thanks to a piece of shit who is the EXACT opposite of who he was. i'm so fuckin insulted by this, somebody should kill this faggot. no joke.

  • SB is a fag

    Wow. Souljah Boy is a faggot. hell never be anywhere near tupac. him remaking this classic is honestly insulting

  • Mu

    He even admits that he lost his mind on a subtle way. Something is wrong with these niggas today. Why does any rapper think that he can act? Get the fuck outta here. Stay in your lane and improve your rapping skills first before you try to fit in where you don't belong. It would be good if he signs to Cash Money, he'll be the cherry on top and only add the whackness on this shitty excuse for a hip hop label.

  • imustbecrazy

    did this stupid, no talent, ignorant motherfucker just compare him Tupac? Did he just say he is the new Bishop? Is he SERIOUSLY about to ruin one of the best hip hop movies ever? Tupac is a legend, Soula Boy barely qualifies as a shit stain on hiphop history. This fool got an ego, somebody needs to check him.

  • shady

    Not a big fan of birdman, wayne & drake but even young money is way above soulja's level.. he's garbage

  • dsg

    For their sake, I hope this shit's a joke


    yall nikkaz just mad cuz soulja boy doin in it big in da 21st century sodmg biYtccH ymcmb bytchH


    Soulja Boy is taking over the game completely this year. Fuck Tupac, Soulja IS the realest mc to ever do it! The original Juice movie was boring as hell with sleepy ass music....Soulja brought the movie to life! SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG JUICE SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG JUICE SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG SODMG

    • LOLOL

      AHAHAHAHAHHAHA didnt Souljah Boy sell 10k copies of his last album? Hes a one hit wonder and should give up on music and go back to his coke habit. LOL. Nobody likes souljah boy or takes his music seriously.

  • bballslim42

    I can't stand fucking soulja boy, but he'd be a idiot to sign with Birdman. Birdman doesn't pay anyone. There is a fucking line of artists and producers suing Birdman for not paying what he owes.

  • foursix

    just when I thought I couldn't hate this guy more I now read his name in the same article as Tupac where he's going to ruin a role once played by Tupac. This idiot should just see sense and give up.

  • brrr young stunna

    birdman wanna piece of that skinny ass brrrr young stunna young stunna brrrr young stunna young stunna brrrr

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ got the juice with extra pulp

  • RealGAggin

    Nigga you'z a joke. Tupac must be spinning in his grave

  • Rick

    WHAT THE FUCK!!! This shit stain is about to ruin one of IF not THE best hip hop movie ever! And no, not because Pac is in that movie.

  • Hmm

    What a fruitcake. His 15 minutes have been up.

  • STreet nigga

    This kid went to far first First he is talking shit about Ice T over ustream and and now he got the nerve to take one of the best ghetto movies ever made and do a remake of the shit NIGGA are you out your fucking mind?

  • c rock

    he's calling himself Bishop, he knows he dies by falling off that building right?

  • Tucker

    Does anyone else think that this kid is full of himself? I think he's trying to portray himself as 2Pac, not merely just doing a movie, cause he thinks he IS the next's a disgrace...Soulja Boy isn't even on WAYNE'S level! And Wayne is only mediocre!

  • inspirmentalist

    Soulja Boy is not hard enough or crazy enough to play bishop. soulja boy is better off playing q's little brother in the movie whom btw was played by jr kyle off my wife and kids. soulja boy is ruining his rep with this statement and should smack himself with that sodmg chain and charm. soulja boy...stick to what you know.

  • slapyobitchass

    Garbage music going to a garbage label. Cash money sucks balls.

  • $cientific

    Ruining a dope movie with a shitty rapper!

  • Anonymous

    no!!! he's destroying a classic hood movie!!! >_


    man fuck that straight to BET bs movie fuck belly 2 also like my brah said how when bishop died

  • Atl2Trill

    Soulja Boy is more like a lame than Bishop.

  • Enlightened

    Bishop? Naw, I see him more as Pawn.

  • war22

    while YM adds Soulja Boy Shady signes the likes of Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse...this proves how low YM is

  • Anonymous

    really he is gonna play bishop well thats enough to let me know I will not watch it

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