Trailer Released For Eminem & Royce Da 5'9's "Hell: The Sequel" EP

UPDATE #4: A Western-themed trailer for "Hell: The Sequel" has hit the net.

It has been announced that Detroit, Michigan emcees Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 will revive their late '90s duo Bad Meets Evil. has reported that Em and one of his longtime friends and Shady Records artist (by way of Slaughterhouse) Royce are planning an EP to release on June 14.

The group, which had been rumored to be working on a similar project over 12 years ago, has reunited recently, and begun working on songs such as "Echo" and "Writer's Block" .

Eminem said the following in a released statement, "Royce and I started hanging out again and inevitably that led us back into the studio. At first we were just seeing where it went without any real goal in mind, but the songs started to come together crazy, so here we are."

Production will be reportedly handled by Havoc of Mobb Deep, Mr. Porter, Bangladesh and DJ Khalil.

[April 25]

UPDATE #1: Eminem announced the title for the highly anticipated EP last night on Twitter, revealing that it will be called Hell: The Sequel.

[May 3]

UPDATE #2: The cover art has been revealed for the highly anticipated project, showing each emcee sitting on speakers surrounded by vinyl records.

UPDATE #3: has unveiled the tracklist for the upcoming EP.

1.  Welcome 2 Hell (Produced by Havoc)
2.  Fastlane (Produced by Supa Dups)
3.  The Reunion (Produced by Sid Roams)
4.  Above the Law (Produced by Mr. Porter)
5. I’m On Everything Feat. Mike Epps (Produced by Mr. Porter)
6. A Kiss (Produced by Bangladesh)
7. Lighters Feat. Bruno Mars (Produced by Eminem, The SmeeZingtons & Battle Roy)
8. Take from Me (Produced by Mr. Porter)
9. Loud Noises Feat. Slaughterhouse (Produced by Mr. Porter)

UPDATE #4: The official trailer for the album has been released.

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  • Jordan

    Please purchase this album and support em! Don't bootleg music CD's!

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  • Wow

    Seems alrite.SIngle is ok.wan hear a black milk beat or pete rock on there.oh goin b better than any other radio bullshit.

  • Donny Sanders Jr.

    Royce is killin Em on his own track...(insane laughter ensues...)

  • Jefferey Mason


  • GUEST We Killin It - Barton Block Drop your hate feedback....

  • mynameis

    welcome 2 hell the best track on there...whole cd is amazing..

  • The bad, the evil

    echo and living proof are bonus tracks on the deluxe version.... To all those who are worried echo isn't going to be on it...

  • real

    this ep is hard as fuck , the singles released are the softest tracks on it. songs like welcome 2 hell, above the law, and take from me are to sick, and are definitely going to be classics. dont hate! APPRECIATE!!!

  • Duke

    sick trailer. hahaha.

  • slruim

    Album already leaked.

  • daddyfatsax

    its the same intro to the song "Bad Meets Evil" lol

  • shorty shit stain

    Hiphopdx is on the Shady/Aftermath payroll. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA.

  • guest We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Osiel Salas

    I'm really looking forward for this EP. This is going to rock Summer 2011.

  • Alphapixell

    This EP is going to be the highlight of the summers hip-hop music. Royce and Em are the sickest lyricists in the game. Really exited for the EP an I thinks it's Dope

  • SlumSlay

    The album is ill. I understand why people complain they are too ignorant to understand.. Nickel 9 and slim killed it....

  • tj

    While your waiting for Bad Meets Evil to drop next week, go get Tech N9ne's All 6's and 7's. Your going to love it, his best album yet. Atleast google it and check it out.

  • Nick Crookshank

    In the words of Tyler the Creator, "And stab Bruno Mars in goddamn esophagus/and won't stop until the cops come in." this EP is gonna blow.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Fuck Feminem he sucks now. All he does is scream or cry on tracks. Anyone hear I need a doctor, if the bitch ain't screamin he cryin. Most overrated nigga in the game and he gonna slowly ruin Royce. Royce gon be the only reason niggas listen to this shit, cuz everyone know Feminem gonna ruin it wit his cryin and wack ass beats. Royce and the rest of them slaughterhouse niggas need to leave that garbage Shady and join the real movement. Maybach Music Niggaz! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • james

      Rick Ross got bodied by Jeezy dont give a fuck if was or is police he is garbage he claims alot of shit but aint no real nigga backed anything up he says not one time did Big Meech come out and say Ross was the truth. All these rappers talk alot of shit but very few live it real is real i dont give a fuck wat em raps about he did it or went through it jus cus he aint sell dope he aint real not like alot of these fack ass trap rappers who aint never seen a brick or moved no weight in they fuckin life. I'd rather fuck wit somebody who did wat the say they did not talk about RRR

    • Pete

      Are You for real, did you even here any thing from Hell:The Sequel, he sound Shady again and Rick Ross is so overrated lol he should'nt be mainstream

    • Anonymous

      shady aint no garbage.He is G.R.A! Bad meets evil is greatest duo right now eminem is not nigga or nigger.He is white This albums has no wack tracks .i WISH THE album has echo,and living proof. this is like the chronis,illmatic,ready to die,blueprint,stillmatic,or straight outta compton

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @Osiel Salas WTF you talkin bout nigga, looked like you got butt raped by feminem. only niggas buyin his shit is white people cuz, don't get it twisted, niggaz don't bump that shady and the only reason niggas gon listen to dis shit is cuz Royce. Fuck outta here, you look like a faggot too nigga, don't get it twisted. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Osiel Salas

      This nikka is just butthurt with the fact that Maybach Music was an industry flopp. No one cares about officer Ricky anymore lol. I'm glad real hip hop Heads are starting to realize that Rick Ross is whack thus the low albums sales he experienced with maybach music

    • LMAO

      LOL MMG WILL SELL LIKE 100k in the first week while BME will be like...a 1 mil?

    • royce

      (Khali voice)"We the best" (Officer Ricky's voice)"I Just found a donut under my breast!"

  • Anonymous

    does this EP really need it's own trailer?? wow...

  • sadasd


  • franko

    The E.P has 12 tracks including "Echo" and "Writers Block"

  • Brizz

    9 tracks in why not make it an album?

  • Hex

    Oh, by the way; I don't give a fuck if Bruno Mars is on here. It's not like they brought in a wack motherfucker to drop a 16. This is a dude, who incidentally is actually a decent vocalist, doing a hook. And the song is called "Lighters," which probably means it's just an anthemic joint where Bruno chants something about putting your lighter up for whatever reason. Which in no way means it's taking anything away from the album. IT'S A HOOK, PEOPLE. I'm more worried about the production on the album. Sid Roams, Havoc, The Smeezingtons, and Mr. Porter are known to deliver, but I reckon between Royce and Em and the connections they have in the game, they could've done WAY better. They know we need a BME x Primo joint. They're holding back. The bastards. And what I would give to hear these two rip up a Black Milk beat. Plus I thought ALC would be a no-brainer for this kind of project. I mean, they DID bring in the next best thing: Sid Roams. But still, what gives? Maybe I'm just ranting too much. I hope this is amazing. It's definitely going to be nothing short of it lyrically, but I mean I hope this is an all-round amazing joint.

  • Hex

    If DJ Premier, Black Milk, and/or The Alchemist had beats on this, I truly would have creamed my pants.

  • Big A

    this ep will be a classic! fuck the haters! em and royce are two of the sickest rappers in the game and together they are unstoppable. And for all yall saying em went soft are a bunch of pussies, hes matured so has his music. at least he still spits about real shit unlike most rappers.

  • slruim

    Don't mean to be bitchy but.... Where's Echo? Where's DJ Khalil and Fuck Bruno Mars, just don't like him.

  • Fergs

    1. why is everyone so pissed slim is on the same track as burno mars?? did he do a song with Missy and with dido ( which is one of his best songs in my opinon) Who cares if he sings a hook, I bet the song is gonna be amazing either way. 2. why are people saying only eminem did a track with burno mars? ROYCE IS HALF OF BAD MEETS EVIL. so that means he did a song with him too. And that also means he can some control of what features they where gonna do.

  • Rachael Misek

    oh kisses...sounds dangerous.

  • Jack Merridew

    bruno mars ??? wtf ??? this wack ass is like the worst rnb singer ever eminem went soft sad news

  • CaliKushBlunt

    I really wish they would have added another 8-10 songs and make this EP a LP. Its what every fan wants, so why not give it to them. I'm not haten, I am still looking 4word to this but I would be geekin if it were a full CD.

  • x

    They def. shoulda included Echo that's a big song!

  • skippy81

    em should just of produced it all himself

  • skippy81

    better be good eveythink else these days is wack

  • Anonymous

    Bruno Mars is a faggot. And what the fuck happened to Bass Brothers? Get the fuck out of here with these bubble gum producers.

  • imeafk

    im very excited about bruno mars joint... hes a great musician and so is eminem

  • Anonymous

    bruno mars? i dont care if the song is about killing sluts. em is a faggot for that. em is so fucking soft these days. hes still talented, and skilled as ever. but hes the epitome of SOFT. his album will sell whether hes killing kids or talking about getting clean. i think he actually LIKES doing the sweet, formulaic, pop joints. after 5 mil albums sold with recovery, i doubt the label is telling him to do anything. but thats what hes tuning into, bruno mars. i dont recall any sweet ass hooks on the early bad meets evil joints. i recall straight spitting. someone needs to check em. id rather see DINA RAE featured on a hook, fuck a brand name. YOU'RE EMINEM, no matter what, its selling.

    • S-a-S

      People complaining about Bruno Mars being on a song, which he'll probably just sing the hook. Can you remember a lil' while back when Em used a pop singer with a sqeaky clean reputation called Dido on a song...... it was a hit, a massive hit and an immense song! Don't judge until you've heard it.

  • oro

    bruno mars?? why? i hope they didnt called him to do add pop isht

  • #SWAGG


  • Anon

    dont see why the fuck everyone is being judemental pricks, atleast wait until the ep is fukin out...

  • NJ

    Bruno Mars? Well you know this is gonna be hard....



  • Don Dutch

    This is the last thing we need, the great white hope making music with these coons.

    • Hiphopdx

      Shut ur mouth. Coons? smh. Royce da 5'9, Crooked I are effin crazy. Slaughterhouse is the best relevant hiphop group. But based on your comment...i'm assuming that you haven't listen to any of they're work.

    • Taon Sauls

      There is nothing coonish about Slaughter house. Either you've never heard their music or your a house nigga yourself. Whatever the situation is it doesn't change the fact that Slaughterhouse is the best collection of lyricists since Wu-Tang. And you can't name me a group with more than two members who are better on the Mic. Matter of fact you can't list me a group with two members who name isn't Outkast that is better lyrically.

  • Anonymous

    This seems like more of a major marketing move more tha\n anything else, especialy on Royce's part. Making an Lp with em puts you in a completley different catagory, sales and fan base wise, while the fans will probably get to see a different aspect of eminem, taggin with Royce on tracks Royce is about to breakthrough new horizons he's never been before, he never even sold a substantial amount of material compared with the level of ems sales and pop hits and average white kid culture. I think they're gonna apeal to the mainstream as em always does. I'm very happy for Royce, that man has been on the longest grind, even though I know this album is going to be a bunch of pop, techno cock and crap!!

  • o

    bruno mars and not half the producers that said they were on this lol ... how gay. how very gay.

    • SupaDupaDups

      @o hmm. Royce Da 5'9 on a song with the biggest rapper at the moment and one of the biggest singers/producers of the moment... Retarded fucks like you see it as "gay" but this track will most likely be Royce's biggest track yet if it is used as a single

    • Some People are just Dumb Fucks

      Really, this was copied from the article above posted on April 25th. Production will be reportedly handled by Havoc of Mobb Deep, Mr. Porter, Bangladesh and DJ Khalil. Wow, seems like that's exactly who is actually producing the tracks on this album. You sir are quite a stupid Fuck!

  • Anonymous

    fuck yeah cant wait to hear loud noises!!



  • Anonymous

    cannot wait for this producers look dope and would have liked a fif collab (just on the hook) but yeh looks sick

    • High Dro

      No thanks, 50 has finally faded into the Nothing where he belongs, we really do not need his annoying ass on any further projects!

  • Hooligan

    Bruno is the shit. That's why Em got him featured and will be featured on a JayZ and Kanye track. All y'all hatin' because your hoes be singing his songs all day. Why don't you step up your game instead of hatin' on Bruno. Y'all treat Em like he's a god. In that case then Bruno got his blessing. So shut the fuck up and just enjoy the track.

    • fuckin bitch i will murk u and bruno

      ok faggot we get u in love with bruno mars bet you lock your door so your family cant hear when you be playing his cd


    You stupid fucks complaining about an R&B singer on the hook, who gives a fuck you ignorant stupid fucks, some of the best hip hop songs have somebody singin the hook, its APART of hip hop, example Big Pun ft DONNELL JONES - It's So Hard.. And thats just one example or Slum Village - Fall in Love.. I can give 373838 other classic examples but im at work and its a waste of time.. Ignorant 12 year olds.. Next one to complain about a Bruno Mars feature is a fkn faggot Cole World im out

    • Anonymous

      you all know your either going to buy this or download it illegally anyway.most likely the illegal way. why the fuck you all arguing, buncha kids and fake ass fans up in here.

    • Anonymous

      yeah fast forward the faggott bits pervert!

    • Anon Jones

      Fuck all the bs. Either listen to the tracks or don't. Dope shit has been involving RnB singers for the longest of time and you're just now complaining? stfu. Go buy some shit without a RnB hook and be happy. All that damn complaining is just a waste of cyberspace. Either listen or dont. If an artist has a RnB singer doing the hook on a song, either skip it or fast forward. case closed.

    • Hooligan

      Jess, you sir or madam (not sure because your name is androgynous) ...who are you to say who belongs on a track or not? You are just one Stan out of millions. Just don't fucking listen to it. It's not the end of the world.

    • jess devitt

      cole world? you, sir, are clearly the faggot. and bruno mars is not an rnb singer, hes a pop singer/producer. someone who does not belong on a project that has so much underground appeal. what this will end up doing is alienating the underground base, as well as bringing in eminems radio faggot fans, who wont like the havoc produced cuts and complain about it. lose-lose for the faggotty choice of bruno mars. also, that song "a kiss" will be gay. book it. fuckin faggots.

  • Shady Roams

    Fuck Yeah, Sid Roams!!!

  • god

    only morons will judge the ep by the tracklist. Eminem's Recovery was one greatest albums of all time. Theres on other album like it. He raps about ACTUAL RECOVERY in his life and rap game. His songs have helped people get through tough times. He puts his lyrics together like no artist before and hes able to rap about anything.Look it up!!! Theres proof that people study the way eminem writes. Hes a genuis and it just annoys the shit out of me when people talk bad about him and his music. But i know no matter what there will always be haters because thats just how it is and not everyones able to see what i can see. And some people are just too ignorant to open up their minds and see the truth.

  • ken

    Damn... can one of these songs leak??????????

  • Fitzy

    Em did a song with Missy and the world thought he went pop. Em did a song with dido, a pop star, and yet Stan is one of his best songs. Who gives a fuck if Bruno is singing the chorus, it's just a chorus, doesnt mean hes pop. The lyrics of the verse are what matter. ALSO remember, this is an EP not an LP, it's not supposed to sell. This will NEVER hit mainstream radio, so therefore fake fans will never hear it and it will have more gruesome content.

    • Anonymous

      nobody knew dido before stan. em is chasing trends like everyone else now man. dude sold the fuck out. and he didn't have to. but he did. i think he likes making bullshit pop music. he's a genius with the pen, but his head is somewhere else now man. bruno mars on a bad meets evil project. that will never make sense. why are ANY singers being brought in on a bad meets evil project? everybody is a YES MAN over at shady, nobody ever calls shady out. i love shadys music, but id have sat him down a long time ago.

  • Young King

    Echo an Living Proof are bonus tracks,royce said so himself an fuck if bruno mars is featured or not everybody knows this whole fuckin album is gon be hot regardless of a feature

  • Lsn22s

    I remember the 1st Bad Meets Evil on Em's first album...I also remember how disappointed I was when Em started promoting wack-ass D12 instead of continuing to work with this day I can't listen to a D12 song in it's entirety, especially when the retarded guy starts spittin... This Royce/Em collabo is insanely overdue...

    • Lsn22s

      blah blah blah...I didn't count Infinite so what? that was NOT a major release don't get ur panties twisted... and I KNOW who Bizarre is...but HE'S GARBAGE!!!!!! And to the last guy..G-Unit whatever...I KNOW WHY Em didn't work with him but I DON'T CARE...I have always preferred Royce over D12 so I was DISAPPOINTED to see D12 get put on that too complex for you? I could give 2 fucks about the politics behind it...or Proof for that matter...not like I was coppin Proof records LOL and calling me a fake fan? seriously? I been listenin to hip hop for DECADES, yeah that's plural, kids...I have been a fan of Em since his commercial debut and I say what I feel, try not to get so homotional over it... Seriously all u guys but the one dude who caught my "jab" at Bizarre are waaaaaaaay too sensitive...but u guys r probably kids, so it's whatever honestly, I get a good laugh out of this shit...

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here you fake ass fan

    • shadyaftermath G G G UNIT

      shows how much u know royce is a bitch who got made cuz em didnt have time to produce his shit so when em started puttin on proof his bitch azz started beefing so shut the fuck up and go kill your self, now he is all cool with em since proof is dead he a sucka just like u

    • Jay.R

      "especially when the retarded guy starts spittin..." bahaha Bizarre? That made me laugh. I dig D12 but Bizarre almost ruined a lot of dope songs by them.

    • TYSON

      Dude, you dont know anything, Bad meets evil was on the 2nd Eminem album, Dumb Ass!

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Before I even scroll through the comments to see people's reaction...I KNOW FOR CERTAIN...someone's gonna comment about Bruno Mars being featured...

  • Anonymous

    who cares bout bruno mars jst respect them and be thankful that they r giving us to finally hear BAD vs. Evil bet yall that will be the best track lol but they should have living proof and echo even though they leaked..why put a leaked song on a ep? dnt make sense

  • shady

    whers dj khalil wdf?? :@

  • The Real Franchise

    how come in the article it says production includes DJ Khalil, yet hes not listed as a producer of any track, missprint or bonus tracks?

  • smh

    bruno mars.....Duh Fuck?

  • bom919

    idc what anybody says Em is still the best rapper out right now hands down. And royce is def underrated and needs his shine bc he is a beast on the mic.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Lil B > Eminem

  • Jon

    I reckon Crooked I will have the best verse on "Loud Noises". He was dope on "Session One" and "2.0 Boys".

  • brod

    who does it matter if bruno is on a track? all the guy is doing is singing the chorus. most of the time you dont even know the names of whos singing. long as it sounds good idc who sings that chorus

  • hahahahhaha

    Lmao. It's so funny watching all of you argue about pointless topics, If you don't like Em's new shit then don't listen to it. But we all know when it comes out you'll be the first ones to click the lick to download and think its a masterpiece like Fast Lane.

  • BellyOfDaBeast

    these niggas mad lame yo they got bruno mars on they shit? wtf is this shit about? man i'ma make a diss track against em and royce for doin this stupid ass bitch nigga shit.. nigga they need to do some collabos with techn9ne and brotha lynch hung and my nigga hollow da don but nah these niggas wanna bring some r&b ass nigga in they shit wtf that shit dont even sound right nigga be real nigga how u gon be on some hardcore shit then turnaround and add a softcore nigga in the mix? they better be doin some taliban shit to this mothafucka or this shit gon suck bootyholes for years nigga!! the fuck wrong with hip hop nigga? ima make an album dissing everybody for adding softcore niggas on they shit nigga.. real hip hop should be about killin niggas and sodomizing bitches wit tire irons and smokin weed with oxycotin and shit nigga.. and dissin bitch ass niggas like bruno and make sure if he ever get on another track again we gon butt fuck him in front of the whole world nigga! now thats what it is nigga!!



    • :D

      its funny cuz its probs a 40 year old white guy

    • Lsn22s

      @ BellyOfDaBeast Did you really end your comment by saying you would butt fuck Bruno Mars? What the hell kind of shit is that? Never mind all that OTHER reckless dumb shit you said... and damn you say "nigga" too much LOL. "Get an education my nigga!!"

    • BellyOfDaBeast

      nigga please i am hip hop without the autotunes nigga u is a lil wayne fan and a gay bruno mars lover.. fuck outta here with that faggot shit nigga!!

    • Anonymous

      and I bet you nobody would listen to your album...


    ey they forgot the bonus track: LOL feat. Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Kesha, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, Nicki Minaj, Autotuned Weezy, Drake with no verse & The Cast of Glee I heard Royce goes in on that one

  • Eyes

    It'll dissapoint. And they'll say it was rushed. Then the next project(s) will be delayed and pushed back a hundred times. Welcome to todays hip hop....

    • Anonymous

      Prolly nothing you said will happen haha. Only if your a pesemist. Which you clearly are.

    • your girl

      no sweetie thats what happened when we did it the first time remember it disappointed, you said it was rushed and I pushed back the next time over and over again till I finally broke up with your dumb ass welcome to your real life

    • your girl

      no sweetie thats what happened when we did it the first time remember? it disappointed, you said it was rushed and I pushed back the next time over and over again till I finally broke up with your dumb ass welcome to your real life

    • your girl

      no sweetie thats what happened when we did it the first time remember? it disappointed, you said it was rushed and I pushed back the next time over and over again till I finally broke up with your dumb ass, welcome to your real life.

    • your girl

      no sweetie thats what happened when we had sex the first time remember? it disappointed, you said it was rushed and I pushed back the next time over and over again till I finally broke up with your dumb ass, welcome to your real life.

  • majica26

    When is Yelawolf's album release date?!!!

  • Club Langers Nuts

    The eminem show > marshall mathers lp > recovery > slim shady lp > relapse > encore

    • Anonymous

      Mmlp > eminem show... wait he had more albums?? Although really eminem fell off years ago. His other albums are as bad/good as your run of the mill mainstream album. Relapse and encore worse as a matter of fact. But hey marketing and brand name is everything now-a-days. Numbers don't mean shit, otherwise call of duty would be the best game ever released and eminem best rapper.

    • Freshme


    • Anonymous

      MMLP>SSLP>EMINEM SHOW=Recovery>Relapse=Encore

    • Madeline

      MMLP > SSLP > Eminem Show > Recovery > Relapse > Encore

  • ben

    That Bruno Mars feature doesn't excite me... I hope the rest is sick though

  • Im At Work And Bored

    No Living Proof? Who cares if it leaked, most people havent even heard it yet. they should put that song on the EP. 6m later, im still bumping that shit

    • Anonymous

      I thought Tyler stabbed him in the esophogous

    • Anonymous

      why did em ever diss Ja?

    • ben

      Oh that Bruno Mars sold over a mil? Why don't we get Lady Gaga and Kesha on the track then... Hell, let's throw Justin Beiber in it too! Then we'll have a bunch of high selling artists on the song, FAG! Fuck sales.

    • Anonymous

      his comment did not refer to the amount of records or brunos cred, respect. Hes talking about real hip hop sound meshed with bruno pop/r n b, that is being done to much in hip hop now a days. Fuck this shit.



  • lp

    this shit is gunna suck im guessin the first couple songs are gunna be ight, then royce will just save the songs.. em has been lettin ppl down lately with his shit.. And the only people still cheerin him are white stans who live in the suburbs.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign, but not lately, for the last 8 years he been letting me down. But hey his fans dominate the hip hop sites to praise his name and down right suck him off so it's whatever I guess.

    • JP

      dont hate cause em is better than your favorite black rapper you fucking coon

  • Zach

    Once upon a time it would have been Shady to threaten to stab Bruno Mars in his esophagus... Now he does a collaboration with him...

    • Anonymous

      Yea but eminem is as bad as pop now so why wouldn't he. Who's to say in those years when eminem show and mmlp released he wasn't being fake? Those songs were he would go off and insult all pop artists, they were songs to attract little kids and were always the worst songs on his albums. Eminem invented hip pop. Like it or not, his successful singles inspired the artists you see today. Like "oh hey look at how successful crack a bottle was" then they would replicate that fashion of a song as their singles. Stans can't accept it and neither can he. He sees himself as real hip hop and so do his fans. Listen to syllables. He is what he is rapping about. Hate me if you want, but I know for a fact that you do know in the past he was better.

    • freshme

      Agree. I miss that shit. But i hope that this EP is going to rock

    • Anonymous

      I agree, same with wayne,drake,nicki,rihanna,bob, etc......

  • Shane Moe Burrows

    Why the fuck are they doing a song with Bruno Mars?

  • Why?

    I don't why em tries so hard to get royce da 5'9 out, yes his a beast on the mic, but he just doesn't have the appeal or the charisma to inspire millions to buy his record....he sounds better with slaughterhouse....

  • Mr. John Paul Stevens

    joey got dropped from def jam royce got dropped from tommy boy crooked i never dropped a solo album ortiz got dropped from aftermath. Now they got a co-sign from Em, people want to hop on the bandwagon??? People on this site talked shit about them joining up when they first formed Slaughterhouse, saying it was a last ditch attempt to save their fledging careers (even writers with,,, etc said the same thing). Now they sign with Eminem, and everyone gets amnesia?? Ya'll muthafuckas are pathetic.

  • Billy Lim

    im juss listening to bad meets evil track over and over and over again.

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Yes!!! Cannot wait to get this...all I gotta say

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait for it, the cover is dope and the first track also. Random Axe, Bad Meets Evil & Vakill one the same day. I've got a feel that 2011 is the best year in a long time for hip hop. So many great albums and mixtapes have been released so far and it seems like it will go on.

  • Anonymous

    Im just happy to even have this kinda album come out at an era like this, shit when was the last time they came out with the first one? I also really luved how 2 friends can get back together, and with Em just helping Royce out..he didnt have to do this, but he did. Im gonna go get this when it comes out for sure

  • godsaves

    there unleashing even more negative energy n pumping it right back into an unbalanced earth. Every1 needs 2 wake up. the "news" is staged events with actors. the shoe-bomber is omar binladen, the brother of cia agent osama bin laden. U ididots who dont see what games the Eliteus are playin, deserve whats coming to you.[ Infowars dot com].

  • steve

    both these niggas suck anyway

  • jayk

    When canibus and royce are on a track there is no comparison, when royce and eminem are on a track there is. Canibus > Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem has a career because he was more marketable and had dre backing him. A White rapper back then who was good was like a holy Grail to money.

    • Vegard Møller

      Lyrically Eminem and Canibus are equally good. Em just kills him in flow, subject-matters, wit, and just plain and simple song-making-ability. That's why Eminem has a career and Canibus doesn't. End of story.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, "Jay" you jus hopped on the "I hate eminem cause he aint dropped anything real" bandwagon. He's made enough music, its wierd when fans start to grow ego's like your entitled to getting the best music at all times from whoever you choose. If anything Canibus is overated.

  • Sanek


  • Anonymous


  • Tempoclash

    When Em first burst on the scene he was straight vicious... I would of put him up against anyone. Now I VERY RARELY hear Em lines that wow me anymore (extremely rare!) and people who say he has the best flow in the game are ignoring extremely capable MCs such as Royce. Royce is a very talented MC and I believe he will expose Em on this EP. And maybe prove that Em isnt the God MC (sorry Ra) that every person behind a computer screen seems to think he is nowadays. I would put alot of money on Royce out-rapping Em on this album... Just wait

    • yomomma

      i hate to say it, but you're right man. royce knows this is his last chance (plus he's been a beast and one of my top ever). IVE BEEN WAITING FOR DAY WHERE ROYCE RIPS EM!

    • Nickel

      Tempoclash you dead right.. em has a wider fanbase and more stans, so they will always love whatever he does.. he is still dope but royce is killin it atm and has been for years, i dont like this constant competition, im just glad they be making music, but no doubt royce will have the better verses

    • Anonymous

      Everything gotta be a competition now. And Royce and Em are on the same page lyrically. If you listen to the lyrics you'll be able to tell when Royce or Em are talkin to hip hop as a chick which they do often

  • Anonymous

    Wow some white eminem fans r ignorant as fuck and I am white, yes eminem is a great rapper but hop off his dick recovery and relapse were not good, eminem has fallen off since his first few albums, and there is no such thing as the greatest ever its all opinion, there are other great rappers besides eminem so just because ur white and so, is he that doesn't mean u have to dick ride everything he does.

    • Anonymous

      Relapse was good. No just no. Relapse is worse than gucci mane bar like two songs.

    • relapse?

      come on bruh, fa real u thought relapse wasnt good? it was dope n way better than 95% of the shit comin out now n days. recovery was a lil sketchy but relapse is the only thang that evn comes CLOSE to EMs old shit. ur entitled to ur own opinion but in MY opinion relapse was raw as fucc.

    • Anonymous

      your just an idiot thats all, u know nothing about hip hop if you say the relapse isnt good because the relapse is better than a lot of albums coming out today ... just listen to eminem's rhyming skills and word play in songs like 3am ... mofo is insane when he hops on tracks .. recovery was just a mainstream album but relapse is just as lyrical as some of his early stuff so do your homework before you speak dumbass

    • Anonymous

      Can like something without bein a dick rider nowadays. Or is that just ne thing havin to do with Em. Wayne is on there too even tho he sucks

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You ignorant blindsided pathetic foolish SHEEP! This cover art is being used to brainwash you all with its evil subliminal messages that Royce and Eminem use to represent their association with the dark world and the secret astronaut monkey cult that worships the evil demon, Roiceizuhfag.There are such obvious signs! First, look at the tree in the background. It has 6 main branches. 6 branches is the symbol of the evil lizard alien wizard demon, Emfeloff Olwashdupwiteboi! Now look closely at Royce's chain. It's not gold. Gold rhymes with cold. Eminem has a song called Cold Wind Blows. Blow also means fellatio. Fellatio can metaphorically mean to sell your soul! Eminem and Royce have sold their souls to the highest alien wizard monkey astronaut devil known as Deeznikasarhwack!! My research here is 100% accurate, you blind pawns! My logic is flawless! Seek the truth! WAKE UP!

    • Anonymous

      haha that was dope


      HAHAHA,the jackass comment was hilarious. Yea, there is NOTHING subliminal about this, the album is called Hell the sequel..

    • Anonymous

      This is funniest comment Ive seen on this site. Alot of people think their funny but this is actually funny.

    • godsaves

      Homie is right, there unleashing even more negative energy n pumping it right back into an unbalanced earth. Every1 needs 2 wake up. the "news" is staged events with actors. the shoe-bomber is omar binladen, the brother of cia agent osama bin laden. U ididots who dont see what games the Eliteus are playin, deserve whats coming to you.[ Infowars dot com].

    • kingkong

      That Nigga In His Basement IS A FUKN RETART THAT ALL I CAN SAY

    • Cano

      dude has to be on some new experimental drug.

    • funniest comment ever


    • Anonymous

      The Nigga In His Basement is right.

    • DUMMY


    • Anonymous

      what did you research blind lizrd monkey devil astronaughtz/whoa dude that's a bit deep they kno how ta make good music though hey

    • Daddy01 just made my day. yea ppl "wake up!" hahahhaha

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      Ummm yeah. The group is called Bad Meets Evil, and the album is called Hell: The Sequel. There's nothing subliminal about that u jackass.

  • James Suarez

    Hope it's good Eminem's good and royce is....royce nuff said

  • ....

    they should have done this EP fukin ages ago, around the time the slim shady lp came out, listen to bad meets evil, then listen to writers bloack and echo....not even close, eminem needs to go back to how he used to spit

    • ultraULTRA

      yeah its funny how everybody wants to do collaborations now ever since jay/kanye announced -watch the throne- i just think royce and em are trying to compete, but its still going to b a dope album tho

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      that was the plan, then Royce left and signed a deal with Tommy Boy Records.

  • sigh

    sick of these worthless black nigs that hate on eminem, look he is saving royces ass, just like us white people have saved black people for 100 of years because you dont have the IQ or intelligence to do it yourself, Eminem is better than any black rapper, infact none of them even come close to comparing, hes also better than every black person in real life, look at how they treat their kids, while eminem has looked after his, if all black people were half as good as eminem maybe they could feed themselves in africa.

    • Anonymous

      This is the modern stan of this day and age. His hip hop consists of eminem, Asher Roth, yelawolf and gucci mane so be can compare them to gucci. I'm White and I can admit that eminem is straight horrible now. I say this to my friends at work and they have a fucking fit and start crying that he is the best rapper ever, have they heard of nas? No. I mean fucking nas. They haven't heard of fucking nas.

    • stfu

      eminem would tell u personally to stop listening to his music retard

    • Ray

      Sigh you're a fucking dip shit! WTF??? Really?!?! Your gonna use the word nig and not expect a retort? I'm a 31 year old white guy... fuck you you white bread piece of shit cracker! go fuck your mother or auntie back in the hills of Tennessee! How do you like that shit? Go fuck your self!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ok I speak for 99% of white people (cuz I said so) that this dude who keeps sayin the n word nd shit is fuckin retarded. Yea theres a lot of Em haters. Deal with it. Fuel is fuel. Don't go sayin shit like that. There are a lot of mcs out there. Em is just one of the best. ONe

    • iAMtheWESTcoast

      wow! so by your logic eminems mom is black. it all makes sense now... you stupid fuck.

    • Anonymous

      I have the same IQ level as an APE!!! thats why i'm replying DUCK WODD!!

    • Jesse Bermudez

      I don't see why racist people would even listen to Hip-Hop in the first place....

    • James Suarez

      By taking care you do realize they were slaves, it wasn't that they didn't take care of themselves. It was that retards like you think they can't. seriously what makes you better than a black man, or a hispanic, or an Asian? Race is overrated if he's good, and he is, then color doesn't matter

    • Jesse Bermudez

      Nice ignorance dickhead. Why would black people hate on Eminem because he's white? Eminem is in a genre that is ran by black people.... Besides Eminem fell off years ago.

  • milehighkid303

    Just leave that Young Money bs alone, that ain't you Em, and it ain't a good look for hip hop. period. Glad to hear/see this guy gettin' back to some of his roots.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you have vinyl on the cover when the beats will be made with synths?


    Platinum in my mouth bitch, shoot you in yo' face shit Uptown, gangster bitch, 100 million dollar shit All this money ain't shit, livin how we live it bitch Redid my grill nigga, platinum to that gold shit High price, high life, do this shit, every night Shoot the dice pay the price, priceless when we roll them dice Get it how we get it bitch Flip that nigga been flippin them bricks Five hundred thangs Me and Gucci gonna split that shit 50 in banana clips twist someone we split your shit Brand new Ferraris, Bugattis when we shinin bitch Love Rich Gang nigga, we got them rangs nigga Flippin them thangs nigga, ready to bang nigga brrrrrrrrrr ahaaa ahaaa ahaaaaaa

  • Kenneth

    Greatest of all times is an opinion, its not a fact. Fact is something like The earth is round. Eminem is the GOAT, Jay-z is the GOAT, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, etc..etc. Is basically your opinion and even at gun point you won't change your choice but its not the fact. All this rappers have all made major impacts in the Game. Judging from Em first four Albums, SSLP,MMLP,TES,Encore(Though pple think Encore isn't that Great but i like it) In my opinion, he is the greatest. Recovery was Good as well but too mainstream for a rapper like Eminem. After Love the way you lie drop, all the teenage girl(13-18) loved eminem. As for Jay-z, He is far more consistent than any other rapper in the Game. 11 albums is no joke but he fell off after Black album and have failed to deliver since then, Same to Nas, he fall of after Stillmatic. GOAT is just an opinion or choice not a fact. Most whites call Em the GOAT the same way most blacks call Nas and Jay but some blacks still call Em the greatest(Facts).

    • Anonymous

      Rakim would get wrecked by em, krs would tear him apart though. Rakim is horrible now.

    • channel live

      @SCHH I've heard shit far more superior of substance come out of a rappers mouth, you can't have been around during the 90s or you just too ignorant and mainstream to realise

    • HipHop

      I don't like Em's music for many reasons, but he's skilled as fuck, that's for sure. Not many can keep up on a track with him without getting rapped into the ground, ever wondered why so many greats are afraid to do a track with him? Various flows, humor, delivery, crazy wordplay, substance, dope ass rhyme schemes, he has it all when it comes down to pure skills. Ya'll need to stop to equate popular rappers with crap, that's just ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      lol KRS one and rakim would destroy em

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      yes asshole !!!!!!!

    • afgan

      dream ON cockroach!!!

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      I was making an assumption, stop been stupid. Btw. Em is better than all those Mc's you mentioned !!!

    • afgan

      em ain't even the best white rapper..your list kinda sucks. Ever heard of BDK, Rakim or KGR or even KRS 1, Chuck D. These are just few goats i can atleast give a the most honorable mention



  • ha ha ha ha ha

    pretty cool cover satan in the sky,detroit in the house pop vics

  • HaHa

    "Men lie, Women lie, Numbers dont." To all the fags that think eminems wack, check how much he's sold... Don't say numbers don't matter because you all know deep inside that they do. Just don't click his news and stop hating.

  • jon

    new website to help aspiring artists, send music to: to have ur music heard and posted online...

  • Dino

    Im starting to believe that this is the only outfit Eminem has. He’s been wearing this exact same shit every since Not Afraid dropped.

    • Eminem

      Unless you want to fuck me, why do you care what I look like?

    • Dino

      i am talkin bout the cover. he looks mad stupid on here with those clothes. and its not bout the all black. its bout wearing the exact same shit! exact same shoes, with same lookin jeans and jacket over a white tee. that jacket is unneccesarry for every outfit.

    • westsiyde(pac voice)

      he wearing black always for a reason like jhonny cash did read about it

    • sdvksdghsk;dljh

      they're talking about the release of a cd and your talking about another man's clothes....i think you have more to worry about then em

  • sha

    hip hop fans are fucking idiots. dx posts the cover and 150 idiots come rushing in with a whole lot of nothing. cover is dope. peep the skulls in the clouds. hip hop fans need to start respecting the music. how do you expect other people to take hip hop seriously, when you play the shit all day, and have no respect for it? i want hip hop to grow up as a culture. start respecting the legends, start respecting the craft. the youth is lost man. sad as fuck. really is.



  • MjEE

    I'd rather listen to a Royce single, this is gonna be on some gay Eminem aderol shit zzzzzzZzz

    • Beez

      most Royce fans dont give a fuck about Em all these groupies on Royce dick now only like him coz he knows Eminem

    • Anonymous

      A royce fan that doesn't like slim. How? Do you just like plug your ears when Royce compliments him?

  • G MON

    Why do so many people bring up race in regards to hip-hop. If it's fucking tight then it's fucking tight, dude could be part of Al-qaeda for all i give a shit, if he spits nice then thats then end of it.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Jeah! Can't wait.

  • cinavenom

    Eminem is such a can tell that is his main fanbase too. Rocye is the shit though

    • Icraelz

      go sit on a dick bitch

    • G MON

      Wow, i'm new to this site and can already see its flooded with fucking idiots. Two of the dumbest posts i've ever read, that includes the entire internet.

    • Anonymous

      ^^says a nigger from the ghetto

    • Anonymous

      you seem to have the term nerd confused with dumb asses nerds like intellectual stimuli and you don't get that from Eminem music his shits tailored towards dumb teenagers from the burbs who have IQs that will only ever allow them to attain minimum wage employment prolly in the fast food industry

  • Rachael Misek

    :) Nice. IN the land of sound and destruction, only the top of the ladder survive, while other records crumble and fall, there is one sound that continues to beat on forward through the mass conciousness...the sound of steps closer to all your can try to lockbolt them out, or even seal the windows..but nothing is stopping them from entering and taking over...this is the playground, and here are your bullies..SHADY RECORDS...

  • Nico 3

    I don't like the term "G.O.A.T." anyway. You can compare sales, but not the thought processes that have gone into these albums over the years. Now if you're basing everything on popularity, then Em takes the #1 spot without breaking a sweat, but you can't dismiss what Nas used to do. Jay Z. 2Pac. The amazing songs of Kool G Rap (hahahaha)

  • flop

    and it is funny how everyone that makes a list always put JAYZ OR NAS OR 2PAC OR BIGGIE all of which have fallen off the hip hop radar(JAYZ AND NAS) or have not put out an album in over 15 years(2PAC AND BIGGIE). understandable they were good in theyre time but they r far from being the greatest off all time...album sales will determine the best of all time... and lil b instead of royce u fucking idiot.. royce will beast anyone of those whack ass southern rappers keep it lyrical we have enough music to fucking do some corny ass dance move to.. grow the fuck up and know hip hop before u enter ur stupid comments on here

  • flop

    this album is sure to be classic.. i just cant believe how many people claim to love hip hop and yet still hate on eminem... he is and will always be on the list of the greats for the simple facts he has outsold every rapper in the game.. once u assholes can stop making the race an issue, then sit back and listen to how he lyrically destroys anyone in the game!!!! hip hop is dead but have no fear SHADY IS BACK

    • @what?:

      obviously thats the point

    • Anonymous

      fine then lil fuckin wayne has sold more does that make him doper than Rakim n KRS or more of a Hip Hop legend NO Vanilla Ice has sold more same question and answer applies the point that was bein made which soared over your head is SALES DONT MEAN SHIT

    • what?

      Wrong. Soulja Boy hasn't sold more COMBINED than Rakim and KRS-One. KRS (counting his albums with Boogie Down Prod.) has released 17 albums. Rakim (counting Eric B. and Rakim) has released 8 albums. Soulja has had more success in terms of mainstream radio play. But bringing up Soulja Boy in an argument is pretty pathetic. Everyone knows he's not a true MC.

    • Anonymous

      your a fuckin idiot n don't know shit about Hip Hop sales don't mean shit Souljah Boy has sold more than Rakim and KRS combined does that mean he's greater than them on the mic NO does that mean he's more of a legend in Hip Hop NO it jus means he's sold more albums to dumb ass mainstream radio MTV watchin music fans who follow Pop music and NOT Hip Hop culture Royce will never EVER sell what Vanilla Ice has does that mean Ice is greater than Royce

  • @TonySincere

    See you in Hell for the sequel... We been waiting for this shit almost longer than Detox lol

  • damn

    its interesting.... everyone who claims there an eminem fan on here is immediately called a dick rider by ppl who hate on him.... haha u fags are the ones always bringin up dick ridin homos.... if nething u dickridin eminem by takin the time outta ur life goin on his pages to comment on his shit just to hate

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Let's hope the songs sound as good as Writer's Block was

  • queenzking

    Hi Eminem Is The Best Rapper Alive! All the other labels tryna put out their collabo albums for the longest failed and SHADY bout to take over the game! Hardest Label In The Game! And think bout it people if ou put any other rapper up against EM freestyle off the top written watever tht nikka getiin served quick!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    TOP 5 RAPPERS of ALL TIME 1.Lil B 2.50 Tyson 3.Soulja Boy Tell Em 4.Gucci Mane 5.Birdman Eminem? Pfft, he a ABC rhymin cracker ass! Royce? Hahaha he a pussy boy nigger! Omg! Based Swag! Omg!

    • Anonymous

      lmao.. this nicca CANTtouchME$ is dumb as fuck! rofl CALM UR TITS!

    • CANTtouchME$:

      go listin to ''infinite'' by eminem.

    • CANTtouchME$

      HAHAHA u sound dumb as fuk lil nigga, how u gunna say EM gota abc ryhme? that nigga the best rapper since tupac. he would tear any1 up. and u got soulja in yo top?? ,and u either a girl or like 10 playa. im black by the way. and live in da hood, kikin it wit da homies now. and they backin me up haha lil girl dont know wat she talkin bout

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY, this so called "EP" is gonna flop so badly that Hilary Clinton will feel she can do a WAY BETTER job at rapping and make an EP herself called "Hilary Bitch Queen". Eminem and Royce da Fuckin Fag are gonna FLOP. F-L-O-P, FLOP! No doubt bout it. Now if Eminem actually worked with Lil B on an EP then THAT would be EXTRA PHENOMENAL! Lil B would surely outshine Eminem on that forsure and it would sell worldwide! Lil B is the BasedGod! Show respect and suck his dick bitch! Omg! Swag Swag!

  • Ganjarelli

    How many white people think that a black rapper is the greatest ever? I mean, we already know that folks will pick Em as the greatest white boy to ever do it, who else is gonna compete? Yela? Paul Wall? C'mon man. But how many black MC's could be considered the greatest? There's a lot more choices as far as sound competition. Nas or Jay-Z? 2pac or Biggie? Personally, I'd put 2pac at the top of my list, my GOAT pick, followed by Crooked I, Chamillionaire, Jon Connor and Nas, before I get to Em, but that's just me. But as I look over my list I notice a trend. Black, black, black, black, white, black, black, black, puerto rican, black, black, black, and so on. So I would say that there are many greatest black rappers, and only one great white rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Vinnie Paz>>> Eminem n Vinnies White

    • hiphoprelic

      that ganja must have really fried ur brain cuz that list IS the worst list I've ever seen!!! LMAO! this nigga is clueless!! as soon as I read ur first opening lines I can already tell this gonna be a retarded post and fucking hell I was right. lol u also seem to be so fixated in color u fucking racist cunt!

    • Anonymous

      too bad theres a bunch of other white rappers not named eminem,paul wall and yelawoulf- that is right, the grammys don't take into account all artists just the mainstream,otherwise the disaster that was Relapse would've never won anything

    • Anonymous

      how many black artists are there compared to white artists in the industry? no shit there are more black artists to choose from dumbass! eminem is one of the greatest to do it plain and simple along with my man tech n9ne!!!

    • Kudos

      Well Ganjarelli you are the hip hop guru so whatever u say is da truth. Analytical ass nigga!


    This Ep is a subliminal diss directed at non other than Canadian rapper iBar! iBar made a diss track to Eminem called "!" that ultimatley resulted in Eminem's positive change in creative direction. go to: and listen to "!" - the song that started it all!

  • Mike

    A lot of Em haters I see, well you can say what you want but Em is the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be. I've been listening to Em since he first came out and yes he's changed but you can't be a fucking kid forever. Royce has been spitting fire lately I give him that. All the songs I've heard them make so far have been insane, and to say one has spit harder then the other is straight ignorant. They both have a way of complimenting one another and I'm glad they are making an album together. Finally I have the feeling hip hop isn't dead yet. Well, until Lil Wayne comes out with another album.

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne made lollipop

    • str3aks

      shut up MIKE! I can tell right off the bat you are a new Eminem fan. "I've been listening to Em since he first came out.." lol typical new fan "to-make-my-opinion-count" guise. Fans like you are the ones fucking it up for reputable Em/real hiphop fans. The reason why some hiphop heads think Eminem's fans are white little girls who dont know hiphop. Don't believe me? Look at ur replies. New fans are always good but stop talking like u know shit. "Finally I have the feeling hip hop isn't dead yet." The dead giveway. You've just ethered urself son! Coming from a level-headed HUGE Eminem fan.

    • qb stand up

      I'm wit Anonymous on this one

    • Anonymous

      hahaha,eminem made encore,relapse,love the way you lie pt.1 and 2 those are the furthest things from what hip hop is suppose to be. Not only that but you had to mention lil wayne,if its one thing that em d*ck riders can't keep out there mouth more than eminem's d*ck it's lil wayne's- honestly theres no difference between the message that song writer's block and got money,the difference is only created by delusions eminem d*ck riders have that he is a flawless rapper

    • stfu

      Why are you checking back to see if people commented on your comment? Curious ass motherfucker! I bet ou play Seduction and masterbate to Eminem pictures.. Your a fan of Eminem? well Eminem is fucking your girl while you watch a jerk! haha eww, i just disgusted myself.

    • Mike

      HAHA what a bitch made nigga. I'm far from fat, quit hiding behind a comp. talking shit, it's pointless. Just because you have a gay obsession with lil wayne doesn't mean you have to try to talk shit to me.

    • stfu

      Shut the fuck up fat mike

    • Kudos

      Thanks for correcting yourself Louie. Now I can better understand what your saying grammatical ass nigga!

  • Louie

    I don't wanna turn this in to a race issue... But I will. How many black people think eminem is the greatest ever? I've only heard white dudes call em the greatest ever. Just a question. If you're offended by that question, you're breath probably smells like your dads asshole.

    • Anonymous

      not in the top 25 n ive never heard another credible MC other than Royce say he is Slaughterhouse might now their signed to him but none of them before the deal ever called him one of the greats AHH has done a TOP5 DOA with 100s of rappers n nobody has ever mentioned Eminem

    • Anonymous

      He is one of the best. In my opinion people who claim he is the best aren't interested in my kind of hip-hop though. Like Kool G Rap, OC, Cormega, Nas, AZ, Black thought, to tribe called quest and de la soul. It depends what your looking for, but eminem in my opinion doesn't satisfy the soulful/smooth side of hip-hop needs.

    • Joshua Doran

      Its a good questions... I guess... I do consider him too be one of the best... just like about every rapper thats asked about him...

    • The Future

      However, you have the right to your own opinion just like everybody else in the world does.

    • The Future

      I think Eminem is one of the greatest rappers ever period and I am a black guy.

  • ehj.

    see you in hell for the sequel we'll be waiting

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Lsn22s

    Wow....the amount of stupidy and ignorance in some of these posts is just crazy...and why the hell do racist people visit hip hop sites? Kind of foolish, no? Anyways... Em and Royce are 2 of the best emcees out there (at least hard-lyrics-wise)...this should be soooo dope... I always felt Royce was one of the few emcees who could truly give Em a run for his money lyrics-wise...and one of the even fewer who could potentially defeat him in a battle....seeing them put this project together is just crazy, I've been looking forward to a Royce/Em collabo album ever since Bad Meets Evil on Em's first cd... "Watch The Throne" better bring some heat this summer, they officially have competition...

  • blitzo

    Rock City - Royce 5'9....nuff said

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    and... Where is Detox??? HAHAHA

  • HaHa

    Eminem disses Royce in Difficult... None of you can deny that because its true. He disses people subliminally like Lil' Wayne in seduction.

    • HaHa

      which other rapper admits he wears his heart on his sleeve? except wayne...

    • Anonymous

      and all of u, except j, are dumbasses. You can insert any rapper into seduction or no love and it will sound like a diss towards them its suppose to be like that,stop trying to make something out of nothing

    • Truthy

      The subliminal diss is at iBar! iBar made a diss track to Eminem called "!" that ultimatley resulted in Eminem's positive change in creative direction. go to: and listen to "!" - the song that started it all!

    • j

      ok hes not dissing wayne in the trick trick song hes not gonna go from talking about girls to wayne then back to girls. listen to the verse its all about getting some from a bitch then splittin. as for seduction hes not gonna diss wayne or jay then have wayne on the same album and do a show with jay right after lol. Youre pullin at straws almost as dumb sounding as the illumanati faggots

    • GrapeDutches

      i'd say the subliminal diss in seduction was a shot at Jay, not Wayne. he picks up Jays style from blueprint 3 in the second verse with his reference to the syllables...

    • UY

      Yes thats all true ^. Lil wayne always talking bout he married the game and eminems talking about how the games cheating on wayne with him cause hes better.

    • HaHa

      Yeah but in the songs we are talking about he doesn't directly say who he is talking about to make it less obvious... Listen to seduction and think about Lil' Wayne its real stuff.

    • Vegard Møller

      It's not subliminal at all, it's a straigt forward diss. They were beefing at one point, remember?

    • war22

      "I aint kissin u on the lips but i'll be glad to shake ur hand" aiming at Lil Wayne on the Who Wants it feat Trick Trick...ur right

  • NJ

    Also to you're point about being in the game over 10 years and not changing, try Rae or Ghost or half the Wu-Tang for that matter, Black Thought like dude before said, Mos Def, Pharoahe been going for near enough 20 years and ain't changed, Big Boi and Andre 3k, I could name loads.

    • Anonymous

      People always change, even pharoahe as his trackname evolve states in his last album. But, in the topic of artists. It is called selling out when you do it for someone else or to be somewhere you desire to by doing something that you don't necessarily want to do. SO, it's okay the mos/roots/outkast/whoever have changed, but you gotta dissect the change more. Mos is the same, he is abstract and underground.

    • Anonymous

      @DUDE: whose bank account would you rather have??? you sell-out !!! :O

    • ghostface

      if you think outkast is the same from ATleins to the love below/speakerboxx ur crazy. Neither are the roots from their first to latest album. Play Black on Both Side and Ecstatic..ur tellin me mos isnt different? Its ridiculous to assume someone will remain the same for 10 year.

    • Joshua Doran

      Yeah... But whos Fan base/bank account would you rather have? Really...

    • NJ

      I was talking in the space of 10 years, EVERYTHING after Outkast Debut has been very similar. Don't know why you're bringing all that other shit up with me though, I was just talking about style switching.

    • Gary Rue

      Andre hasn't changed ??? Are you kidding ? He changed completely. Who cares who's beefing , dissing or taking jabs. And who's real or who's not , we are talking about some of the fakest people walking the earth. Rap is based on ego and inflated self. That is the portrayal. Stop putting these HUMANS on pedestals where they don not belong. It's just music !

  • Anonymous

    i have been a fan of both for a long time now. However the shit that they have been releasing is not that great theyre lyrics are not moving at all. no substance. maybe im just growing up, so no hate but just speaking truth.

    • grow up? read up

      it's a fucking EP bitch! u have any idea what the concept "Bad meets Evil" is about? And u fucking looking for some sentimentalist shit? lmfao

  • hayley benish

    who gives a shit about who bodies who. just shut the fuck up and enjoy the music.. if u dont like em dont click on shit hes in.. plain and simple.. smh

  • Zack

    Royce cannot eat Eminem - Never has and never will.

    • happyfeet

      woke up at the wrong side of the pole penguin?

    • the penguin

      Your the epitomy of a dick rider....the guy does a whole mutha f'ing record with someone and you have to down play his partner....HAVE YOU HEARD ROYCE SPIT????? HAVE YOU HEARD DETROIT MUSIC BEFORE????? FOH YOUR PANTS OR ON FIRE AND HATERS GET THE GAS FACE YOU HIPHOP ILLITERATE

  • hahah

    i can guarantee you that no matter wat these tracks are gonna sound like theres gonna be hundreds of ppl sayin Em got bodied by royce... haha so many ppl just flat out hate Em for no reason he could spit the most fire shit on this ep and ppl still wouldnt even listen and say its wack

    • umaggots

      yo hahahmyself faggot, u on some delusional shit! if all u see are hate speech somebody's fuckin wit u. now if u a stan foreal please dont go paranoid B!! I'm an Eminem fan but I can't fucking stand stans like u!

    • Joshua Doran

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAA PONG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Really... I think Kanye was talking about toasting for Dueche Bags like yourself... now go and RUNAWAY...

    • haha

      pong u fuckin loser u tryin to jump in and call someone out and looked like a complete dumbfuck... hahah

    • adsjdf

      Em did get bodied by royce on that fast lane track an recent tracks they did. You just cannot understand the lyrics. All em has been spitting about is girls sucking his dick and some forced Mulities. No Hate.Just saying.

    • PING

      Listen to the original Renegade, with royce. DUMBASS.

    • PONG

      I think you'll find that was Jay-Z on Renegade. Dumbass.

    • murdermitten

      Em has handled royce on most songs they do.... scary movies, renegade, bad meets evil.... just listen to the songs dude its barely a contest

    • Anonymous

      and their will be a million stans like you refusin to admit ROYCE BODIED EM coz you cant accept the fact your hero isnt close to bein as dope as true MCs


    Eminem only sells as much as he does because he is white. refute it.

    • r

      Yo ignore this type of post ppl, it's waaay too played out. If there are still blacks out there that are obsessed wit always tryna put eminem down then just ignore it, it's tired. Em's a monster on the mic, period.

    • hiphoprelic

      Ah yes! the world only loves white rappers that's why aside from what readupson said, tupac(RIP) has 75 million albums sold and counting and most successful rappers are black. hey look!! there's an up and coming WHITE rapper named yelawolf signed by none other than EMINEM!!! he's obviously gonna blow up cuz he's white! and the the rap legends of white rap the beastie boys are back! we gotta hype them up!!! SMH.. fucking stupid! and u r the same motherfuckers who says sales don't matter. Do you realize how racist you actually sound like? I listen to dope music NOT seeing color. I don't blindly dismiss mainstream but i dig down deep; it's part of culture. SO FUCK YOU! same old pretenses to discredit skills respected by respected MCs(Rakim,Krs-one,Nas,Jay-z,etc)

    • ghostface

      why didnt being white help Everlast Paul Wall Bubba Sparxx Milkbone RA The Rugged Man Asher Roth Cage Brother Ali MC Serch acheive the sales you claim Em has because being white. Lame argument and lacks factual support

    • read up son

      I dont feel like lookin it up but if Vanilla Ice had a Diamond record, thats world wide not in America. MMLP went diamond years ago worldwide, but he recently went Diamond in the USA with two album. Outkast Sperboxx/Love Below, Biggie Life after death, and Mc Hammer Hammer Time were the only other rap albums to go diamond in the USA, and outkast and biggies barely count IMO. They only sold 5 million each but since they were double disc cds (no a cd with a bonus cd) that equalled 10 million cds sold.

    • ya

      wats ur point? eminem has 2..... and almost 90 million worldwide...

    • Anonymous

      Vanilla Ice has a diamond album son

    • Zack

      how come i hear more brown skinned mu fuckas bumpin Eminem them whites

    • pathetic

      this same damn excuse these haters use is getting so fuckin old... if he only sells cuz hes white then how come everlast, vanilla ice, asher roth, and even the beastie boys dont put numbers up like Em? riddle me that one faggot

  • Adrian Munguia

    Check out Young $coot killing the freestyle. Much love for the support. Hope you enjoy, and I would not waste your time

  • Coroner's Offices

    Just one question: will there be a Canibus diss? Ya know that Canibus dissed Royce on some shit recently, and dissed Em on "Air Strike" back on Melatonin Magik. So if Em & Royce team up for a good diss... Also, we don't want some Rick Ross beats; we want those raw, grimy ass beats. The kind back in the 90s with the first Bad Meets Evil shit.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane 4 -Eva!

  • Brenda

    If this doesn't suck I will be very surprised. Like some other people have said I highly doubt there will be anything that sounds like the original bad meets evil song and will feature lots of eminem's dumb yelling and royce will have zero creative control and just suck his new white boyfriend's dick the whole time.

  • gvg

    [youtube This video was on WSHH and got 200,000 VIEWS!!! Yall NEED to make a post on this…Prince Ea kills a verse with imressions of Drake, Tupac, Jay Z and Eminem!!

  • Anonymous

    em gon have to step his game up and come on that hard shit if he going in on a whole ep with royce

  • NJ

    Hope this will force Em to step his game up, if his rhymes are anything like they have been over the last few years then he's going to be outshined.

    • NJ

      Calm down Zack nobody is dissing Em here, but it is blatantley obvious that he has been below par for a long time. His wordplay doesn't go over people heads at all, in fact on Recovery his punchlines were some of the corniest and most un-original I have heard from anyone in a long time. "I'm the logo on a Dallas Cowboy helmet...a star" < That is cringe worthy. If Em was still as good as you make out then only the pure haters would have bad things to say, I think EVERYBODY wants him to return to his old level of quality, all I was saying was that I hope Royce pushes him to it.

    • Anonymous


    • zack

      Lol u serious? Em isnt his old self, But tell me one rapper whos been in longer then 10 years and is - Eminem changed his style on purpose - Even said so himself - Hes experimenting with different sounds - He still has lyrics and flow people cant match - An most reason people think he's "fell off" is because most people dont get wordplay in rap. Like Em says, quit listening to chorus's and beats and listen to lyrics

    • Anonymous

      man that song was dope but from hearing relaspe and recovery em has lost most of his if its gonna be another sobbing album I really dont want to hear that. Doesn't em realize if you focus on the negative thats all you get.

    • Anonymous

      If its not bad meets evil standard then it ain't playin through to my eardrums.

  • Anonymous

    This is 10 0r 11 years prolonged

  • hahah

    an EP full of opening umbrellas in vaginas and royce talking about how big is dick is is something to look forward to?

  • Daz

    so the production is left to some guys who make Rick-Ross-esqe beats... Great. I wanted Scary Movies type songs and instead all were going to get is this emotional blabber. Yeah, it was good at first but there's a reason artists tend to keep the sad songs down to a minimum...

  • Josh

    This site may as well be renamed RideEminemsDickDX. Seriously. I'm looking forward to this, but Eminem better step his fucking game up from that Recovery nonsense. Not even a hater, that album was so sub-par. But hopefully since this won't be such a giant commercial release, it'll have a bit less whining and bitching and a little more raw passion. inb4 Recovery was passionate, yelling isn't passion you fucking twats.

    • East Sider

      recovery was good, i dont know what the fuss there a few bitch songs on thre, but his lyrics are on par every song. Cold wind blows is one of ems best in a while. So shut the fuck up homo

  • Aramis L'Velle Adams

    If this really comes out, then hip hop is def on it's way good duos like this.

  • Rachael Misek


  • Anonymous

    seems like hip-hop is moving away from the whole beef era. thats a good thing

  • Dynamic Producer

    This should be an interesting project.. Royce has a dark, spiritual vibe to most of him music which fits well with Em's similar vibe...

  • ray rickie

    damn about time.i love eminem.and shout out to the whole detroit.royce is an excellent mc.but its a little to late.i think during the time when he was beefing with eminem and d-12 he shut of been joining the team.time robbed royce the 59 and its 2011 now dont no body want to here a royce album its a new day in age.its a new generation.these kids dont want to hear u.your time as a rapper has better off selling mixtapes.

  • Filthy1

    This will be wonderful.

  • da1

    Too bad this shit won't be as good as the first pair of bad meets evil songs back in the late 90's. Just face it Eminem just isn't the rapper he once was.

    • alex vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

      i agree that NOT AFRAID DOES show em's ability quite well, just cuz its popular shouldnt take anything away from the fact that it is a lyrical monster of a song... personally i luv the exorcise these demons line, the instead of getting crowned youre getting capped line, i shouldnt have to write these words in a rhythm, haters can make like bees with no stingers... etc. yea its great lyrically in terms of puns and vocabulary and flow... but for the number one song for showing em's ability is NO LOVE, are u kidding me, tell me another song where em or anyone spazzed on a verse more than em did on NO LOVE whoever says em fell off even remotely is either a definitive hater who doesnt like anhything from him anyway, or just a dumbass ignorant bad meets evil 2 june 14 shadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Anon

      ^Your Reply would have held just a lil bit more steel if you'd used a better example. Not Afraid is the kinda song which just DOESNT work to prove he's still ill.

    • thekidflames

      I disagree. He's not the COMEDIAN he once was. Dude is just as ill mechanically as he ever was. Go re-listen to "Not Afraid" and tell me he's not still able to EAT 99.9% of emcees lunch. You're right though, he's not the emcee he once was, he's BETTER.

  • LOL

    Funny thing about you hating niggas is that y'all fail to realize that jay-z royce em kanye west etc are all friends!!!! So while you stupid ass hating crash test dummies continue to hate they will make more money while y'all fail at life.

  • Gucci Mane 4 Life

    Gucci Mane betta than evryone, Gucci Mane 4 Eva!!!

  • mark

    hip hop is dead but shady records will bring that shit back to life!!!!!

  • mark

    i listen to a wide variety of good music. and the asshole that posted the list of those better than eminem is a fucking moron! shady records is nothing but real lyricists and as far as eminem being on top of his game let some whack ass rapper like jayz and kayne or any of those clowns on that list try and prove they are better. eminem has and will always be one step ahead of the rest. all the rappers on ur little list are fucking pro black rap/hip hop and until they broaden theyre view to the hip hop game they will never be on the same level. step ur hip hop knowledge up duche bag

    • 2.0

      dude u must have lost a chromosome during birth. ems back and stronger then ever hes just not his phyco maniac killer slim shady. Hes his EMINEM persona. its ok u be a hater its fine. just know that shady records is going to run the game this summer just know it.

    • Anonymous

      2.0 stfu Em is mediocre now and would get eaten by over 50 MCs I could list today, and who gives a fuck what GAME says the dudes a bi polar wack as fuck mc period

    • VAlz

      Hey dude, You saying Eminem been rapping about the same shit? GTFOH yourself. I'll be the first to admit i havent listened to half of great hip-hop coz from 90's to current underground there is way too much but i've heard every Eminem track ever and what you just said is... :facepalm Ayt, just listing some tracks and you tell me if is the same... fuck it. You hopeless anyway

    • 2.0

      dude you sound just as fucking dumb. Then what do they rap about thats so different? there struggle from the bottom up just like em? drugs and bithes just like em? racial divide just like em? oh ya but wait em has one thing they all dont. he WILL destroy anyone in beef and they all know not to fuck with the white boy because he will lyrically destroy any rapper in this game today. dont try and deny this "the game" said it clear in an interview "when i was in beef with 50 i stayed away from the white boy he shreds emc's" search in on youtube. hes the best and everyone in the game knows it so stop hating and promoting your washed up list of rappers who u claim are better. ya sure they're great at making music and they all can bring the lyrics, but eminem will always have the upper hand with his delivery. and thats the TRUTH.

    • Anonymous

      your a fuckin idiot n you don't know shit about Hip Hop or lyricism so don't speak on either subject, 90% of those on that list have never spit a single pro black verse in their careers moron, if you had listened to them or even knew the first thing about Hip Hop you'd know that. Name a single pro black song from Redman, LLCOOLJ, Methodman, Slick Rick, Elzhi, Royce etc cornball and Shady records is lyricist lol yea D12, 50cent, Yelawolf their true lyricist FUCK OUTTA HERE FOOL and if anyone needs to broaden their content it's Eminem coz he's been rappin bout the same ignorant shit fit 10 years, drugs, rape, dissin females and pop stars, fantasies of patrocide

  • Kyle Barboza

    this is gonna be good lol

  • Daniel Heap

    Royce murked Eminem on his own beats time and time again last year. Airplanes and Forever are epic. I don't care who comes out on top, who said hip hop was dead?

    • Anonymous


    • Valz

      Yeah, even Microphone as well. But on Living Proof, Echo and 2.0 Boys he held his own. Both can still bring it, only Royce is more consistent. P.S- Eminem's Forever verse murked anyone on that beat. Just saying

  • Hopit

    Cant FUCKIN wait fo this shit!

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Best news I've heard all year.

  • nips

    5 years ago.. or at least before recovery, this would've meant something to me. I hope someone posts this shit up on datpiff with all Emo's verses cut out. *Em's

  • Anonymous

    smh Royce fans have been requesting a collab EP or LP with ELZHI for 10 years n the fuckin eminem groupies who have been askin for Bad Meets Evil for 9 months get the shit off the bat, FUCK ROYCE from here out dudes turned into a cornball since becomin friends with Em again n this will be average at best since Eminem is an average at best MC

    • realhiphop

      some of us been waiting over 10 years for this shit quit hattin to bad it would have been better if it dropped when it should have

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here cornball Royce has destroyed Em on every track they've done together lately hands Down straight bodied him

    • Interesting

      Funny thing is EM kills royce on just about every track they get on together nowadays, lyrics, flow, and emotion included. Fuckin hating just to hate. ignorant fuck

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      umm we've been waiting since '99 for them to put out something, not 9 months

  • chris

    vakil and this on my birthday cant wait

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Let's be serious here, guys... Bad Meets Evil EP will be good, but there's NO WAY it's touching Watch the Throne (assuming nothing else on the album sounds like H.A.M). Are we all forgetting the amazing album Kanye put out just 5 months ago? No indication that his next won't be just as good

    • Anonymous

      I don't think any of these niggaz above know anything about whats going on in hip hop the battle world or the culture,some mainstream faggots

    • 2.0

      dam i cant help my self to comment. how in the fucking world are u gonna say royce has bodied eminem on every verse? are u fucking deaf can u not listen to eminem hit every syllable on every thump of the beat? KANYE AND JAYZ dont have shit on eminem are u fucking serious? emimenm made Jayz's flow on renegade look like a rookie. You guys just all hate becasue the white boy runs this rap game. get over it eminem pours his life into his music and u guys think fucking gucci mane whos songs are all the same is better. such a fucking shame.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Zs a cornball but he's better than Em n Dre n that's fact... N fuck outta here wit that dumb ass detox comment the shits been comin out for 10 years

    • ky

      all these haters on this site are fuckin stupid. This album will be an instant classic when it comes out. Fuck jayz and Kanye. They make good music but their both bitches. The only reason they have the idea of watch the throne is cause dre is comin with detox. All those to do is whore their name out and claim to be the greatest. Hip hop would be dead if it was ran by those two. But thank god we have Aftermath to give it adrenaline. Jay z thinks he's a baller cause he own 2% of the nets. Gwt the fuck outta here

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      Um yeah, That's funny considering both Eminem and Royce murked Gay-Z's verse on Renegade.

    • RealMofo

      Are you retarded? Royce & Shady will eat Gay-Z & Kanye for breakfast, lunch and supper! Bad meets Evil will destroy the throne!

  • KiLa KaS

    Thats what the F IZ UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time waiting on this.... BME!!!!!!!

  • war22

    i jizzed my pants...Shady Records taking over... FUCK YOUNG MONEY...ill say that till they retire...

  • ExFan

    Royce is a MONSTER right now. Em better step it up!!!!

  • Trunkz

    Kanye: Jay "watch the throne" didn't sell like we expected! Jay-Z: No shit that's just what happens when Bad meets Evil...

  • Jess Devitt

    ^ Proof there is a God.

  • HipHop

    Vakill's project drops on the same day and I'm confident that'll be better.

  • Anonymous

    I will admit that i m absolutely excited for this ish rite here. dope as fuck.

  • bballslim42

    Damn you kids kill me. Eminem, a top 5 MC of all time (Its not even debatable, just a fact), and Royce, who has killed everything he's been on recently, are about to drop an EP and half of you are saying it will suck. Jesus I'm getting old.

    • Anonymous

      you fuckin stans are dellusional, wtf impact has Eminem had who has he inspired who is usin his style and who the fuck is usin LLs style coz hes not in the game your retarded, LL INVENTED the rap ballad n niggas have been usin that style since he invented it, every MC durin the late 80s all of the 90s ad 2000s was usin that style of his whilst he was puttin out albums LL consistantly dropped albums over his 30 years mos recent 2 years ago and his next is droppin this year fools and ALLHIPHOP has had a hundred MCs rakim, nas, kool g rap, dmx, meth, tech n9ne all name their top 5s n NOBODY HAS EVER MENTIONED EMINEM ROYCE HAS OPENLY SAID FOR YEARS ELZHI IS THE DOPEST only reason hed say em now is politics how the fuck are people gonna use EMS STYLE in 20 years when he hasnt invented one he is jus a mixture of those who came before him hes basically a poor mans BIG L another words a cheap copy of a great original MC

    • so dumb

      ppl use LL's style cuz hes not in the game anymore.... ppl dont use eminems style cuz hes still rappin... who the fuck would wanna hear his style when there hearin it from shady right now... give it about 15 years therell be about 20 shadys in the rap game lol.

    • exactly

      valz knos wats up... Em may have a similar style as LL Cool J but he took that style to a whole other level.... ur straight hatin if you dont think Ems in the discussion of GOAT... 30 years at the top of the game huh?? when the fuck was the last time u ll cool J drop somethin? no disrespect to him thats just a dumbass statement "If Em was black, hed be the next muhammad ali" -Rakiim Name one other MC whos had a bigger impact in the rap game in the last 15 years than Em... if u even try to argue that ur just a moron... dudes pushin 40 and still goin triple platinum

    • Valz

      You'll be surprised that half the emcees you listed consider Eminem greater than them THEMSELVES. Cant be arsed to search for it, no one listens to logic these days. Just one example though- Royce when they were BEEFING still said Em is the illest lyricist. I'll give it to you. Some of those names are dope Emcees, but the logic of number platinum albums is retarded- highest sellling artist of the past decade. Get a tour named after a song, Really? lol 30 years in the game, half that time making movies and reality shows lol. First LP to last LP time doesnt count. What counts is work put in those years. YOU come back when one of those release have a 5 year period of total absolute undeniable dominance. Hip-hop DX has people who can listen to lots of music. But half of ya cant seem to string a basic argument together without hate or Bias. Pathetic

    • memo

      this guy loves some ll cool jay.. 13 in 26 years, lets say 5, five of them shits was due.. nah u can be arguing with a true fucking legend u douche fucking bagel ima enjoy both these album a lot. its gonna be a good summer. i may get a convertible..

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne, ross, bird mane and lil b have more success and hype than most of these artists listed here, so are they better? exactly! get out of here with that crap. em WAS one of the top MCs but whether he is in the top 5 is up to opinion and is arguable. well now its not cause hes clearly lost his skill.

    • Anonymous

      no he hasn't you dellusional fuck he may have sold more albums than most of them not Pac though but that doesn't make him more successful come back when he's had 30 years at the top of the game like LL Cool J has not 12 years n then talk success, come back when EVERY MC to come out after him has been influenced by him like LL COOL J has, come back when he invents a new style of rap like LL COOL J has, come back when he has a huge tour named after one of his songs like LL COOL J has come back when he has 11 platinum albums in a row like LL COOL J has and LL Cool J was the first rapper to own a major label the first to own a major clothing line first to headline a global tour so how the fuck is Eminem even remotely as successful as him as for mechanics he's average Eminem constantly sacrifices content for flow he adds filler barrs to maintain rhyme schemes somethin dope MCs like Elzhi Black Thought Rakim etc never do now run along until your better equiped to debate shit

    • @anonymous

      Em's had more success than any mc u listed and his mechanics are better than just about all of them too.... u think ur smart cuz u can list a bunch of names... get outta here

    • Anonymous

      Black Thought ELZHI Royce KRS ONE Ice Cube RAKIM Nas Pharaohe Monche LL Cool J 2Pac Biggie Big L Big Pun Slick Rick Mos Def Methodman Redman GFK Crooked I Joell Ortiz>>>>> ALL BETTER THAN EMINEM real mofo you dont know WTF HIP HOP IS

    • beezlebud

      Black Thought ELZHI Royce KRS ONE Ice Cube RAKIM Nas Pharaohe Monche LL Cool J 2Pac Biggie Big L Big Pun Slick Rick Mos Def Methodman Redman GFK Crooked I Joell Ortiz>>>>> ALL BETTER THAN EMINEM

    • RealMofo

      I feel ya! kids these days don't know shit about real hip hop.

  • Jefferson

    Sounds like "Watch the Throne" is about to get get owned.

  • John Carter

    i been waiting for this since 2000, and fuck 90s babies they dont know about this

  • Jake

    I'm a 28 year old hip hop head who was 14-20 when Em was in his all time great (1 of the top 1-10 @ least from 96/97-02/early 03), so when I say this don't kill me youngins, but this would of been MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH ILLER from 97-2002 than 2010-2011. Em almost died TWICE from 2 overdoses being out of the game for 4-5 years (and 04 was the beginning of the end w/ his addiction level of dependence on a ton of hard drugs/pills) and "had to literally learn to write, rhyme, flow, perform again which is hard & not to mention it's the first time w/out weed/alchohol (love it or hate those they help most artists be more creative/loose/spontaneous if they do it within reason)." Of course he's not going to be as ILL from 04-2011 (signs here and there of it sure, but not like prime where 95% of what he spit was LAVA FIRE) as it was during his SICK prime. I'll Peep this, but Em @ 38.5 after having to learn to rap/flow/write/perfrom again is NOTHING compared to STARVING trying to prove himself, not dependant on hard pills 97-02 Em. Sorry these are the facts. Bad Meets Evil anytime during that period would be sick, today, hit or miss

    • cinavenom

      Exactly and that is what I always argue when people say Em is one of the greatest of all time. When he was at his peak he was flowing like someone Ace

    • Anonymous

      What Em needs to do is remember the flows that made him great for example his masta ace flow

    • cinavenom

      I completely agree with you Jake. In my opinionn though Shady hasn't made anything dope since Marshall Mathers LP and even half of that album was garbage. However I do think Royce will make him step his game up to a new level that we haven't seen in a long time. I can honestly say this is the first time I have been excited about an Emimen release in a long time.

    • clarkmarshall

      you might be right in some cases but what does that say about the rap game if a 38.5 white man can put out suck lack luster music and still reign supreme in a young black mans game but thats beside the point his subject matter has changed dramatically and his growth as an artist is impeccable and you honestly will believe one the g.o.a.t had to learn to rap again i mean its like riding a bike, youre entitled to your opinion yes just pointing out some stuff you might have not thought about

  • Rick

    Well you know the beats are gonna be corny if Em selects them. Hopefully Royce can bring aboard Premier.

    • Ama Hussla

      @ EddieMurrrphy: the song never got materialized.. according to premo em didn't like it that premier announced a collabo, so it never happenend.. but I hope they link up together somehow, this would be epic...

    • EddieMurrrphy

      where is Em's premo track "Key to the city"? marshall probably too shook to step on a premo beat. i would love it, but i bet he would give that the dr. dre treatment.

    • John Carter

      your wack

  • J

    This is gonna be so hard

  • FlavorFlavWest

    Royce Da 59 – Success Is Certain (Tracklist) 1- Intro (Prod By DJ Premier) 2- The Bad, The Evil (Feat Eminem) (Prod By DJ Premier) 3- Real Pressure (Feat Eminem) (Prod By DJ Premier) 4- Life Fantasy (Prod By Dr Dre) 5- Success Is Certain (Prod By DJ Premier) 6- Writer Block (Feat Eminem) (Prod By DJ Premier) 7- No Brains (Prod By DJ Premier) 8- I’m Here (Feat Yelawolf) (Prod By Eminem) 9- Elemental (Feat Liz Rodriguez) (Prod By Eminem & Dr Dre) 10- The Street (Prod By DJ Premier) 11- Number One (Feat Slaughterhouse) (Prod By DJ Premier) 12- If You Believe Me (Prod By Nottz & Dr Dre) 13- Blind Fury (Feat Tech N9ne) (Prod By Eminem) 14- Mental Giant (Feat Eminem & 50 Cent) (Prod By Dr Dre) 15- Stop Me (Prod By DJ Premier 16- F.H.H. (Prod By Eminem) 17- Follow Me (Feat Pharoahe Monch) (Prod by DJ Premier) 18- Outro (Prod By DJ Premier)

    • war22

      if thats true...omg...Royce and Slaughterhouse made it big...imma cop 10x cd's

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i wish. i know this is complete bullshit though, cause there is no way premo produced that writer's block track. but wow, that tracklist would be retarded, def. just go for this royce, this would get you the most sales not no cheap half crossover attempt tracks that everyone knows are gonna be filler when they look at em once

  • Spike

    This is gonna be hard.

  • Diego Mark Duran

    I drag my ass out of bed and this is what I see, yeah I think today is gonna be a good day.

  • uh

    an EP full of opening umbrellas in vaginas and royce talking about how big is dick is is something to look forward to?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome can't wait.

  • mcmastermind