EPMD, Rakim, Talib Kweli Announced As Acts In NYC's Summer Concert Series

The City Park Foundation loves Hip Hop, and show it with this year's lineup of free events for New York tri-staters.

New York's City Park Foundation presents annual free Hip Hop shows, with a calendar of events throughout the summer in the city. This year's lineup includes New York Hip Hop legends such as EPMD, Rakim, Slick Rick, Special Ed and Rap music pioneers the Cold Crush Brothers. Funkmaster Flex, Sugar Hill Gang and Talib Kweli are also on the list.

Hip Hop blog GrandGood.com has posted the following dates, pulled from the City Park Foundation's website:

6/7, 7pm @ Betsy Head Memorial Playground
EPMD / Funkmaster Flex

6/8, 7pm @ Betsy Head Memorial Playground
Special Ed

6/15, 7pm @ Herbert Von King Park
Nice and Smooth / The Awesome 2

6/21, 7pm @ Red Hook Park
Talib Kweli

6/28, 7pm @ Soundview Park
Funkmaster Flex and special guests

7/12, 7pm @ Crotona Park
Slick Rick / DJ Brucie B

7/19, 7pm @ Queensbridge Park
Kool Moe Dee

7/21, 7pm @ Queensbridge Park
Funkmaster Flex and special guests

8/2, 7pm @ Tappen Park
The Sugarhill Gang

8/9, 7pm @ Marcus Garvey Park
Rob Base / Funkmaster Flex

8/21, 7pm @ Central Park/Mainstage
Rakim / EPMD / Funkmaster Flex

8/24, 7pm @ East River Park
Cold Crush Brothers


  • divine allah

    another thing, these concerts are being poorly promoted or the turnout, although really good could've been even better. i don't know if that way promotors wanted it because of the hood it's in.

  • divine allah

    went to the joint last night. at the supposed start 7 pm crowd was really scarce. but by show time there was a nice club sized energetic crowd. before showtime djs warmed up the crowd to classic club hits to light the match. good job dj lyve. EPMD might not have the crossover appeal as RUNDMC but they just as good a rap duo hot dj combo as them. FLEX came through for a few minutes spun a classic set cracked jokes grrrrrr. haha. crowd was awesome "da ville" showed mad love to the legends. and i'll see em again in central park w/rakim. EPMD = ALWAYS IN BUSINESS. peace to SCRATCH EPMD BROWNSVILLE THE GODS & THE EARTHS

  • Anonymous

    damn i might have to relocate

  • milhousevanhalen

    funny how there are no comments on something that resembles real hip hop. if i lived in NY, i'd go to all these shows. remember people; learn your history, if you don't know your history, your doomed to repeat it.

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